The Weekly AMAC Caption Contest


Enter your favorite caption for the picture in the comments below! Best caption wins a free one-year membership to AMAC! The winner will be notified by e-mail on Friday,June 1st, so be sure to include your contact information if you are not yet a member and GOOD LUCK!!

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Hey nice. I don’t mind seeing stuff like this one bit Nice chngae actually. I love all the lines and textures, especially the one curved line wrapping around the center.

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I told you…. Soros LOVES the Obaminator….and now that Greece has fallen we’re next……Soros will have his new socialist republic and we’ll all pay for it…..grab your guns and head for the hills!!!!

And I demand you leave my oreo cookies alone!!!

Chicago style…love the pizza, hate the politics!


Altogether now, say “Drilling for American oil rocks!”

They tell me I missed the nomination by that much .

I had a pen when I came in here but the Democrats stole it!

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Furthermore, I did not eat that twinkie!

How is it possible? Get me back on L.A. radio those people need help.Big bad Jerry Brown wants to raise taxes, he’s lost his mind.

This is the world’s smallest violin playing farewell to the chief after November.

And when I’m elected I promise on honest Abe’s grave to be truthful!

Read my lips… Obama and AARP are toast!!!


“Let me be clear” AARP is not on it’s members side, but has it’s hand out to the government for what it can get.

Are YOU listening???

There was a time I used only this much gasoline.

“Small Government as you define it, Mr. President, is still too large for us, we want it to be this small.”

“From the sweat of my brow to the depths of my heart, I plead with you to hear my words…..You MUST vote Nov 6th against President Obama to save this nation”.