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Tips to Save Money on Gas


Gas prices have skyrocketed recently, and though they’ve come down a bit in some states, people are still discouraged and searching for realistic ways to save money on automobile fuel. Here are seven clever ideas:

  1. Turn off your AC unit. If your vehicle is low on gas and you want to save fuel, turn off your air conditioner (or heating) unit to reduce fuel consumption until you get somewhere safe to refill.
  2. Empty cargo. Excess cargo can weigh down vehicles, causing extra strain on the engine and gas supply. To conserve energy, reduce the weight your vehicle is carrying.
  3. Check air pressure of tires. Proper tire pressure can increase gas mileage by 3% per GM Financial.
  4. Look for best gas prices. Use apps such as GasBuddy or Gas Guru and 123 Fuel that can help you find the cheapest gas sold in town.
  5. Drive the speed limit. Driving with other vehicles, not faster or too closely to another car, is generally advised. Surpassing the speed limit, especially driving fast, can create aerodynamic drag and slow down vehicles and increase gas costs.
  6. Drive smooth. Hard acceleration in stop-and-go traffic costs an estimated 20% increase in gas usage. Thus, the less sudden stops and jackrabbit starts, the better for your wallet.
  7. Carpool. You can never underestimate the power of the carpool. The sharing of rides between two people can automatically reduce gas consumption in half, to and from your destination.

Drivers are not helpless in saving for gas. Here are just a few of many great ways we can work together to save on spending, and, in most cases, help reduce human impact on the environment we all care for and love.

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