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The Vanishing Democratic Voter Base

AMAC Exclusive – Barry Casselman


One of the most carefully constructed U.S. political voter coalitions, fashioned over ninety years, is rapidly coming apart.

After a century of being on the wrong side of the nation’s critical civil and voting rights issues, the Democratic Party, under then new President Franklin Roosevelt, did an about-face in 1932-33, and began to appeal deliberately to women, black, Jewish, and other voter groups.

From the founding of the party until that point, Democrats had opposed the interests of blacks and women particularly. It was the then-new Republican Party, beginning in the mid-19th century, which had opposed slavery, advocated for civil rights, and supported giving women the right to vote — as Democrats consistently apologized for slavery, and opposed giving blacks and women the vote. As late as the first term of Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, a segregationist and opponent of women’s suffrage, this trend continued. Wilson finally was forced to reluctantly support the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Widespread economic suffering from the Depression of the 1930’s gave Democrats the opportunity to reverse course by employing social welfare programs under Roosevelt’s New Deal. After World War II, these programs were expanded to assist a growing new middle class of workers and recent immigrants, giving the Democratic Party a large voter base of blacks, Hispanics, and women. President Truman’s support of the new state of Israel solidified the already liberal Jewish voters, and later, Democrats began their outreach to Asian-American voters. Polling in this era indicated that blacks and Jews voted often 90% or more for Democratic presidential candidates, and that high percentages of Hispanic voters did, too.

Democrats had also become the party of more members of labor unions in this period, but the 1980 election of Republican Ronald Reagan saw many union and other blue-collar workers leaving the Democrat’s voter base.

Republican Donald Trump also made gains among workers and minority voters, but it was not until Joe Biden became president in 2021 that a truly great emigration from the Democratic Party has taken place.

Hispanic voters are generally religious, family-oriented — and many of them fled Marxist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela. Many of them recoiled at the Biden policies toward Cuba, were upset by the flood of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, and do not share the anti-religious and anti-family notions coming now from many Democratic Party elites.

Most black voters, many of them living in large urban areas, did not agree with the draconian “Defund the Police” measures of the radical Democrats, and are alarmed by the rising incidence of urban crime, of which they are often the victims. They have also seen the damage to black family life caused by decades of Democratic welfare programs which discourage employment, fatherhood, and entrepreneurship. A majority of blacks still automatically vote for Democrats, but the one-sided support is fading with each election.

Mr. Biden’s energy, trade and regulatory policies have collided with the job security and economic interests of a great many workers, both union and non-union. While labor leaders mostly remain pro-Democratic and still fund the party, many rank-and-file workers are now voting Republican, and are likely to contribute notably to the potentially big GOP congressional gains in 2022.

Suburban women, many of whom voted for Donald Trump in 2016, returned in large part to the Democrats in 2018 and 2020. Democratic strategists are hoping that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will keep suburban women in the Democratic fold, but polling suggests that, while Mr. Trump is still not popular with suburban women and many still are ardently pro-choice, most feel strongest about economic and crime issues, and are unhappy with the Democrats’ performance on these issues so far.

The latest group to move away from the Democrats are Asian-Americans, most of whom value entrepreneurship, education, and family cohesion. New studies and polling show that many in this group are turned off by recent trends of more radical ideas coming from Democratic policy makers.

The remaining old Democratic base consists mostly of long-time activists and urban dwellers. As the pandemic fades, most Americans, regardless of party ideology, are preoccupied with restoring their social and economic well-being. President Biden and his advisers seem indifferent to this as they attempt to bring about massive changes to social and economic American institutions. This appears to be an even greater cause for still more deterioration of their party’s traditional base.

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23 days ago

These kinds of news pieces bother me a little… people are hoping for the big red wave in the mid-terms. But I worry about that. Democrats will pull every dirty trick in the book. There are already reports of some of the critical campaigns getting huge infusions on monies from the Left. Republicans cannot assume anything or become complacent… it is not a done deal.

1 month ago

This piece clearly shows the Biden administration is out of touch with reality. The Biden Presidenty will be turned into a lame duck White House we’re he will get nothing accomplished. Right now the First Lady should be telling Joe we are in big trouble if he would listen to her.

1 month ago

Let’s hope!!!!

Harold Altman
1 month ago

During the upcoming elections Patriots must be the guardians at the polling places….

1 month ago

It appears that the majority of Democrat party are silent & letting Biden do this thing. Democrats will bet destroyed mid-term unless they start telling Biden to do what is best for this country. Why won’t Biden stop his war against fossil fuels for starters? He will not even admit he is problem with price of oil although he campaigned that he would eliminate fossil fuels.

Bret Dempsey
1 month ago

Quit referring to them as the Democratic Party, it’s the Democrat Party. That’s what it has always been, and besides they’re anti-democratic, anti-constitution, anti-people.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bret Dempsey

Yes maybe we should call them the HUMANOID PARTY FROM NOW ON

Lee S McQuillen
1 month ago
Reply to  Forrest

Just go simple – the socialist party.

Gail Berry
1 month ago

We just need to make sure the vote is above board. We need to watch the polls, no matter what, to make sure no shenanigans are played. For one thing, in my precinct, the poll workers placed thin black markers at each polling booth. I brought a box of black ballpoint pens with me and handed them to voters as they headed to a booth and told them not to use the markers so as to avoid their ballot being rejected for adjudication. Obviously, I couldn’t be there all day, but I knew they would pull this again. I hope others this November will spend some time with pens to hand out.

1 month ago

If we are a county governed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then the highest Court in the United States must rule according to these principles. Why is it always a 6- 3 vote? When are the socialist justices going to recognize the governing principles?

1 month ago
Reply to  Kay

Answer: Never. The three current Justices on the Supreme Court, who always side with the Socialist perspective on everything, were specifically nominated and confirmed to the bench for that unwavering belief in socialism. That any so-called Republicans in the Senate opted to “play along to get along” at the time of these Justices’ confirmation hearings is the real issue you should be focused on.

The three current sociallist Justices on the Supreme Court don’t believe in the Constitution as written. Which is inherently a violation of the oath they were sworn to when they were elevated to the SC. They all believe in what the left calls “the living constitution”, where everything is open to change or elimination depending on the latest articulated agenda of the Democrat Party. No fixed rules or any real restrictions on the power of the federal government to do virtually anything it wishes to the American people, based on the current whims of the moment from the Democrat perspective.

In even simpler terms, what they believe in is “rule by executive fiat” or whatever the Democrat President in power wants is the rule of law. In pre-Magna Carta times, this was known as “rule by royal decree”, where the King could just make-up laws to suit however he felt on any given day. This “rule by executive fiat” is what all socialist and communist leaders of their countries rule by. Whether it be China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, now Chile and Columbia after the most recent elections that flipped those countries from capitalist to now socialist, the same governing and judical system is in place.

Bill on the Hill
1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

Spot on Paul… Roberts being the RINO he is will always be that unknown factor as long as he is on the bench, typically SCOTUS making decisions 5 to 4 with Roberts siding with the ( 3 ) liberal justices more times than not it seems…
Bill… :~)

1 month ago
Reply to  Kay

Just think of what will happen if “packing the court” starts by the people in control during their WH term. One party will add 10 & the next party will add 20 & on and on until you have 100s of justices. Congress needs to pass bill to limit Supreme Court to nine justices so that Packing never starts.

1 month ago
Reply to  johnh

The problem is, if the left gain seats in the midterms and pack the court, the left will also pass bills that will make it impossible for republicans to ever win again. This coming election could very well be the end of the US. And we know they will rig it 10 fold compared to what they did in 2020

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Dems been Anti Voter since under Obama BUT now use migrants for votes

J. Farley
1 month ago

I love it when the Democrats shoot themselves in the foot, that’s general a Republican trick!

1 month ago

Ya, well…..don’t get too comfortable believing that liberal democrats are toothless. They’re not. And, they demonstrated that in the 2020 federal election. They’ll pull a rabbit out of the Soros hat and fool the usual array of illiterate, gullible voters. RNC and DNC both have political advisors paid to target such groups. It’s just a matter of numbers and logistics. People in states without sanctuary cities are at disadvantage because they don’t have enough union influence or stupid people. That, and republicans have squandered every opportunity to alleviate DNC/union influence since at least Obama’s first term Republicans are useless…UNLESS they introduce an effort to impeach biden/harris administration. But, they won’t . . . because they’re chickens.

anna hubert
1 month ago
Reply to  Luke

Sad but true

1 month ago

America “circling the wagons”

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