To Whip Congress Into Shape, Withhold Their Pay

FISA spying Clinton funded dossier seniors medical testing AMAC town hall swing steele dossier socialist revolution looming AMAC congressMany lawmakers seem to think they deserve a pay raise.

When House Democrats and Republicans began negotiating a congressional pay increase earlier this month, Democrats seemed to support it, as did some ranking GOP members. Critics then voiced open opposition, and House leaders swiftly pulled the bill—though House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., maintains the raises will eventually pass.

The debate has subsided for the moment, but it raises the question: What have members of Congress done to even remotely deserve a raise?

The Democrat-controlled House Budget Committee, for its part, has failed to release a budget plan this year. The Senate Budget Committee fell short as well, proposing a budget that would cover just five years and that has little chance of receiving a vote.

Passing budgets is Congress’ most basic job, yet for years the process has broken down, resulting in semi-annual omnibus bills and continuing resolutions that spend far too much.

Until Congress starts consistently doing its job—namely, following the annual budget process by passing a budget and then pursuing reconciliation legislation—it shouldn’t even consider raising lawmakers’ pay.

What can be done to help this happen?

The first step is to create robust enforcement measures that give Congress a strong incentive to follow its own budget process laid out by law.

One such measure already exists. Recently, Sens. Mike Braun, R-Ind., and Rick Scott, R-Fla., introduced the No Budget, No Pay Act, which would withhold congressional pay if lawmakers fail to pass a budget by the Oct. 1 deadline, which marks the beginning of the next fiscal year.

That bill was attached to the Government Shutdown Accountability Act, which passed out of committee on June 19, bringing it one step closer to becoming law.

Braun called the move a “big step toward pulling Washington out of la-la land,” and Scott added that the act would hold members of Congress to the same standards as American families, ensuring that lawmakers only get paid if they do their jobs. Scott was optimistic about getting Democratic support for the bill, noting that “accountability shouldn’t be controversial.”

Another accountability measure was introduced by Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa. Her bill would prohibit Congress from going into recess until a budget is passed.

Under her proposal, if a budget isn’t passed on time, members of Congress would be barred from leaving Washington and Congress would not be able to adjourn for more than eight hours.

These are healthy steps toward holding Congress accountable to do its most basic job. They are measures The Heritage Foundation has called for in the “Blueprint for Balance,” which includes additional measures to compel Congress to follow the budget process.

Although politicians are wont to forget it, the budgeting process isn’t just a hobby horse for fiscal hawks. Article I of the Constitution squarely gives Congress the obligation to regularly lay out the “Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money.”

Congress has proved more than willing to rack up trillions in new debt, but it lacks even the faintest motivation to account for its reckless and decadent spending habits.

So long as that’s the case, Americans should question not only whether lawmakers deserve a pay raise, but whether they should be paid at all—let alone remain in office.

After all, American workers can’t expect to keep their jobs and get paid if they consistently fail at their main task.

Politicians should not be held to a lower standard than the people they represent.

Active and vigilant measures like the “no budget no pay” rule would take a significant step toward forcing members of Congress to do their jobs and to govern with discipline.

No budget for America? No pay for you.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Justin Bogie and Benjamin Paris

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Joyce E Carey

They should work 40 hours a week. No summer break until they pass a balanced budget. Not be allowed to campaign for a higher office until they finish the job they were voted 🗳 in to do. Term Limits to run like the President two terms and out. Have the same healthcare we do. Payback the taxpayers the money they stole from Social Security with interest. Do their dam jobs.


None of them should be paid until they can pass a budget and fix the illegal immigration problem.

Donna Hildebrandt

My husband and I worked for the same company for many years. He was the shop manager and I worked in the office. My husband overheard a conversation between two of his employees when one of them said, “I’m not going to work harder until I get a raise!” My husband told him, “Go punch out your card on the time clock – you’re FIRED!” THAT is exactly the attitude of Congress and they too should be held to account for not doing their jobs! NO WHERE ELSE could they work and expect to get paid for NOT doing their job, let alone get a raise!


I totally agree. Let’s not forget these people work for us and not the other way around. These people haven’t done anything in two years. If people in the private sector did what Congress is doing we would be fired without pay.

Term limits is a must….. these people are way too comfortable.

Todd Taylor

If you do not do your job than you do not get paid; sounds reasonable to me.

Chan Bailey

Let’s not muddy the water. Stick with pushing term limits. Besides, it’s not the pay that turns them into millionaires, it’s the corruption.

Carrie P. Teague

We should send them all home without pay until they can stop the investigations and stupidity. Work for our President or get out. We are getting so tired of what they are trying to do to destroy our country. I would like to see Nancy, Schumer and all that is not supporting our wall taken down to the border and left there to survive and just maybe they would support President Trump and realize there is a crisis. The democrat party is the most corrupt party in our history. It’s time we see some justice done in our country and the people past and present that are responsible should be behind bars.

Homer C. Bosworth

This is what Congress should be hearing from the people! They do not deserve a pay raise, because they are not doing their job. Their job is to pass a budget that includes the wall, support on the border, as well as addressing the immigration disaster. I support No Pay for No Work for Congress! We need term limits! We also need a balanced budget!


Cut their pay in half, take away all benefits and absolutely NO pensions and last but not least “TERM LIMITS”

Gwen Mugliston, PhD, DVM, MSN

The Senate is totally out of control from the Executive Branch and non-responsive to us, the people. especially those of us who are conserevative.. I agree absolutely no work = no pay. Anything less is kowtowing to those people who have no regard for millions of people who work for pay. I think the people like Pelosi, Schumer, et al are basically crooks, greedy, treasonous as their higher authority is Soros. I would fire them if they worked for me. Well, they do work for me as my taxes pay their salary. I think each one of those Democrats and Republicans need to be replaced And Ocasio-Cortes needs to be censored and removed. Period.


The American working class can’t vote a raise for themselves! Why do Elected government officials think they are better than us ??!!! It’s absolutely absurd!!

Todd Taylor

The Democrats, in their failed attempt, are too busy trying to oust Trump. It is time for them to swallow their pride, admit they have been wrong and work with the President on making America great.


What have they done to earn a raise? They make more than most people do now. Their pension is almost the same amount as their yearly fee. They believe this is a lifetime job which it was never set up to be. I think they should start reducing the budget with their salaries and benefits. Then pass term limits. Then take the Congressional pension fund and convert it to Social Security and have them follow the same rules. There are very few Poorer folks holding a Congressional job in either party. Some companies paid for their campaign so they are not free to vote how we want them to. They have to pay back those that supported them big time. They also get PAC money and trips, dinners, many other gifts that should be publicly announced. PAC money should be banned and all the perks banned. NO THEY DON’T DESERVE… Read more »


A few choices! Vote them out! No pay! Decrease their Pay!

Todd Taylor

Our elected representatives; especially the Democrats are not listening to the people.

Neita G Trollinger

It’s Biblical that those who are able to do their work must do it and if they will not..they get no food.

II Thessalonians 3: 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

11 We hear that some among you are idle and disruptive. They are not busy; they are busybodies. 12 Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the food they eat.


No raise, no special medical coverage, no vacation!


I would have everyone of them arrested an thrown into jail for not doing their jobs and the republican put in jail for not arresting the socialist criminals.

john s nunan

how can we as citizens insure no budget no pay passses ???????

Stephen Russell

CA State reps want 4% raise for same issues, I say NO.
No action taken NO Pay.
Reduce staffing too excess to make point.
Reduce hours for staffers.