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The Polls Show That America Is Losing Its Moral Compass


WASHINGTON, DC, June 22 — Once upon a time Americans adhered to a moral code. Doing the right thing based on that code unified us, made us stronger and defined our nation. However, somehow, somewhere we lost our way. The polls show that virtue is losing its allure. A new survey by the Gallup organization, for example, found that a record 50% of us believe that we’re losing our moral compass.  They feel that “the overall state of moral values in the U.S.” is poor and that “another 37% say it is only fair, at best.  

According to Gallup, “Not only are Americans feeling grim about the current state of moral values in the nation, but they are also mostly pessimistic about the future on the subject, as 78% say morals are getting worse and just 18% getting better. The latest percentage saying moral values are getting worse is roughly in line with the average of 74% since 2002, but it is well above the past two years’ 67% and 68% readings.”

Republicans are particularly conscious of the growing immorality of Americans. Seventy-two percent of the respondents who identified as Republicans believe that the “poor rating of moral values is at its highest point since the inception of the trend and up sharply since [President] Trump left office.”

So, how does one define moral decline? The Cato Institute calls it moral decay and says that “The growth of government has politicized life and weakened the nation’s moral fabric. Government intervention—in the economy, in the community, and in society—has increased the payoff from political action and reduced the scope of private action. People have become more dependent on the state and have sacrificed freedom for a false sense of security…The most obvious signs of moral decay in America are the prevalence of out-of-wedlock births, the breakup of families, the amorality of public education, and the eruption of criminal activity. But there are other signs as well: the decline in civility, the lack of integrity in both public and private life, and the growth of litigation as the chief way to settle disputes.”

Perhaps the decline of those among us who “have faith” and attend services has something to do with America’s moral decline, particularly among our younger generations. About ten years ago, a Marist poll showed that 52% of us were attending church services at least once a month. A new Marist poll shows that these days only about 40% of us attend church on the same basis. The new survey shows that 43% of respondents 60 years old or older said they go to services weekly. Likewise, 27% of those 45-to-49 years of age do, too, as do 25% of those 30-to-44 years old.  Just 21% of 18 to 29-year-olds said they participate in religious services once a week.

And then there is the influence of social media on the moral development of younger Americans, in particular. Social media has become an essential for teens in America. Some surveys show that about 90% of youngsters between the ages of 13 and 17 are active on social media. And now a new report shows that “from 2019 to 2021 alone, media use grew by 17% for tweens and teens. On average, 8- to 12-year-olds use about five and a half hours of screen media per day, while 13- to 18-year-olds use about eight and a half hours of screen media,” says a Common Sense Media report published in March.  And that’s plenty of time to get into mischief.

The burden of protecting children falls on their parents. The global information services company, Experian, reminds us that our kids, “are part of a generation that never knew what life was like before the internet. Since they’ll be online from a much younger age than you probably were, it’s important to teach them about the risks from a young age, including predators, scams and cyberbullying. As a parent, you can guide and supervise your kids as they navigate the ever-changing online landscape, making sure they are confident and safe as digital citizens.”

It is the invisible hands of government and social media that are steering Americans particularly young Americans away from the moral high ground we once had. It’s up to us as parents, grandparents, and citizens to hold the compass, to get back into society, to help others, return to your faith (even if it’s online). To care and help others during your daily journey. This is part of making America great again.

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7 months ago

Is it any wonder that America has lost it’s moral compass. Most Americans have abandoned all reverence for God. Churches have abandoned the authority of scripture. Denominations have abandoned sound Christian doctrine and instead are bowing to the pull of our current culture which teaches acceptance of anything moral or immoral. Some bishops in the United Methodist Church have abandoned both the law of the church and the vows to uphold it. Is it any wonder why the church is becoming irrelevant on matters of faith and practice. That’s why people are abandoning the church in huge numbers. It tcomes down to this: Do you believe in the Lord God Almighty and the salvation he offers in a relationship with Christ or don’t you? Ok Choose this day who you will serve.

7 months ago

We lost our way when parents no longer taught their children about God and Jesus in the home, never mind other character building and skills. We lost our way when we kicked, prayer, the Bible, and, by extension, God, out of our schools. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the foundation of our lives. He is the foundation upon which we build the house of our lives. No Christ, no foundation!

7 months ago

It is gravely sad that America has become so inclusive in worldly ideas and cultures quite removed from its Judea-Christian foundation. Instead of immigrants assimilating into the ideas and honoring their new home residents and citizens, our leaders of this great Republic acquiesce to their demand to establish their respective enclaves of nations from whence they came from. This has muddled what being an American is all about. But now we are hyphenated groups with special interests to benefit the countries from whence we came from at the expense of the United States of America.

7 months ago

Morality has been under attack since 1960 by the Communists.
60 years of defiling God, the family, marriage, human life itself.
What did people expect?????

7 months ago
Reply to  Becky

Becky, you are right on target! Ever since the “Summer of Love” our Nation had been sinking into depravity.

Myrna Wade
7 months ago

Hold the compass and set an example.

Judy K.
7 months ago

AMAC, where do you get some of your writers? Polls?? Really?? I don’t think that the majority of Americans need polls to tell them that our once great nation is now in moral decline. This has been going on for decades!

7 months ago


Rebecca Chapman
7 months ago


Casey C Matt
7 months ago

Losing our moral code?? Any such code in this country is gone and as such, so is the nation. We are done, stick a fork in us, we are done. No coming back either. Sorry.

7 months ago
Reply to  Casey C Matt

Only if you give up and not willing to fight for it… if not for yourself then do it for your children, grand children and love ones.

Juan Vargas
7 months ago

I blame the moral decay to the openness of the LGBTQ plus plus. A he or she doesn’t exist any longer.

7 months ago
Reply to  Juan Vargas

It’s s good part of it……

7 months ago

“Give me control of education and I will control Germany”.A HITLER, 1933. Government control of education. THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

7 months ago

One of the major goals of Communism in 1950s was: “Get rid of morality in America”. The Greatest Generation would not let go of good morals & honesty —-but the latest generations are getting brainwashed with Socialist ideas

7 months ago

When it was decided it’s ok to kill babies, what did you expect. Once you have no regard for life everything is downhill from there!

7 months ago

Broken homes and liberal run schools played the part Oh and democrats saying everything is Free..

7 months ago

The U.S.A. lost its moral compass a long time ago…it is heading towards destruction without GOD as its leader.

7 months ago

GOD is still the leader , even tho you wonder why he is letting so many bad things happen today. Keep praying for this country.

7 months ago

Well all i can say to that is ,,, NO S–IT ,, what would you expect after the DEMORATS have been pushing they’re agenda for years and we have just sat back and watched and there have been quite a few republicans that have helped them with that ,, they all need to go ,, get out and VOTE people

7 months ago
Reply to  mark

Yes go out & VOTE in mid-term election , even if you are one of those that beieive all elections are fraud. Why do this === because if you do not vote , then you are giving me your vote whether you agree or not.

7 months ago

It’s sad that some are thinking American morals are getting better. I wonder what they think is better.

7 months ago

In my opinion America has become just like the world was in Noah’s day, when God destroyed it. America is also like Sodom and Gorrmiah, filled with sin, when God destroyed it. I personally believe America is headed for the same fate soon.

7 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Sadly I agree. In every past civilization that has failed, the peoples morals were the first to go. We are headed for the same fate if we don’t change our ways.

7 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Agree that America has moral decay & has trended that way since 1960-70s. And we have Presidents & Legislative Branch in Washington,DC that have not helped serve as a good example for the last 30-years. Remember, one of 10-Commandments is “Thou Shall not Lie “. I will go one further on that as “I will not believe the big Lies”

7 months ago
Reply to  Fred

I agree with you, total destruction is on its way. My faith assures me God will protect my kids and theirs.

7 months ago
Reply to  Yorgish

The countdown has finally started.

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