The Left’s Mediscare Nonsense Flops

By Jedediah Bila

It looks like the Left’s Mediscare nonsense is flopping. Why? Because seniors aren’t stupid.

The Washington Post revealed today that “A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 41 percent of Americans view the new GOP vice presidential nominee favorably, while 37 percent rate him unfavorably — slightly improved from last week’s polling. Among seniors, though, the numbers are even better for Ryan: 50 percent favorable and 35 percent unfavorable.”

In other words, seniors didn’t fall for the whole Ryan look-alike throwing Granny off a cliff ordeal. Nor did they buy into the Obama camp’s demonization of Ryan as someone who wants to “kill Medicare.”

Seniors recognize that Ryan’s proposal protects current and soon-to-be seniors from changes that would alter the planning they built their retirement around.

They know that “Medicare as we know it” will be insolvent by 2024 if reform is neglected.

Seniors aren’t impressed with Obama’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, an unaccountable board of bureaucrats that will open the door to health-care rationing in the name of cost control.

And, perhaps most importantly, seniors aren’t afraid of injecting some competition into the system for their children and grandchildren, knowing full well that competition yields improvements in both cost and quality of care.

When it comes to seniors, the Left always forgets one important fact: Those are grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, moms, and dads. Sure, seniors want to protect themselves–and they should. But they always have one eye on the future, knowing full well that the young people they love most will be jeopardized by an unwillingness to reform programs that are already broken.

So if the Obama camp was counting on seniors to blindly follow their deceitful spin, so far it looks like they are out of luck.

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My main concern about Obama is WHAT WILL HE DO AS A LAME DUCK PRESIDENT? He’s already lawless, what if he chooses NOT to leave the job? I wouldn’t put it past him to ignore the voters, just like he’s done throughout the 3 1/2 years he’s served himself.

While not strictly on Obamacare, the movie “2016” puts Obama’s actions in context. Much worse than a different philosophy between liberals and conservatives. Please see it– and point anyone who is undecided or for Obama to it. This time we must get the public to understand who Obama is and what his motives are.

I worked on software for a state medicaid system (thru a private contractor). I can tell you that the costs are unbelieveable – in just that state alone claims were paid in the millions each week. Our software had to process a claim in less than a second, since the need was for 25,000 claims per hour – that would allow the daily requirement to finish in a day. Most of the processing was due to all the regulations, but also to prevent the abuse of the system. And I would also like to mention that independent contractors were hired since state workers were incapable of doing it themselves.
That’s just one state- multiply that by 50 – add medicare processing by the feds – it’s out of control, and BOcare will produce a nightmare.
Getting rid of HIPAA, and tort reform will go a long way towards improving healthcare.

I do agree w/Mary Robson when she says its the cost that needs reformed they are totally out of control when a non profit. hospital charges 6.00$ for an tyleno, and my heart doc. wants 900.00$ for an apointment that I will be seen for a max. of 10 min., just to get a refill for my meds that he said I need to take for the rest of my life.As for Mr. Ed Hahn we can only hope he stays in hong kong the rest of his life,and that his absentee ballets gets lost in the mail.

Problem: Even if his absentee ballot gets lost in the mail, there will be several ‘deceased’ people to take the place of that vote.

the problems with health care are many. Seniors use to be able to belive at least half of what they were told. In this day the liberal press prints every lie the demoncrats spew. Costs are skyrocketing because congress refuses to even consider tort reform, Doctors refuse to manage their own and get rid of the quacks. the health care industry are trying to recoup the cost before all of obamacares taxes and laws take effect. obama has flushed us dowh the toilet and is making all kinds of money of his BS. The people of this country won’t awake fron their coma until someone steps on the oxygen tube.

I am an RN and just had to have a potentially life threatening procedure done. I am responding to the man who was for Japan health care over ours.

The staff of medical people who did my procedure could NOT have been any more professional or competent or nice so I first hand experienced AMERICAN health care and defend it as excellent. There are of course exceptions but for the most part I would chose no other over ours.

WAKE UP- it is out of control COSTS, not health care that is the problem.

There is a reason world leaders from all over the globe come here for their major health care needs and not to say Hong Kong. It’s called quality of care.

You are absolutely correct.

While people are rightfully concerned with defeating Obama in November there has been little written about a plan B in case he garners enough votes to get four more years to completely destroy the free enterprise system and turn us into socialized peasants.It is imperative that the republicans gain control of both the senate and the house.While Obama will use executive privalege to it’s full extent we can minamize the damage if he can’t get enough votes to make his socialist agenda the law of the land.Trust me when I say that there are enough misguided souls in this country to guarantee that removing Obama from office is in no way a certainty.While we all should do everything in our power to get rid of him we should also look to a scenario that blocks his socialist ambitions just in case the voting public is crazy enough to give this… Read more »

The problem is that the main street media is in the bag for Obama. How do we over come the lack of knowledge the American People are NOT receiving? If we can educate the baby boomers (that is me)about medicare and what they are in store for ,they would come out in droves. Maybe we could start demanding the truth from cbs,msnbc.cnn abc etc.? Hound these companies.

Earlier today I tried to post a critique of Obamacare but I guess it had too much reality for AMAC because it disappeared. And I’m a member of AMAC. There must be a progressive democrat doing moderation. Idiots! China WILL be your health care insurer before you know whats happening.

With a little luck, Obamma will be defeated. BUT, if he loses, he and his cohorts will do their utmost to do as much damage as they can in the lame duck session following his defeat. That could almost be as bad as him being re-elected. We can only hope a bunch of true blue CONSERVATIVES get elected, as opposed to a bunch of RINOs, and that the House will fight tooth and nail against the liberals until the good people can take over in January.

It’s the Grandkids, stupid!

The left, Obama and Biden are so out of touch with the struggling Americans in our country that its a joke. Jedidiah has it right and this is a great article.

Any Washington Post-ABC News political poll isn’t worth a bucket of spit.

Seriors arn’t stupid?
I don’t know, For years as a large voting block they have fallen for the lies spewed by the Democrats. Greedy Seniors thought of themselves only, ignored common sense and voted Dems. into office.
Seniors were a stepping stone the Democrats used to gain power and now that they have control they Install Obamac are.
Remember the Republicans were told to “go to the back of the bus.” Obamacare is the best the Democrats could come up with.
Raiding Medicare, cutting programs, rationing care and death panels are the results of stupid voters.

It’s not just Obama it’s the entire Democratic Party that has been corrupted and needs to be removed from government.
If seniors arn’t stupid they will vote out the Senators that put together and exempted themselves from this atrocity!

I agree with Wanda; I have talked with far too many seniors that should know better than falling for all the liberal BS.

seniors have lived thru a lot in there lifetime and children and young people would be wise to listen

Somewhat off the ‘Deflect de Jour’ tactics of the Left,my astute advice for our VP’s preparation for his upcoming debate with Paul Ryan….”Joe,forget the ‘Wax On, Wax Off’ thing…….do the 3 letter maneuver & take the DIVE !!!! “

….”Joe,forget the ‘Wax On, Wax Off’ thing…….do the 3 letter maneuver & take the DIVE !!!! “

Above quote from John Hutchinson’s note on 8/23..

Will some kind soul explain this to me?

Paul Ryan brings the financial and communicative know-how to the campaign such that people understand the benefits of his and Romney’s direction over the trie and tired ways of Obama and Biden.

Whats up. I undoubtedly need to autcally make a good short remark and let you learn that in fact I’ve been following your wordpress blog for quite some time. Keep up the very wonderful task and I will be looking back again yet again in a little while.

As usual, those of you that support this politicized organization are the ones being flim-flammed. Those of you who call our medical care the best in the world must have never traveled outside the U.S. or closed your eyes when you were traveling. I live in Hong Kong whose medical system makes the U.S. look like a third world country where only the well-to-do can afford care. You might also want to spend a night in an ER in a major city. I did. Spent 6 hours on a gurney in a hallway. Saw a Doctor twice for about a minute each time and the nurse three times so she could plug in the liquid I needed. The bill: US$1700. I have other personal experiences via my wife. And we have insurance. The same treatment here in a public hospital here would have cost US$13. In a private facility around… Read more »

The government is not the answer.

Where did you get the 40,000,000 from, The Libs!? Many of the younger people (like I did) do not have health insurance because they do not think they will need because they are “indestructible”. And if I know the DemLibs, they are counting the welfare crowd who have the best insurance, Medicade which costs them nothing and I doubt has co-pays. I keep laughing at lastly the DemLibs saying how they are going to cut the costs of Medicare by getting rid of all the waste and fraud. They are saying that even now although they have had control of Congress since 2006, then with Obama until 2010 when we thru the House out and almost the Senate. Has anyone heard how much they have stopped it. No, because they haven’t. All they really want to do is cut payments to the Docs & Hospitals which will reduce the quality… Read more »

Perhaps in Hong Kong you can receive pretty good medical care without waiting too long, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere ELSE in that country and need medical care. Ed doesn’t say how much he pays for his insurance, or what is covers for him and his family. Probably comes out of his taxes–what does he pay in taxes? Is every proceedure covered at any age? Or do they give old people a pain pill and tell them to go home and wait?

Most of the medical innovation and technology that all Doctors use doesn’t come from Hong Kong either. How much would medical care cost there if it DID?

Lastly, how many dollars are spent there on abortion? Specifically, the abortion of females? I wonder if Ed enjoys paying for that!

Hey Ed, You are complaining of waiting for healthcare for 6 hours, how long will it take when there are
40 Million more Americans standing in line? Doctors are already dropping out of the system because
of restraints that Obamacare will place on them. Happy waiting!!

Spoken like a true Marxist, Ed Hahn!! Where did the 40,000,000 number come from? How many are here illegally? Everyone has access to doctors and hospitals, they just may not have insurance to pay for it. Whether or not they can afford it is another question. In your statistics, how many of the uninsured are smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts, habitual welfare recipients, or the children of these? They have established their own priorities, and I for one don’t want to pay for something they refuse to buy for themselves. If the government here forced doctors and nurses to work for the same wages as Hong Kong, then you might get your $13 treatment. But that isn’t going to happen, nor should it. Your statement about those of us who think our medical care is the best in the world shows that your priority is price not quality. People from all… Read more »

Not only are Seniors ‘wise’ to the Obama flim-flam about Medicare but the Grandkids are realising that THEY will be paying and paying for something they will never be able to use. Our kids and Grands are being saddled with HUGE debt that will never pay off for them, their lives will be harder than ours.

I think he’s proud of himself and he doesn’t need to show other image of him.
Whatever who will be the winner, we are togheter in this word and we must see our image and accept that we are

JB. I’m Obama fatigued. There is nothing he or his can say to me that will in anyway change my mind. How many days left till this national nightmare is over? 75 or 76? It can’t come soon enough.

The Best. Keep it up!


I can’t even watch that liar, he has got so many stupids people believing what he says

The ENTIRE Obama campaign strategy is based on fear and smear. An emotion based strategy completely devoid of substance which is relying totally on Obama and Biden rhetoric! No real discussion of facts, real American issues or Obama’s record (of failed programs and criminal money loans and manipulation). Our truly REAL issues do not center around this countries medical care. Right now EVERYONE including illegal aliens has access to medical care … the best in the world available to everyone! What we do have is irresponsible spending, no budget, country crushing deficits, endless overseas war adventures that are doing us not one bit of good while costing American lives, money and world opinion. We have a jobs market which YOUR government is encouraging and supporting with tax dollars to move to China, a failing economy, a glut of illegal aliens the federal government only encourages, almost record unemployment and ridiculous… Read more »

When it comes to the debates before election .There will be no hard questions to Obama.but watch the gutter crowd
when it comes to the REPUBLICAN SIDE.These debates are a waste of time.it should be 50-50 .on both sides .not a loaded one sided affair.

I didn’t vote for that ape the first time and certainly wont this time, I can’t stand the man or his wife, and will never call him potus

I agree. I can’t stand to see that lier and Boso Biden on TV more than any other president has ever been on. They have the media wrapped around their finger. The only tv to watch is FOX News.

Pastor H. Ray Eldridge