Time to Censure Congressional Promoters of Antisemitism?


Recent events involving Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) fit into the category of “you cannot make this stuff up.”  At what point does their behavior become unbecoming for a member of Congress, and earn them some form of censure?

First, they have boldly established a record for oblique, but undeniable antisemitism – joining with others in a high-profile Democratic pitch to deride Israel and, in a tour de force, remake America as “socialist.”  While not alone in that modern Democratic pitch, they have distinguished themselves as uneducated, unbridled and unrepentant.

Next, the two headed for Israel last week on taxpayer dollars, declaring that free country “Palestine” and promoting a boycott of it.  Not surprisingly, this earned the disruptive duo an entry delay, with a request that they not promote civil disturbance in the country. 

As the prime minister explained, his government received an advance itinerary for the two congresswomen, indicating that they failed to acknowledge Israel as a country.  Moreover, their itinerary “reveals that the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it.”

That decision, in turn, produced indigence from Congresswoman Tlaib, who suddenly insisted she had to visit her grandmother on the West Bank.  When Israel retreated and granted her the visit on humanitarian grounds, she summarily declined the opportunity. 

Before getting to the latest improprieties by these two, consider the forgoing in context.  Imagine a vocal communist critic of the United States – say from China, Russia or Cuba – demanded entry to stir pro-communist sentiments, was an avowed enemy of our people, described us British colonies or Indian – would we be inclined to allow entry?  Obligated?  No. 

Now imagine that we did allow entry on humanitarian grounds, only to see the vocal critic decline to enter – would we somehow be at fault?  No.   Now fast forward to the latest shenanigans by these indignant, bellicose, borderline belligerent Democratic congresswomen.

Last weekend, when a no-so-conservative national comedian, Bill Maher, used his television show to criticize the Tlaib’s obsession with fomenting anti-Israeli sentiment, he was slapped back by her on Twitter. 

Maher criticized the notion that Israel should be subject to an Arab-led “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions” movement – which Tlaib strongly supports – and was suddenly pinioned by the Democratic member of Congress, who used her power, position and media access to write “Maybe folks should boycott his show.”  Is that right?  Is that what members of Congress are expected to do – lead boycotts against American allies, and then against media critics?

Adding insult to injury, on Sunday, August 18, this Democratic Congresswoman went one better.  In a breathtaking show of insensitivity, ignorance or both, she and Democratic Congresswoman Omar posted an egregious cartoon to social media, drawn by an overtly anti-Semitic cartoonist known for comparing Israel to Nazis and winning honors from Iran in an “International Holocaust Cartoon Contest.” 

The out-of-place nature of this week’s bizarre, culturally driven, religiously prejudicial, and grossly inappropriate behavior by two members of Congress, implicitly supported by other Democratic caucus members – seems to put us in a new place. 

Not in recent memory have any members of the US Congress so clearly attacked a close US ally, transparently misusing their constitutional power, position and prerogatives to advance a cause of cultural, religious and personal animus.  This development is more than disturbing; it is out of sync with the history, dignity and decorum of the body. 

The question that surfaces most immediately is not legal, but one of congressional process and political propriety.  In a time of unnecessary dissension, political polarization, and growing perceptions by many that the US House is untethered feels no obligation to govern, will current House leadership step up? 

Will chamber leadership weigh in and censure one of its own?  If so, credit to them.  If not, Americans will draw their own conclusions.  So far, this has not been a distinguished time for the US House.  A lot of thoughtful Americans are just shaking their heads.  Their feeling – this is another unimaginable turn, and “you cannot make this stuff up.”

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James LeValley
11 months ago

These two, and perhaps some others like AOC and Presley need to be censored for their anti-semitic, anti-American statements.

Frank S.
11 months ago

Their arrogance knows no bounds. Tlaib and Omar are the epitomy of what a shrew is. They are ill-tempered scolding woman who don’t deserve to be in Congress. Of course, to be fair, there are plenty of others that shouldn’t be there either.

Brentz Thompson
11 months ago

Well written article outlining the scope and damage of the squad. I agree with its articulation of the problem and that censure by the House would be appropriate at the very least. They are ignorant, divisive and an embarrassment to the Congress.

Linda M DuBois
11 months ago

Those two need to he arrested on treason, tried and executed.

Paul W
11 months ago

They have violated their oath of office from day one! It’s past time to censure them. It’s time to expel them. If I had my way, I would also charge them.

11 months ago

Eventually this will come back at them like a bad boomerang. The old saying of “give them enough rope”…….

Raymond Hudson
11 months ago

We have “Un-American” sentiment in our own governing body! Elected officials, actively trying to undermine our system of government. I shake my head and wonder “WHAT NEXT?!?”

11 months ago

We no longer have a government ‘by the people, for the people & of the people’. They have a self serving agenda!

11 months ago

We have to nip this in the bud. I still am angry about the Catholic Relief Services and the Lutheran Aid services for dumping all of these people in our country. Do an article about how much money they got and what it has done to these communities. Instead of melding with these hosts, they take over and make a new country like they came from here in the U.S. That is not right!! It is too late to nip it in the bud, it is now like a tall weed we have to deal with. An afterthought those agencies… Read more »

Rosemary Stambaugh
11 months ago

The “Squad” itself should be censored—but these two, in particular, should receive individual ones. Omar should be removed from her seat on the council where she sits…she is a total disgrace to Congress and the other three are not much better. They make me embarrassed to have them associated with our Congress.

Brenda Blunt
11 months ago

If this was done by an employee, they would be fired. The same should be done to these two women! They also should be.held accountable for ALL of their actions!! And, receive all the repercussions that should come their way!

11 months ago

This article clearly shows these two individuals, Tlaib and Omar, don’t belong in Congress. They don’t support the basic tenets of good, orderly government, much less the founding principles that established this nation. They totally ignore history and disrespect the Holocaust and the Jewish people AND the Judeo-Christian heritage and faith. They are unAmerican. Their reward should be that meted out to traitors. For traitors they are.

Stephen Russell
11 months ago

I say Purge Congress: save those like Jordan, etc allies, all else Purge & new rules made, scrap the Old policies, procedures A-Z Or Nothing changes
Congress is Broken

james moss
11 months ago

This is where we need impeachment. So let us leave Trump to get his job done & get rid of this trash. Also we might want to investigate Obama & both Bill & Hillary. If you are looking for wrongdoing you will find it there.

Sherri B.
11 months ago

This is like a bad nightmare, i
cant believe this is happening or being tolerated AT ALL!!!

11 months ago

Why are we not able to share this on Facebook.I received this message when i tried to.User opted out of Platform.The Action is disallowed because the user has opted out of FACEBOOK PLATFORM.Another site being silenced by facebook.this has to stop

Robert J. White
11 months ago


11 months ago

Jail these two

11 months ago

Epstein them !

Joseph Kiesznopski
11 months ago

Time to end the raciest attitude against the Isreal

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