The Left’s Use of Intimidation to Silence Christians

left intimidation silence ChristiansIf you’re Christian, shut up.

That’s been the unmistakable message of our current culture in recent weeks.

Karen Pence has been lambasted for her decision to teach at a Christian school. Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, after asking a judicial nominee about his membership in the Catholic Knights of Columbus, has tied the organization to the “alt right.”

And a group of teenage Catholic schoolboys waiting for a bus at the March for Life, who didn’t know the mob-approved way to handle a Native American activist walking up to them, are fighting for their reputations.

Of course, this isn’t really about Karen Pence, or judicial nominee Brian Buescher, or the Covington Catholic High boys.

It’s about intimidating everyone else.

It’s telling the husband or wife of an up-and-coming lawmaker that if they want to teach at a school, it’s probably better they choose a non-Christian one, unless they want their spouse someday ensnared in a media cycle over LGBT discrimination.

It’s telling the law student who dreams of someday becoming a judge that no matter how appealing he finds joining a Catholic charitable organization, it’s probably better for his career ambitions if he doesn’t.

And it’s telling schools and students and parents that no matter if they are willing to deal with the expense and trouble of hauling dozens or hundreds of students to Washington, D.C., on buses and having them sleep on gym floors, it still might not be a good idea—because the students’ future reputations, careers, and college prospects could all be gone with one viral video.

No, that wouldn’t happen if the students came to Washington to fight for gun control or raise awareness of climate change.

Just if they’re there to speak up for the babies who can’t.

When President Donald Trump was elected—in a shock for conventional D.C. wisdom—it become obvious that there were plenty of silent Americans who, in the privacy of the ballot box, dared to defy the politically correct, woke cultural leaders of our time.

But it’s not enough to vote.

I’m glad Karen Pence, the vice president’s wife, isn’t backing down and resigning. I’m thrilled Brian Buescher is remaining a member of the Knights of Columbus, and that Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., introduced a resolution saying there’s nothing wrong with a judge being in the Knights. I’m heartened that the Covington students are fighting back, and saying they did nothing wrong.

But they can’t do this all on their own.

About 70 percent of Americans are Christian, according to the Pew Research Center.

They—and everyone who believes in religious freedom—need to start speaking up.

You don’t have to agree with Buescher’s judicial philosophy to say that in the United States, there should be no religious test for judges.

You don’t have to have attended a Catholic school or be pro-life to say that a group of teen boys being awkward around an activist—an activist who later that weekend tried to bring a group of protesters to disrupt a Catholic Mass at the basilica in D.C.—should not be a news story, much less a reputation destroyer.

You don’t have to agree with Immanuel Christian School’s faith tenets to defend Karen Pence’s right to choose the school where she wants to teach.

You know what breeds intolerance? Silence. It’s easy for someone to kvetch about the Covington boys or mock the second lady as a bigot at the water cooler if he has no reason to believe any other colleague will speak up.

We need to take a lesson from the left’s playbook.

Here’s what liberals do really well: They share their stories. And they make it personal.

We need to do the same.

Did your son or daughter go to the March for Life? Talk about it. Share how proud you were that they cared enough about the lives of unborn babies to be on a bus for 20 hours and sleep on a crowded gym floor.

And share how scared you are that they, too, could become targets of social media acvistists and mainstream media because they didn’t know the appropriate public relations strategy to deal with a protest.

Does it make you feel like an alien in your own country that what you hear from the pews on Sunday could make you ineligible to do certain jobs in our system? Express that anxiety. Tell the truth about how you don’t like being treated like a second-class citizen in your own nation.

Are you appalled that your mom’s job at a Christian school could get her branded as a bigot? Say that. Share the facts: Plenty of Christian denominations adhere to 2,000 years of sexual morality, and demand no sex outside of marriage—whether you’re straight or LGBT.

If we keep talking, things will change.

Because people know that if their colleague Kelly is pro-life, or their hair stylist Melissa is Christian, or their neighbor Bob teaches at a Christian school, they will think twice.

That doesn’t mean they will agree with Kelly or Melissa or Bob.

But it does mean they will realize it’s unfair to assume all pro-lifers hate women, or that all Christians hate LGBT people. They will realize it’s more complex than the woke leaders of social media say it is.

And then we can have real discussions and real dialogues, person to person.

I get that it’s hard. I’m often more of a coward than I’d like to be—even with the job security of working at a conservative news outlet. It’s hard to speak up sometimes, especially if you’re scared people will judge you or there will be hidden consequences—promotions that never occur, networking that abruptly stops.

But we don’t have a choice.

Right now, thought leaders in the United States are working overtime to make it clear: Stand up for your Christian beliefs, your pro-life beliefs—and you will pay.

But we can rise up, too.

If there’s one thing we should have learned in this era of Trump, it’s that standing up to bullies works.

And we need to—because there’s nothing American about a future where holding certain religious beliefs makes you a second-class citizen.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Katrina Trinko

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Gary Johnson

Personally, I believe there are darker forces here and at work, and creating a potential civil war! I honestly believe many who are doing the “INTIMIDATING” are being paid. See for yourself? Have you seen these bad actors before? Are they at every political function, rally or march? I bet if we were to locate their names, (I am sure the FBI, NSA, DHS + already know) and you could follow the money trail from say “soros” and others, you would then find a connection. Shed light on “ALL” of the money trails and then fully expose those who are footing the bill, (intimidation rally’s, illegals border marches, organized open border groups etc.) and you will then have exposed those who have helped to create this mess. Now add, lobbyists, puppet dem-on’s, RINO’s and so on, and you will see the patterns. Once you have opened this cesspool of anti-American… Read more »

David French

GOD BLESS Karen Pence.


Good article, great suggestions. You are right. It’s time to stand up against bullies!

Mike Mallinson

I’m not ashamed of celebrating religious freedom!! It should be welcomed not restrained. Look at the first amendment to the constitution of the United States of America!! It should be freely practiced!!

Gary Johnson

#2 – Start putting forth special in-depth reports on both corporations and individuals dealings showing their connections to the money and it will either force their hand and put them on the defensive, or they will slither out of the country so fast they won’t know what hit them. Hopefully some of this is being done already and we just haven’t heard about their efforts, and that is fine, just as long as these jackals are stopped period! This process is not easy given the bad actors are using our Constitution and their so called rights to continue their sinister activities. But no problem, we have “GOD” and being in the right as our guiding force. We have taken constant hits from these jerks, both public and private, and we still keep taking this crap everyday. So I am hoping that someone who reads this “may” have someone they know… Read more »


Sissy, You can tell you are on the left. Congrats on being indoctrinated by the left. Your thinking is so backwards and out of touch. Hard to tell if you are black, white, or Hispanic but ;probably black as you attack white people and rich white men. It is really bad to be a rich white man, correct. What about all the black millionaire NBA basketball players, 90 %. They are all very wealthy. How about the black rappers , singers, and Hollywood performers. Ok for them to be millionaires but not white men. You are not only sexist but you belong to the biggest racist and hate group in this country, the Democratic party. You are the bullies of the political world. You organize groups like Antifa, black lives matters to cause violent protests aimed at hurting conservatives. Your group blocks free speeches, especially on college campuses. You don’t… Read more »


I’ve stopped giving my money to corporations like Starbucks, Target, Levi’s/Dockers, Nike, … Corporations who openly tell Christians to take a hike like Starbucks, or through their policies like Target and their unisex bathroom free for all. Then there are those who actively undermine our God given individual rights like Levi’s and their major support for anti-gun laws and banning firearms, Nike who supports those who hate our flag, those corporations that support abortion like American Express, Bank of America, Adobe, Allstate, Avon, Bath & Body Works, … The list is long and goes on and on. None of these corporations will receive my money to undermine my religious freedom, or values. If all Christians would do this these corporations would once again start worrying more about the quality of their products than about influencing politics in favor of a communist nirvana that actually would destroy their companies in the… Read more »

The Freezing Senior

And the Pope remains silent …

Charlene Kimmel

Hi Sissy, I ready your whole statement and I think it is you who are brainwashed. When was the last instance of a conservative accosting a liberal politician at dinner, at his kid’s soccer game, on the subway? By and large conservatives believe in a God who demands we treat people with respect the befits a child of God, no matter their belief. We do not do those kinds of actions. The only ones who do them are people who do don’t have a faith that demands they treat people with respect. The liberals call people ugly names, threaten to burn them down in their schools, and to follow them and shoot them in their homes. Name me one documented case of a conservative doing this…. I don’t want anecdotes; I want names dates, times, news report. Something that can be verified. I am not saying that it never happens…… Read more »


What bothers me most is that there are no Republican politicians( and I’ve written to a fair number, especially in Florida), who will be vocal, and lead the offensive to fight and counteract the standard of equal justice; meaning H.C. and her subjects, who based on what has been published, broke significant federal laws, or were allowed to skate on their involvement in the Russian influence in the 2016 election, whether it is Comey’s or Lynch’s actions or lack thereof or of her two employees who were given immunity, or Weiner’s computer contents of official records, or the Uranium One deal, or the Clinton Foundation play for pay escapades or the Podesta’s foreign representations, and on and on, as compared to this run-away non-sense with Trump. Look I do not want to relieve any of them of responsibility, but hold them all liable.

Germán Rivera

Is the double standard message. Pro-inmigrant but pro-killing innocent babies.


As an observant, religious Jews, our family find it very disheartening to see Christian people of sincere faith seemingly constantly denigrated, demeaned and dismissed as ignorant and irrelevant in the media and political system. Blessings to all of you who respect your faith and beliefs!

Harold D Fleming

Point of illustration, many years ago as attending 50th anniversary reception. One of the waiters came by and tried to give me a glass of champagne. When I refused he said but the man celebrating wanted every one to be holding a glass. explained that I was against that type drink. After discussion for several minutes I agreed to hold a glass of coke. I noticed a couple I knew, who did not have a problem with the drink but because I stood for my Christian principles they change to glasses to coke also.
When we stand for our Christian faith, others will respect us.

Susan Laughlin

i thought the days of hatred was gone from the mainstream was over!!!
what disturbs me is that people like me..well educated, a retired middle school teacher,78 yrs old and a proud Catholic…..
time was not long ago that people had proof of “evidence” . Were not so “bigoted”and mean spirited………what the hell happened?

Donald C Cashman

The Church is complicit in its silence. Cardinal Burke, Catholic Vote, Cardinal Newman Society et al are fighting in the front lines. Churches are losing numbers because who wants to seek a bending reed in a storm ? I haven’t found equivocation in the Ten Commandments if we were to return to that standard we would attract multitudes ! The only method to bring the churches to the forefront of the battle is to cease contributing and tell them why ! ! ! The churches have sold their souls for money from government. They have found that the path from helping the needy to coveting thy neighbors goods pays dividends. Confiscation by taxation is easier than convincing
voluntary contributions.

Don Warmus

Brilliant suggestions, Mr. Johnson. There are many groups on our side of these issues, but someone has to have the resources and charisma to lead the fight to band together and fight for them/us. My vote is for President Trump himself or one of his sons. No matter who assumes the mantel they are going to be attacked from every possible source on the left. Count me in, but I don’t have a nickel to my name to do more than root and pray for the success of such a righteous endeavor. God bless all who feel the same.

Stephen Lykins

“If you’re Christian, shut up”. I have a better suggestion – if you are a liberal socialist Democrat – SHUT UP!

Doggie Daddy

The new Abortion law in NY is as abhorrent as Slavery in the 1860’s and justification for the the United Stated to invade New York State.


I remember a while back when the Progressives got all over someone on the Conservative side of things when they asked a few questions that they considered out of line for exactly the same reason; Deemed to look like a religious test. I wish I could remember the exact event. But..,, but then for the Progressives, the end always justifies the means. Hypocrites for sure.

Darrell Loomis

I agree completly.