Stand By Your Man–Unless He Does THAT

JedediahVia Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News

I tried my best, but a mini rant just couldn’t be avoided.

Yes, I’m tired of the Bill Clintons and Anthony Weiners of the world. Truly, genuinely, wholeheartedly. I’m tired of them in politics and I’m tired of them in regular, everyday life.

But I’m more tired of the women who stand by those men. Repeated deception, infidelity, public humiliation…what does it take to say “No thanks, I’m done, explain yourself to the rest of the country without me”?

Yes, I agree with my friend Monica Crowley:

In the Hillary Clinton model, the wife chooses to support the straying husband while wearing a distressed and presumably pained expression in public. She stays in the marriage as a way to serve both her personal ambition as well as their shared ambition to achieve ever-greater positions of power and influence.

But it still bugs me.

Yes, I realize that it’s up to those women to decide how to proceed with their husbands. That’s their choice.

But I have to admit that regardless of motives, I detest seeing supposedly strong, independent women repeatedly stand by high-profile men who don’t deserve it. Honestly, what happened to self-respect? What happened to strong women standing up for themselves and setting an example for young women out there by saying “Enough is enough”?

Demand respect.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Hold deceit accountable.

Perhaps my 99-year-old grandma said it best today: “If you tolerate garbage, don’t be surprised if the wrong man or woman treats you like a dump.” (She’s an Italian from Brooklyn, so I had to edit out a few choice words. But you get her drift.)

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7 years ago

“I detest seeing supposedly strong, independent women repeatedly stand by high-profile men who don’t deserve it. Honestly, what happened to self-respect? What happened to strong women standing up for themselves and setting an example for young women out there by saying “Enough is enough”?”

I truly believe you mean this, but might I suggest that you could help things along in this area if you began refusing to host or co-host “Red Eye?” I can’t see how your participating in a show filled with sexual innuendo, sexism, crassness and outright filth can set the proper example for young women.

7 years ago

Maria Schreiver didn’t put up with it. Not all women do.

Julie James
7 years ago

I absolutely agree with Jedediah, but I honestly think these women are more than willing to accept the deception, infidelity and humiliation if, in the end, it helps them get to the top. It’s called selling your soul. Who knows? These women, like their husbands, probably have no soul to begin with, so the next best thing is power. Hillary is the PERFECT example of this, and her prodigy, Huma, is following in her footsteps.
Moral ( no pun intended ) of the story? The end justifies the means.

Heaven help us when Hillary becomes president.

7 years ago
Reply to  Julie James

Yes, Heaven help us IF Hillary becomes president. I pray that she does not. She has no more morals than her husband.

7 years ago

Jedediah’s comments reflect how ignorant most Western women are of God’s Word concerning marriage and sex. Best read the Scripture and understand its difference from the world’s view.

7 years ago
Reply to  Ernie

Ernie clearly doesn’t understand God’s word concerning marriage and sex. The Bible repeatedly warns men against infidelity and poor treatment of their wives -God plainly states that men reap the rewards of their disgraceful actions through the broken (divorce) and/or warped marriages that result. Try reading your Bible again in light of who God is and the full scope of his character. If your views don’t line up with God’s character, then you are probably interpreting something in light of the skewed reality of sin that we all live in, and not God’s intention of beauty, love, and compassion that Jesus demonstrated.

7 years ago
Reply to  Ernie

What about that commandment that says thou shall not commit adultery? Why should a woman stand by her man and stay married when HE breaks one of God’s commandments. They are commandments, not suggestions. Jesus did not like divorce EXCEPT in cases of adultery. So I say kick em to the curb, get on with your life. It’s hard but keep your self respect.

Rob Stultz
7 years ago

I have not seen a one of you mention the Bible are God. I have to say I do agree with many of you on many subjects. I was thinking is it possible a woman stays because they feel that’s Gods hopes and wishes for them. In Hillary’s case I do not feel that’s the case at all. Its all power, money, and possible future. Obama and Hillary with blood still dripping from there hands. Bill Clinton Commander and Chief President of the United States of America. Unbelievable to me a man such as this man could ever consider doing what he has done. Hillary now has no future because of her loyalty to Obama causing and costing the lives of those at Benghazi.

Jean Turner
7 years ago

Men who choose not to control their body are weak of mind and have no business leading any form of government or business. They are only good for menial labor in a restricted community, oh, say, like prison. This nation was founded on morals! Any woman who tolerates this kind of behavior is also weak. I was at one time, but I realized it when my children became his target, and yes, it was hard work, and yes I made many sacrifices, but we made it. My children grew up and are greatful I took a stand against the insane behavior of a weak minded man with no moral integrity. Wake up women, remember the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, but make sure it is children in the cradle, not a full grown man.

Beth Perez
7 years ago
Reply to  Jean Turner

Jean Turner you said it – those words you put together are amazing. Thank you so much. My daughter is with a loser now. I’m praying 24 hours a day that she leaves him.

Margaret Cerny
7 years ago

I am so glad to see someone stating my opinions. At one time, I felt Hillary would make a good presidential candidate. Until she stood by Bill and blamed it on the right wing or the left wing or someone else. If she had just stood up and said , hey , he is a jerk. He should not have done it but we can now afford 2 homes so I will be able to live where I want and he can do what he wants. I will stay married to him but I do not like his actions. I lost all respect for her when she blamed someone else. And when she said it was a personal matter and no one else’s business, I really lost all respect for her. In her position, she needs to lead and I don’t consider her a leader. Now with the Bengazi thing, I have lost all respect for her in allowing another man to use her. I want to see a woman in the White House but not this one.

Theresa Saldivia
7 years ago

I totally agree with Jedediah! Woman need to hold themselves and their Men to a higher standard. Americans need to hold their politicians to even a Higher standard. What are we teaching our children with all this garbage? Has American standards stooped so low that we get our leaders from the pits of slime and expect moral leadership? Oh wait, we do not expect any morals at all with our leaders.
All these woman who stand by their supposed “man” are simply standing by the money and power they have. Their morals are even worse because of what they value.
I remember having a discussion with a Clinton supporter Years ago, her comment was, ” he did not have sexual relationship with that girl, it was oral sex only.” So he did not have an affair. Really?! What the hell??? I just walked away shaking my head.

7 years ago

What I cannot comprehend is the short memory of our society. I was appalled when Bill Clinton was stumping for Hillary when she ran for the democratic ticket, then he campaigned for Obama and was welcomed like a hero everywhere. He disgraced the highest office in the land and came back a few years later like a celebrity. When I heard that Weiner was running for mayor of NYC, I thought it was a joke article. Why on earth would he think anyone would want him as mayor when he resigned in disgrace from congress?! Now, even more appalling is the fact that while he is actually running he is found to be doing the same thing that got him kicked out of congress and he expects to stay in this race!! The icing on the cake is his wife’s stance on all of this. I used to respect Hillary until she stood by Clinton, I thought she was a strong, intelligent woman and I realized she did this for political reasons, but I could never look at her the same. Now she has influenced Weiner’s wife to take up the cross. They just look weak and defeated. Women like this take us back to the 1950’s and 60’s when every little woman stood by and supported her man and had no voice. They disgust me.

Vern Trotter
7 years ago

Weiner gets 6-1 matching funds from the taxpayer to run. He had two mil in the bank left over from his rep seat. That makes 12 million he has to spend which he will not but can save it until the next time and likely pay himself a salary in the meantime.

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