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The Real Extremists | EP 156

Despite the exact words of a sitting president, the real extremists in our Nation are those who oppose the idea of freedom. In a recent Philadelphia speech, President Biden ostracized half of the nation while fueling the real extremists, his supporters. Rebecca Weber unfolds the aftermath of “the soul of the Nation” in a Newsline special!

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Michael Godwin
3 months ago

These Discussions would be great to engage but, I can’t get the AMAC magazine delivered to my resident.

3 months ago
Reply to  Michael Godwin

We should still have paper publications. If the net crashed we’d be lost with no info. We rely way to much on electronics.

3 months ago

The great divide is now collectivism vs individualism. The most extreme collectivists are the Revolutionary Communist Party and their brown shirt lap dogs, Antifa. The most extreme individualists are voluntarist libertarians. All ethnonationalists, ethnoseparatists, ethnosupremacists, and ethnosegregationists are collectivists. Hitler Stalin, and Mao were collectivist. Progressives are collectivists. Globalists are collectivist.

3 months ago

As most Americans now see, Bidum has a mean, nasty streak and you see it more and more often. This is another sign of dementia or Alzheimer disease, He was promoted as a uniter and moderate. He is the opposite of that. He promoted himself as the friend of Blacks and Latinos but instead was the good friend of Sen. Byrd who was an official in the KKK. Bidum and all his leftists need to be thrown out in November. Bring back freedom, prosperity and greatness.

3 months ago

Unfortunately the Democrats are in control and the majority in Washington, D.C. at this time and that is the basic problem. And the RINOS and the remaining Republicans are going along with a lot of their socialist/communistic agenda.

3 months ago

Biden and McConnell are the best two politicians China has ever had.

3 months ago

Sorry, I cannot even look at this man anymore. What a TOOL!

3 months ago

CAN YOU SAY COMMUNISTS? They are the ones trying to destroy AMERICA and what she stands for. Stay calm vote in person as late as you can that way they don’t know how many votes they need till the end. Stay vigilant and participate any way you can.

J. Farley
3 months ago

The real extremists are those who would deprive Law Abiding Citizens of their right to exercise their rights as laid out in the Constitution, the Rights to free Speech, and Assembly, the right to worship a Christian God, the Right of Self Defense, and the right to keep and Bear Arms, the Constitution is a fragile Document like no other devised by man.
The founding Fathers were wise men who confronted tyranny and in Justice and created a place that became a beacon that shines all over the world, a place where every person could chart their own destiny and perpose in life.
It is out of greed that the Democrats and the rich RINO’s wish to limit freedom, it’s to gain more power, and control.
People on the left feel that there is a limited amout of money in the world and it belongs to them and there is no need for more people to gain wealth and deminish their influence.
If the Democrats remain in control, we will be a failed nation.
One can only wish for a veto proof Congress, but I am afraid that’s a failed wish as big Government has created too many receiving handouts.
God, Please Save US.

John D.
3 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Nicely stated.

Nick Patriot
3 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Well said!! But very sad at the same time. I don’t think God will be saving us. This leaders of this country and many, if not most of the citizens, are now more corrupt, more evil, more atheistic, than Sodom and Gomorrah.

anna hubert
3 months ago

He is an embarrassing puppet that you’d like to shut up not the president

3 months ago

A “Real President” would not be;
Trying to punish people for crimes that were never committed or have them illegally held while violating their right to a trial since Jan 6 2020,
Destroying the Country’s economy to secure even more power and spying capabilities for the Federal Bureaucracy,
Forcing “We the People” and Federal Employees – Military included, to get the Covid 19 shots while disregarding and even hiding the high risks…
and that is only for starters…

Patriot Will
3 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Paul, you are spot on. Biden and his goons are totally destroying our freedoms and liberties. They are so anti-Constitution, it’s hard to believe that their criminal activities are being so unchallenged by patriotic leaders who have a lot of money and power.

Patriot Will
3 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Again, nice comments Paul. You accidentally wrote Jan 6 2020. Just to make sure others know, the actual date is Jan 6, 2021.

Stephen Graham
3 months ago

Well stated! Thank you!

Paul DAscenz
3 months ago

Every time President Biden opens his mouth,he speaks out of contexts!

3 months ago
Reply to  Paul DAscenz

I kind of think every time he opens his mouth, he speaks out the other end!

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