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The So-called “Lincoln Project” –Another Trump Derangement Syndrome Group of Swamp Republicans

lincolnOne of the very sad and surprising dimensions of this Presidential election is when formerly respected Republican influencers from the Washington “power swamp” are campaigning against the re-election of a highly successful Republican President and Vice President – and spending substantial funds to create and to air “fake news” and character assassination TV ads.

In short, these “Never Trumpers” are in effect campaigning for the election of the ultra-liberal progressive big government Biden-Harris Democrat ticket.

One has to ask these questions:

  • Why would they ignore the pre-pandemic successes of the Trump Administration, in which all Americans benefited?
  • Why would they want to stop the extraordinary recovery underway from this pandemic and the resurgence of jobs for Americans hurt by the China-sponsored pandemic?
  • Why would they abandon conservative principles they supposedly champion to support the election of the ultra-liberal progressively socialist oriented Biden-Harris ticket?
  • Why are they targeting Republican Senators to deliver the Senate to the other party?

Perhaps, these questions explain the “why.”

  • Is it because their political principles lost in the 2016 primaries to a non-politician business leader elected as a populist-centered President who would not respect the norms of the “political swamp,” and would speak directly and even bluntly against it and those who championed it?
  • Is it that they see the defeat of President Trump as a new opportunity for them to re-emerge as power players in the GOP —  and lead against a Democratic Administration promising more taxes and more regulation that can only result in a decline in the economy and loss of opportunity and jobs for Americans?

I also think this group reflects the horrible pettiness of some in politics who, when their personal political agenda and maneuvering has failed and been rejected, throw baseless rhetorical and personal attacks at the incumbent President. In sports, we called them poor or sore losers.

What’s worse, in cloaking themselves in the Lincoln name, they dishonor that great 16th President of the United States.  In his April 18, 1864 speech in Baltimore, Maryland and in the midst of the Civil War, President Lincoln warned of the dangers posed by wolves in sheep’s clothing – and which metaphorically applies here:

“The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty, especially as the sheep was a black one. Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty; and precisely the same difference prevails to-day among us human creatures … and all professing to love liberty. …”

In this connection, I am reminded of this admonition from the Bible in Matthew 7:15: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

In sum, it is really tragic that a group professing to be conservative  “Lincolnesque” Republicans would want the American people to elect a Democratic ticket promising bigger government, increasing taxes and regulations that can only erode the returning health of the economy and jobs. Perhaps, in the case of those in the so-called “Lincoln Project,” they, too, like ravening wolves, are starved…for power

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2 years ago

I’m sure Pres. Lincoln is rolling over in his grave as are many of our true founding fathers. I’ve never been embarrassed or afraid of my country…I am now. We have so many national crimes & sins to answer for the #1 (to me) being 61 million aborted babies. Is there any other nation in the world that can claim that atrocity? Our government leaders? Core issue is that they are no longer statesmen but just politicians grabbing for power & money. It is heartbreaking. But, there remains a core group that really does love & wants to serve the American people as they are elected to do. The saddest part of all is that if the far-Left, socialists & Democrats (in general) get what they are after, they aren’t going to get what they thought they wanted: more power & money. I pray for the Pres. Trump, VP Pence & our nation that we might turn around & head back where we came from and stand strong in all the discipline & swamp-cleaning that must follow.

2 years ago

One blessing from this is that these traitors showed their true colors. Any GOP candidate after Trump who associates or hires members from this project are likely to be soundly rejected in primaries making the return of these fools into the party fold next to impossible. The war mongering, sellout to China supporting swamp creatures are best out of the party!

Laverna Chamberlin
2 years ago

Yes thank you for bring this out. Saddly that’s the case for my own senator Lisa Mirkouski. I May have to go independent in some of my choices this election.

2 years ago

There’s no atheist in fox holes and no profiles in courage in Congress. Or the Senate.

2 years ago

These Rinos are traitors to our Republic. They have joined the anti-American Democrats in an effort to destroy America. Vote Republican to save our country.

Kimberly Deutinger
2 years ago

Who is involved in the Lincoln project?

2 years ago

To use WW2 metaphors, the Lincoln Project people are more alike to the Quislings, the collaboraters who cooperated with Nazi occupation of their conquered homelands by servicing the new masters as occupation administrators in puppet governments, police to suppress their fellow citizens, as soldiers in special foreign legions to wage war further, and as trustee inmates presiding over other prisoners being exterminated and doing the dirty work of harvesting valuables from the murdered. The Quislings foolishly believed that they would personally profit from the new order of things and after the war they would be able to restore their country, with themselves as the leadership. Likewise the Lincoln Project traitors think that after Trump is ousted the Republican Party will re emerge from the ashes in coming election cycles because he is gone. But the Democrats and Progressives will stack the deck doing things like granting citizenship with voting rights to 30 or 40 million illegal aliens so that the Liberal Left will have a permanent lock on power forever after.

2 years ago

This “Lincoln Project” is a clown show, period. They get more visibility from articles like this than they ever get on their own.

2 years ago

If you don’t accept or play along with the mandates of the “good old boys club”, then the club members do all they can to destroy you. It’s all about control, and control comes with wealth. Term limits and making financially-supported lobbying unlawful in Congress would curb the influence of such groups. I personally feel corporate lobbying is riff with corruption.

2 years ago

Follow the money, just as Hunter and Joe Biden have been scamming the country with under-the-table deals from US and Foreign companies, all of these people will be involved in their own deals. Especially anyone making money from China, which most everyone does these days. The film industry makes more from showings in China than in the US. These men and women have large portions of their incomes coming from China, and what is President Trump doing? He is bring those industries back to the US, so it is a direct threat to these people’s bottom line, RINO and Democrat alike! Just mention Hillary Clinton, who sold Wyoming’s uranium to Russia. After leaving office Obama received $10 million from Russia for allowing that deal to happen. When will these people be exposed and held accountable?

Gloria P. Sterling
2 years ago

Pray, pray, pray and pray more. Pray without ceasing for our Nation.

Phil Hammersley
2 years ago

China is the key to nearly all of the Never Trumpers. They are all-in for billionaire globalists who want to make money in China (Like Joe Biden) regardless of CCP’s concentration camps full of Uighurs, destruction of Christian churches, and suppression of Hong Kong (violating an international treaty). Send our jobs to China in order to increase their profit margins!

Ricky Edwards
2 years ago

These rhinos should be voted out. If they control the party to that extent the party is dead, let it die and conservatives regroup with a new party. I for won will NEVER ACCEPT the socialist anti- constitutional politics that the Harris ticket is pushing

2 years ago

Are we suppose to guess who they are? names please.

2 years ago

In 1860 Lincoln was not on the ballot in 10 southern state. .That’s how much they hated him but he won anyway. The democrats could not keep the blacks in slavery so the keep them in bondage now. Why are people so blind that they can not see where the democrats are taking this country in the cities the control???

2 years ago

These nevertrumpers are seriously, good business people albeit liars and cheats. They found a model that works to create an organization that some people donate millions of dollars to AND then they receive extremely high salaries. does anyone believe they love our country? the answer is no. simply put, the executives of the farcical outfit need to be punched in the face.

Bruce David
2 years ago

These losers, like Bill Krystal, are angry that POTUS didn’t continue the various wars which now impedes their money & influence…

2 years ago

Today’s politics is all cut throat. Wonder who you can trust or who is your confidant.

2 years ago

Ronald Reagan would have told America the truth & urged all Americans to unite to handle Covid-19. He would never consider that Americans would panic in the face of an enemy invisible or not. Two heads are always better than one.

2 years ago

The answer is , the slow response to Covid-19 has resulted in USA having the most deaths from virus in the world. Trump said he downplayed the virus cuz he did not want American citizens to panic. Cannot believe that he did not know how tough Americans are & what might have been different in 2020 if he would have consulted with people with political experience.

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