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The Student Loan Forgiveness Plan May Present a Problem for Biden

There’s a line in a Bob Dylan song that resonates well with what’s happening right now in the aftermath of the 2022 midterm elections, and it goes like this: “My clothes are wet, tight on my skin, not as tight as the corner I painted myself in.”

Some are considering the recent decision by Texas District Court Judge Mark Pittman blocking the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness maneuver to be the axiomatic “corner” for Biden, since the promised cash windfall likely influenced the thinking of a sizeable block of young voters in the midterms. And this degree of influence was well beyond significant.

Statistics reported in the New York Post, for example, indicate that more than a quarter of eligible voters in the 18 to 29 age bracket were motivated to show up this time around, likely enticed by the promise of relief from their self-created debt burden. According to the Post article, exit polls concluded that 63% of young voters favored Democrat candidates—likely salvaging the fortunes of many a vulnerable candidate on the left. For example, the Post notes that the much-publicized Pennsylvania Senate race saw 70% of the youth vote go to John Fetterman.

Other accounts suggest an even higher level of midterm influence by young voters, likely anticipating the proceeds of debt relief. This excerpt from a post on puts the youth vote’s impact in perspective, ”An Edison Research National Election Pool exit poll showed that 18-29s were the only age group in which a strong majority supported Democrats.”

What happened?

The Biden administration cited language in the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003 (the HEROES Act) as justification for student loan forgiveness. Judge Pittman, however, determined that this Act did not provide the “national emergency” context the President claimed as justification for the $400 billion giveaway, especially since this rationalization was based on the COVID-19 pandemic that has been publicly declared to be over by the President himself.

Calling the intended giveaway an “unconstitutional exercise of Congress’s legislative power,” Pittman sided with the lawsuit brought by the Job Creators Network Foundation, a conservative nonpartisan source of advocacy for public education.

And there are a slew of cases pending in the courts challenging the legality of the forgiveness intent, including a challenge filed by Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Arkansas now pending in the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals. More challenges are likely to surface contesting what some consider a shaky legal foundation for the president’s debt cancellation initiative.

Then, too, there’s the public outcry on the basic premise of student loan forgiveness. For starters, what about those who’ve already paid their financial obligations? And what about the obvious criticism that forgiving outstanding student debt benefits many who need it the least? And what about taxpayers who’ve not attended college or who have paid their own way but are now faced with the possibility of having to absorb others’ obligations?

The move to simply erase a financial obligation voluntarily incurred as the result of pursuing a college degree also ignores one of the most basic parts of the problem…the extreme cost of tuition at so many institutions. With college tuition rates historically rising at a pace more than twice that of inflation, perhaps a serious look at the underlying reasons why and how the $1.75 trillion monster has been allowed to develop would be in order.

Where does it go from Here?

In any event, those seeking to benefit from the student debt relief program are expected to remain in limbo for quite some time. Since the October 14, 2022 launch of the student loan forgiveness program, many millions of hopeful beneficiaries have filed application via U.S. Department of Education’s online portal—22 million in the first week alone. But in the wake of the legal challenges and the likelihood of prolonged court battles, the Biden administration has stopped—for now—accepting applications for debt relief.

So, at this point, the future of this is anything but certain. Whether or not the voting incentive linked to student debt cancellation ends up being honored remains to be seen. No doubt the Biden administration is actively examining alternatives to help push this divisive and potentially illegal giveaway scheme to the finish line…public outrage be dammed!

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2 months ago

The rising cost of colleges is the problem that must be addressed. Colleges are operating like they are business that can pay their management & coaches $millions and that is what Corporations in US started doing in 1990s. And both are contributing to inflation by doing this.

2 months ago

Just another way to buy votes. Why should the tax payers pay for the education of kids that don’t even belong to them? Oh yeah, I forgot. These kids belong to the “State.”

A Voter
2 months ago

Makes perfect sense to me. This guy has sponged off his parents his whole life. To him everything is free. The yungins voted for him because they want it as easy as he has had it, and they are just stupid enough to believe he will give it all to them. Kudos to both his and their parents for raising such useless burdens on society. Way to GO!!!

2 months ago


2 months ago

Why should these students be spoiled more than they are already. It’s time they take respondible for their debts. Just because their PARENTS are so brainwashed by their CHILDREN. It’s time they growup and become adults.

legally present
2 months ago

So the young think that us golden oldies should pay their debts that they signed for??? If that’s so, they can pay other people’s mortgages and vehicle loans then. The dumbing down of America. Sure hope their hero doesn’t get them sent into war.

2 months ago

Just another scam from the Lefties to get votes and like others, it worked again. It’s a slap in the face for folks who have worked hard to get educated, served our country to qualify for the G.I. Bill and “earned” their degrees. The pervasive feeling of “entitlement” is destroying the fabric of our nation and we are nearing the point of no return.

2 months ago

Just goes to show how stupid, uneducated and brainless many of our youth are and why America is lost when that generation comes in to power.

2 months ago
Reply to  Americana

I often wonder how people who stick their hands in the fire over and over getting burned worse each time survive.

2 months ago

By offering student debt relief knowing it would be struck down by the courts, the Biden folk got the votes from the students in the midterms and now doesn’t have to even give them debt relief anymore…He can say, as planned, I sure tried but the courts denied me…Oh well…
Next scam in the works…Check your local listings…

2 months ago

Hey, no one in the Democrat Party thought Biden forgiving $400 billion to a trillion dollars worth of student debt would survive a court challenge. At least not until the Democrats can pack all the courts with “progressive” Democrat Judges. Even Pelosi admitted as such several months ago. However, the announcement did serve its intended purpose. It got the Democrats a solid 90% of the 18 to 29 years old vote for the midterms. Looking at the breakdown by age, gender and race for the midterms, that age bracket provided the second highest Democrat voter turnout. Second only the 94% turnout by black voters for the Democrats. So mission accomplished as they say. As far as vote buying goes, I have to say it was amazingly successful and since the courts blocked it before it could get started, the Democrats didn’t even have to deliver anything. Much like other vote buying schemes of the past that Democrats have used.

2 months ago

Typical democratic vote harvesting scam…….and it worked.

The Armstrong Family
2 months ago

Take the names of those applying for Forgiveness Loan that voted Democrat, take those votes for Democrat positions, and remove them from the candidates that received them.

Nick Patriot
2 months ago

Since when does this obiden cartel care about the Constitution?? To them it’s just a piece of paper!

2 months ago

The loan forgiveness was a means to an end. It bought votes and now is no longer needed. The saddest part is those who believed they would get this will believe they will get it next election cycle when it rears it’s head again.

Joe Rea
2 months ago

Biden and the Democrat candidates got what they wanted from the giveaway. Votes in 2022. If the courts overturn it Biden isnt in a corner. He will blame the courts and move on.

J. Farley
2 months ago

We have created a give me society, if this is allowed go through then every businessperson out there needs to not hire any of these free loaders as they will expect the company you work represent to reward them for giving you a mediocr work performance.
Hire no one that can’t pay their own way in life, what next give them a house loan and then the Government pay the mortgage.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

Why should people pay, through taxes, for OTHER peoples’ extravagances? Most people DID NOT go to college. Some who attended college actually honored their debts and paid them off.
The remainder accumulated debt, most likely, by wasting money of beer, dope, and expensive phones and stereos, and taking nonsense classes like basket weaving, queer studies, and the mating habits of mosquitoes! Let them pay their bills like the rest of us!

anna hubert
2 months ago

Very true but what about the lender?Who lends the money so easily and colleges themselves that admit anyone regardless of ability

Margaret Rudolf
2 months ago

Looks like Biden bought a lot of votes on a false promise. Let us hope these voters learned a lesson and will not be fooled again in future elections.

2 months ago

The democrats have bought votes with lies for many years and our education system it teaching our young to believe in this nonsense 24% of the democrat vote for midterms was from GEN Z voters looking for free money for loans and they should have known it was illegal to start with ,, i have no thoughts of it slowing down now

2 months ago

Keep in mind there are still people in the 9th Ward of New Orleans sitting on the stoop waiting…
Keep in mind their are many (blacks) still waiting for their mortgages to be payed off by Obama.

Gail Tubbs
2 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

Jeb, I forgot about that ‘promise’? made to voters by Obama and his peeps.

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