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The Majority of Medical Records Can Contain Errors

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Errors in medical records are unfortunately all too common. In fact, the majority of records kept by doctors and specialists can potentially contain some type of error or omission.

While you rely on healthcare providers to diagnose and treat ailments, no one knows their health better than the patient themself. Accordingly, you must have access to your medical records to perform periodic reviews of information.

Over the last years, people have become accustomed to checking their credit reports for accuracy however few review their medical records even though the errors can be life-threatening.  

What Kind of Errors Can Impact Healthcare Records?

Medical professionals strive to afford quality care, but they make mistakes just like anyone else. When mistakes are made, medical records can contain the following errors:

  • Incorrect, missing, or outdated prescriptions
  • Misdiagnosis of medical conditions
  • Wrong medication dosages
  • Inaccurate patient information

How Can You Check for the Above Errors?

The first step is to get all your important medical information in one place. There is a free mobile app, where you can conveniently store your complete healthcare history and access it from anywhere. Easy access allows you to review your information periodically to check for errors and omissions.

If you do notice any issues, take them up with your physician right away. Make sure your prescriptions are completely accurate and up to date. You should also add any over-the-counter medications you’re taking, including vitamins and supplements. These medications can sometimes interact with prescription drugs, so your medical provider must be aware of them.

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Todd Van Noordt
2 months ago

What is the mobile app?

David Millikan
2 months ago

Excellent article.
Always stay on top of your medical records and make sure they correct errors. Too many times they say they corrected them but don’t. I know that from personal experience.
Always question them and keep copies. Especially, if you have any surgeries.

David Millikan
2 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Definitely check everything since Medicare waits 4 Months to let anybody know that over 254k Medicare Records were HACKED with ALL INFORMATION TAKEN about you.

2 months ago

Most people I know rely on records submitted to Medicare for keeping up with billing. Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t get around to sending me copies of the bills until months after the doctors’ visits. A recent “summary of benefits” included an injection that I did not receive! Because I refused to pay for the bill sent by this doctor’s group, they threatened to send my account to collections. I spoke with one person and left 3 detailed messages; they didn’t bother to call back, so I assume they dropped the $200+ charge.

The point–read the Medicare summaries and ask the doctor for a statement or receipt. My doctors these days don’t routinely print out the paperwork. Sometimes mistakes are made, and sometimes offices pad the bills…

2 months ago

What is the app?? Your article didn’t provide that info.

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