The Real Reason for Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump derangement syndromeDonald Trump is waging a nonstop, all-encompassing war against progressive culture, in magnitude analogous to what 19th-century Germans once called a Kulturkampf.

As a result, not even former President George W. Bush has incurred the degree of hatred from the left that is now directed at Trump. For most of his time in office, Trump, his family, his friends, and his businesses have been investigated, probed, dissected, and constantly attacked.

In 2016 and early 2017, Barack Obama appointees in the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice tried to subvert the Trump campaign, interfere with his transition, and, ultimately, abort his presidency. Now, congressional Democrats promise impeachment before the 2020 election.

The usual reason for such hatred is said to be Trump’s unorthodox and combative take-no-prisoners style. Critics detest his crude and unfettered assertions, his lack of prior military or political experience, his attacks on the so-called bipartisan administrative state, and his intent to roll back the entire Obama-era effort of “fundamentally transforming” the country leftward.

Certainly, Trump’s agenda of closing the border, using tariffs to overturn a half-century of Chinese mercantilism, and pulling back from optional overseas military interventions variously offends both Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Trump periodically and mercurially fires his top officials. He apparently does not care whether the departed write damning memoirs or join his opposition. He will soon appoint his fourth national security adviser within just three years.

To make things worse for his critics, Trump’s economy is booming as never before in the new 21st century: near record-low unemployment, a record number of Americans working, increases in workers’ wages and family incomes, low interest rates, low inflation, steady GDP growth, and a strong stock market.

Yet the real source of Trump derangement syndrome is his desire to wage a multifront pushback—politically, socially, economically, and culturally—against what might be called the elite postmodern progressive world.

Contemporary elites increasingly see nationalism and patriotism as passé. Borders are 19th-century holdovers.

The European Union, not the U.S. Constitution, is seen as the preferable model to run a nation. Transnational and global organizations are wiser on environmental and diplomatic matters than is the U.S. government.

The media can no longer afford to be nonpartisan and impartial in its effort to rid America of a reactionary such as Trump, given his danger to the progressive future.

America’s ancient sins can never really be forgiven. In a new spirit of iconoclasm, thousands of buildings, monuments, and statues dedicated to American sinners of the past must be destroyed, removed, or renamed.

A new America supposedly is marching forward under the banner of ending fossil fuels, curbing the Second Amendment, redistributing income, promoting identity politics and open borders, and providing free college, free health care, and abortion on demand.

An insomniac Trump fights all of the above nonstop and everywhere. In the past, Republican presidents sought to slow the progressive transformation of America but despaired of ever stopping it.

No slugfest is too off-topic or trivial for Trump. Sometimes that means calling out former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for persuading NFL stars to kneel during the national anthem. Huge, monopolistic Silicon Valley companies are special Trump targets. Sometimes Trump enters cul-de-sac Twitter wars with Hollywood has-beens who have attacked him and his policies.

Trump variously goes after Antifa, political correctness on campus, the NATO hierarchy, the radical green movement, Planned Parenthood, American universities, and, above all, the media—especially CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

For all the acrimony and chaos—and prognostications of Trump’s certain failure—a bloodied Trump wins more than he loses. NATO members may hate Trump, but more are finally paying their promised defense contributions.

In retrospect, many Americans concede that the Iran deal was flawed and that the Paris climate accord mere virtue-signaling. China was long due for a reckoning.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation proved fruitless and was further diminished by Mueller’s bizarrely incoherent congressional testimony.

Some of the most prominent Trump haters—Michael Avenatti, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Anthony Scaramucci, and Rep. Adam Schiff—either have been discredited or have become increasingly irrelevant.

Trump has so enraged his Democratic adversaries that the candidates to replace him have moved farther to the left than any primary field in memory. They loathe Trump, but in their abject hatred he has goaded the various Democratic candidates into revealing their support for the crazy Green New Deal, reparations for slavery, relaxed immigration policies, and trillions of dollars in new free stuff.

In a way, the left-wing Democratic presidential candidates understand Trump best. If he wins his one-man crusade to stop the progressive project, they are finished, and their own party will make the necessary adjustments and then sheepishly drift back toward the center.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Victor Davis Hanson

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Brad Hall

I think the quiet majority will once again appear to re-elect the best President we have had in years

Paul DAscenz

As far as I’m concerned. To Hell with the Liberals. The Democratic Party now has become the Socialist/Communist Party. The Green New Deal, is a Death Warrant to America. President Trump won in 2016, because no one Trusted Hiliary Clinton.


With all the prosperity Trump has brought back to America and all the corruption and lies that have been exposed on the left, it is increasingly hard to understand how Democrat voters are not abandoning their party in droves!

Rick J.

Another great article “telling it like it is”. President Trump needs to be reelected and congress needs to
be returned to republican control with members who support his programs. Four more years will go
a long way to returning this country back to “normal”.

Paul L Natali

It seems to me that we finally got a President in the White house with some balls , who is not afraid to tell it like it is, keeps his promises and stands up to our alleged allies and trading partners for the benefit of everyday middle class Americans . Unlike the girley men that came before him who would say anything they thought their audience wanted to hear and then, only taking care of their own special interest groups . The left hates Donald Trump because he puts America First and does not cater to the whims of the Liberal Elite, or the communist Democrats, which is the way it should be ! We are well on our way to becoming a great country again thanks to President Trump !

P. Robbins

Slowing or stopping the destructive liberal agenda is crucial to the life and vitality of our country. Bless those who doggedly dig for the truth and make it available to us. Our founding fathers were inspired and knew what they were doing when they framed this nation.

Barbara J Struble

Love it. AMAC presents the truth.

Sharyn Gidday

Victor Davis Hanson has made a solid case for America. We CANNOT, under any circumstances, become
nonchalant about what is happening TO our country. We are a Republic and must never accept Socialism.
It will be a hard fight against those who have no other position than FREE everything. That IS their Policy.
For the sake of the future of every citizen in the United States we must fight back against the insanity of the
Progressive mindset.

Mark Yotter

This article is right on. I’ve never been a fan of Trump’s style or his lack of having a well thought background philosophy as Reagan did. But I can’t deny that in his own flawed way he has got a lot of good accomplished and helped steer our national direction away from the disasterous ideas of the liberal direction we had been sliding. I don’t like to blame or give credit to any president for the performance of the economy, because government influence is very small. So I think Trump’s biggest contribution will be his appointment of more conservative judges in appellant courts. That will have a beneficial effect for decades to come.

Marilyn Clayton

I’m praying everyone plus more will once again be smart enough to see through all the crap the Democrats throw at our President and we and our President will once again prevail in 2020.

Dean Brittain

Well said. We need all the truth printed that we can get. 👍


I want no compromises on the Second Amendment! Anybody with any sense knows that if these aren’t false flags, the perpetrators are mentally ill. is it logical after all the gun free zone failures to ask tens of millions of law abiding citizens to give up their rights for planned events or the mentally ill going off the rails? I would like to see thorough investigations into all these mass shootings and see what mind control drugs etc and and who is really behind them. I don’t think people can be that evil on their own.

When is the last time Democrats compromised on anything!

Don’t give in!

Stephen Russell

TDS Reasons:
Cant accept outcome
No responsibility for actions
Had chance to make changes & Never did ( Obama, Bush).
Mental issues
On illegal drugs
Peer pressure.
Deny ALL.
Your way vs the 2 way Hwy
& We Pro Pres voters are SICK of this BS


Like this it is a lot of the democratics problem but they are the most immoral perverted disgusting people that I have ever seen they are so much like the nazis can really compare them to them in many ways, but what upsets me is I thought we Americans had better sense we did at one time, our Forefathers knew they did Not want Europe’s way that is one of the major reason they threw the perverted English, French, out of America and that is why Our Constitution as Written is very important to us Americans second to the Bible, yea we are not perfect but much better and we do try to make things better for all Americans, the mistake we are making is those from other countries, coming here and interfering with our way, this has to stop. And the Islamist must be removed from this Country, we… Read more »


one thing I will comment on, is if your not watching Fox News you will never know the truth, at least they allow both sides to comment and it isn’t all one way, the problem is the demorats, all of them don’t want the truth, they will never accept the facts, therefore they wont take the time or research the truth, they will accept the cnn, MSNBC and npr, rants.

Josephine pooley

Gid bless President Trump! A man who truly loves everything American and will not give up the fight to preserve it! You have our constsnt prayers Mr. President!


get ready folks, they the demorats are going to milk this empeachment thing til the election and then decide, its a sad day that the dems are waisting so much time and money, when in fact they could be doing something positive for this country, not going to happen, Trump Derangement, they have it badTRUMP DERANGEMENT, SQUARED!


Its over for the Demorats, they just haven’t accepted it yet, but they know, they have been trying to destroy this country for the last 8 years and they the fake news media will not let up on Trump, just think how good it could be if they would just acknowledge a few positive things about this administration.
Maybe when Trunk gets all the electoral votes except California and new York, they will learn a very important message, the American people will not believe all the lies and fake news coming from the demorats and the liberal news media.

Glenn Lego

Elite people even see our founding documents as passé. That is sad. I went to the Vietnam War. For what? I don’t even know to this day. I feel I wasted 4 years of my life in the military. These liberals make it even worse and I don’t know what to do about it.

Shuttle Guy

The DFL is not my parents party any longer! At this point there is no such thing as “Democratic-Farm-Labor” party any longer. Therefore I request a name change to the Socialist/Communist Party. No need for anything Democrat/ic. Please do this as my parents have been spinning counter clockwise in their graves since 2016!