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The Private Sector Answers the Call to Combat COVID-19

PrivatePresident Trump is marshalling the hallmark of a free society – the open market and its ability to adapt and respond – to help fight the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. Here is how the private sector of the United States is coordinating with the White House to protect Americans during this pandemic:

  • Ford is collaborating with 3M and GE healthcare to increase the production of ventilators, respirators, and plastic face shields
  • 3M doubled their global output of N95 respirator masks in response to the coronavirus emergency
  • Hewlett-Packard is utilizing 3D printing to produce equipment including face shields, mask adjusters, and hands-free door openers
  • MyPillow announced that they will begin manufacturing face masks to help hospitals across the nation
  • Facebook donated their emergency reserve of over 700,000 masks, and are working to source millions more to donate
  • Fiat Chrysler announced it would donate more than 1 million protective face masks a month
  • Apple announced the donation of millions of N-95 masks to healthcare professionals
  • Pernod Ricard is repurposing its spirits production facilities to help produce hand sanitizer
  • Anheuser-Busch is working to produce and distribute hand sanitizer and has offered its facilities to the American Red Cross to host blood drives
  • Bacardi is producing ethanol required to make hand sanitizer
  • Medtronic is increasing its production of ventilators, announcing that they are on track to double their capacity to manufacture and supply ventilators
  • Hanes has agreed to use its manufacturing facilities to help produce medical masks
  • Tesla purchased and donated more than 1,000 ventilators
  • SpaceX is making hand sanitizer and face shields for local hospitals
  • General Motors is working to provide technical assistance in order to dramatically speed up the production of ventilators

    Andrew Mangione is Senior Vice President for AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action. He leads AMAC’s grassroots efforts, represents AMAC’s membership in Washington, D.C., and helps chart the association’s policy course. He also serves as a national spokesperson.

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2 years ago

GM takes the easy way after being forced to participate by Presidential use of war powers act

Robert Goidel
2 years ago

It is the American ingenuity and profit motive that drives AMERICA to perform in the face of adversity. Americans can do just about anything that benefits its
citizens. Yes, we all have to be careful and conscience of our fellow Americans and be vigilant on anyone that is possibly coughing or sneezing. We all need
to continuously wash our hands for a minimum of 20 seconds (sing happy birthday to your self two (2) times). I live in Texas, and our Governor Abbot issued
a guaranine for either to end on April 4 or possibly by Easter April 12. I sure hope so.

2 years ago

Good job Mr. President!

Berton Whittle
2 years ago

This is Great, We all Live in the Greatest Country in the World!

Roberta Hartley
2 years ago

And even small business is helping out. Our two person business, LorikoSews, has created 150+ facemasks to be handed out by our local firefighters and health district. Along with other sewists across our great nation, we are attempting to do our part in assisting as we are able. Mind you, we are two working moms who are sewing these in our “off” hours with the support of our families in shared meals, travel, and all else that this entails. Some of the supplies used have been donated by other small fabric businesses, some from our own stashes…but we are all pulling together for one united effort. Find someone else you can help during this time!!

2 years ago

Fly the American Flag, solidarity to the President, VP, all the health care workers, those keeping essential stores going. Support the restaurants having take outs. We will get through this. To borrow a phrase from Boston after the bombing; USA STRONG! ???

Gimbert Jerry
2 years ago

The American Industrial complex has no equal ??????

2 years ago

9 Line is making masks with no expectation of reimbursement!

2 years ago

Obama could have never pulled that off. But because of Trump business experience he’s pulling off a miracle

Katja K
2 years ago

Uplifting story. Americans always comes through in disasters. Thank you all. Gods blessings to all.

Mary Lange
2 years ago

And don’t forget Joann Fabrics..They have been giving away kits to make facemasks also…and the regular Joe’s and Jane’s who are on the front lines

Steven Hartz
2 years ago

Way to work together America. Thanks to all the above for their donations to fight the spread COVID19. AMERICA answers the call when crisis strikes

E. Fletcher
2 years ago

Why in the world does Facebook have an emergency reserve of 700,000 face masks ??????? Does that seem strange to anyone else or just me?

2 years ago

God Bless America!

Jan Casady
2 years ago

For all the negative the MSM is throwing at us, there are these type of things on the business level and so much more on the personal level that give us hope. Individual stores in our area are making things as easy as they can for their workers and customers. Neighbors are helping neighbors. And families are learning to be together and entertain themselves in ways that they’d never done before. The youngest of our society will carry memories of this time with them forever. Let’s make sure they see the good in humanity and not focus all on the negative.

2 years ago

If it wasn’t for Congress, America could run itself very well. It’s sad that we have to accept pennies while they give themselves millions. After they pass the bill they’ll all pat themselves on the back then go home to their fenced in mansions. Thanks a lot for nothing.

2 years ago

Thank you for articles that raise our spirits and help us appreciate our fellow man. :You make us proud to be Americans among all the negativity that’s going on. God bless.

Brenda Blunt
2 years ago

This is capitalism at its finest!!

2 years ago

The dems want POTUS Trump to invoke the War Powers Act. With capitalism that is not necessary. People and companies respond faster than the encumbrances of bureaucracy.

2 years ago

Go USA !!

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