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There’s Always Time To Dance!

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Ellen T. Penny

I grew up learning to Shag

Anita Vaughan

What great memories,,,remember dancing like that in the 50’s,,,love it…Clean cut kids….

Carol Carter

It was wonderful to see young people dance like we use to and it was real great to hear the old songs again. I just wish my body would let me still dance like they do.


The good ‘ole days.

Raymond Waters

Good God Almighty a refreshing return to SANITY! Absolutely beautiful! But I remember our folks believed we were on the road to ruin.


When I was a teen in N.Y. in the 60’s, all the high schools had a Friday night dance. Such fun! I wonder whether they still have the dances. I’m now in Texas, and my daughter’s H.S. never had them. These dancers are great!


Very very refreshing compared to dumb & dumber.


And they are actually fully dressed!


A very talented couple! Wish I could dance period never mind like that1


A young couple bringing back memories to older people like me. they were great! I love to dance just can’t shag like I used to.


Amazing dancing! I think everyone should learn to dance!