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The Private Sector Answers the Call to Combat COVID-19

PrivatePresident Trump is marshalling the hallmark of a free society – the open market and its ability to adapt and respond – to help fight the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. Here is how the private sector of the United States is coordinating with the White House to protect Americans during this pandemic:

  • Ford is collaborating with 3M and GE healthcare to increase the production of ventilators, respirators, and plastic face shields
  • 3M doubled their global output of N95 respirator masks in response to the coronavirus emergency
  • Hewlett-Packard is utilizing 3D printing to produce equipment including face shields, mask adjusters, and hands-free door openers
  • MyPillow announced that they will begin manufacturing face masks to help hospitals across the nation
  • Facebook donated their emergency reserve of over 700,000 masks, and are working to source millions more to donate
  • Fiat Chrysler announced it would donate more than 1 million protective face masks a month
  • Apple announced the donation of millions of N-95 masks to healthcare professionals
  • Pernod Ricard is repurposing its spirits production facilities to help produce hand sanitizer
  • Anheuser-Busch is working to produce and distribute hand sanitizer and has offered its facilities to the American Red Cross to host blood drives
  • Bacardi is producing ethanol required to make hand sanitizer
  • Medtronic is increasing its production of ventilators, announcing that they are on track to double their capacity to manufacture and supply ventilators
  • Hanes has agreed to use its manufacturing facilities to help produce medical masks
  • Tesla purchased and donated more than 1,000 ventilators
  • SpaceX is making hand sanitizer and face shields for local hospitals
  • General Motors is working to provide technical assistance in order to dramatically speed up the production of ventilators

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Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson

Being true to the core value that Americans do not leave other Americans behind, Americans are pulling together like never before. Dumbass Liberals are doing what they can to spread disinformation and disease.

Margaret Monello

God bless America and God bless President Trump. And Vice President Pence and their families and staff. Prayers 🙏🙏🙏🙏❣️

David Midkiff

Thank God for our President, Vice President and our business leaders across this nation and for their common sense approach. God bless the USA.


Don’t forget all of Americas truck drivers that are going over and above to help move our necessities around the country. This in spite of closed rest stops and restaurants, shower facilities and overcrowded and limited parking areas. Thank a trucker today.

josephine pooley

Americans are AMAZING when we come together!


During the 2020 campaign the DIM candidates have loved beating up on our pharmaceutical and biotech companies – BUT – it will be our great American pharma companies – not government bureaucrats that save us❤️

Stephen Russell

CoVid Wuhan Virus +:
Online Education expand
downsize colleges or reuse colleges for other
Home schooling expanded
Reuse colleges for: housing, services, Voc/Tech Ed, IE Yale, Harvard, MIT NYU etc.
Break leftist professor Indoc hold
Sue China for $$$ damages of Wuhan Virus
800K jobs from RX made in US alone
AMAC overtakes AARP & expand Health plans.


You left out Amway, who is producing Hand Sanitizer for hospitals in the Grand Rapids area.

Shirley Everett

And God bless the greatest President in my lifetime (81 years), President Trump.


Coming together, that’s the example our businesses and corporations display. Something to ponder when we think they could set back and lay people off and say it’s not my job to help. Check it out politicians…catch the vision… it’s not about you. What we are seeing is good Americans coming together in times of trouble. That’s what we do.


As usual the democrats whine and call the president names. The rest of the nation is hunkering down and getting things done, and looking for ways to help each other. The dems are always looking for the government to help them. The rest of us are just looking for way to be helpful.

John Karkalis

This is as it should be.
It worked during WWII. Why not now?
So what is clueless old Bernie doing to help.
He was last seen holed up in his man cave reading the collected works of Marx, Lenin, and Mother Goose.
Sleepy Joe? He’s working on a stand up routine in case things don’t go his way in November. Trouble is, he can’t talk and stand at the same time, probably from the head wound he received when he single handedly raised the flag over Iwo Jima.
He was a toddler at the time, but why ruin a great story with fact or reality?

Shirley Everett

God bless America, we are truly the greatest nation on God’s earth.


Don’t forget all of America’s truck drivers that are going over and above moving the things we need around the country. This in spite of rest stop and restaurant closings, limited shower facilities and overcrowded parking areas where they need to get much needed rest. Thank a trucker today.


Of course. Government is like those wild grapevines that grow up the side of forest trees. Small to medium size vines are manageable, but when the vines leaves blot out the trees leaves, the tree wastes away. The bigger the govt, the smaller the citizen.


Yes very good but are they as bad as GM saying they want top dollar to make ventilators and not even doing them quickly, I don’t buy GM and now I will never buy a GM, how dare they put money before helping Americans the people that made them by buying their cars and trucks plus making them,,and there other co. Out there they all should be helping anyway they can. My Husband works at grocery store he 75 years old and still is working, might not be as fast as he once was but he knows he is needed, God Bless the real Americans, please help all who are sick around the world.

Donna Christensen

Americans have always risen to the call produced by catastrophes in our nation. Praise God for out combined unity!

Ellen kirthuis

Thank u for the news u provide. We read it with confidence that it is not ‘fake’!!

Anne May

Facebook donated their emergency reserve of over 700,000 masks, How many people work at Facebook that they would have an emergency supply of 700,000????


So refreshing and long awaited true American response to a serious problem. Oh, that we can make this response once again a basic working attitude in our nation. Working positively, together to solve a problem instead of attacking each other, placing blame.