Time to Censure Congressional Promoters of Antisemitism?


Recent events involving Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) fit into the category of “you cannot make this stuff up.”  At what point does their behavior become unbecoming for a member of Congress, and earn them some form of censure?

First, they have boldly established a record for oblique, but undeniable antisemitism – joining with others in a high-profile Democratic pitch to deride Israel and, in a tour de force, remake America as “socialist.”  While not alone in that modern Democratic pitch, they have distinguished themselves as uneducated, unbridled and unrepentant.

Next, the two headed for Israel last week on taxpayer dollars, declaring that free country “Palestine” and promoting a boycott of it.  Not surprisingly, this earned the disruptive duo an entry delay, with a request that they not promote civil disturbance in the country. 

As the prime minister explained, his government received an advance itinerary for the two congresswomen, indicating that they failed to acknowledge Israel as a country.  Moreover, their itinerary “reveals that the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it.”

That decision, in turn, produced indigence from Congresswoman Tlaib, who suddenly insisted she had to visit her grandmother on the West Bank.  When Israel retreated and granted her the visit on humanitarian grounds, she summarily declined the opportunity. 

Before getting to the latest improprieties by these two, consider the forgoing in context.  Imagine a vocal communist critic of the United States – say from China, Russia or Cuba – demanded entry to stir pro-communist sentiments, was an avowed enemy of our people, described us British colonies or Indian – would we be inclined to allow entry?  Obligated?  No. 

Now imagine that we did allow entry on humanitarian grounds, only to see the vocal critic decline to enter – would we somehow be at fault?  No.   Now fast forward to the latest shenanigans by these indignant, bellicose, borderline belligerent Democratic congresswomen.

Last weekend, when a no-so-conservative national comedian, Bill Maher, used his television show to criticize the Tlaib’s obsession with fomenting anti-Israeli sentiment, he was slapped back by her on Twitter. 

Maher criticized the notion that Israel should be subject to an Arab-led “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions” movement – which Tlaib strongly supports – and was suddenly pinioned by the Democratic member of Congress, who used her power, position and media access to write “Maybe folks should boycott his show.”  Is that right?  Is that what members of Congress are expected to do – lead boycotts against American allies, and then against media critics?

Adding insult to injury, on Sunday, August 18, this Democratic Congresswoman went one better.  In a breathtaking show of insensitivity, ignorance or both, she and Democratic Congresswoman Omar posted an egregious cartoon to social media, drawn by an overtly anti-Semitic cartoonist known for comparing Israel to Nazis and winning honors from Iran in an “International Holocaust Cartoon Contest.” 

The out-of-place nature of this week’s bizarre, culturally driven, religiously prejudicial, and grossly inappropriate behavior by two members of Congress, implicitly supported by other Democratic caucus members – seems to put us in a new place. 

Not in recent memory have any members of the US Congress so clearly attacked a close US ally, transparently misusing their constitutional power, position and prerogatives to advance a cause of cultural, religious and personal animus.  This development is more than disturbing; it is out of sync with the history, dignity and decorum of the body. 

The question that surfaces most immediately is not legal, but one of congressional process and political propriety.  In a time of unnecessary dissension, political polarization, and growing perceptions by many that the US House is untethered feels no obligation to govern, will current House leadership step up? 

Will chamber leadership weigh in and censure one of its own?  If so, credit to them.  If not, Americans will draw their own conclusions.  So far, this has not been a distinguished time for the US House.  A lot of thoughtful Americans are just shaking their heads.  Their feeling – this is another unimaginable turn, and “you cannot make this stuff up.”

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Rex Croson
1 year ago

These four woman are such a disgrace to America. I know we are not prefect but this country is the best thing going in the world.

Kathy Thompson
1 year ago

These two women, Talib and Omar, should be censured by Congress. They represent everything America does not stand for. They have no business even being in Congress and really should be thrown out but they will be out of there soon enough. I cannot imagine the voters in Michigan and Minnesota sending these two idiots back to Washington.

1 year ago

the people who elected these “legislators” are OK with their statements so let them be. Even the Jewish people within the DEmocrat party are silent or in support of Talib and Omar-so why should they be censored?

1 year ago

This “squad” is whoreable to the USA. They do not represent the views of the Majority of USA Voters. They spew hatred & lies about our Country & Israel. They need to be Expelled from the House!!

1 year ago

These 2 vile women need more than censer they need FIRED Arrested Prosecuted then Deported with all their family members and this omar is illegal she got here illegally then she broke laws and moral laws lied she and her entire Family needs Deported all citizenships Revoked and none ever allowed back here not even for a visit or schooling her and her family are illegal, I Want a new Law that you must be an American Citizen and at least 3-5 generation American before they can even apply for a government job State or Federal no government job of any kind, until 3 rd generation then try for State 5 th generation for any Federal by then we should know what kind of people and what their beliefs are, Honestly I say No muslums ever they are not even good people at all and they have made that very plain, we are allowed to lie to infidels, we will take over America and if you don’t change your beliefs you die, come people we need to stop these vile people from even coming here, they defy our Laws, they 90% Hate America, and want everything changed to their vile disgusting beliefs, get that scarf off the head of omar, this is a rule law what ever NOOoo Exceptions, you ass wipes socialists communist democratics

Linda S. mainello
1 year ago

These women are a disgrace to our nation. Why are they even here? They obviously don’t respect our laws or our way of life. Were they never taught history? If this is what future generations have to look forward to in our country as far as politics are concerned I feel sorry for them. Will Omar ever be brought to justice for marrying her brother or the tax fraud she perpetrated on the American people?

Norbert McCaw
1 year ago

If they did not get the attention from the press. maybe they would go away

1 year ago

All 4 of those women who are troublemakers in Congress, the so-called “progressive socialists,” need to be voted out of office, and I am praying that they are voted out of office when their reelection campaign comes around! Who in their right mind would vote for those women?!! I cannot believe what comes out of their mouths as US citizens!! It has been said by many who live around me that this is how their kind plan to take down the United States government, they will plan to get into Congress and the Senate and take our government down from within, and I say we can’t let people like that into our government to hold offices and we have to be very vigilant about that! When voting, if you are true patriotic, conservative Americans, be very vigilant and very careful of who you put into office as it may be the demise of our great national, freedom-loving government! REMAIN VIGILANT!!

1 year ago

Tlaib and Omar only say what they want others to hear. They are duplicitous and deceitful. Just look at Tlaib’s contradictory statements regarding seeing her grandmother!!! If not contradictory, then just plain spiteful. There’s an old saying, “you cut off your nose to spite your face”, Ms. Tlaib. She is like a little child…her statements are based on and bounce off her emotions. Sheesh!

1 year ago

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Liberals in control of the House to do what is right!

Larry a Taylor
1 year ago

Never interfer with an enemy when it is destroying itself!

Doctor Zorro
1 year ago

Could someone tell me just where is the censure by the precious Anti-defamation League?

Lelia Allred
1 year ago

Tlaib and Omar are a disgrace to women, to all of congress and to our nation. It is amazing that Congress continues to allow them to continue their petty, foolish little sideshow. It appears that no one cares any more about propriety.

1 year ago

I really don’t much care for those in government that are so full of so much hate and thats not only the anti Israel gang of four,it’s pretty much all of congress and the sore losing democrats.Their hate could ruin AMERICA.

1 year ago

If I were to be elected to Congress, and openly profess a hatred for Muslims. what would the expected outcome be?

1 year ago

Yes, I realized this long ago before politics, religious leaders and others in the USA no longer refereed to religion Judeo-christian society. This all started with former President Obama along with other non American tactics and policies. He tried to destroy America and it can happen again if the Democrats win this upcoming election. I am a independent and I realize Trump can be hard to take some times, BUT he put America back on the right track, and re-established great relations in Israel.

I agree with others that these two people should be FORCED out of CONGRESS ASAP and Trumps needs to make that happen NOW

But this is not enough!!! I get Trump Christian organizations mailing me surveys all the time. I usually answer the surveys but no longer send money. I do always leave a comment that I was Jewish not Christian. Actually I do not follow any region because they are the cause of all wars. I do respect my grandmother who raised me celebrated the holidays because she was a very good person. I also like the Jewish religion much better for many reasons including that Jesus was not GOD’s son. I believe in science and Mother Nature

Why aren’t there Trump Jewish organizations out there doing the same thing. Trump needs to start referring our nation as Judeo-christian or leave religion out of politics altogether. State and Religion is supposed to be separate. When referring to people we should say Americans the people who love the American way and any religion is accepted unless some of these religious people hate America and are terrorists. No only Muslims but many Americans of various religions get involved in terrorism.

1 year ago

These scoundrels are doing anything and everything possible to destroy America just like our previous president-the muslim kenyan Obama did. This is exactly what muslims do-lie, cheat, steal, kill-turn America into a 3rd world country.

1 year ago

Hey Tlaib, I guess old grandma wasn’t that sick, huh?

Ellis C Collom
1 year ago

This needs to go beyond censure to removal from office.

Ray & Margaret
1 year ago

Is it ant Semitism to protest the brutal killing of Palestinians? Is it anti Semitism to protest seizure of food aid or medicine ?
Is it anti Semitism to be against shooting and crippling a young person for throwing rocks at the military? If so, I guess you can class me in the anti Semitic camp. Jews aren’t the problem-its the Zionists that are.

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