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To Dismay of Democrats, Trump Declines Role of Dictator

trumpWhen the U.S. Constitution was first formed, it didn’t have the Bill of Rights trailing behind. It took some nudging from George Mason and other Anti-Federalists to get James Madison and the Federalists to add the 12 Amendments, which were eventually narrowed down to 10.

During this pandemic, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and 14th Amendments have been trampled underfoot by numerous local and state government leaders. While tyranny has been in vogue, the great tyrant-to-be shied away.

President Donald Trump had every opportunity, and wouldn’t have been halted in his quest, to vanquish the 10th Amendment during the national emergency. Politicians, health officials, and everyday citizens requested, even demanded, he conduct a federal stay-at-home order.

The 10th Amendment, which states that “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” truly hung in the balance.

When Gene Marks, of small-business consulting firm Marks Group, demanded a national shutdown in a March 19 op-ed for The Hill, he spoke strictly from a business perspective, and not from a constitutional one. His title “Shut us down already, Mr. President!” was alarming. His bravery was based on corrupt information and an incredibly naive belief.

“Today it was reported that Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, reported zero new cases. Zero! Why? Because they were shut down. Totally and completely shut down. In a totalitarian society like China, this was possible,” he wrote.

Marks, much like many others, began to view totalitarianism in a favorable light. Of course, the argument would be that the tyranny would be short-lived. In the history of mankind, however, a nation has never bounced back from tyranny with its freedoms unscathed.

Even Constitutional scholars urged the president to take dictator-like action. During an April 9 episode on the “We the People” podcast, professor Kim Lane Scheppele of Princeton University and professor Deborah Pearlstein of Cardozo Law School expressed concern that the president had not taken extreme authoritarian action in response to the pandemic.

Before Scheppele broached the topic of Trump’s lack of dictatorial enthusiasm, she raised the alarm about the power-grabbing of global leaders, such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic, who have sidelined parliament, taken complete authority of the state, postponed elections indefinitely, and have established five- to eight-year prison sentences for those who defy lockdown orders.

She noted that the crisis had opened up the door for leaders who had exhibited dictatorial habits to become outright tyrants. She professed that Trump was one of those leaders who had exhibited such behavior, but now there was an interesting caveat.

“This has been one of the exceptions to my general principle that an emergency brings out what a state is already like. … What you would guess, watching President Trump’s other activities, is that he would love this emergency, because he could take all these powers, he could do all these things, it enlarges the scope of the presidency, and instead what you’ve seen is this odd shrinking of presidential responsibility by basically refusing to do the things that a president should do in an emergency.”

Do what a president should do? Scheppele’s suggestion of what should be done was in line with what had been done by the leaders whom she had just previously condemned. Pearlstein agreed completely. In fact, they both went so far as to recommend Congress forcing the Executive to take such dictatorial steps. The irony of the entire conversation was unremittingly evident.

In a time when Democrats seem most paranoid about the power of the Republican Party, due to the presidency, the senate majority, and the Supreme Court majority (notwithstanding the mass amount of conservative judges being appointed and placed into seats), they’re now clamoring for the Executive to secure even more authority to himself.

Robert Reich, the chancellor’s professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, and senior fellow at the Blum Center, wrote on his blog that Trump “will do anything—anything—to hold on to power. In his mind, the coronavirus crisis is just another opportunity.”

Trump has continued to insult members of the media, fire people within the Executive branch, and avoid presidential norms, but ultimately, his actions have not been out of character from his previous three years. So although the coronavirus crisis did present an opportunity to obtain more power, it was an opportunity he decided to pass on.

From the Los Angeles Times to the New York Times and everywhere in between, countless media publications demanded, as Marks had done, that Trump shut down the economy. President Trump wisely resisted a national shutdown, just as seven Republican governors resisted state-wide shutdowns. The numbers tell the tale of why a national shutdown was unnecessary.

If history has taught Americans anything it’s that federal government overreaction causes more harm than good. Whether or not you believe his decisions throughout this pandemic were right or wrong, it would be difficult to establish an opposing argument that his resistance against undermining the 10th Amendment was a mistake.

“We’re not really dealing with somebody,” Scheppele said, “who takes legal advice very easily or someone who really considers the constitutional consequences of what he’s doing.”

Actually, Trump seems to have been one of the few who, at least in this moment, truly considered the constitutional consequences.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Dustin Bass

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2 years ago

Trump must realize that each time that he bashes a news reporter that that person is probably a registered voter & the same goes for his bashing of states with a Democratic governor. They all vote !!! Plus the US government should treat all American citizens with same respect & benefits. To me Mitch McConnel idea to let some states go bankrupt is a very bad idea & is not non=partisan.

2 years ago

Vote demoncrat you will see what socialism really is. What communism really is. You will for sure be a robot to these horrible people. You won’t own anything, you may be able to borrow if you are lucky. Your time will be theirs,your home and belongings will be theirs and so will your children. They will teach them what they want or they may even be killed. President Trump is the greatest “no mess with America” President this country has ever had or may ever have. He has given us so much good. American people are so spoiled, they do not appreciate what others give them or do for them. The left is very much like this. But…..they want to CONTROL like the Socialism and communism countries do! Better wake up people, time is getting short. You either win with RED or you lose more than ever with Blue!

2 years ago

They are trying to destroy the Bill of Rights by the President’s hands. He is trying his best for our country while Demonrats are trying to destroy him our Constitution and AMERICANS and America for a New World Order. I blame China for not reporting truth but really wonder if Deep State was and still is a part of the Wuhan virus. I call it that mainly because the Global Military Games were going on and someone during that time spread this virus. Was it someone from another country who wanted us at war with China and make the deal President Trump made with them fall apart? Bill Gates and John Hopkins Center who I do not believe their numbers during this crisis was behind the Pandemic simulation in NY on same day of the Global military war Games in Wuhan. Sounds suspicious to me and now his offered up vaccine. Give me a break if it looks like a rattle snake and the tail rattles it is not a baby rattle it is a rattlesnake people. So is Bill Gates and John Hopkins and the UN and those private enterprises and CIA the ones behind this virus and is the CDC covering for them?

Arizona Don
2 years ago

It is, I believe, a well known fact if a democrat like Obama or even Hillary had been president during this pandemic power would have been usurped to the extreme by the executive branch. Total and complete power is exactly what these communists who now pose as democrats seek. A true liberal democrat is nearly impossible to find today (Alan Dershowitz is an excellent example of a true liberal democrat) . If you do not know what I mean read the dictionary definition of liberal.

Obama used the phase “fundamental transformation” in a campaign promise yet did not explain it. Now Joe Biden is also using it. However, every educated person on earth knows if something is transformed it is no longer like it was in other words the original is gone. All his supporters did at that rally was cheer wildly. Therefore Obama promised to do away with America as we now know it and he tried extremely hard for eight years to do exactly that. His supporters supported that extreme. However, his plan would have taken force and he knew he would get push back. However since he was unable to confiscate the guns that plan was foiled because of that pesky second amendment.

The communist who pose as these democrats wish to pass a gun registration law and then a gun confiscation law right behind it. However, taking hundreds of millions (if not a billion) of guns away from a citizenship who refuses to cooperate or comply with such a law would likely be impossible to accomplish. The so called democrats just cannot see that now. They think we are weak and will just hand over the guns if they pass such a law. They are wrong again! That is not how real Americans are!

Lee D
2 years ago

This has given us a better idea of where the swamp is and where it needs draining ….hope people remember who needs to be gone in Nov.

Harry Hudak
2 years ago

All of these experts fail to account for the reactions of “We The People” to such unconstitutional actions. Best read the Declaration of Independence.

Papa Doug
2 years ago

Socialist professors and teachers like professors Kim Lane Scheppele of Princeton University and Deborah Pearlstein of Cardozo Law School show us just how entrenched socialists have become in our education system, AND it has been so for over 40 years! THIS is how the socialist movement began in America.

Larry Peterson
2 years ago

The 10th amendment rules!

2 years ago

Could it be possible that the political painting of the President’s alleged short comings and hunger for power is just that a narrative that has been invented by the Democratic Party to put fear into the hearts and minds of the people? In order for them to regain control of the Republic to continue the disregard and contempt for our citizens. And continue their lust for the liberalization and power… with a establishment of a political ruling class with unchecked power ? We have gone beyond “normal” politics Into a unbridled pursuit of control and power to protect those that have fed so long and so heartily at the public trough?
The thought bears close scrutiny. The “career politician”must be be held in check and limited in the length of service , no more lifetime positions, more service to the people , a full effort to to better the country no longer spending a great deal of time preparing for the next election cycle making promises to insure reelection to build a power base

2 years ago

What is difference between Dictators and Bullies ???

Robert Goidel
2 years ago

If you studied History back around the end of the Civil War, you would see, as I did, the Democrats supported segregation, the KKK, and other anti-black literature that did not help the black Americans. It would take another 100 years before we would see the final turn around for black Americans to be as close to equal as white Americans. A very sad History for America

Brenda Blunt
2 years ago

See our President has the best interests if Americans, unlike the liberals!!

Joanna Johnson-Smith
2 years ago

NO American Citizen should be obeying ANY unconstitutional law, mandate, or order, especially Executive Orders. Each of us is responsible for our OWN Health and our family’s health, and it is NOT the duty, the business, or the RIGHT of government to interfere! If you choose to wear a mask, go right ahead. If you don’t, that is your RIGHT, you are only endangering yourself. Yet people are being abused verbally and physically if they do not wear one, and yesterday, a Security Guard was shot and killed for attempting to enforce this rule. A 43 year old husband and father dead, over an illegal order that is not the business of law enforcement or govt. STOP complying with the Violations of your RIGHTS! What is WRONG with people?! Open your businesses, your towns, and your lives again! People, including children, are committing suicide, fighting with one another, while our economy crashes for NOTHING! Did you ever obey orders like this during any OTHER Flu ? Did you ever HEAR such orders during any Flu season? They are up to no good, and you are bleating like the Sheep they want you to BE!

Pete from St Pete
2 years ago

Many of the governors would have gladly given the responsibility to the federal government so they would not be held responsible if things get worse.

2 years ago

It seems to me that if Pres. Trump had taken dictatorial power the sleazy Dems and half wit media would have been all over him, using it against him. He’s damed if he does and damed if he doesn’t so I’m glad he does what HE thinks he should do and not let others, especially the lying left tell him what to do. Imaging if Hillary had been in office, what our economy would’ve looked like before the pandemic hit. We’d be a third world nation by now.Thank God for the forward thinking of Pres. Trump. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!

Annie Oiler
2 years ago

Very good article.

2 years ago

God Bless our president. I pray he will remain another 4 years. May God protect us all if the dems get in there.

Patrick Bauer
2 years ago

Good article. I agree and support how president handled this pandemic crises.

2 years ago

Just goes to show that he is definitely one of the BEST PRESIDENTS EVER!!!!!! TRUMP 2020 !!!

2 years ago

The hypocrisy of the Leftist Democrat Socialists is amazing! They accuse President Trump of wanting to seize power and being a dictator. Yet he has done nothing like that and they begin to howl because he’s not being a dictator! What is wrong with these people? They are so sick!

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