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Three Awesome Renovation Shows on HGTV

These days it seems increasingly difficult to find positive and wholesome television programs to watch. Fortunately, the American pay television channel, HGTV, has come to the rescue for those interested in home improvement projects and real estate. The station, whose initials stand for Home & Garden Television, is owned by Discovery, Inc. and features a variety of programs, but there are three that stand out amongst the rest. 

If Southern living, small-town charm, and historic properties are appealing, then Home Town is the perfect program for you. The series follows a married couple, Ben, and Erin Napier, who renovate turn-of-the-century homes for buyers in their small hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. Ben is often showcased in his shop using expert woodworking skills to preserve historical pieces for use in the renovated home. Meanwhile, artsy Erin is busy designing, painting wall art, dehydrating flowers in the microwave for a shadowbox display, and carefully choosing materials and old textiles to incorporate vintage charm into the home makeover project. News is that the talented duo will return for season 6 in 2022. 

If the name Jonathan Knight rings a bell, it might be because this talented gentleman made a name for himself as a member of the Grammy-nominated band, New Kids on the Block. Now, his HGTV series, Farmhouse Fixer, has brought his love for old farmhouses and construction to fruition. The show features homeowners who treasure old properties, have a passion for old-fashioned farmhouses, and seek to put down roots in homes with histories. Not only does Knight save these American treasures from destruction, but he focuses on bringing them up to the safe and livable standards people seek today. Whether he’s fixing eyesore properties along with his decorating sidekick, Kristina, or building a playground for goats, Knight channels his energy into preserving historical elements while giving new life to an aging home. 

House Hunters International is the ideal show for those who have a penchant for exploring new places in other countries and have a fondness for real estate. Since buying or renting a home is a complex matter, especially outside of the U.S., clients seek the help of a realtor to show them properties. Go on a journey with buyers as they view three properties in the exciting place where they plan to settle down. Let the show take you on a travel and real estate voyage, showcasing new and truly unique properties on each episode. Whether homeowners seek a traditional chalet in the Swiss Alps or a sprawling condo on Australia’s gold coast, it’s all about the adventure. 

Nowadays, in a world of political upheavals and intense crime, it’s refreshing to escape and watch TV shows that a) aren’t offensive or negative, b) provide fun and adventure, and c) and teach us something new whether it be geography or cultural affairs. It’s also enjoyable to watch programs that center on the home and see people follow their dreams. 

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