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The Left’s Superstar Losers

AMAC Exclusive – By Aaron Flanigan


For several consecutive election cycles, Democrats and the mainstream media have elevated a spirit of performance over a spirit of public service, replacing substance and integrity with hollow talking points and liberal doublespeak. As a result, the country has often been left with vain, inexperienced leaders who see their jobs not as an opportunity to serve their fellow citizens, but instead as an exercise in personal branding, marketing, and self-promotion.

The obvious example of this phenomenon in recent history was the ascendancy of Barack Obama, who began his political career as a little-known state senator with virtually no accomplishments or meaningful experience. Obama’s elevation to the national stage in the 2008 Democratic primaries was not the result of impressive resume or compelling policy platform, but rather mere stage presence. For a generation of liberals weaned on Aaron Sorkin’s West Wing, Obama fit the part.

As even left-wing NBC News acknowledged in the early months of the 2008 primaries, Obama “began his campaign facing the perception that he lacks the experience to be president, especially compared to rivals with decades of work on foreign and domestic policy. So far, he’s done little to challenge it. He’s delivered no policy speeches and provided few details about how he would lead the country.”

In the years thereafter, other Democrat phenoms followed Obama’s lead. During the 2018 midterm elections, little-known Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke—who lacked any notable achievements in Congress—was hailed by the entire media apparatus as a “rising star” during his campaign to oust Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Unlike Obama, however, O’Rourke lost his Senate race. But the media continued to fawn over him, including a ridiculous feature on the cover of Vanity Fair ahead of his 2020 presidential run that was roundly mocked on social media. O’Rourke lost that race too, and completed the trifecta with a humiliating defeat in the 2022 Texas gubernatorial race– all while still being hailed by the media as a generational talent.

Another example of this pattern can be found in the political stardom of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who rose to national prominence as the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana – a liberal college town that USA Today in 2018 ranked as one of the worst cities in America. During Buttigieg’s time in office, South Bend saw its highest spike in violent crime in years. And among South Bend residents, Buttigieg’s tenure as mayor was known as ineffective, and at times even outright destructive.

Yet nevertheless, the national media did not hesitate to crown Buttigieg as “the future of the Democrat Party” even in spite of his inexperience and lack of any unique vision. But to the left, none of this mattered. Once again, Buttigieg seemed to look and fit the part for a Democrat Party obsessed with identity politics, and thus he was thrust to the forefront of national Democrat politics and hailed as a transcendent figure.

As political commentator Kyle Smith wrote of Buttigieg in 2019, “He gets the juices… of idealism flowing through liberal veins. He speaks in the language that they don’t merely respect, they revere—the language that hushes them up and makes them knit their eyebrows in sympathy.” Buttigieg would go on to be trounced in the 2020 presidential primary, and has since had a disastrous tenure as Secretary of Transportation.

But perhaps the most obvious example of identity politics manufacturing a narrative of a “rising political star” is Vice President Kamala Harris.

Despite being forced to exit the 2020 Democratic primaries before even a single vote had been cast, Harris made the shortlist for Biden’s vice presidential pick purely on account of her race and sex. Perhaps unsurprisingly given that even Democrat primary voters rejected her, Harris has gone on to become the single most unpopular sitting vice president in at least the last half century.

Incredibly, however, many Democrat leaders still insist Harris is the heir apparent to Joe Biden, and believe that she could win a general election.

Other notable figures like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who worked as a bartender before her election to Congress), twice-failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and 2018 Florida gubernatorial contender Andrew Gillum have also been subjects of seemingly endless mainstream media fawning for no discernible reason.

More recently, New York City mayor Eric Adams appointed Laura Kavanagh as commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, touting her status as a woman but notably failing to mention many specifics about her qualifications. Only a few months into the job, she has already wrought havoc on her department and staff, highlighting her lack of proper experience and credentials.

As a recent essay in The Atlantic put it, “Democrats Keep Falling for ‘Superstar Losers’” who have become well-known “not by winning big elections,” but “by losing them.”

In other words, for many Democrats, politics has been reduced to a popularity contest in which running for office is more important than governing, and image cultivation is more important than building a record of achievement.

Although some leftists might be eager to point out that former President Donald Trump also rose to prominence as someone with no prior government experience, it is important to note that—unlike figures like Obama, O’Rourke, Buttigieg, or Harris—Trump succeed in spite of media coverage, not because of it. Even supposedly conservative outlets like Fox relentlessly bashed Trump during the 2016 primary. He won by winning an argument.

Trump also went on to become a historically productive president who delivered some of conservatives’ most prized policy goals—including reshaping the federal judiciary, withdrawing the U.S. from meaningless foreign entanglements, and delivering security on the southern border. To this day, Trump remains the most powerful figure in conservative politics and continues to advance the priorities and popularity of the Republican Party in unprecedented ways.

Ultimately, the left’s elevation of public image over political acumen has cost them an astounding number of critical races—and if they continue to double down, their standing in the eyes of the American public is only likely to fall further.

Aaron Flanigan is the pen name of a writer in Washington, D.C.

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29 days ago

Donald Trump may not have had any political experience, but he spent 40+ years as a businessman running a large company. Most of these political “super stars” have little real world experience and it shows. Democrats, including Biden, look for people who check a box, gay, lesbian, gender. black, transgender, etc. instead of experience and qualifications for a position.

1 month ago

But why? It’s because the average Democrat voter is vacuous and emotion driven, just like their preferred candidates. Merit, competence, experience, hard work, … are racist colonialisms. Democrat voters revile these old school virtues.

David Campbell
1 month ago
Reply to  Ray

In my worthless opinion, the Democrats and leftist media have done a good job of painting conservatives and Republicans as not just wrong but evil. We’re all Fascists and “worse than Hitler”. Many in the Democrat base have bought into this, maybe not wholesale, but enough so that no matter how badly the Democrats perform, they will never consider voting for a Republican.

30 days ago
Reply to  David Campbell

From Biden on down, these people are gleefully blaming the Republicans for all the Dem failures! That’s the last magic trick they own. On occasion, they’ll blame D. Trump as well. It’s obvious and Lame, sometimes laughable, mostly sad and desperate.

30 days ago
Reply to  Ray

Well Said!!! With the suddeness and Mysterious rise from nowhere and many claiming Obama couldn’t run due to his Non US birth status ( that rang all kinds of bells with me and some notable others ) The guy was “Installed” 2 obvious failings in my remembrance, He hung a “brother” out to dry when cops were hassling Mr. Gates ( the guy hosting the ancestry show ) Outside his residene and the 2008 housing crisis “ Obama pushed thousands of credit-poor blacks into homes they couldn’t afford” to the tune of $498 billion. I was Deeply disturbed how He allowed these banks to be rescued with Tax payer money! one of my current movie favorites is “The Big Short” that deals with this event. I think all of this stuff has been slowly catching up with Obama and “Friends” . Looking for Obama wearing Orange or worse.

gerald serlin
1 month ago

Obama’s win was due to his superior stage presence and the fact that he is from a minority group at a time when it was a favorable thing to be so. Once he won, his reelection was inevitable, because his theatrical abilities overwhelmed his Republican opponent and more importantly because the Republicans lost their base by acceding to the demands of what their leaders thought was what would get them elected. In other words, the Republicans lost their way. This still seems to be the case today and the Republican brand has the smell of a decaying human body.

1 month ago

I don’t know what voters were thinking in the last few governors races in states like Michigan, Oregon, Kansas, New York, Arizona, and New Mexico. However I do know that had 3rd party voters in Oregon and Kansas voted Republican that would have made a difference (check the breakdown). Republicans are going to have to figure out how to attract the Independent voters.

I have taken New Mexico off my retirement list and don’t know how Lujan-Grisham got a 2nd term (she seemed to have a worthy Repubublican challenger too) and I thought Dixon would win Michigan since I heard many Democrats were upset with the way Whitmer handled the lockdown.

As for Arizona I thought Kari Lake was “robbed.”

Anyhow the Republicans need to find a better way to attract the Independent voters. Youngkin seemed able to do that in Virginia (same with Sears) in part due to concerned parents using their thinking caps.

richard johnson
29 days ago
Reply to  James

 2 days ago

I don’t know what voters were thinking in the last few governors races in states like Michigan… Think “fraud” on on Dem’s part.

Rick B.
1 month ago

My wife’s description of the mainstream media: Enemy of the People.

1 month ago

The host of the NBC show “Hardball,” Chris Matthews explained it best. During a panel discussion he proclaimed that the very thought of Barrack Obama becoming POTUS would cause “tingles’ to “run down his leg.” More than enough said about liberals being in a state of mental disorder.

1 month ago

“Obama’s elevation to the national stage in the 2008 Democratic primaries was not the result of impressive resume or compelling policy platform, but rather mere stage presence.”

Very profound. Even coming from a conservative family our daughter voted for Obama twice. The only reasons she could give me for doing this were “he was a community organizer” and “he looks presidential”.

There’s a person not mentioned here because she has not yet reached national prominence and God help us if she ever does. Her name is Lina Hidalgo. She is the County Judge for Harris County, Texas, winning the position by defeating a fabulous conservative judge who held the position for years only because after President Trump’s election people decided to make sure we didn’t have too many Republicans in office. For Houston voters that was no stretch since they tend to vote Democrat anyway. She has absolutely no credentials for the office whatsoever. Even now that she’s been in the position for several years I still feel the same.

I live in Texas but thankfully not in Harris County, but my son and his family does. This woman has no experience whatsoever for the office she holds and was like a ship without a rudder during COVID. Or maybe more like a jellyfish because she was manipulated totally by a strong bunch of Democrat handlers pushing her wherever they wanted her to go. My son was disgusted with her insistence that the schools stay closed even after the governor said they were to open fully and she was a strong advocate for continued mandatory mask wearing and keeping COVID protocols on businesses. She acted like she would personally be blamed for any COVID cases.

Since that time she has been in the crosshairs of Governor Abbott for several reasons. One because she bought into the defund the police movement and started by eliminating constable positions – which Abbott told her to reinstate post haste. She would be another Kamala Harris or Beta O’Rourke except that she can actually get Democrats to vote for her even though they don’t like her. But that in itself is why we’re where we are. Michigan can’t get rid of Governor Whitmer, New York can’t get rid of Hochul, NYC ended up with something worse than DiBlasio and California can’t get rid of Newsom. And that’s just to name a few of the people who win mostly by Democrats not paying attention and the excessive cheating of the Democrat Party. People who have credentials, have platforms with real planks in them, love this country and are true patriots don’t seem to stand a chance against the power of the Democrat political machine along coupled with the MSM. And I can’t even say it’s a Democrat v. Republican thing because they’re treating Robert Kennedy, Jr., just like they do President Trump because he won’t knuckle under to their authoritarian desires.

el Dorko
1 month ago

Yep, they are definitely losers. What’s worse is the damage they do to the USA. These people are “delusionistas” who think the sun rises and sets on their every word. However, little of what they say makes any sense at all. As time passes and these losers counts his/her days in office we see the USA becoming more of an idiocracy. Hopefully when The Losers are replaced in 2024 things will make more sense again? Hopefully!

Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago

What the author fails to reflect on is that despite all the correct points he mentions, the Progressive-Socialists have gained control and forced their subversive, destructive agenda on the nation, with the predictably disastrous results we see today.

It is not out of incompetence, as too many “experts” have claimed, that the security of our southern border has been dismantled. It was a deliberate, planned event concomitant with the rise of sanctuary enclaves for the ensuing Illegals, issuing DL’s(for legit ID purposes) along with automatic voter registrations for them, and the multitude of outrageous benefits tossed to them at taxpayer expense. The goal for all that, of course, was to build a reliable voter base to ensure the grip on power will be cemented now and for the future. This outrageous plan is at the heart of the Progressive-Socialists’ strategy to advance their agenda, despite its anti-American policies.

With unnamed controllers calling the shots, it matters not that the “leaders” they surreptitiously install are competent or properly credentialed. It matters only that they pledge allegiance to the Marxist Progressive-Socialist cause, check the right race/gender/sexual id boxes for identity politics exploitation, and agree to do exactly as they’re told to ensure their continued support.
This explains everything the author alluded to.

1 month ago

Obummer’s net worth after leaving the Presidency was $1.3 million. Today it’s over $70 million and reports say it could go up over $200 million in the not to distant future. The DNC, Soros, Obummer, Biden, Clintons and a whole host of U.S. politicians were messing around in corrupt Ukraine LONG BEFORE 2015, when Trump even decided to run for President. The big wealthy elite corrupt globalists were over there rubbing shoulders, making deals and tons of money hand over fist.

1 month ago

But this could be said about 3/4 of Athe Rino crowd as as well.

1 month ago

Stormy Daniels former lawyer (now in jail), AOC, Liz Cheney…….There’s a lot of
candidates here. We should have a sunday night award show for lefty losers and
Rhinos . They’re both the same.

1 month ago

Superstar losers???? Great view of reality!!! Add education to inform the left’s masses so they see reality and the demos will defeat them self’s..No one likes to be hustled especially with promises given while actual results few and seldom.Lived in Chicago 35 years know the game and final results. Article said it all and backed it up!!!

Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago
Reply to  Cc

Who are the Real losers in all this? Wealthy Leftists who might lose an election? oh, boo hoo hoo.
NO! Decent Americans and the nation are the losers at every turn from the damage those Progressive-Socialists have done. They’ve done their job well, and WE are the losers for it!

James H
1 month ago

Democrats enter politics for one reason–to get rich! They do not care about our country nor the people who live here and make this country great! They are narcissistic idolaters! They love power and completely disregard responsibility! “When the wicked rule, the people mourn.”

1 month ago

Another very pithy piece of journalism! The 44th President is a very talented orator, a silver tongued pied piper, who wooed the many, who could not stop to think for themselves! That he managed to fool the masses once is bad enough, but to have done so twice puts P.T. Barnum to shame! His foreign and domestic policies opened the doors for Marxism to take root in a Country that fought against his brand of ideology, in the Second World War, in the opinion of this writer. The policies he espoused have come home to roost. You can see it in the cities of New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and California respectively. The question that begs to be asked is this, how does America recover from this? The answer lies within ourselves, if the Ship of State is ever to be righted. There isn’t much time left for us to act!

1 month ago
Reply to  Jess

I always called him a talking head in an empty suit, but I would watch people look at him with adoring eyes and wonder how they could be so deluded. It reminded me of some of the speeches made by Adolph Hitler that I have seen. Full of passion and totally dependent on the emotions of the listeners to fulfill their evil agendas.

Arnold DeAnda
1 month ago

They are big looser to us the people buy they are great winners for the entities they work for.
Remember, a democrat politician is an individual that does a foot job to their constituents to make feel they are working for their benefit, when in reality they are working for the benefit of their masters.

Wayne Peterkin
1 month ago

Good article with the most notable, and true, observation being that the left has made politics a “popularity contest”. A vast number of ignorant voters chose our elected “leaders” based on image and popularity rather than policies and qualifications. Biden over Trump was a prime recent example of using personality as the sole criteria and it is destroying our nation. Using the Trump/Biden contest as an example, Trump’s actual policies were outstanding, making him a truly great president. But his personality which is often abrasive and incendiary, which the media and left constantly condemned, gave us the worst president in my 80 years and destroyed the best. The falsely negative perception of Trump today makes his re-election bid in 2024 difficult in spite of Biden’s massive failures for the nation yet the nation’s survival depends on the Democrats being defeated. For that reason alone, I would support DeSantis in the primaries because I think he is more electable than Trump, but should Trump win the nomination he gets my vote.

1 month ago

WOW! That article says it all. Obama, Harris, Buttigieg , O’Rourke and finally Biden are all failed losers who are in positions of power only due to their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, not any political experience or accomplishments. These examples demonstrate why our country is in such a mess. A prime example of “Swamp creatures.”

Elton Yancey
1 month ago

Ship of fools.

William Hodge
1 month ago

All scum! Obama, Obiden and the crack hoe!

Sean Richman
1 month ago
Reply to  William Hodge

Don’t forget Romney,he’s not a rino,he IS a democRAT.The country was much better with PRESIDENT TRUMP.Can any working person say that they are better off with these clowns in power.

Granny 26
1 month ago
Reply to  Sean Richman


Stan d. Upnow
1 month ago
Reply to  Sean Richman

“Can any working person say that they are better off with these clowns in power.”

Yes, the Illegals that have taken jobs from American workers can say that.
Yes, the Chinese workers are better for the “cozy” relationship that Biden and his cadre of Progressive-Socialist comrades have with the CCP.

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