The Obamacare Individual Mandate Ruling – What it Really Means

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Now that an appellate court has upheld a U.S. District judge’s finding that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, is unconstitutional, expect the Democrat’s hysteria machine to be fired up and working overtime. They’ll portray millions of Americans as instantly losing their health insurance and ply the airwaves with sob story after sob story decrying evil Republicans and their plot to deny Americans the medical care they need.

The problem is none of what they’re claiming is based in reality. There will be no immediate change to the law or to the insurance of those who hold ACA policies. The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision will likely set the stage for yet another Supreme Court fight in 2020 which will change nothing while the process plays itself out. Any action from Congress or President Trump will take time to be implemented. Democrats will attempt to scare people into thinking that they will now be directly thrown off their health insurance plans as a result of the ruling and this is simply not true.

Consider this case with the perspective that the Affordable Care Act failed to fix a broken health care system and, in many ways, made it worse. While the court’s opinion correctly focused solely on the ACA being unconstitutional, the fact is that only 22% of Americans with Obamacare plans said they were satisfied with their policies in 2017. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats acknowledge that a better solution is needed. Even presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who voted for the ACA, calls the system a failure.

The Trump Administration has already acted and initiated solutions to strengthen Medicare, increase transparency, reduce surprise billing and decrease the cost of prescription drugs by authorizing the approval of more generic medications.

The good news is this ruling forces action on health care reform. Republicans are currently working on practical solutions to keep and build on what’s working in communities across the country and fix what’s not working. These reforms include guaranteed coverage safety nets to protect those with pre-existing conditions, freedom to choose your own doctor, expanded health savings accounts and flexible and innovative plan designs to fit personal needs.

Democrats, on the other hand, keep pushing the radical and disruptive Medicare for All scheme that damages doctor-patient relationships and burdens Americans with one-size-fits-all health care. It would destroy employer-based health insurance and obliterate the popular Medicare Advantage program. It would also leave Americans with gigantic tax increases to fund this folly. It’s clear that the Democrat solution to health care reform is more government intrusion and even less freedom.

The private sector is now anticipating the freedom to develop competing policies without the regulatory weight of Obamacare. Ultimately, the last dying gasps of the ACA allows the free market to do what it does best – innovate the way to affordable health care.

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1 year ago

I live in the socialist state of NJ with the Marxist governor Murphy. I retired from a job last year while only 64 and lost my employer provided health insurance. Could not afford the nearly $900 a month premium with $3000 deductible plus copays and coinsurance. NJ has maintained the Obaminable individual mandate and I will have to pay an unconstitutional penalty of over $600! I also ask, how will I be able to get this money back?!

1 year ago

This article is factual. Bloomberg is already trying to scare people into thinking they will lose their healthcare coverage as evidenced by his lying commercial that is so prevalent on television and YouTube.

1 year ago

When we allow the govt to control health care, we allow them to control our future. Govt administered programs are always inefficient with endless theft.
True accounting does not exist when the govt gets involved. The mandate is yet another effort to take our money for no benefit. As a nation, we seem to be
very slow to learn that govt, especially at the federal level. will take all we have. I think of USA citizens ( not Americans. The term ” americans” applies to Cubans
and Venezuelans) as informed but we don’t understand, generally, how corrupt our fed govt is. The greatest danger that Trump represents to the deep state
is the exposure of their collosal theft.

Julie Stine
1 year ago

Happy to have some one on our side. One of the things in the our healthcare that was always an option was Maternity. We always opted out of that and because of the healthcare bill we are now forced to pay for it. I’m 57 and don’t plan on a family anytime. Just wish they would change that because it’s the most expensive art of my health insurance.
Thanks for listening,

1 year ago

Smaller government = more Liberty. Freedom does not mean free handouts, which is what the Democrats have been trying to sell since FDR.
Liberty demands responsibility and accountability from all those who desire it. Obviously, the Liberals want no responsibility and fear accountability more than death.

Remember folks, it’s a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY.

Stay home and teach your kids! Its more important than a paycheck.

1 year ago

Everything the federal governmrnt touches especially the democrat party is useless and serves only the socialists that imposes it. Just like social security, why are children under 18 getting benefits when they have never contributed to the system. And they wonder why it’s going bankrupt. Our politicians are either corrupt or stupid.

Joseph Krezdorn III
1 year ago

I have had good health insurance either job paid or out of my pocket being self employed. 2 years ago the only providers lowest rate for wife and me would have been $1500.00 per month with a $15,000 a year deductible. Prior to that our insurance was under $ 800.00 per month and a low deductible of around 2500 bucks. No one talks about us self employed that can not get group rates or lost our insurance we were promised that we could keep.

Please President Trump, Help get insurance back to the free market and let me buy a plan that I want.
I can’t even purchase a catastrophic plan and just pay to go to the Doctor. I think the max age for that is 30. Seems like age discrimination to me.

1 year ago

It may be unconstitutional but those crafty SOB’s called it “tax” and the federal government can tax us….to death

1 year ago

We are self employed and have 11 children. We’ve paid the maximum punishment every year for refusing to participate in Obamacare (we have lived without insurance for 20 years). To add insult to injury, we had several serious injuries and health situations that required us to also pay medical expenses out of pocket. So, for the privilege of being a decent citizen that pays our medical bills, we also got to fund those feeding at the Obamacare trough. On top of that, we pay about $25K to the IRS. It is difficult for us to not feel persecuted and abused by our government. Pretty sure this isn’t what our founding fathers had in mind.

J. Fonseca
1 year ago

Obamacare was a step toward Socialism and should have never been allowed. I’m also against any “Illegal Immigrant” getting free Medical Care, it’s never free, the working people of this country pay for it. They all ready get free money from our years of paying into Social Security when they haven’t contributed a penny to Social Security. We must keep voting to “KEEP AMERICA GREAT” and get the career Politicians out of Washington.

1 year ago

By far, the biggest tragedy of “The Affordable Care Act” is increased wait times for care! Politicians enact legislation without first addressing the ability of care givers to satisfy the newly created demand. The flood of new patients overwhelmed doctors and hospitals which created a major breakdown in service. An even larger problem is the generic drug industry. Bring generic drug manufacturing back to the States and or triple the inspectors. Finally, China, a country who is hostel to the U.S should NOT be providing prescription drugs or their ingredients to our citizens. Cost savings is great, but it must take a backseat when it comes to our healthcare!!

Jeff D.
1 year ago

The problem as I see it is, we know what the Democrats are going to do with their propaganda machine, yet I don’t hear of any plan to circumvent their strategy and get the truth out to “their side” … “our side” sees this for what it is, but with a country that appears to be philosophically split 50/50ish, “our side” needs to open the eyes (and ears) of “their side” and fill them with a dose of reality.

BJ Jenke
1 year ago

First of all, Affordable health care was only available those who were uninsurable because of preexisting diseases. Second of all, it was a TAX from the newborn to the person 100+ years-old who didn’t have medical insurance. Surprise billing? I now get billed and have to pay 20% for all the massive paperwork that Medicare demands. Charges have tripled since I went on Medicare. In the 1980s Medicare was already running out of money, so they cut back payments to small town doctors and hospitals stating that the cost of living was cheaper in rural towns; the only thing cheaper at that the time was the price of houses. Doctors closed their practices and hundreds of hospitals closed around country. Medicare salary deductions were increased and there was no longer a limitation of deductions per year. Turkey’s government collapsed recently as did other countries because of the expense of national health care. Holland has closed hospitals and clinics all over the country, A person has to travel 6 to 8 hours to get medical care. Holland’s citizens’ salary deductions are at 33%, and they are now buying private health insurance on top of that. In the 1990s in England surgeries, like heart surgery, were now denied to those older than 65. And our Veteran’s free medical healthcare? In the 1990’s, the VA decided that veterans who were working and had medical insurance now found that their insurance would be billed. Also, VA hospitals in rural towns were closed with the excuse that the World War II veterans were dying off. Remember the war in Kosovo in 1998-99? Hundreds of VA doctors and nurses were fired on the spot in order for the US government to fund that war.

1 year ago

TRUMP in 2020!

Carolyn and Richard
1 year ago

Mimi, you are so right. The government should stay out of healthcare and look how it turned out. But that is Obama’s doing, just look at how much they spent on another house, this one in Martha’s Vineyard. It looks like all the fines from Obamacare went to the Obama’s. I remember when the democrats were for the middle class, now they are for themselves, forget about us. I also believe and saw it happen that the Obama’s are the racists. the blacks in the democrats go all out to blame the whites. The democrats were a great party, what in the heck happened.

1 year ago

Will this impact NJ at all – Murphy kept the fine?

Michael Sevier
1 year ago

I like the decision the court rendered, but I think the real culprit, the elephant in the room, is tort reform. Nobody appears to be addressing the real reason for skyrocketing medical costs the legal system that allows law suits for everything and forces practitioners to perform tests that are defensive in nature.

Bridget H Shaw
1 year ago

I hope and pray that when the LEFTIES loose “Big Time” in 2020, the Conservatives will NOT waste the opportunity to right the ship as they have done in the past.

Ed Reiter
1 year ago

I think the word health care and health insurance are being used incorrectly. ACA is a health insurance scam. Medicare as it stands with a premium like seniors pay would be a solution for people needing temporary insurance. For people who can’t afford it Medicaid.

Callie VanSchepen
1 year ago

The only reason the government stuck their nose into healthcare had absolutely nothing to do with people not having healthcare. That is how they covered themselves, but everything revolved around the government officials and the huge kick backs received from insurance/drug companies!!!!! This is how a elected official paid 174,000 per year has become a multi- millionaire!!

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