The Left’s Drumbeat of Hysteria Is Leading Toward Violence Against Conservatives

stopgap-first-amendment left conservatives violenceDennis Prager

Because of the ever-descending moral and intellectual state of the mainstream news media, there has been no outcry against the leftists who call President Donald Trump and all Americans who support him Nazis. Indeed, members of the media now regularly do so.

Without that outcry, this labeling will only increase; and this steadily increasing drumbeat of hysteria is likely to lead to one result: violence against conservatives.

It is not plausible to foresee any other outcome of left-wing normalization of the terms “Nazi” and “white supremacist.”

The American left has put itself in a moral quandary: Either it doesn’t mean it when it calls the president and his supporters Nazis, in which case it is merely guilty of cheapening—and, as I explained in my previous column, actually denying—the Holocaust, or it does mean it, in which case morality demands it take violent action against Trump supporters.

For at least a decade, I have been saying that America is fighting a second Civil War. But I have always added that unlike the first Civil War, this one—thank God—is nonviolent.

It’s getting harder and harder to assume it will stay that way.

A Senate intern shouts an obscenity at the president of the United States in the halls of Congress and the U.S. senator for whom she works does not fire her.

Left-wing mobs yell and chant “No justice, no sleep” in front of the homes of administration officials.

A Democratic congresswoman, Maxine Waters, foments such action. “Let’s make sure,” she tells Democratic mobs, “we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

The Democratic Party labels political opposition to the president “Resistance,” the term used to describe the opposition to the Nazis during World War II.

All these are only the beginning. Few violent movements begin with violence. And when the left sees that these tactics do not undo the last presidential election, some morally consistent leftists could quite possibly take the obvious next step and start targeting Republicans—as the shooter of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and four others did.

As one liberal writer, Peter Beinart of The Atlantic, asked nearly a year ago, “If you believe the president of the United States is leading a racist, fascist movement that threatens the rights, if not the lives, of vulnerable minorities, how far are you willing to go to stop it?”

When conservatives—even one as critical of the president as Ben Shapiro—need the protection of bodyguards and police officers in riot gear when speaking on an American college campus, it is clear where we are headed.

You can get an idea by watching what students did to biology professor Bret Weinstein, perhaps the only decent faculty member at Evergreen State University, because he refused to cooperate when left-wing students demanded that all whites leave the university campus for a day. Some months later, Weinstein was told by the left-wing university administration it “could no longer guarantee his safety.” Weinstein then left Evergreen State for good.

In March 2017, Charles Murray’s scheduled speech at Middlebury College was pre-empted by a violent left-wing mob, resulting in police escorting him off the campus. In the process, his interviewer, professor Allison Stanger, was injured by enraged leftist thugs, and she later ended up in a neck brace.

The New York Times recently reported that left-wing intellectuals regret the historic liberal defense of free speech. There is no question that if the left were to have its way, many, if not most, conservative opinions would be legally banned and those expressing them arrested.

I pray violence does not erupt in America. But if, God forbid, it does, let’s be clear it was the left that started it, just as surely as the South’s firing at Fort Sumter started the first Civil War.

From - The Daily Signal - by Dennis Prager

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What was it Michelle Obama said – we take the high road – so much for that when her husband and all his leftist cronies are acting out.
Obama is much of the problem that has spilled over from his horrible Presidency. I applaud the Republicans for using restraint from all
these leftist, socialists, communist radicals. As for the media they are disgusting and that goes for Hollywood, as well.


If you vote for a Democrat, who are you really voting for? Today they are made up of Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, and some are a combination of two or more of those listed. Hell, they aren’t sure of they are! Me, I am an independent voter, I can think for myself, I will vote for TRUMP! Again!

Walter S Cable

Just to show you an example of how dumb the left is: They are calling for violence and they are the party that wants to abolish the second amendment. 21+ million veterans, mostly right, mostly armed. Do they really want to pick a fight??

Gunny Joe

It is time that we start labeling the people (Some DEM’s), what they are COMMUNIST, as left wing, and progressives are no longer doing it. People like our last president, the minority leaders, of the House, and Senate, many members of the House and Senate, the majority of the news media, and way to many teachers/professors, fall under the above discerption. They have controlled the language far to long, with that control they have controlled the thought pattern of way to many people. We as Americans need to stand up to this language and thoughts, with history and words as strong as they use. I do not and will not advocate physical force, but do stand ready to repel physical force, and protect our Nation as I vowed to do in 1961 when I joined the United States Marine Corps. This President is our President as surly as Mr. Obama… Read more »

Brian B

Liberals are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the Democratic Party. The Democratic leadership in Congress have become silent partners to the loony left who have been indoctrinated to believe they have somehow been wronged and have therefore become victims of an unfair system. Fortunately the longtime Democratic voter base is waking up to the hypocrisy and lies of their Party. The #Walkaway movement is gaining momentum, and the Democrat leadership are fumbling as they watch their House of Cards begin to fall, and their lies exposed. Americans are slowly waking up. God bless and protect President Trump. MAGA.

Rev. R.S. Helms

When it Starts, if it does, remember this: It is my studied opinion that God will be on our side

Wayne Peterkin

While the article is true and this conservative does not want any violence at all, the left needs to recognize that should they incite violence against conservatives (which we are beginning to see in some places already), they will be met with force and they will lose. Badly. So let us all hope and pray we do not reach that point, because the end result would be very ugly.


Well, I sat back after Obama was elected and waited to see what he would do. Then 4 years later, I did the same, hoping I was wrong about the man. Well, now we have my choice in the White House and the losers are going to extremes, throwing up road blocks to his successes. Everyone should want what is best for our country. Even good people can take only so much. This will end badly. We can only wait and see.

Mike Kapic

The irony of conservatives referring to those in the Democrat Party as “democratic” is silly. The Left are torn socialists who use the handy term “democracy” to legitimize their movement. And we accommodate them. There party utilize classes such as super-delegates. America is not a democracy because the term frightened the Founders, but rather a republic. Rather than a group of people ruling the majority, each American in our republic is a sovereign. The Constitution gives us elements of democracy, such as voting, but each one of us has the power while the small group in DC does not. We shouldn’t be helping the Left pursue its agenda by referring to them as the “Democratic Party”. They belong to the Democrat Party as democrats.

michael failla

I took a vow when i enlisted that i would protect my country from enemies within and without. I took it seriously and you should as well. These (CENSORED) (censored) threw dog crap at us when we returned from defending our country. Now these (CENSORED) ARE RUNING (AND RUINING ) OUR COUNTRY.DONT THINK WE HAVE FORGOTTEN NOR THINK US TOOTHLESS. We have not forgotten and are not in a good mood.


As I have said before ‘to be a Democrat you have to either be born stupid or work on it your whole life’!


NAZI=National SOCIALIST German Workers. Wow-Look who is calling the conservativeS Nazis–SOCIALISTS.

James H. Rust

In addition, the Left is able to promote violence without punishment. On January 20, 2017, a gang of Lefties damaged businesses and cars on a street leading up to the Inaugural Parade. 200 were arrested. I saw recently in the papers nothing was done to those arrested. This 4th of July, a leftist woman scaled The Statue of Liberty forcing it to be shutdown and turn away thousands of visitors who had planned their vacations to visit the monument that day. She was arrested and let out of jail without bond. I can imagine nothing will be done to her of significance. Tax payer’s shelled out probably $100,000 to get her off the monument. Her fine should pay that expense. Let’s wait and see what will be done. $100 fine maybe? The Left controls the governments of our large cities. They see their members can protest on the streets, disrupting… Read more »

Elizabeth L. Sears

I appreciate that attention is being given to these matters and our representatives, in whatever capacity, will be given protection. Just noticed, last night pm Fpx Cab;e. a young black woman – late 20’s early 30′, stated that she was moved by something she had seen on CNN and, after noting a Twitter response felt she had to find out, on her own, what was true and what was Fake News.
I truly believe it is these young people who will be the influence in mid-America that will educate those around them and contribute to the change in voting demographics.
I thoroughly enjoy the information I am receiving in txts from AMAC and have tried to get others to join and receive your message.
Please keep up the good work – between your messages AND Trumps Twitters, we really know what is going on.
I depend on both to keep informed


‘There is no question that if the left were to have its way, many, if not most, conservative opinions would be legally banned…’

Hello! Anyone following ‘Social Media’ or the Main Stream Media knows this is already happening. Yet the vast majority of Facebook, etc., users are still using these 1st Amendment strangling programs. Nothing will change until someone cares. I just hope we don’t care too late.

Wayne Peterkin

Good article and sadly true. In fact we see the violence against conservatives already such as in Oregon last week at a conservative rally that was attacked and broken up by Antifa with a mini-riot. I would add that violence against me or my family will not be met by timid little sheep. I have been warning people for years that we as a nation are marching towards the next civil war and it is being fueled by the profound philosophical differences in our society today and those differences have been exacerbated by the left in our schools who indoctrinate our kids against the nation we were created to be. Lenin believed that if he had control of the kids he would gain control of everything else. What we see today has been growing and percolating for decades with the purpose of undermining this nation and eliminating one big barrier… Read more »

Ron Oliver

“Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”
David Horowitz


Freedom of Speech intended to “enhance” dialogue not to “incite” violence. When they cross that line..lock them up. Enough of using the freedom of speech as the legal umbrella to “incite” violence. The goal now and up to November election is to fire up emotions,cloud rational thought on the accomplishments of this admin. These radicals are not there to “enhance” America through open dialogue but to shut down any opposing views! Not a time to be silent or complacent.


Excellent analysis by Prager of a very touchy subject, which I agree with & also predict.

Frank Anderson

Reading from Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, starting at the end of WWI to the date January 30, 1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor, takes about 200 pages of a more or less 1,000 page book. Compare the 20 Trillion Dollar US national debt (doubled under the previous administration) with the war reparations imposed on Germany, and the violence from the Communists following the slaughter of the Tsar and his family, along with millions of others. Communism and Islam share death and violence as their primary tools of conquest. The US is being sabotaged, our economy ruined, our borders being made meaningless, all with the goal of killing this country and its Constitution. This must be opposed by lawful means or we will join Iran and China as Hellholes of totalitarian control.