The Medicare-for-All Hoax

medicare hoax graham seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidies single payer town hall medicalPresident Barack Obama made a stunning policy shift on Friday, endorsing “Medicare-for-all” — a single-payer health system — for the nation. Most Democrats contending for the 2020 presidential nomination, and many Dems vying for Congressional seats this fall, are backing it, too.

But beware. They’re pulling a bait-and-switch. The phrase “Medicare-for-all” sounds as American as apple pie. A new Reuters poll shows 70 percent of Americans respond to it favorably. That’s because the public isn’t getting the truth about what it means. The actual plan these Democrats are pushing doesn’t look anything like Medicare. They’re slapping the Medicare label on what would be dangerously inadequate health care.

For starters, it would rip away private health coverage from half of all Americans, including the 157 million who get their insurance the old-fashioned way — earning it through a job. Conveniently, Democrats are forgetting to tell you that private insurance would be banned under their scheme; employers would be barred from covering workers or their families. Union members and executives who bargained for gold-plated private plans would lose them and have to settle for the same one-size-fits-all public coverage as people who refuse to work at all. Even immigrants here illegally would get the same benefits. What’s the point of working?

“Medicare-for-all” is no longer a fringe proposal favored by the extreme left. It’s gaining steam. Republicans who failed miserably to communicate a case for repealing and replacing Obamacare cannot make that mistake again. They need to warn voters about the dangers of single-payer health care.

Under “Medicare-for-all” — the legislation introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders — Americans would be automatically enrolled in the public program. Kids would be enrolled at birth.

The new scheme would guarantee hospital care, doctors’ visits, even dental, vision and long-term care, all provided by Uncle Sam. But that’s only until the money runs out. Sanders’ bill imposes hard-and-fast dollar caps on how much health care the country can consume yearly. That means limiting mammograms, hip replacements and other procedures. Sanders’ bill creates new regional health authorities to curb “overutilization” of care.

Seniors and baby boomers are big losers under “Medicare-for-all.” Whenever boomers have to vie with younger people for health resources, they get pushed to the back of the line. In the United Kingdom’s single-payer system, boomers are turned away for hip replacements. They’re told they have fewer years of life ahead to benefit from costly medical procedures. British women are livid because many are being refused breast reconstruction after lumpectomies and mastectomies.

At least in Britain, people are free to buy private insurance and go outside the government system for care. But that’s not true under “Medicare-for-all.” You’d be trapped.

Dems backing Sanders’ bill point to Medicare’s cost efficiencies and say they can be expanded to the whole population. That’s ridiculous. Medicare pays only about 88 cents for every dollar of care, shortchanging hospitals and doctors. These providers take the payments because they can shift the unmet costs on their patients with private insurance. But if everyone is on “Medicare-for-all,” no cost-shifting is possible. The only alternative is lowering the quality of care — longer waits, limited access to technology.

Single-payer advocates don’t deny it. Stanford economist Victor Fuchs argues in the Journal of the American Medical Association that curbing the use of mammograms, new drugs and diagnostic technologies would make single-payer affordable. In short, go low-tech. But millions of American women have survived breast cancer thanks to high-tech screening and new gene-based therapies. Low-tech medicine would be a death sentence.

The United Kingdom’s rock bottom survival rates for breast, lung, ovarian and pancreatic cancer are the result of that low-tech approach. British newspapers are declaring, “Cancer shame as UK survival rates lag behind the rest of the world.”

Is that what we want in America?

Reprinted with permission from - CFIF.org - by Betsy McCaughey

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This is just what Republicans need! … Make the Progressively Communist Democrats debate the details of this disaster at every level, Federal, State and Local. It’s time to to unmask them as the Communists they really are!!!


That is what Obamacare was created for…it was designed to fail and cause the insurance companies to lose so much money, that they would no longer offer it….it was designed to become a single payer system with the government being that single payer. This is what Canada has and this is why Canadians come to America for treatment because the lines for actual help and waiting for surgery are ridiculous. Besides, regardless of what Roberts said….Obamacare was unconstitutional, and he made it even more unconstitutional when he changed the words fine or fee to tax…only Congress can change law, not the judges on the SC


Why the hell is Obama spewing this crap, he had 8 years and what did he accomplish? Nothing but run our country into massive dept, Obama needs to shut up and go away. Nothing but a loser and now doing whatever he can to add more fuel to the fire this country is in. He continues to stir the controversy here inn the US go away Obama and stop this madness. We have had enough.


ok AMAC and all others Let’s QUIT Referringto OBAMA as President! Obama


Then the Republicans should propose a better bill that stops rationing healthcare to only the well to do and those that don’t work. It’s quite simple. They’ve had more than ample time. There is a saying that says a drowning man will grab even the edge of a sword. Offer a viable alternative and the Democrats wont be able to shove something else down our throats. Dont just complain. Do something!


Reading this article makes me ill – how can some people be so dumb. I know many of AMAC members will state their opinion much better than I can and I m looking forward to reading those. Most important to me though is to share, share, share………..get the word out. I shared the article on FaceBook but unfortunately few will take time to read it; But I m going to pray some will & share……love to see it go viral!!


This is the biggest load of Bull S I have heard of. We cannot afford this type of policy. When the funds run out, then what? What happens when when all the lazy ass people along with all the illegals keep coming for all the freebies? Some one is going to have o pay. My guess would be the working tax payers left will pay the burden. Since when is it our responsibility to work to pay for all the free loaders? I have worked all my life and earned what I have, which at this time is very little. Just trying to keep the roof over my head is getting harder and harder. Every time I think I am gaining a little some form of tax increase or cost of gas, food, car registration and the list goes on and on takes more of my hard earned income. Enough… Read more »


Innovation in drug, diagnostic and treatment technology would essentially come to a halt. Why continue pursuing innovation and better medical treatment if the government will not pay for it? The more likely possibility will be that we will all have to rely on older treatment options to save money. Republicans must speak up now and not let Utopia set into the minds of the American people.

mr krabs

rename the effort “poverty for all” as a program already on its way to insolvency and its populace try to pay for this monstrosity.

Sue Harper

If you want to live in a socialist country, please go to Cuban, Venezuela, Russia, France, Canada etc. The door in America is still open so please if you do not like this country, please feel free to leave. American was not founded on socialism and surely so many brave patriots never fought and died for such. Too many students have been indoctrinated not taught in the last 30 years about this country and history. Most of you would be speaking German today if not for America. The only land we have in foreign countries was used for burying our dead.


If we were to go to Medicare for all, what would the cost be? I pay for myself every month. If I had a family of 4 would I be required to pay for all 4 people? That would make the monthly cost unacceptable for most families. If the family of 4 only has to pay for one, would that in turn mean I would have to pay for the family of 4 with huge increases to my monthly payment? Socialism doesn’t work folks.

Thomas H

When I first heard this, I saw it for what it was – a single-payer system where those of us who have worked hard and saved all of our lives will be denied service in favor of the younger government-dependents. Remember in November!

Steve Wmson

I don’t like it, but as with Obama Care, it did not apply to all including the government employees and all Congress, plus the president. They still want their special insurance. I vote a big NO on Medicare for al.


Well, let’s see…..Obamacare fell flat so lets try something even more ridiculous! Medicare works because we paid into the Medicare Part A Trust fund all our working lives and we cost share the premium for Part B at a point in our life when we can better afford it. There is no such trust fund for those not yet 65…which means taxpayers are going to have to cough up the $$. When the government starts running the HC system for all, two things are guaranteed to happen: It will gradually become the nation’s largest government bureaucracy and, second, it will become crazy expensive. Physicians, PAs, Nurses and Techs will have regulated salaries leading to a reduction in quality individuals going into these fields. Medical services for which I can today make an appointment to be seen within a week or two will be delayed for months. Choice will be lost… Read more »


Are we really listening to Obama again. I had my fill of him before. I worked for my benefits and he tries to take them away. We need to encourage to get out and vote. We have got to overcome. Pray, for that’s our only hope. Just saying.


If the left is proposing a type of care likened to the VA Medical care than run don’t walk away from this legislation. Having a health insurance card is a lot different than having true healthcare. The government should only ensure we have access to safe and affordable healthcare, not provide us their version of it. Note that all of Congress opted out of the government healthcare, tells you everything you need to know!!


The liberals have started a war in this country. They aren’t wise enough to realize what would happen to them if a shooting war breaks out. They want socialism and the threat of socialism will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bring it on socialists and face the consequences.

Dan Covington

We don’t want social medicine.


Obamacare’s structure made it destined to fail. Way before Trump repealed mandatory individual mandate. Also, the lies Obama told to get it passed made it unsavory. Also, I gotta say as a republican, it was disappointing they broke their promise to repeal AND REPLACE. They let the dems beat them on that. Not Trumps fault. Shoulda had 20+ more votes to repeal (don’t blame it on just McCain negative vote). Now since Obama’s plan is failing, he wants to bail on it and expand his socialistic agenda with Medicare for all. I am a senior. Don’t dare modify my Medicare to share costs with younger people. If the republicans fail to get the message out to the working public that their employer paid coverage will end, and the “free” Medicare will cost $31 trillion, then shame on them. Mandatory to get the truth out. BTW, the dems are blocking (state… Read more »

Beverly Wiley

How about combining Medicare and Medicaid, and charging people based on their family size and income? Currently Medicare only covers about 80% of medical charges – that could be phased in for higher income people, and we could still have private Medigap policies available for them to purchase, just as many people do now. And instead of hiring a Canadian firm to come up with a whole new data-base, which didn’t work correctly and that cost us taxpayers a bloody fortune, (and then we had to pay them even more money to fix it), it seems as though the current data-base that is used for Medicare should be able to be “tweaked” to accommodate these changes. (As a side note, why don’t we insist that if a product or service is being paid for with U.S. taxpayer dollars, then the money should go to a U.S. company, based in the… Read more »