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Three Important Considerations Before Hiring a Contractor


Looking to hire a contractor for a home improvement job? Whether you’re seeking to repair, remodel, or replace something such as the roof, it’s important to find the best person or company for the job. Here are three quick and helpful hiring tips:

  1. Do a thorough internet check. Use the web to learn company history, ascertain how long they have been in business, read customer reviews, and see before and after photos. Gain access to information such as certifications and awards that demonstrate that they are qualified to handle your job. Also check for company affiliations, such as their relationship with the Better Business Bureau or other organizations that can provide some sense of security to you.
  2. Ask for multiple references. It’s always best to talk directly to customers who have used the contractor’s services for comparable work. Have references describe their experience and level of satisfaction, whether the work was performed accurately, on time, and on budget, how communication was with the contractor, and pertinent matters related to the project. Trustworthy family and friends often provide the best references. If possible, ask to see the work that has been done. And, if feedback is unsatisfactory or something sounds off, go with your gut and shop for another contractor.
  3. Always get multiple bids. You’ll want to compare things like prices, methods, and techniques, building materials, permits, start and finish dates, and other important details. For clarity, get everything in writing. It’s essential to establish in writing when deposits are due and other important financial aspects related to your agreement. Never sign a contract you do not feel comfortable with or fully understand. And never pay for a job in full before it’s completed.

These are just a few of many important considerations when hiring a home contractor. To avoid hiring someone who is unqualified, dishonest, or inexperienced, it’s best to do your homework. This can be done by researching the business on the internet, contacting references, inspecting the work that has been done, and shopping around for comparable bids to make sure you are hiring the right person for the job.

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