The Media Only Reported Trump’s Gaffes, So Here’s What He Said At The United Nations This Week

Trump stock market executive order jobs mediaPresident Trump delivered an important speech at the United Nations Tuesday. But unless you tuned in or read the text of his speech, you wouldn’t know its significance, because the mainstream American media coverage focused on one thing and one thing only — that Trump’s opening line drew laughter from the U.N. attendees.

Trump opened his speech with this line: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” That was followed by audible laughter…

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Reprinted with permission from - The Federalist - by Helen Raleigh

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Dr John erbelding
3 years ago

Keep up your good work. We need your voice

3 years ago

I do not even bother watching the news or reading newspaper stories any more. It has gotten so ridiculous. I am not a huge fan of President Trump, but he has worked hard to keep his promises. The republicans in congress have done nothing but make that impossible. Where were all the republican votes to overturn Obamacare??? Cowardly republicans are retiring rather than have to do the right thing. I am thankful to AMAC for providing the news, and keeping me informed.
Do I think President Trump is an upstanding and wonderful guy? No, not particularly. He is our President, and the office itself deserves respect! I can’t stand to turn on the news and hear Newscasters call him “Trump” or “Mister Trump”. He is “President Trump”.
Thank You For this article. I had not heard anything but negative reporting from friends and family, so I am happy to read what was actually said by The President of The United States.

The Freezing Senior
3 years ago

Trump kicking ass and taking names at the U.N.
Gotta love it when he calls out the miscreants at the U.N. – MAGA Trump 2020 !

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