Time to Protect Lady Liberty

By – Diana Erbio

It is time to recognize all that Lady Liberty has done for us. Too many Americans are not treating her like the mom who has protected her children selflessly all of their lives. Too many children of Liberty who have grown into adulthood, instead of realizing they must now protect Liberty, expect that she alone will always be there to shield them from harmful forces. Lady Liberty is being neglected.

That careless attitude must stop. Liberty cannot stand alone. Liberty cannot be neglected without consequence. She must be supported and aided to protect the natural born freedoms of future children.

There are many enemies of Liberty who wish to rob the rights from her children. Liberty must be safeguarded or she will perish.

Ronald Reagan was right when he warned Americans with these words.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Children from around the world that never had Liberty for a mother seek her out. So many have suffered under tyrannical rule. They understand what it is to live without Liberty. A book Pursuing Liberty by Cory Emberson and Rick Lindstrom provides a platform to people who have lived under oppressive governments. Maybe the children of Liberty in America need to listen to their stories and pass them on to their children so it can be recognized that Liberty is not just a statue in New York Harbor or an adornment above a capitol building. Liberty cannot continue if she is taken for granted. Liberty must be recognized and protected. Liberty is freedom.

The American immigrants that share their stories of life in the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries where Liberty is not welcome via the book Pursuing Liberty,  understand what living without Liberty means. They tell what it feels like when there is no freedom to live life in pursuit of your dream. In some instances people are not even permitted to purchase a loaf of bread before a certain time of day without being punished.

A woman that once lived in the Soviet Union cautioned that “ Progressives tend to view people not as unique individuals, but as groups of people (African-American, white, gay, Hispanic, female, etc.). This is similar to how society was structured by the Soviet government, which saw people in terms of their ethnicity ( Ethnic Russian, Jewish, Asian, etc.). This is a dangerous trend for any society, because it is easy for the government to distract people from its own failures by drawing attention to and exploiting ethnic tensions.”

A man who was born in Cuba described how life changed when Castro took over. Currency was changed overnight. “One morning, the blue bills weren’t good anymore and you had to buy the red bills.” Food became scarce and private property was seized and redistributed. He said many today in America are not engaged in the political dialogue. That can endanger Liberty. In Cuba, “We used to call the Cuban Revolution the Toe revolution. You didn’t become agitated until someone stepped on your toe. You see your neighbor’s house taken away, well it’s his house. They’re leaving me alone. You see the guy down the street taken away in shackles. Oh well‒it’s not me.”.

Under the rule of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela a woman told about reporters that were often harassed, threatened and imprisoned if they dared to criticize Chávez. Television stations that did not support Chávez and his policies were shut down. She warns that it can happen in America too if we do not heed the signs.

The common thread of living without Liberty is that there is no freedom to speak your mind. The people who told their stories in the book recognize some of the signs today in America that led to the weakening and eventual death of Liberty in their birth countries. We children of Liberty must defend her now before she dies and is forgotten in America.

How can we protect Liberty? Authors of Pursuing Liberty Cory Emberson and Rick Lindstrom suggest a start is to recognize that Liberty allows each individual opportunity to succeed, not a guarantee. Also to reacquaint ourselves and our children with the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I would add reading and sharing with our friends, children and grandchildren  Pursuing Liberty  that records the accounts of people who lived without Liberty. It will make us aware of what will be taken from us if we do not protect Lady Liberty now.

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7 years ago

Most of my life I have felt if America was attacked and it’s Army’s defeated the conquers would have to fight their way through each and every town in America. I feel that is still true although I also feel large numbers of people who live in America do not possess any loyalty to the country, liberty or freedom. I feel we have a population of people that are willing to fight for their liberty and freedom but not yours. And they are not willing to support a concept that does not directly affect them. A lot of our immigrants do want to be Americans for all the right reasons. A lot of naturally born Americans do not want to be Americans, they just want to live here. And both groups can do that because of liberty and freedom. The very thing that allows you the freedom to be disrespectful is what you want to destroy. It’s kind of like smoking, eventually it will destroy the host and you know it but you do it anyway. And in you last dying days you will expect us to use every means to save you. But you knowingly took away your liberty and freedom for live and knowingly destroyed yourself. And that is what I see happening in America because we don’t have the courage to stand up and protect this country from within.

Lincoln Sorensen
7 years ago

We are not actively insisting on our representatives lead according to the Constitution. We are simply typing our opinions and then going to the polls (or not) as always and sending the same retreads back to start campaigning for the next election. How about doing like the colonists did to found this once great nation? They actually assembled and discussed what kind ofcountry and government they wanted. We need to do the same. We need to meet and agree on our priorities. Then appoint a spokesperson for your groups and assemble in front of your representatives and demand to be heard. Then follow up to be sure they act. Demand that the special interests be banned, no lobbying, no pork. The special interests are the fourth brance of government and have 99% of the power. Elect reps and potus who are not the same old retreads. Get new blood with new ideas and common sense. Demand our many problems be solved before sending money to other countries. There should be no need for campaign funding. Mandate the media provide a free page/1/2 hour to each candidate one month prior to the polls being open on a weekend. The time and space to be tax deductible. The only deduction allowed under our new flat/fair tax with the illimination of the IRS. The deductions would be submitted to the congress for approval of the itemization and then submitted to the treasury for refund. Registered votersw would be mailed a card. The card would have their name and a bar code. When presented with their photo ID at any open poll in the country it would be scanned and the individual would cast their ballot. The card would be retained at the polls and would be used to count against the number of electronic ballots cast for accuracy of the machines. This whole procedure would eliminate the need for absentee ballots, eliminate voter fatigue/apathy, voter fraud and would greatly increase the total voter turnout. The present system puts an unreasonable burden on the working person, havint to squeeze in a vote at a specific location either before or after work which is during rush hour in both cases. Where’s the sense in that? They are the ones paying taxes, after all.

Van Hamlin
7 years ago

I guess that I missed something! This article is about preserving our liberty, not cutting the grass and polishibg a statue. All you have to remember is that you and I preserve our own liberty every time we insist on government following the law as established by our Constitution. We must insist that those God given individual rights take precedent over the perceived rights of some fabricated group rights.

Russell Errett
7 years ago

Confidence in government tanking.

As the survey indicates, the confidence in the three branches of government are, 23% in the supreme court, 11% in the executive branch and 5% in congress. As I recall the low esteem of government has been around for years. What is the definition of stupid? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcome. We go to the polls year after year and what happens? The same bodies deck the halls of congress. Do we really want a change or do we secretly want more government largess? Will we come to our senses before the interest on the debt consumes the entire revenues?

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind, persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” –Euripedes (480-406 BC)
Since then governments have fallen because people refused to head these words.
It seems that the politician, news media and others are reluctant to point a finger at the voters for the fiasco we call a republic in the Capital.

Harry Andrews
7 years ago

Hope they guard the statue well. Would be a big target for ISIS to blow up !

7 years ago

Good article. When we engage the young in conversation and introduce them to our unique history and traditions we need to give them a snapshot, at least, of life in other countrys, as the book does. Why? Kids are filled with leftist indoc stating or implying that opposing systems of govt are superior to ours. They are led to believe that life in Cuba, Zimbabwe or Venezuela is wondrously pleasant and just, unlike our dog eat dog rat race. Kids need to be gently instructed that people risked torture and death to escape E Germany, and floated on rafts to flee Castro. That their German, Irish and Italian ancestors didn’t just jump on a ship out of a spirit of adventure. They left the old country because there was Zero Chance for them there. If you weren’t born into wealth and status there was simply no way to escape subsistence living. Kids don’t know this cause they haven’t had it splained to them. If you’re serious about trying to do your part to save this country, part of that has to be talking to kids.

7 years ago

Give her back to France…we just can’t afford her anymore.

7 years ago

The Marxist/Socialist Democrats treat the Statue of Liberty just like the pigeons do, they “crap” all over it!

Ivan Berry
7 years ago

Ms. Erbio, there was no radio nor TV in Lincoln’s day, but he had newspaper publishers jailed (no habius corpus) if they criticized his administration, just like did Wilson his. We have been in the process of losing our liberty for well over a hundred years, and Teddy R. was our first progressive President.
Your article was a good one, and may help wake up others so they will share the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights with others and especially with young people.
Remember, this coming Sept. there will be a Constitution Day whereby we can present that document to classes in our public schools as I did last year. Seniors are so close ,as a whole, to the voting age, and we can get their attention with that observation alone.

Laurie Giordano
7 years ago

This is another great article, and is absolutely insightful and correct. Thanks for reminding Americans how important it is to protect the liberty that we currently enjoy.

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