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There’s a Deficit of Knowledge About Social Security, says AMAC

social security administration portal benefits application disability benefitsKnowing how the system works will help ensure you don’t leave benefits on the table

WASHINGTON, DC – There is a knowledge deficit among those who are approaching the age at which they become eligible for Social Security, says senior advocate Dan Weber.

“Social Security is not an entitlement, a government hand-out.  It is a savings account funded by the blood, sweat and tears of American workers and it behooves us all to gain an understanding of its ins and outs,” Weber said.

Weber, who is president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, says that the “devil is in the details”, and the details of Social Security can be complex.  He points out that more than three-and-a-half million people in the U.S. become eligible for benefits each year.  And, he says, although they will be relying on Social Security to help fund their lives as they grow older, a vast number of them find it difficult to navigate the system.

“That is why AMAC has put its resources to work for those who wish to know what they are owed and how to collect it.   Knowing how the system works will help you get the most out of Social Security and will help ensure that you don’t leave the benefits that you are owed on the table.”

There’s been much written about how to get the most out of the retirement fund we’ve been paying into all of our working lives, but much of the advice that is provided can be unclear, according to Weber.

“So, we did our own research and found that, in fact, too much of the guidance that is available is complex and unintelligible for too many people and that in other cases it was downright wrong.  That’s the reason that we decided to dedicate ourselves to simplifying the facts about Social Security and providing a source for real-time information.  We owe it to our over-50 membership and to all seniors as they approach retirement age.”

AMAC created new resources to educate seniors – including a dedicated website, www.socialsecurityreport.org, and a widely syndicated newspaper column.  “The column is written by an expert in the field who offers explanations and advice in plain and simple language that informs and cuts through the confusion.”

In addition, AMAC has embarked on a massive effort to work with our lawmakers on Capitol Hill to help shape the future of Social Security.  “We meet with the nation’s lawmakers on a frequent and regular basis to promote ways to improve Social Security and help to ensure its viability in the long term.”

He singled out the Social Security Guarantee plan his association has proposed that Weber said would ensure 75 years of solvency for the Social Security OASI Trust Fund.  The plan would include a fair and balanced setback for future recipients, guaranteed cost of living increases and a provision for a new personal Early Retirement Account (ERA).

The ERA that AMAC envisions would be similar to an IRA or a 401(k) plan.  But, in order to safeguard the funds against risky investments, half of their benefits that individuals choose to invest in ERA accounts would have to be used to purchase guaranteed interest products such as government bonds or annuity contracts.  Workers would be free to invest their balances in any other investment that meets certain suitability standards.

“For many elderly Americans, Social Security is what puts food on their tables.  It’s their principal source of income, meager as it might be, and they would face cruel hardships if they their monthly checks were cut.  What we need to ensure their future is a real and dedicated solution for fixing the system, not pie-in-the-sky theories.  And, we need it sooner than later.”



The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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Social Security is now a public slush fund for our political leaders. Twice now, millions if not billions were “borrowed” by 2 wonderfully rotten Presidents: LBJ and Barak Obama! I guess Social Security is now viewed as “an entitlement”, you know where every illegal alien is “now entitled” to receive Social Security even if if they never paid into it. I’m “entitled” because I paid into it my whole working life. Hopefully, I’ll live long enough to collect everything that I contributed all those years before dying. Then again, our government seems to be doing everything possible to shorten our existence on this earth.


LEARN what the word “ENTITLED” and “ENTITLEMENT” actually MEANS! Before you BLABBER such LIBTARDED NON-SENSE! And YES, it is the LIBTARDED DEMONRATS who are trying to “CONFUSE” the issue of what “IS” and what “IS NOT” an “ENTITLEMENT!” Social Security MOST DEFINITELY “IS” AN ENTITLEMENT! I DESERVE my Social Security Insurance Checks AND my MediCARE Insurance, because I PAID FOR my Social Security and MediCARE in Advance, for my entire “Working Life,” therefore I AM ENTITLED TO RECEIVE WHAT I PAID FOR! Welfare, Food Stamps, MediCAID, WIC, Section 8 Housing, Pell Grants, Etc…. THEY ARE “NOT” ENTITLEMENTS! NO ONE is “ENTITLED” to receive anything that they DO NOT WORK FOR, or PAY FOR! SOCIAL SECURITY “IS” AN ENTITLEMENT! Because we are “ENTITLED” to receive that which we have ALREADY PAID FOR! If you WORK for a PAYCHECK, YOU ARE “ENTITLED” TO RECEIVE THE PAYCHECK THAT YOU WORK FOR! If you… Read more »

Carol L. Baril

SSN was designed to help those widows and kids who outlived the dad who went to work in the old days. People didn’t live as long so age 65 was a pretty good age to set. Since then, very little has changed although folks are living longer and the work participation has gone down. Government voted years ago to take SSN funds for use other than its intended purpose. Disabled folks also take from that pool without ever having worked and from what I hear it doesn’t take much to be declared disabled today. Someone mentioned illegal aliens getting some of that pot when too many of them are paid cash for their work and don’t contribute. And how the payments are collected and dished out: my monies pay for those retired today so those coming behind will pay for me! That’s a ponzi scheme when business does it and… Read more »

Bill in TX

Social security is a confusing process considering the concept is simple and straight forward. Working individuals set aside a portion of their earned income to be returned during their retirement years. I just signed up for benefits this year. The part that seemed unclear in SSA documents was the penalty charges for part B and D. If you do not signup for those at the time of enrolling in Part A penalties can apply. If I am currently covered under a medical plan there is no need for me to enroll for B and D until my current medical insurance goes away. My fear is when I do need to signup for B and D the bureaucratic powers will charge me extra. Not because it right or wrong but just because they can. The amount of SSA dollars collected over the years is substantial. If the funds had been kept… Read more »

Van Hamlin

Well Dan, you are wrong! Social Security and Medicare are work taxes. If you pay those work taxes long enough, you qualify for a work tax benefit, which is based off of a formula centered on how much you paid in. This “Benefit” is an entitlement. In other words not all entitlements are welfare. Back when I was getting ready to qualify for these programs, I contacted AMAC and their pundits for advice. I got little response, most of which was inaccurate. Dan, if you want to help the members of AMAC you will set up a help center staffed with experts tasked with unraveling each persons struggle with the system. IN addition, AMAC needs to lobby for law changes that actually facilitate funding of this system. The law currently allows Congress to raid the kitty by converting FICA payment, referred to as Social Security Trust funds, to low paying… Read more »

Margaret Waggoner Lake

Every one seems to forget, unless you were an employee, that every dollar that a worker paid into Social Security was matched by your employer. I did years of payroll for businesses we owned. So it is not just about the money you contributed, but also, about the money your employer matched. Some how I never see that being shown as individual and employer matched any where on statements. I often wonder if those employer dollars were never included in out total upon which our social security money we receive is based. Any answers for this?


You better get a new “expert” for the ERA accounts, because the “powers to be” just sucked them into buying government bonds that nobody in the world will buy. Your “expert” must be a Obama holdover.


I’m tired of hearing about the problems with Social Security. We the People have respectfully paid into the Social Security and Medicare programs all our lives, without choice! Time f0r the government to fix it and quite complaining. Yes this is the same government that screwed it all up to start with!
1. Replace all money “borrowed” or taken from both programs with interest and penalties.
2. Clean up the fraud and make those who take illegally repay with interest and penalties.
3. Always remember this is NOT government money. It’s the peoples money set aside for a specific purpose.


In reading these comments the one thing that is think is missed is, we have NO choice but to pay into SS or MC. NONE. just seems to me we forget that any person working legally in the USA if forced to pay into them. IMO that seems to skip by without being said. just venting

God Bless America


People, we did it all wrong. Today, encourage your grandchildren to become lifeguards. Here in Huntington Beach, a lifeguard makes $90,000 a year , and it’s not a full time all year job. So if an 18 year old becomes a lifeguard and works for 20 years, he can retire at 38 and be paid 90% of his salary to enjoy.
And that’s just a city job.

mike taylor

What I ran into with my retirement is I worked under SS and pains into it and am invested so originally I should have got $899.00 mo. But I also worked for a city and it’s public employee retirment. So when I signed retirement papers I found out that some congressman didn’t think I deserved to get what I worked for. So he made a law to steal a good chunk of my retirement and after there formula I ended up getting $270.00 month. Now how’s that fair? They give illegals more then that and they never paid into it ever!

Tom Galda

When Social Security was established the average life expectancy was 63, & retirement age was set at 65. As time progressed the average life expectancy has increased to 79 for males & 81 for females. in the interim Congress instituted an early retirement age of 62. During that time extra programs were added. The early retirement age has to go away, & the retirement age has to be increased. The funds paid in need to be separated from the general fund. Also, it has to go back to its original purpose.


Since 1937, when funds were first collected, through the late 1970s, funds were borrowed from the Social Security trust fund, and paid back. During these years, minor changes were made by increasing the payroll tax and the amount taxed. By the late 1970s, the fund was broke. Since then, the payroll tax was increased, and the trust fund now owes the government over 2 trillion dollars. This information comes from Historic Table 13.1 (which is a part of the annual budget) All of this will have to be borrowed in order to be paid back over the next seventeen years, after which the benefits will have to be cut on all those on Social Security (see the Annual Trustees’ Reports). Unfortunately, Congress has made bad decisions on Social Security. Around 1960, Congress decided that the professions, including lawyers, accountants, etc., that worked for their professional companies, which did not pay… Read more »

Tom Crawford

A fair examination of ss benefits warrants disclosure of spousal benefits, disability, and dependent survivor benefits. Spousal benefit allows up to half their partner’s benefit or their earned benefit, whichever is greater, and in the event of death, the larger benefit is paid for the survivor’s lifetime. Disability benefits are available to qualified individuals and their dependent family after 6 months demonstrability of inability to perform a job. Survivor benefits are available for a spouse with dependent children to age 18 or to orphaned children under age 18. The expense of these benefits result in a reduction of available “retirement” funding. Guaranteed ss benefits greatly limit earnings/interest yields and the monies grow slowly over lengthy periods of time. Stock investmest risks are a real hazard to those without moderate assets and/or incomes in addition to ss. Those with lower incomes are particularly negatively impacted. Solutions are going to require sacrificing… Read more »

Kenneth Bush

Back in the 1970’s, governmental entities had the option to opt out of participating in Social Security. A few did, and then deposited what the employer and employee would have paid to Social Security into an investment fund. The employees of these governmental entities are receiving retirement benefits of $75,000 or greater, rather than the $15,000-$20,000 that the employees would have received from Social Security. While Social Security might be called a savings account, it is not a good one.


Everything I have heard from politicians and even lobbyists to fix Social Security is completely wrong. What all organizations that lobby should be pushing is for the U.S. government to start paying back the piles of IOUs in the trust fund stolen since Lyndon Johnson. At what point in history was paying back these funds supposed to begin? There must be something in Johnson’s law to spend SS funds excessive SS funds for the federal budget. What does the law say? If there is not provision for payback, then it is true, it is a giant Ponzi scheme being run by the federal government. They are stealing money as it comes into the trust and not paying to share holders. And none of the IOUs are invested so there is no chance SS will really ever make money. Creating a new program to try to fix the system will meet… Read more »

Tony B.

My fervent belief is that anyone who plans for retirement and saves along the way is going to be punished by the system by cockroach politicians who will claim that our SS benefits are “needs based’ which means our 401K and saving will be held against us and we will be told we don’t “need the money” therefore our benefits will be cut or taxed to death. Either way the politicians are not fixing the issue they just like to scare us with it every election cycle.

Maria Rose

The biggest problem of the fund for Social Security and Medicare benefits is it is being used also to fund Medicaid which anyone can get if you produce on paper lack of resources but with everything going digital, those who are using the system fraudulently will eventually be eliminated off the system ( like those who claim disability but aren’t and make it extremely hard for those who are truly disabled to get benefits).
We also need to get lawmakers to to eliminate the cap on income that is taxed for this unless they find a way to decrease the 47% of population in welfare benefits. Stop blaming us seniors for having such a large growing group on Social Security as our size was known from our birth years.


I am surprise you people ( like the politicians) at AMAC keep on saying S.S and Medicare are bankrupt . This is a lie. Congress bankrupt S.S. by stealing the sacred money of the retire people to use it to pay for Welfare and the sacred money we pay for Medicare to pay for Medicaid. What you should be asking congress to put back all the money they took from S.S. and Medicare and separate S.S. from Welfare and Medicare from Medicaid. You at AMAC should be asking all your members to sing a petition asking Congress to put back the money they took that was something done against the Law. And your lobbyist should be doing the same. Thank you.


I have a question. Is the Trump admin trying to cut Medicare or is that democrat propaganda?