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Threats to U.S. National Security

securityAmong school age children, the stronger often bully the weak. In the corporate world, senior executives work to win market share from competitors — and among nations, the strongest become targets for other countries who long to gain superiority.

While the United States military might is formidable, with few, if any, other nations up to the task of challenging them for control of world oceans and land — terrorist groups, enemy nations and megalomaniac individuals seek to weaken us in areas where they perceive we might be vulnerable. Enemies are even likely to team up to challenge us on multiple fronts, aiming to divide our power – to conquer us.

The U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of State have identified a plethora of national threats we must be continuously vigilant against if America is to remain exceptional.

In terms of military threats, global expansion of China and Russia may challenge U.S. access to waterways, airspace and outer space. They are also working to strengthen our enemies militarily and build strong allied relationships and loyalty with them. China for one has given billions of Yuan to help build roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects in developing countries, buying those nations’ loyalty and indebtedness. Further, key players looking to develop their missile and nuclear capabilities include Iran and North Korea, plus smaller players may be prompted to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as well.

Despite handshakes and gracious political posturing between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jimping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, it is no secret that these leaders, plus Iran’s embattled Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, are toiling to enlarge their scope of power – and envision creating  a post-American international order – aiming to tip the balance of power both militarily and financially. While President Trump has expressed the importance of maintaining a dialog with these leaders, the potential for real trust and reliable agreements is tenuous at best.

In the works are faster, longer-range and stealth aircraft — and Mach-5 weaponry that can penetrate existing anti-missile defense shields and space-based orbiting offensive missile systems. A longer-term goal is to create space-based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Platforms with the capability of real-time tracking of people and logistical equipment movements world-wide. Broad-based improvements in stealth submarine warfare are also being implemented.

Terrorist groups and unstable governments in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean could threaten the U.S. in several ways that would need to be addressed. Modalities would include biological or chemical warfare; global online recruiting and propaganda to build their discipleships – using social media communications modes to their fullest.  They will continue to expand their use of new technologies, like 3-D printing, to create light-weight weaponry that can resist scanners.

As we all reap the benefits of our reliance on the Internet and all its ramifications, it also puts us at risk from criminals wishing to profit financially from hacking us; or from foreign nations looking to steal restricted information.

Competitive nations are developing their capabilities to create technologies that can disrupt U.S. communications, computer systems and satellite networks. In this vein, artificial intelligence(AI), facial recognition capabilities, access to citizens’ personal information, data manipulation and quantum communications (QC) can merge to crack codes and encryption, create inviolable e-mail messages and open top secret corporate and governmental communications networks to interception by enemy interests.

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial systems (UAS), can be used for surveillance as well as physical attacks – from the ground, air, underwater and space bases. Ballistic missiles can also be deployed similarly.

The computer age has brought to our daily lives, businesses and national endeavors, amazing speed and efficiency; however these analog and digital systems must be maintained at optimum function – otherwise critical infrastructure could shut down; air-traffic control glitches could result in the grounding of airplanes – or plane crashes; our electrical grid could black out and satellite communications could be interrupted. Whether by accident or cyberattack, not only would our televised entertainment be disrupted, but our crucial financial and banking systems, vital utilities, military, government and intelligence operations, could cease to run.

America’s porous borders, wide-open port cities and widespread global travel result in major losses of control within our sovereign nation. We lack knowledge of how many people trespass within our country, where they are from, why they are here and what their intentions may be. Without the implementation of an advanced identification program, our elections could be compromised and new therapy-resistant diseases could be spread.

Shifting gears now to natural disasters, e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, massive floods and earthquakes, these unpredictable events can further tax global powers to deal with humanitarian crises and human migrations.

While few conservatives would doubt regulated capitalism is the best system in the world — the power and reach of key mega-corporations, if left unchecked, can garner resources that would allow them more influential in the future direction of the United States than our individual States themselves. New legislation may be needed, or existing laws may need to be enforced, to ensure the media, universities, and large information technology corporations can remain profitable without becoming monopolies or overwhelmingly powerful.

Hindsight is always a great teacher – and we all learn important lessons from crises of all types – like the current COVID-19 pandemic – on how to best be prepared to respond next time. Perhaps it is high time now, as this virus winds down, leaving our economy and citizens with huge challenges – to shrink our bloated federal bureaucracy to perhaps one-half its current size – crack down on wasteful spending and fraud in our government programs and focus even more to plan for the inevitable threats we will face in our uncertain future.

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2 years ago

When you have a group of people actively subverting at every stage our security then you have to wonder why on earth people dont realize that the group should be dealt with harshly and sternly and prosecuted to the fullest measure.Who am i talking about? The democrat party. Look at how they besmirch, coerce, cheat, anything and everything they touch. They hate the constitution and act as if its a nuisance. Look at how they bully, follow the rules for radicals to the letter. Just Look at what is being turned out of colleges. Mind numbed robots bent on destroying a great country and replacing it with marxists. All in all its pretty sad. Look at your media (if you can stomach it) Nothing but besmirchment of a fine president who doesnt even take a salary. Even his own party fights him to some degree. You have to ask , WHAT DID HE DO THAT IS SO WRONG FOR HIM TO BE VILIFIED THIS WAY?) Nothing except beat the system by not playing their games and oh you people didnt elect our hillary. What is wrong with you all? We handpicked her and that bad orange man came in and foiled our plans. Have you wondered what their plans really are? Just look at the worthless and vile democrats in congress.Wonderful nancy pelosi? Nothing there for me folks. I will never ever vote for anyone in this socialist democrat party. Remember what Lenin said: SOCIALISMS GOAL IS COMMUNISM. Sit back and think about what you see everyday with this bunch. What you hear. The lies, the leaving out of information, the outright fabrication of”facts” that are not facts just lies everyday. Do you want this for your children? Your grandchildren, your heirs? I dont think so. Dont let them steal it. Fight back!

2 years ago

It is IMPERATIVE to stop all bullying behaviors, especially from China and the Dimocrat, Party!!!!

2 years ago

KNOW thine enemies and keep careful watch? Also.disconcerting is we have enemies of the well being of the Country within the Democratic Political branch!

Bob L.
2 years ago

It’s been plainly evident for a long time that our security in all areas, from military, political, research, and on through our personal information inside and outside of government data bases is so full of holes that the only real security is in hard files like paper. Anything on a computer or cloud is hackable regardless of continuous security updates.
People gaining access into areas or files is still a problem too. What’s troubling is the fact that some serious/dangerous foreign as well as domestic agents are actually and knowingly welcomed to participate in government office and media staffing.

Jeannie Huppert
2 years ago

Like PaulE said: “well written” . . . . The One & Only Who Can Fix this & other challenges is God Himself. I believe that our part is to pray as God Tells us to, trust God implicitly, walk in His Peace, not cave to fear; not to take these facts–knowing I can not fix these, not to respond like a “deer looking at headlights” or a “calf looking at a new gate”. Trust God alone; pray for everyone & every thing. God Bless you all.

2 years ago

​W​e have now learned that the attempted impeachment by the Democrat party against President Trump — assisted by a complicit media — was just another plot by Democrats to try to unseat the President of the United States. We also know that the Democrat party has focused almost entirely on taking down our President since he was elected, wasting incredible amounts of time, energy and taxpayer money.

What is interesting is that this situation represents America in microcosm these days. It illustrates the country’s main problem – that we are becoming a divided people with a divided government. When The House decided to impeach the president Democrats were thrilled, while the Republicans/Conservatives were appalled. The impeachment proceedings, as well as the Russian hoax and the other devious attempts to oust Trump all proved false, making the Democrat party appear power-hungry, ruthless and desparate. Yet Democratic leaders as well as our liberally-biased Media cheer this on, and Conservatives scream injustice.

This article below was printed on 12/7/19 just before the Coronavirus pandemic began. Since that time (less than 3 months) the barrage of chicanery continues unabated by Democrats, along with a mainstream media that has proven no more than a biased extension of their Party – a tool that the Democrats have used to great effect and all too frequently.

I used to laugh when I would hear someone propose that we are heading toward some kind of Civil War (based on ideologies). It sounded like conspiracy theory. But then I think: ‘wait a minute – there IS a conspiracy, and it’s not just theory!’. The Democrat Party, the mainstream media, higher education, many large unions, and even Republican politicians wanting to keep their gravy train going . . . have joined to conspire against the President, the Republican Party and against The People. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Will it take a Civil War to solve this? I never thought it could, but I wonder . . . . .

2 years ago

Put the strength of the Country where it matters the most!! Are we too late to plug the holes left by former administrations? I hope not!

Patrick Bauer
2 years ago

Well written article. Hits “the nail on the head”. We need positive changes.

ahem tonto
2 years ago

The real presence of China, Russia, Iran and the Ukrainian into our nation’s politics has become self evident as the dots show the alignment of the democrat party upper echelon to foreign nationals in those nations. The Clintons, John Kerry, Obama, the Bidens, Pelosi, Schiff all display at least a financial allegiance to one or more of those players (traitors).

dino deplorable
2 years ago

All of this going on against AMERICA and the liberal socialist dense oc RATS are doing their best to disarm the patriotic citizens militia.The citizens with weapons are a good defense if the bottom feeders ever try to invade AMERICA.

Virginia Peschke
2 years ago

I think a blue ribbon commission should be assembled, composed of scientists, politicians, businessmen, not-for-profit reps and any other needed experts to tackle the newest threat to US stability: the ridiculously inflated national debt. I suggest that the commission, based of the particulate expertise of its members, start analyzing the US budget page by page with the goal of eliminating fat and needless pork projects and pet projects, known as earmarks, used to up the popularity of individual Congressmen. Millions of research projects are carried on at universities on subjects of no interest, except for the graduate researchers, who drain the Treasury at an alarming and ongoing rate. Like any other budget, the federal one has to eventually be confronted with bankruptcy, leading to the loss of international preeminence. It’s time to begin tightening the fiscal belt or forever be beholden to our “friends” in China.

Greg Russell
2 years ago

U.S liberals are the greatest threat this Republic has ever faced.

Greg Russell
2 years ago

U.S. liberals today are the greatest threat this Republic has ever faced.

2 years ago

Term Limits are a good start. Most of the Swamp and entrenched Deep State employees need to be flushed out. We need President Trump for 4 more years to accomplish this.

2 years ago

I am an AMAC member, and I agree with the concern discussed here. I am so sick of the Senate, a Republican majority although a small one, not demanding that they have a fews days to review every single spending bill so that they might catch the wasteful, unrelated pork put in there by mostly Democrats and likely, a few Republicans.

2 years ago

Why did Mitch Mcconnell state ” he is okay with states taking bankrupt route”. ?? What happens when your state goes broke & then what do residents do or go ??? Mitch has a very bad idea here & should be removed as a one-way Partisan politician. He is a bobble-head for Trump.

2 years ago

No matter how you look at it, nobody wants to say it, most deny it can ever happen again. Most citizens in this forum enjoyed a life of freedom. This country is either heading to civil war, or a life of bondage that would make King George blush, I’m sad to say. The “free press” is the biggest enemy of our republic. Never have they been revealed to this degree until Trump. The cat is now officially out of the bag.

2 years ago

So many excellent points brought up by the patriots of our country. The people who really care about maintaining the best form of government and nation in the world. Not perfect but a government that follows the constitution and has the patriots like us to try to guide our leadership. There are many problems and issues we need to contend with, but tearing them down is not the answer. It is unfortunate that it seems a lot of our leaders have not met their responsibilities in the stewardship of our country. I feel much of the media and a good part of the democratic party have sold their souls and the future of this country. The Republicans, conservatives and what is left of the real democrats need to banned together to save this country. I think that the media will do its best try to maintain a wave of change, aided by the democrats and liberals or vice versa. I wouldn’t doubt this scenario from the previous mentioned destructive parties. Uncle Joe can’t win, would lose as soon as he opened his mouth, but the October Surprise…After a hard fought campaign meeting and greeting the crowds, his health suffers. Is this the democrat party’s “noble” display by inserting another candidate (fill in the blank) to carry the banner for Joe. Can you imagination the sympathy vote? Why did this pop into my mind? I guess I feel there are enough fools out there.

2 years ago

The greatest danger to the United States is from within! Start with media, the Democratic Party, and the rest will follow.

2 years ago

Good article, defining specifics of our global competitors and antagonists ad nauseum, but you neglect to spotlight the most dangerous, insideous and evil enemy; that which exists within our own borders: the Democrat party, mainstream media, Hollywood/leftist elites and leftist academia. Nobody destroys American sovereignty with greater effectiveness than these.

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