The Skinny on Summer Travel

summer travel beachTrying to decide what type of vacation you would like to take this summer? These 6 facts will help you decide based on what others are planning to do with their summer travels.

  1. Summer Travelers Hit the Road:

91% of Americans will travel by car this summer, averaging about 284 miles each way to their destinations. If you prefer to drive, try and find a new vacation spot nearby your home that you have not been to yet.

  1. City or Beach?

While beach destinations are popular over the summer months, cities will actually see more travelers over the summer season. Summer is the perfect time of year to visit cities that are known for colder climates like Buffalo NY, Columbus OH and Dearborn MI.

  1. Walk in the Park:

Visits to national parks (51 percent) and theme parks (40 percent) remain the most popular types of vacations for families planning to travel this summer. Trips to international destinations (33 percent), guided or escorted tours (22 percent) and ocean cruises (20 percent) are also popular with family travelers.

  1. Pets Love to Travel!

Pets are part of the family too! According to a national survey, nearly 40 percent of pet owners bring their dogs with them on summer vacation.  A few best places to travel with your pet is San Francisco CA, Boston MA, and Orlando FL.

  1. Summer Travel is Leisure Travel

Summer is about fun in the sun and 74% of summer trips are taken for leisure, not business.  Some great fun in the sun cities to travel to are Pensacola, Naples, & Tampa FL, Virginia Beach VA, and Charleston SC.

  1. It’s all about the experience!

A strong driver for travelers is the opportunity to experience something new and authentic across the country. This often means excursions or activities beyond hotel grounds, particularly in urban areas that allow guests to travel like a local.  Try out Chicago IL, Washington DC, or San Antonio TX.

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