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To Mask, or Not to Mask. That Is the Question.


WASHINGTON, DC, July 25 — Americans have had it when it comes to wearing a mask to prevent COVID infections. The polls show that only a few of us support a return to mask mandates. One survey conducted by New Jersey’s Monmouth University found that while “public health experts say that COVID is not in the endemic phase yet … most Americans appear to be acting as if it is. Vaccine rates have hit a wall but few want to go back to a world of mask mandates.” 

And when it comes to the COVID experts, there are those that say we should accept the need for masks as the disease continues to ebb and flow.

According to a New York Times assessment, “The evidence suggests that broad mask mandates have not done much to reduce COVID caseloads over the past two years. Today, mask rules may do even less than in the past, given the contagiousness of current versions of the virus. And successful public health campaigns rarely involve a divisive fight over a measure unlikely to make a big difference … In U.S. cities where mask use has been more common, COVID has spread at a similar rate as in mask-resistant cities.  Mask mandates in schools also seem to have done little to reduce the spread.”

The report says what difference does it make as long as we are taking down our masks when we eat and drink, when we walk into a restaurant and sit there maskless, when 25 to 30 percent of us wear our masks below the nose.

And then there are medical experts like epidemiologist Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo at Brown University’s Center for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. She says “a lot of attention has been on whether or not people need to mask. That’s not the only intervention we have, and it’s not even the best intervention … Look at South Korea and Hong Kong. They still had tremendous omicron waves despite very high compliance with public masking. I’m not opposed to masks by any means; I think they’re an important tool. But I think sometimes we’re overstating how much of an impact they actually have … I also think public health mandates should be used sparingly and only when there’s no alternative — we could be doing more mask recommendations rather than mandates … I just think there are other, more important interventions than masking.”

Author Ian Miller’s book on the subject, “Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates,” is loaded with data charts. Miller is a Californian and, as he put it in a KUSI-TV interview, California has had “some of the highest compliance with mask mandates anywhere in the country anywhere in the world really.” For example, he pointed out that Los Angeles County has had mask mandates for longer than San Diego County yet COVID has had a much greater impact in L.A. than it has had in San Diego. He also noted that without having imposed mask mandates or lockdowns, Sweden has had a significantly lower mortality rate during the pandemic than just about every other country in the world — including the U.S.

In a new article, Miller wrote for the Brownstone Institute website that the pro-mask promoters are not likely to give in. “There apparently is no amount of evidence or data that will convince committed pro-masking fanatics to permanently abandon their faith. But it’s even more absurd considering that several countries where mask mandates are still in effect, or where universal masking compliance is still commonplace, have been experiencing dramatic, remarkable surges.”

The New York Times says the issue of mask mandates will probably be with us for some time to come. It has become a polarizing political issue with Democrats, particularly very liberal Democrats, more likely than Republicans to want mask mandates.

In responding to AMAC’s member polling on August 6, 2021, over 39,301 AMAC members of 44,881 voting overwhelmingly registered opposition to mask mandates – a position that we honor and reinforce on behalf of AMAC members.

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David Millikan
10 months ago

Simple answer. NO. It’s all about Obedience, Obey, and CONTROL.
ZERO evidence they would protect you.
Why do you think they sell them as DUST MASK and NOT VIRUS PROOF MASK.? DUH!
Biohazard Level 4 Suits are the ONLY thing that can PROTECT you from VIRUSES.
This is NOT rocket science people.

10 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Mask usage is suggestive, it’s not required unless you enter a medical facility that has a policy that requires a mask. So why are we hung up on masking? If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. No one’s requiring you to wear it, let it go and move on to more important issues like getting rid of the illegal drugs and violence on our streets that’s killing our people every day.

10 months ago

There are a few areas we’re gleefully overlooking. Mask type and mask fit are paramount to mask performance. At first, we all wore cloth masks with cool stuff on them. Then we kind of went to the surgical mask, usually wearing it below the nose or around our neck. Not better, how about two? Or covering the surgical with the cool looking cloth mask. Didn’t do much except making you aware of the danger out there. N95s do work but you have to wear them correctly – not going to happen unless you’re involved with covid patients. Now during close and personal direct care, we use a respirator. What about the KN95 – non-medical- that most of us are wearing when out and about? I consider it the dressing for the vaccinated and up to date boosted. So, for most of you, you’re not wearing the right mask and you wouldn’t wear it correct anyway, so why bother. It’s sort of like, you like the Glock and I prefer a thumb safety. Doesn’t make either of us right or wrong, just different.

10 months ago

There are quite a few obvious Democrats here in New Jersey and New York (Biden bumper stickers on cars, along with BLM and ANTIFA bumper stickers), that have never stopped wearing masks. You see them driving alone in their cars, with the windows all rolled up, all masked up. It’s a hoot!

You see them walking in parks or on sidewalks with no one around for 100 feet in any direction all masked up. You see them standing outside their houses with no one near by or in the local supermarkets all masked up.

For these people, masking up is virtue signaling of their adherence of anything the government says. If the federal government or the state Governor or local Mayor were to say he or she thinks masks should be worn forever 24 hours a day, they would happily submit. It’s less about any concern they may have with the Covid virus, but rather their complete surrender to doing whatever the government tells them at this point. These people have serious mental health issues after the lockdowns.

10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I think there is no difference about how the truly uninformed have listened to and obeyed the silliness of the government mandates. I see the same thing here in Ohio as you stated in your first two paragraphs and just shake my head and chuckle at the sight.

Bruce Baxter
10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Yup like the people who proudly hang their masks from the rear view mirrors so, everybody can see what awesome people they are, lol.

10 months ago

Masks? What you are not being told is that current masks cannot prevent a person from breathing in the virus because it is too porous. The N95 mask really does not help. The bottom line is that the government wants to have the populace under its control. The fear factor is once again raising its ugly head.

10 months ago
Reply to  Max

All correct Max. It’s nothing but manipulating the public through fear. Each new varient of Covid gets less and less lethal, while becoming somewhat more widespread. Following the path all viruses go through as they decline to what is essentially nothing more than a nusance factor. Will all the treatment options we currently have and all the knowldege the medical community has gained after two years, there is no valid reason to institute economy-killing, wide-spread lockdowns or ineffective mask mandates for the general public. The virus is endemic at this point, meaning it will be around forever like the flu virus and just about as inconsequential to the vast majority of the public.

If people want to live in fear all their lives, that is their business. However, that is no reason to put the 99.99 percent of the rest of the public through that.

Andrew P
10 months ago

I’d like to see a real serious variant emerge right before the election – one that puts all previous waves into insignificance.

10 months ago
Reply to  Andrew P

I’m sure Dr. Fauci plans to claim such a risk exists a month or so before the midterms.

10 months ago

It would seem that any comment I attempt to transmit is being eradicated by AMAC.What gives?

10 months ago
Reply to  Spitfire?1940

You may have used a word or two that attracts the CENSOR monster.

Michael J
10 months ago

Isn’t it interesting that a mask revisit is being made new before an upcoming election?
Next will be stay at home mandates and ballots with made to order voter fraud. It can’t happen again, right ?

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