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The Sky is Falling! Trump Hates the Post Office!

trumpThe sky is falling!  Trump hates the Post Office!  Gotta vote Biden!  Got it?  Surely you are kidding, but no – that is the latest Democrat pitch.

Russia collusion, COVID confusion, Ukraine quid quo, and what do you know?  Nothing is sticking.  Socialist Democrats are in a funk.  Their emotionally overwrought convention abandoned reason – and ended with this cherry on top: “Trump hates the Post Office!”

Democrats recited “We the People” from a Constitution they disrespect, used children as props to pledge to a flag they refuse to honor, sang an anthem for which they refuse to stand, showed photos of Americans hugging police – while they defund them.  George Orwell would be proud – modern Democrats are making Big Brother look good!

Perhaps the biggest bit of misguided theater, however, was “Trump hates the Post Office!”  Just when you think Democrat leadership cannot get crazier, they do.  Old hopeful Amy Klobuchar, began with a joke: “The president may hate the Post Office, but is still going to have to send them a change of address card come January.”  Thud.  Humor – especially self-deprecating humor – is hard for Democrats.  Where is Michael Dukakis in a tank when you need him?

In tandem, Chicago’s beleaguered Mayor Lori Lightfoot – trying to distract from record crime –accused Trump of a “full out assault” on the Postal Service.  Whether she meant “all out” or “full on,” her point was clear.  Trump is against Benjamin Franklin’s innovation.  Remarkable, eh?

Former President Obama’s sanctimonious lecture to America clanged a similar bell.  He said Trump is trying to “actively kneecap” the Post Office.  Sure, that is what Trump is doing – not. www.politico.com/news/2020/08/14/obama-trump-postal-service-usps -395270#:~:text=Former%20President%20Barack%20Obama%20condemned%20President%20Donald%20Trump,House%20successor%20as%20%E2%80%9Cunique%20to%20modern%20political%20history.%E2%80%9D.

Democrats just keep sliding. They scheduled “Post Office hearings” to block the Republican convention. Good luck there; have at it. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/trump-assails-us-postal-service-hearings-scheduled-around-republican-convention.

All this silliness is rooted in three facts.

First, Democrat leaders are punch drunk.  From impeachment to their angry convention, they have consumed too much Cool-Aid.  They love to hate Trump.  In the quiet night, they have nothing to run on except distaste for Trump.  They hope they can infect others with that hate.

Second, their convention flopped.  It pinned hopes on a soap opera narrator and taped speeches attacking Trump and highlighting their “top three” – America is racist, COVID is Trump’s fault, and our economy must have Biden, not another Trump miracle.

In short, Americans do not buy what Democrats are selling.  America prefers order to disorder, local police to no police, protection to no protection, end of riots to overrun suburbs.  America knows COVID came from China – friend of Biden, a Communist country that plied his son with a major payday.  They know the economy’s recovery will be faster with Trump.

Third, Democrats last shot is delegitimizing Trump’s reelection. If people show up at polls to vote, that is hard to do.  But if they vote by mail and ballots are influenced, cast by illegals, late, lost, misplaced, re-found, and otherwise questioned – that puts Trump’s reelection in doubt.

Data suggest national mail-in voting would prompt fraud – failed out-mailings (due to erroneous addresses), tampered and fake returns, vote influencing, and unsupervised chain-of-custody.  This becomes a “heads Democrats win, tails Republicans lose” situation.  If Democrats gain by malfeasance, they win.  If Trump wins, his victory can be de-legitimized by postal cuts. See, e.g., https://www.foxnews.com/politics/von-spakovsky-mail-in-balloting-voter-electioneering.

The notion that Trump aims to hurt the Post Office – inefficient but necessary – is nonsense.  The Post Office has problems, but this election is wholly unrelated to any of them. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/08/20/upshot/coronavirus-election-mail-volume.html.

The Pelosi-driven, $25 billion-dollar “emergency” Post Office bill is a total fraud.  No emergency exists, other than historic inefficiency.  Financial review is needed.  Pelosi’s gambit is to deceive America.  She wants to compel mail-in voting, pin any cuts on Trump, and push her narrative:  If Trump should win, it was because he cut the Post Office.

Let us be clear.  Systematic postal downsizing began with Obama, not Trump.  Obama cut overtime, collected mailboxes by the thousands, suggested closing rural offices, and tried to end Saturday mail – do you not recall?  That was Obama, not Trump.

In truth, Obama tried to “kneecap” the Post Office.  As Ronald Reagan once said, facts are stubborn things.  Obama proposed cutting 12,000 postal jobs in his 2017 budget.  Obama proposed slashing Saturday mail delivery and ending “to the door” delivery.  So – who tried to “kneecap” the Post Office?  See, https://www.govexec.com/management/2016/02/usps-records-first-profit-five-years-obama-calls-shedding-12k-postal-jobs/125825/.

Bottom line:  Democrats are desperate.  Their last-ditch gambit is to put protestors in front of Post Offices, chanting “Trump hates the Post Office!”  The idea is to infect public thinking, so we believe Trump’s fraud-based opposition to mail-in voting is about hate not fraud.  See, e.g., https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/dems-usps-controversy-manufactured-distraction-rep-james-comer.

Modern Socialist Democrats know no bottom.  They will stoop to any artifice to oust Trump.  In all honesty, the whole thing becomes adolescent at some point.  I think that point is now.  Over the weekend, Pelosi told Americans to ignore Trump.  When he argues voting should be high integrity, ignore him.  She says: “Don’t pay any attention to what the president is saying.”  https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pelosi-rips-trump-for-trying-to-scare-voters-dont-pay-any-attention-to-what-the-president-is-saying.

In effect, the Democrat’s ploy is simple. “The sky is falling! Trump hates the Post Office!”  Push emotion over reason.  Here is a counterpoint:  The sky is not falling.  Trump does not hate the Post Office.  Voting integrity matters.  How about that?

For a refresher, try this video – The sky is NOT falling; Trump does NOT hate the Post Office.  See,  https://www.google.com/search?q=chocken.little+sky&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari.  What more can one say?  Truth is Donald Trump and Benjamin Franklin would see eye-to-eye.  Misguided theater does not help Democrats.  They just do not see it.

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Patriot Will
2 months ago

I hope President Trump takes some serious time to fully communicate the significant difference between general, unregulated mail-in voting and absentee voting. Absentee voting is much more established and has built-in safety measures. However, unregulated mail-in voting is rife with inaccuracy and fraud. President Trump should make it very clear that he respects the American Voter not the Communist Democrat Operative. Also, President Trump should make information videos concerning Obama’s “knee-capping” of the US Postal System while he was in office. The lies of shameless Obama need to be exposed repeatedly. Otherwise, a political inversion of the truth takes place.… Read more »

David Spade
2 months ago

Already this morning, the RNC and their convention is so more upbeat than anything that the Democrats produced last week. Democrats look and act like amateurs at politics. They, along with the amateur lame-stream media, continue to lie there way through this election season. They propose nothing that stimulates the economy….they only look to things that create tax and spend goals for the country. America has seen the pitfalls of this Marxist propaganda, and this should be the springboard for a strong Republican victory at all levels of government in November.

2 months ago

So Bella Lugosi Pelosi, the blood sucking vampiress of American tax dollars, can authorize spending $25 million on the poorly run US Postal Service but can’t seem to want to help taxpayers needing a stimulus payment to just help survive the forced lockdown from Democratic Governors.
Antifa and BLM need to come visit me and I’ll take as many of them with me as I can though I would rather just have Obama, the country’s worst President in front of me instead. Civil war? If need be, I’m ready!

2 months ago

Running on empty! That’s the democrat party! No real substance, no real ideas. It’s the same old same old. Insult after insult. The democrat party throws sh_t at the fan and hopes something sticks. Trump 2020!

Glenn Lego
2 months ago

The Democrats don’t know truth.

John Lemley
2 months ago

I hope this article is right that Americans are not believing the lies created by the Trump-hating left. But, those lies are embraced by the people living in my area. My neighborhood is filled with “defund the police” and “Black Lives Matter” signs. Pro-Biden and other democrat candidates are in front of homes on all sides of my home. I feel surrounded by the enemy. I pray that this is not representative of neighborhoods throughout the USA, or we are outnumbered and doomed.

2 months ago

The positive spirit of unity is building. We are all in this country together. United America is good and will prevail. As Abe Lincoln said, God does love plain people; that is why he made so many of us. Proud to be a deplorable and ready to vote for freedom.

2 months ago

To the demoncrats. If you don’t succeed lie, lie again. Sorry wrong adage. Only fools ignore the truth. America is so better off under President Trump than the do nothing administration of Obuma and the radical demoncrats.
MAGA Trump 2020

Paul W
2 months ago

The leftists, which obviously includes the radical dnc, are pathetically desperate. They will shamelessly stop at nothing. Their claims have been thoroughly debunked, but with the aid of the lying msm, they continue to propagate and double down on yet another ridiculous hoax. Pathetic, wretched vermin.

Wayne Peterkin
2 months ago

The USPS for decades has been a poster child for inefficiency in large part because it is controlled by a union, It will forever be a boondoggle of wasted money with declining service and increasing cost. But consider if mail-in voting were established nationwide. Not only are all the concerns over fraudulent results justified, consider the potential delays and lawsuits that could drag out for months were no clear winner declared due to mail issues as well as tabulation issues. A debacle worse that 2000 is very possible, even likely, because it would be nationwide chaos rather than just a… Read more »

Larry K Blair
2 months ago

The left, what’s to say about them, they’re a disgrace to every American that’s fought for their freedoms,they are the enemy, hate has driven them to madness, nancy may as well rip up the Constitution !

Ed J
2 months ago

This anti-Trump hoax, just like all the other anti-Trump hoaxes perpetrated by the Demsheviks, will pass by soon enough and eventually fade away. I just wonder what the NEXT idiocy will be perpetrated against the President leading up to the election itself. The Demsheviks are obviously desperate. They truly have at best little, and at worst absolutely nothing, to offer the American people, except dystopia.

John Fallon
2 months ago

Postal service, va, irs, as with all government agencies including the military has been deliberately filled with loyal drones just like the teachers union and most other unions, almost all organizations have been infiltrated with elitist morons trying to influence these groups to vote for dems. DO NOT LET THEM “WE THE PEOPLE” NEED TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD ON NOVEMBER THIRD!

Grandma Sandy73
2 months ago

This was a wonderful article! I am sharing it privately with my friends!

2 months ago

Three things to tell the “woke” . Scram , hit the road and for the haters get the hell OUT !!

Tom singler
2 months ago

Why was the Democrats on all local channels for the DNC ? The RNC Republican convention is only broadcast on C-span? I had to search to find RNC convention, I could not change the channels to find anything but DNC convention here in Oregon. Glad that I had netflix.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Presidents hates Voter Fraud NOT USPS but USPS voted for Hillary so maybe he has case.
Either side loses IF USPS ticked off?
OK Dems goes Both ways.
Cant vote online due to “hacking” issues
Automate USPS more.

Timothy Appling
2 months ago

China, Iraq, North Korea, Russia and other communist countries all want Biden to win. If you’re an American and vote for Biden, then you have the mentality of the aforementioned communist countries and are voting on the side of the communist people instead of the American People. Think about it.

Kerlin McManious
2 months ago

So sell the PO to a company that knows how to make a profit like it should. Put the 25 million into something useful. Use the sale money for something constructive. UPS seems to be doing ok using USPS facilities and people. I doubt if tusks is getting the better of the deal.
Oh- once it’s sold start collecting taxes because it would finally be a “business”- all in the name of education of course.

Brenda Blunt
2 months ago

The Post Office does a good job with what they have. Management in the upper ranks, have miserably failed. They get high salaries and all the perks, order less quality equipment instead of better quality equipment. USPS management is the culprit!!

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