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The Radical-Left Candidates the Media Will Be Covering for in 2022

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn


With the midterm year officially here, the country is still reeling from the disastrous effects of radical policies implemented by Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats, from spiraling inflation and skyrocketing gas prices to a border crisis and crime wave that show no signs of abating.  Major cities run by leftist local governments like San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland are on the verge of total collapse. And yet, a slate of ultra-left Democrats are already lining up to double down on these abysmal failures, embracing failed policies like defunding the police, erasing borders, the Green New Deal, socialist economic pipe dreams, and the destruction of American history and institutions. While the final filing date has not yet arrived and more candidates will surely jump into races, here are just a few of the more radical candidates who have already announced campaigns for public office in 2022.

1. Stacy Abrams – running for Governor of Georgia

In her second bid for Georgia governor, Abrams is expected to run on an openly radical platform. For those who followed her 2018 campaign against current Governor Brian Kemp – a loss which she has refused to concede – this will come as no surprise. Back then, she admitted illegal aliens were a part of her election strategy and said after losing that she wants to “open the gates” for the “undocumented.” She even had the endorsements of socialist organizations like “Our Revolution” and Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America.

Since losing in her first bid against Gov. Kemp in 2018, Abrams has become “serious” about doing whatever it takes to win, saying in a keynote speech at a Roosevelt Institute event, “I stand here ready to be a soldier, and I invite you all to join our army.” Arguably, she isn’t at all a soldier, but rather a mastermind of insidious divide-and-conquer political tactics. In 2019, she said, “identity politics is how we win,” suggesting that it is only by dividing Americans along racial and gender lines that Democrats can win elections. She later articulated that point again at another speaking event, saying that white women only want “to protect whiteness,” while chiding black men who vote Republican as wanting “to protect their gender privilege.”

Arguably, many of her radical positions can be traced back to her activism in college. In 1992, she co-founded the Students for African-American Empowerment (SAAE), whose manifesto at one point included the motto “buy black; boycott white” – a fitting precursor to her calls for boycotts of Georgia businesses over the state’s election integrity law earlier this year.

That boycott eventually led to the MLB pulling the All-Star game from Georgia and the loss of over $100 million in revenue for Georgia businesses – many of them black-owned in the Atlanta metro area. For a politician who has wreaked so much havoc on her state out of office, one can only imagine the damage Abrams might do if given power. But at least a run in 2022 may help promote sales of her romance novels (which she desperately needs to pay off her personal debt to the IRS).

2. Beto O’Rourke – running for Governor of Texas

When Robert Frances (Beto) O’Rourke ran for president in 2020, he put his long-held radical leanings front and center. He was “really excited” about the “Green New Deal,” endorsed getting rid of the Electoral College, advocated for slavery reparations, and said “hell yes” the government would take Americans’ guns if he was elected.

Beto has a similarly progressive record as an elected official. As a council member in El Paso, he called a police union “out of control” for their efforts to secure cost-of-living increases that had been previously negotiated. In Congress, Beto voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline nine times, and in 2017 he called the border wall “racist.” Just this past year, he testified against a Texas bill banning transgender children from participating in school sports that were not of their biological sex.

All of this means that Beto brings with him one of the most radical records of any candidate in the 2022 contest for Texas Governor. In a state that went for Donald Trump by nearly 6% in 2020 and with sinking Democratic fortunes nationally, O’Rourke looks to have a tough road ahead.  

3. Peter Welch – running for Senator of Vermont

Peter Welch, currently a House Member from Vermont, is vying to replace Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the only Democratic Senator retiring this year. While Welch has been in politics for decades, he runs with the new radical crowd. He is a member of the Progressive Caucus chaired by Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) – the supposed mentor of the AOC-led “Squad.” Welch has the backing of socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and has promised “to fight for progressive change on day one.” He endorsed AOC’s Green New Deal in 2018, is a member of the pro-choice caucus,  and has called for universal government healthcare. Although Bernie Sanders’ perennial success in Vermont indicates that a radical like Welch could win there, the litany of crises facing the country under far-left governance may convince voters that it’s time for a change.

4. Rana Abdelhamid – running for U.S. House in New York’s 12th District

Political newcomer Rana Abdelhamid’s campaign platform is about as radical as they come, playing to a voter base similar to the one AOC used to launch herself into national politics. Abdelhamid even has the backing of Justice Democrats, the socialist political action committee (PAC) whose goal is “electing more leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

Abdelhamid is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and believes “the process of healing from our nation’s history of white supremacy begins with a reparations commission [and] demilitarizing police departments.” She touts understanding “intersectionality,” which now includes how “the climate crisis is going to impact Black and Brown and poor and working-class women the most.” She calls the American “system” inherently flawed and designed to “uphold white supremacy and the patriarchy.”

Abdelhamid is eager to get in on the action, already applauding the radical lefties in the House for holding “it down” to pass the “most progressive” piece of Biden’s agenda—the Build Back Better Act. It would be wise to take her bid seriously—not long ago, AOC flew under the radar until she won her primary.

5. Huwaida Arraf – running for U.S. House in Michigan’s 10th District

Perhaps even outdoing Abdelhamid in terms of extremist views is Huwaida Arraf, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)—a group once investigated by the FBI for possible terrorist ties.  She is a radical through and through, saying recently that “If Israel wants peace, it must start by dismantling its colonial, apartheid regime.”

Arraf would undoubtedly fit in with the progressive anti-Israel, anti-Semitic squad of Democrats in Congress, and is an international activist engrossed in endeavors under the guise of “justice.” Last year, she attended the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) annual conference alongside Squad members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, where the latter praised a new class of Democrat lawmakers “who aren’t afraid to speak out for Palestinian human rights and freedom.”

Arraf’s political past would likely give many American voters pause. While she denies ISM is pro-terrorist, she once wrote an article with the co-founder of ISM (her husband) that said, “The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics – both nonviolent and violent.” In an interview on CNN in 2002, she practically described herself orchestrating human shields for terrorists inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem: “We also put international activists inside in the hopes of providing an international civilian shield, if you will,” she bragged.

As a lawyer, she defended a terrorist which the Trump Administration ultimately deported for failing to disclose her convictions in the 1970 bombings that killed two men in Jerusalem. And, to top it all off, this year Arraf helped author a memo to the Biden administration called “The Legal Basis For Immediate Reversal Of Trump Policies On Palestine/Israel.”

With all the focus on hatred for Israel, it’ll come as no surprise if Michigan voters, even progressive ones, begin asking what, exactly, Arraf plans to do about the issues that matter to them. Nonetheless, with the support of high-profile Squad members like Tlaib and Omar, Arraf is another candidate that can’t be written off.

6. Charles Booker – running for Senate in Kentucky

Booker is running for Kentucky Senator a second time in the hopes of unseating Republican Rand Paul. Last go-round, in 2020, Booker lost in the Democrat primaries against the ostensibly more moderate Amy McGraff—who then went on to lose to current Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Back then, Booker had the endorsements of Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Ayanna Pressley, among other radicals. Now, he already has the eager endorsement of the Sunrise Movement, “a grass-roots climate advocacy group that helped push the Green New Deal to the center of Democratic politics.” Ironically, while Booker fully embraces the socialist Green New Deal, Kentucky is one of the top coal-producing states, providing thousands of Kentuckians with jobs.

If his 2022 campaign is anything like the one he ran in 2020, Booker will double down on calls to dismantle “structural racism” and “institutional racism.” During one interview (in which the interviewer was wearing a shirt with the logo of the Black Panther Party), Booker said we need to “completely reimagine public safety” and that he “absolutely agree[s]” with defunding the police.

Undoubtedly, Booker may face the stiffest test of any candidate on this list, particularly in deep-blue Kentucky. But it is worth noting that the state does currently have a Democratic governor, and in the fast-moving world of American politics, nothing is out of the question just under a year out.

Many conservatives may view the range of radical policies these candidates support as out of touch with American voters; many would call the far-left ideology upon which they are based inherently dangerous. But the nature of politics in a democracy is that any candidate who appears on the ballot has a chance to win. As the 2022 campaign season heats up, more radical candidates are sure to join the ones on this list, leading up to a titanic struggle for the future direction of the country come November.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.

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Rich C
4 months ago

Where the heck is Antifa or the BLM when we need good demonstrations against bad actors and policy in the government? Ha ha ha, I need say no more.

James R Stewart
4 months ago

Hillsdale College in its online video / quiz / study materials course on the purpose of Classical Education, points out that a Good Fictional Story is inherently one that promotes good virtues; i. e., the good guys win and there is a good outcome overall, even if along the way there are problems, missteps, unfortunate deaths. In history, I would say the U. S. has its good guys, beginning with the Founding Fathers, and along its course has encountered many trials, missteps, and challenges. Good people have died, slavery was endured for a while, and corruption has been present. But, by the Grace of God, the U. S. A. has overcome these things and continues to improve. Senator Bernie Sanders, President Joe Biden, Senator Chuck Schumer, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and all the ivory league elites behind the scenes can clamor noisily about race, pollution, inequity, and former President Donald J Trump, but the facts belie their vociferous nonsense and a true account of history points to the incredible, actual advancement of America in all spheres of life. Lee Greenwood still says it best, “God Bless the U. S. A.”

Rich C
4 months ago

And God HAS blessed the U.S.A. from the beginning. However, if we throw God out of our nation he will stand back and let the evil take place as we are watching right now. WE must ask God to be our guiding force or we will go the way of countless civilizations before us. Can we survive without God? Maybe for a short time, but it will not be America.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago

If Hitler ran for POTUS as a Democrat today, I’ve no doubt they’d vote for him because there’s a (D) after his name! Democrats vote for PARTY while Republicans vote for COUNTRY. Only they wouldn’t call Hitler a “fascist” they’d call him a “progressive” just like they do the communists, socialists, and fascists they have in office already!

4 months ago

Now let’s have an article about the honest conservatives who will be running for office!

4 months ago

Let’s STOP referring to them as “Far Left” candidates and START calling them what they REALLY ARE: . . . COMMUNISTS!!!

4 months ago

CCP is licking its chops: salivating over the endless possibilities of more and more corrupt and fraudulent American elections. CCP plans for how it will benefit their belt and road initiative. They know that there are fewer and fewer Americans who would fight for America. And, they are emboldened by the absence of political candidates who would actually fight for America as well. NONE of them would have the balls to fight. NONE. They’re all tangled in each others’ panties, jock straps and bras at the slightest insinuation of ‘available money’. This is not only insane, it is unsustainable. Something’s gotta’ give. The only future on the horizon is a nasty war with China that will probably begin shortly, (like, right after the Olympics), over Taiwan. Only then will we see the true depth of selfishness and narcissism of the left while sailors and other military personnel perish en-mass with no respect for their sacrifice.

Lee S McQuillen
4 months ago
Reply to  Luke

I’d bet we won’t get into anything to help Taiwan. Those in charge here are in bed with the Chinese so they’d support the takeover.

4 months ago

I saw a picture of Peter Welch and thought that it was Patrick Leahy – then remembered “Ol’ Bern” – is there a cloning device in Vermont that spits out politicians? Only slight differences in looks but all alike in ideology, nuts.

4 months ago

“She”s ready to be a soldier”? She can’t be a soldier, she’s too fat!

Robin Walter Boyd
4 months ago

My main concern is why so many otherwise intelligent, liberal minded American citizens support the Socialist agendas of far left Progressive/Socialist political candidates. Especially since we have just seen how badly an injection of Socialism can be for all of US, except the fascist elites controlling US, why would citizens who have enjoyed more social freedom than those in most nations want to give that freedom up to become subjects of a dictatorial Socialist regime? Are we really too far gone toward Socialism to turn back to being a Constitutional Republic that is a mostly free capitalist nation? After all, THAT is what made America great, not Socialism.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago

Some people like being ruled by their government instead of SERVED by it. Look at California… and even the ones moving to Arizona or Texas are bringing their serfdom-thought with them. Look what happened to Nevada and Colorado: they are like a virus turning red to purple to blue!

4 months ago

This has been a very bizarre selection of articles the past couple of days. I’m beginning to think I’ve slipped back to high school days in the 60s.
This is like a school play that showcases every weirdo, short-bus rider in the town. So sad that these short-bus-riders are trying to flood our system further with evil and perversion.
Detroit needs wiped off the map…

Will Moselry
4 months ago

What a radical individual with no principles. Run a clean election and she will get the socks beat off of her. Had last election been clean, we would have had two different senators.

Pete from St Pete
4 months ago

I doubt that any of these lunatics will actually secure the nomination of the Democrat Party as the Presidential candidate for 2024. However, I have no doubt that they and their asylum classmates will vote 100% against Donald Trump or any other Republican nominee.

4 months ago

While I agree that the capacity of our Republic allows for anyone to run for office who meets the constitutional mandates, I have to wonder, just how these folks ever got a toe hold in the first place.
None of them sound normal, reasonable, conciencious or even sane. Has our nation fallen so far from its roots as to be ripe for the picking with potential elected leaders who hate democracy as much as it seems they do? Perhaps it is just a matter of people being too lazy to look, too ignorant to care, and too selfish to be involved in anything that does not put them at the center. Hopefully, conservatives will shine the light on these people with the truth of their radical leanings. There seems to be plenty of dark clouds on the horizon for our country.

Bruce P
4 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

Just like when prayer was removed from the classroom. It was not about how many wanted it out, but about how many said “that will never happen” so they let it happen by ignoring it. We cannot ignore any of these people.

4 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

Evil days are very much upon us. And yes, the obliviousness of the American voters since I began observing in the early 70s has resulted in this situation.
Lazy voters have ignored that part of voting that requires it be an EDUCATED vote.

4 months ago

Ha! Every one of these losers deserve nothing but a belly laugh. Abrams is one of the worst!

4 months ago
Reply to  Mary

But we can’t afford to laugh at them. A lot of people laugh at AOC. and the absurdity of the “squad” , and Bernie Sanders, but they have become very influential.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jemma

To whom?

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago
Reply to  Mary

In the beginning, they laughed at Hitler too… people are moving (escaping more like) from California but they bring their “SF values” with them turning red to purple to blue like a virus! “Crazy” will be the norm soon…

George Washington's Admirer
4 months ago

One of the last and alternative ‘straws’ that the democrats have is the backing of mainstream media. Unfortunately, for the democrats people are now aware of the brainwashing techniques employed. Democrats are dillydallying with First Amendment squabbles. What may be legal for a democrat/communist to say or write; suddenly, becomes illegal for a republican/conservative. In other words First Amendment Rights were only written for the liberals/Marxists; (as according to democrats only.) Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights, & common sense ‘rights’ belong to the democrats and the democrats ONLY. We now have: ‘King Biden’ & ‘His Lady In Waiting Harris’. What a team too! The Constitution & law of the land of course; only applies to them! They send out their emissaries to interpret and interfere with First Amendment Rights. ‘Sugar Doesn’t Melt In Her Mouth Warren’ does her missionary work, by going to Amazon and trying to get them to ban books; (is this really part of her ‘job description’?) Few companies if any, are going to listen to ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’. Clinton gets on television, and says in an interview that we need MORE regulations on the Internet! OMG, the democrats/Marxists are really desperate when they have to spend their time, energy and money rearranging the First Amendment to their liking. One is tempted, to make a study of the many violations of the First Amendment since the Nation began? The First Amendment has been played like a fiddle; depending on who or what wants to manipulate it. The Marxist Spin is that the Republicans are the ‘radicals’; and the Democrats/Marxists are the ONLY party ‘walking on water’. Somehow, the Nation & the general populace have caught on. This country is sick of the shenanigans and the skullduggery of the communists. It doesn’t look too promising for the ‘dimwits’. Conservatives will see victory after victory!.. Long Live The Traditional Values of These United States of America!

4 months ago

The people that vote for this radical stuff would be the first to scream, when these same radicals start to implement their plans! These radical plans always hurt the people who vote for this as inflation is doing now! Any of my friends complaining about inflation, I just tell them that they need to stop voting for leftist cuz leftist policies are what got us here and the left (Biden and all) have no idea or care how to get us out of their mess!

4 months ago

The Dems are setup to win. America has a huge election integrity problem – 16 states require no ID to vote and another 15 states require no photo ID to vote. In comparison almost all [European nations], with one or two exceptions, require voter ID at the polls. Obama won his first election by disqualifying his competition – Chicago style dirty politics. Today the Dems have embraced election model. America better wake up and recognize we are all being scammed.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago
Reply to  Charlie

I agree there are voting irregularities but to throw a whole election? Proof for me is if Congressional power doesn’t change in November after “ALL THIS”… but Repubs need to show us they can FIGHT FOR US. That’s what elected Trump: he picked fights. I’m not giving up on voting just yet. Giving up got us a 51-seat Senate. They can take away my vote but I refuse to acquiesce it to them!

4 months ago

The left, they will cheat and they will try to steal the election. That’s how they “win”. I don’t see anyone from the left who might have a chance to win this next election unless the election is stolen again.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!


Sherry Derrico
4 months ago
Reply to  BwaHa

They will do their best to cheat. We NEED PICTURE ID to vote. It works, that is why the DemonRats are so against it. Please push for voter ID !! Save our great country to have a honest election. Voter ID.

anna hubert
4 months ago

Only by cheating could they win and cheat they will

4 months ago


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