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‘They Stood for Something and We Owe Them Something’: Reagan’s 1986 Memorial Day Speech

America’s beloved 40th president, Ronald Reagan, spoke at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day in 1986. His speech reminds us to be thankful for the valor of others and that Memorial Day is a time to remember the “splendor of America” and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

From - The Daily Signal

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Judy Smith

Thanks, AMAC, for giving us this chance to remember a truly great President.

Trini Garza

God bless those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation!


God Bless America and it’s Troops, who’ve protected our Freedoms.

Glenn Lego

The veterans stood for something. Unlike the cowards who on 9/11 “did something.” According to Ilian Omar.


Our brave veterans have kept us free. Keep them in your prayers. We owe them our undying gratitude.

Shirley Everett

God bless America and the soul of President Reagan. And may God bless President Trump and all those that serve, have served and who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Greg Russell

As with all politicians, I didn`t agree with Reagan on every position he took on certain issues, but by and large, Reagan was THE GREATEST man I ever knew of that held the Oval Office. Much like Charlton Heston as president of NRA, Reagan had a way of expressing himself so eloquently, he could stir the heart and soul. He aroused the spirit within man, and urged him on to greatness, he inspired people to strive for the highest ideals, and he believed in the greatness of America. He knew that we are destined by Almighty-God to be that “bright and shining city on a hill”. He knew that as the greatest nation to ever reside on the planet, we have an inherent obligation and duty around the world. To inspire and aid men to work towards freedom, to inspire them as well to seek liberty and reach for the… Read more »

Rick J.

Remember and say a prayer for those who gave all in defense of freedom. It is truly sad that, the sacrifice of so many, is on the brink of being lost. The nation and the beliefs that so many of us hold are under attack from within. If we don’t get organized and fight back the nation we grew up in and love will be lost. WE MUST FIGHT to SAVE THE USA. How.. you can only email your own congressman…But you can send a tweet to all… If you don’t have a tweeter account get one. Bombard all who would change the USA with tweets. IF others have ideas.. Share them…


I was fortunate enough to have lived to see the two greatest presidents of the United States! Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump! Unfortunate enough to live to see the worst president too Obama.


Short and to the point.

Stephen J Norling

No one could make a great point with with fewer words then the great Ronald Reagan.

Todd Wingard Taylor

Thank you President Reagan for reminding us of the sacrifices that were made to preserve, defend and protect American liberty; for God and country we do pledge our sincerest allegiance. God bless America and God bless all those who gave their last measure of love to protect and defend America. Long live the Constitution, long live our devotion to God and country–Amen.


Heroes wear uniforms and dog tags, not capes. God bless all our heroes, God bless America.

Norma Vincent

Always a Patriot! God bless America. We had a patriotic service in church yesterday, Grace Community Church in Elma, Washington, Pastor Tom Harvey. Never forget!


A lovely remembrance for those we continue to owe our freedoms and liberties. I hope we all remember and thank those veterans everyday, not just on Memorial Day. To our men and women currently serving, I owe you gratitude as well.

Todd Wingard Taylor

Liberty was purchased and paid for by the blood of true patriots. May we who cherish our liberties, defend it with our own blood and sacrifices. The enemy is before us and it is not Russian, Korea or China; rather the enemy comes from within. It is the Progressive Liberal party who have encroached, fired upon, our God ordained rights to embrace faith, American ideals preserved by the Constitution, and the value of personal liberty. The enemy is the media, higher education and those belonging to the “Progressive” party. They are the warmongers against God, liberty and open, civil discourse. They have become the aggressor that champion irrational reasoning built upon lies and fear. Again, Liberty calls to us from the blood of those who make the ultimate cost. We must stand against the rising tide of progressive liberalism. 2020 must be the decisive blow that puts an end, once… Read more »


Every once-in-awhile a great President comes along. Reagan is one of these. A good litmus test is how much the left hates them. The more grief a president gets from the left, the more potential for greatness.

Not that we have not had some bad, ‘Conservative’ presidents. But name a liberal president that did great things. Big things maybe (like Obama-Care). But I am hard pressed to think of any great things.


loved president Regan a great American

Norma Vincent

I already did.


On this Memorial Day let us remember the valor of those who who sacrificed their lives in defense of freedom. Let’ us also be vigilant as they to defend our freedoms from those who would desire to take it from us. Particularly those serving in our government in Congress, FBI and DOJ.