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Time to Confront the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact!

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

It is truly time to effectively confront and oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) that is nothing less than an attempted “end run” around the constitutionally established operations of the Electoral College embedded by America’s Founders in Article II of the United States Constitution. The NPVIC is largely funded and promoted by wealthy, politically leftist donors primarily living in and around large cities on the West and East Coasts of the United States.

This article contends that because the Electoral College is an integral, inherent part of the constitution, the proper and perhaps only valid legal course of action to change the operations of the college is through the amendment process allowed and stipulated in Article V of the constitution. 

For years, there have been discussions about the pros and cons of the Electoral College and the way state electors cast votes in national elections. Some observers believe that the Founders exhibited true genius by designing the Electoral College to prevent regional candidates from dominating national elections. Today, this equates to preventing the constant election of presidential and vice-presidential candidates strongly supported by very wealthy donors principally living in highly populated East and West coast states. If this was to happen, many less populated states, perhaps 30 or more, would seldom, if ever, have candidates elected that they strongly supported for president and vice-president. This situation is not what the Founders intended for America’s national elections and constitutional republic.

Some observers believe that the voting process of the Electoral College is unfair. They say that the system is undemocratic because the number of electoral votes is not directly proportional to the population of the state. This gives smaller states a disproportionate influence in presidential elections. There are other arguments, pro and con, concerning the operations of the Electoral College and its impact on presidential elections. 

Thus far, there has been minimal news coverage about the NPVIC (some say it has been “flying under the radar”) and what it is attempting to accomplish outside the actions that the organization could take and support using Article V of the constitution. According to information on the NPVIC website, as of August 20, 2019, there are a total of 196 electoral votes committed to the NPVIC by 15 states through legislation (the National Popular Vote Bill). Only 74 additional electoral votes are needed to meet the required threshold of 270 electoral votes to “spring” the NPVIC into effect, resulting in the election (continual election!) of national candidates primarily supported only by East and West Coast states.

It is hoped that the above information will serve as a big “red flag” of warning about the actions and intentions of the NPVIC. Appropriate actions soon need to be taken to counter the NPVIC and its plan to circumvent the intent of the Founders regarding the purpose and value of the Electoral College.

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer and avid lover of America and its unique form of representative, republican government.  He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the United States Army War College.       

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Mike Foster

NPVIC must be stopped at all cost! The Electoral College is essential to the process of electing a president. There is nothing new about Democrats whining about losing elections. They have been trying to change the rules since 1804. The good thing is it takes a Constitutional Amendment! Those are very difficult to pull off!

Jack Thomas

Excellent article. If there is one pillar of our constitutional republic that must be protected — as much as the First or Second Amendment — it’s the Electoral College. Without it, rural America has no voice in national elections. The President of the United States would be decided by the most densely populated urban areas — the West and East coasts, while the votes of everyone in the middle of our country would be virtually meaningless. Democrats and their media allies understand this. They know that the “popular vote” (in the absence of Electoral College safeguards) practically guarantees victory, given the current massive demographic imbalance fueled by rampant illegal immigration. To say nothing of numerous common voting aberrations: o Voter Fraud — Votes by non-citizens in States with no Voter I.D. laws; fraudulent “Mail-In Ballots” using I.D. of dead voters not purged from voting rolls; voting multiple times in different… Read more »

Doug H

The single biggest problem we nee to delete in our country is quite simple. Democrats. They are cancer to our way of life. They need to be squashed out of existence.


I never used to understand or support the electoral college until this last election, when I truly educated myself and came to understand its importance.

R Pierron

Contrary to left talking points the NPVIC disenfranchises voters, ceding the Electors to the national popular vote, even if the state voters overwhelmingly vote for someone else. Our government was set up by the founders to avoid the tyranny of direct majority rule and interstate compacts.


Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution prohibits the states from entering into agreements or compacts without the consent if Congress. It’ll be struck down.

Richard M. Sawicki

This entire enterprise is, on its very face, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The Constitution EXPLICITYLY STATES that states MAY NOT enter into “compacts” with each other.

Shout it from the rooftops, people! This is an evil attempt to circumvent the constitution by petulant leftists who can’t stand it when they lose!

Connie May

It is time for us to write our Congressman and to go further…check to see if your congressman has already vote YES!


We must keep the electoral college just the way it is to prevent us from turning this country any more liberal than it already is.

T Anderson

Put together by a bunch of sore losers. This cannot be constitutional. Same with the electorate who will be allowed to vote the way they want, even though by being there they are to vote the way the state voted. Disgusting attempts by leftists to take control. They are like children who don’t get their way so they throw a fit, take their ball, and go home.

Jesse Johnson

The same force at work that were there when the Constitution was written. That is why have the Electoral College. The Northern states were in control of everything. How many presidents have been from the south? Three, two by assignation and a super liberal. They were all three democrats!


To be clear, I am not for a popular vote to select the President of the United States. It is your State Legislators and Governor that determine whether your State is part of the NPVIC. Having said that, the current system in the electoral college is not what the founders had originally put down on paper in 1787. If it were, it would be possible to have a President from one party and a Vice President from another party (Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States). The XII Amendment ratified in 1804 pretty much changed that, States send forward their desires for a President and a Vice President. It still is possible to have different party members filling the offices, but because of current States’ laws, we select a slate (a pair from one party for both offices). The great thing about the former and current… Read more »


It’s an attempt to subvert the Constitution. The Courts should nullify the NPVIC.

Steve B


Jim Schneider

Those that complain that the Electoral College is undemocratic are right! That is because we are not a democracy. Our government is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC with some democratic institutions embedded within it. Our Congress is democratic as every given number of people have a representative. Our Senate is undemocratic as every state has TWO Senators regardless of population. There are many examples of democratic and undemocratic systems especially in our federal gov’t. State and local governments tend to be more democratic. The Electoral College is a brilliant weighting system that gives balance between states with high and low populations. Other wise Presidential Candidates would only have to campaign in 3 or 4 states. Low population states I’ve always lived in would be completely ignored.

E E Bradley

The DeMONcRATic Party and the Liberal MSM are by far the deadliest form of Political💩 Cancer this Country has ever had to deal with, they are hellbent on destroying America as we know it, with all they do to try to gain power over all and silence anyone who doesn’t agree with their sick Liberal Logic. While all the evidence of crimes committed by those on the Liberal Left is completely ignored “We The Idiots” must 👀 WAKE-UP (👁👁) and 🗣MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD before those power hungry A$$H@LE$ silence all of US!🤔💭🏴‍☠️


Got to hand it to the sneaky democraps. They try this and stacking the supreme court. The constitution just keeps getting in their way. Anything to get power over the people. Sad that so many are dumb enough to believe them.


The Electoral College tends to equalize power sharing among industrial, agricultural, forestry and mining, transportation and urban regions. A purely popular vote would mean that the East and West coast big cities with their huge populations of useless eaters would dominate American politics. A purely popular vote would empower the radical leftist urban parasites to tax the productive people of the country into oblivion in order to buy votes with “universal basic income” and other unsustainable federal benefits.