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Thou Shalt Comply With Government Regulations or You’ll Have Hell to Pay, says AMAC

capitol-buildingSome rules are needed but there are just too many that are ‘downright inane’

WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 19 – “They call it The Ten Thousand Commandments Report because if you don’t comply with the regulations created by Capitol bureaucrats – not our elected lawmakers – you’ll have hell to pay.  It’s a publication of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which says that the cost of complying in the country has steadily increased in recent years and now stands at a whopping $15,000 for each and every household.  That’s nearly $2 trillion in burdensome costs at a time when the nation is in hot water economically,” reports Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Weber notes that there are some regulations that make sense and deserve to be created and enforced, but there are those regulations that make little or no sense and are downright inane.

“Do we need a regulation prohibiting churches from selling tombstones so as not to upset commercial monument makers or the one that requires you to purchase insurance that includes birth control coverage?  And then there is the one that expands the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to include even puddles on a farm.  These are just a few examples of the kinds of frivolous directives that so-called government  watchdogs create every year,” Weber explains.

The CEI says that the compliance cost of regulations this year will come to a total of $1.9 trillion.  That’s more than the IRS collects on personal and corporate income taxes, according to CEI vice president Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.

Crews points out that while Congress enacted just 114 laws last year, federal agencies issued 3,410 rules.  So far this year, with nearly four and half months left till the New Year, the administration’s various agencies have issued or are preparing to issue 3,297 regulations with more to come.

“The cost of regulations and the impact these rules have on our daily lives gets little notice.  Perhaps it is because the rules are imposed without benefit of debate.  It is about time, therefore, that we encourage those who we elected to be our eyes and ears inside the beltway to do what they were sent there to do—to protect our interests, Weber concludes.

He says that the issue of government regulatory authority run-amok is not a political issue.  It’s an American issue that requires bi-partisan attention because we simply can’t afford the nearly $2 trillion dollar price tag, Weber.

“Some believe that the Executive Branch uses its regulatory authority to bypass Congress because it’s easier to make rulings instead of enacting laws, especially when the opposition outnumbers the president’s party in both the Senate and the House .  But whether they are right or wrong, the fact is that under this administration we’ve earned the moniker, Regulation Nation.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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Disruptive element

I am going with Trump who said he will go into every department and make it lean and efficient. I think in order to justify their unnecessary jobs in the back rooms of government they come up with all manner of wacky ideas just to keep looking as though they are necessary.


It now seems that our President(s) consider themselves Kings, their spouses as Queen(s) and our members of Congress as part of the Royal family who can ALL disdainfully lie or exspouse whatever absurdity that comes to mind and expect the general populace to just obey and genuflect expectantly. Such as when Pelosi can absurdity say “We have to pass the law first, so as we can then read it to find out what’s in it!” So, is it any surprise that non-elected government agency employees want to get in on the act too? Buffoonery in government “service” now runs the whole gambit at ALL levels: Federal, State and Local and the rest of us peons or is the correct spelling peeons to just bow and shake our heads yes? But then again, one has to just watch ANY politician, especially law school graduates, masterfully spin a lie into truth right… Read more »

Richard Tremaine

If we do not regulate the bureaucracy, we might just as well all work for the government. Vote Republican conservatives who believe in small government. We must
close departments of government that are no longer necessary. Mainly the Dept. of Education. Homeland Security, At least half the intelligence operations from various organizations, Dept. of Energy. That department inaugurated by Jimmy Carter was supposed to cut down on our purchase of oil from the Middle East. The department now has 16,000 employees and we still buy oil from the Middle East. Homeland Security should have gone to the FBI. Dept. of Education should go back to the States and then back to
the local school boards. The tax code should be simplified and the IRS reduced to collect tax only. No more rules or regulations made without permission of congress, both house and senate. These representatives should be working for a living.


Democrats are all about CONTROL! UNELECTED beaurecrats should never be allowed to make regulations without
justifying through research, oversite and transparency to show whether a proposed regulation would have a negative or positive impact. This could put a stop to all the parasites (whoops, beaurecrats) who think THEY know what’s best for us better than we do ourselves.

Charles Lopresto

The government, especially with this current administration, demands more taxes to pay for more things that they were never intended by our founding fathers to have responsibility for and are not able to adequately manage in the first place. Our government was never intended to be our health provider, family planning counselor, dietician, social and cultural arbiter, educator, environmental inspector, tax collector, and our local police force. They are in charge of the national defense, securing our border, regulating immigration (the proper way with screening and fair, legal procedures), establishing interstate highways, trade and commerce, and maintaining a currency. And, here is a novel thought…upholding our Constitution! That is about it.
Do we really want every service that we need to use, be run like the Dept. of Motor Vehicles or the Post Office?

Daniel Jeffers

Vote for Trump and we may have a chance! Vote for Hillary and we have no chance! The known and the unknown, I’ll take my chance on Trump. I know what Hillary will do.

Richard Tremaine

Here is something else for your consideration. I had occasion to go to our local school board administration building last week. I entered room that had at least 50
cubicles. Can you imagine that. What are all those people doing? I am flabbergasted. All these people feeding at the public trough. What has happened to America?


It’s the Liberals or the Rinos that have created all of these horrendous laws and if Donald wins I hope he will see that many many of them are rendered unnecessary and remove them.


While I love reading and debating with all of you here each week, the very sad truth is that we have become too large and complicated a nation for a few hundred elected officials to run anything well or decently. a huge incompetent bureaucracy has been created over the past century and nothing we can do will reverse that course. We can do something about the elected folks screwing us all over by throwing every one of them out in every election until they get the message that they better worry more about us than the slime who bribe them every day – oops, I mean the lobbyists. However, since we’re a nation so almost evenly divided, we have forgotten how to work together to get things done in DC. Just look at the language (including mine sometimes) that Americans use when people disagree with them on almost any issue.… Read more »

Bob L.

The Constitution makes no provision for anyone other than Congress to write and pass federal laws.
Rules, regulations, mandates and executive orders do not qualify.


I am more disgusted everyday by the downward spiral of this runaway government. It is fueled by special and personal interests and not duty to our country and its people. It is fueled by the dumbing down of our populace through years of leaders who thought that this would make it easier for rhetoric and not actual answers to solving our problems. At a time when we could have had a real chance at change, too many of the republican party have followed the rhetoric and have given us Trump! I kept thinking that once we slipped far enough people would see the light at the end of the tunnel. But of course that is the speeding train of collapse heading towards us. Where is the bottom? I don’t know. But what many people have not learned in school may have to be taught in the school of hard knocks.… Read more »

Randal W. Howard

Since they are NOT elected, and have no lawmaking authority, why don’t we tell them to stuff it!? Time to take back our Country!


“No method of procedure has ever been devised by which liberty could be divorced from local self-government. No plan of centralization has ever been adopted which did not result in bureaucracy, tyranny, inflexibility, reaction, and decline. Of all forms of GOVERNMENT, those ADMINISTERED BY BUREAUS are about the least satisfactory to an enlightened and progressive people. Being IRRESPONSIBLE (i.e. not accountable to We the People), they BECOME AUTOCRATIC, and being autocratic they resist all development. Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted it BREAKS DOWN REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT and overwhelms democracy. It is the one element in our institutions that sets up the pretense of HAVING AUTHORITY OVER EVERYBODY and being RESPONSIBLE TO NO BODY.” – Calvin Coolidge 1926

Phyllis Schultz

A new Senate and new House is a start, but if we don’t stop Executive orders and executive over reach, we won’t need Congress.

Donald Borst

Our elected officials only take care of themselves, with our money. Our greedy government has grown way too big. It is the GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK and they cover for each other. We must clean out Washington and start with new blood. It’s a known fact that most voters re-elect the incumbents and they are the PROBLEM. We need Donald Trump in the White House to clean up the DISASTER that is Washington DC. The American voters MUST pay more attention to politics and vote in those people who would do what is best for the American taxpayers. If we go on as we are it will only get worse and our wonderful country, as we once knew it, will get past the point of no return and end up like all the currently FAILED and monetarily broke countries of the world. WAKE UP AMERICA. If for no other reason… Read more »


We used to be a free people.

Leslie Jones

The present scale of government agencies, their power and ability to enact regulation far exceeds Congress’s ability to manage. With only an unwieldy fiscal control, agencie heads can thumb their noses at legislators even when they are brought in for questioning. Lying and evasion together with pleading immunity put agency bureaucrats out of reach as we’ve seen so many times.
Congress needs new controls. Individuals who accept money from the public purse should not be able to hide behind loopholes made to protect from self-incrimination. And Agency heads should be subject to frequent appraisal and instant dismissal just as the private sector functions. Eventually with reinforced discipline these rogue elements of government will understand that the American People are paramount, not the bureaucrats who manage the agencies.


The purpose of so many laws is so they can have something against anyone whenever they decide to take someone down. I’ve read of many obscure laws on the books that have been used when nothing else could be worked out to haul someone in.


Lets start by cutting out all the perks the 2 houses have(Life time medical and life time pensions for only 4 years of work ).Lets incentivies the take away of rules and regulations that are cumbersome and do not work by making it a fee based incentive for our elected officials.Outlaw all lobbyist acivities unless they provide thier services for free!!Ha Ha that will stop a lot of glad handing up thier in the old capitol building.No free mailings for incumbents for thier election campaigns .I could go on but Im just wasting my breath as most Americans dont give a crap.


I joined AMAC because i thought they were going to work to end taxes on social security . I have friends that pay no taxes and a sister inlaw that says I make more so I should pay more. MEANS TESTING . DISGUSTED !!! DOUBLE TAXED .