The Left’s Chilling Refusal to Stop Flirting With Marxist Ideas

Karl Marx Marxism MarxistThe New York Times just can’t stop talking about communism.

Recently the Times ran an editorial headlined  “Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!”

The piece, written by Jason Barker, a professor in South Korea, is about what one would expect from a defense of communism. As one Federalist writer noted, it was “beyond parody.”

Hilariously, the article was behind a very capitalistic paywall.

The New York Times hasn’t shied away from publishing Marxist boosterism.

In 2017, the Times dedicated an entire section of its website to the 100-year anniversary of the communist revolution in Russia. It featured an assortment of absurd pieces running the gamut of declaring Lenin a hero environmentalist to claiming that women had better sex lives under socialism.

This romanticized account of life under communism is a delusion.

Of course, while the most ridiculous claim in the most recent piece is that Marx has somehow proven to be correct, it’s notable it goes a step further to say that essentially nobody questions his fundamental critiques of capitalism.

“While most are in agreement about Marx’s diagnosis of capitalism, opinion on how to treat its ‘disorder’ is thoroughly divided,” Barker wrote.

It seems fair to conclude that actually there is widespread doubt about Marx’s claims about capitalism—unless, of course, one lives in a neatly sealed left-wing bubble.

The fact is, Marx was wrong about everything.

He was wrong about economics, wrong about the flow of history, wrong about religion, wrong about where his ideas would lead, and most importantly, wrong about human nature—which he believed could be reshaped under a communist regime.

If there was one thing that was illuminating about Barker’s piece, it was his description of modern social justice crusades as fundamentally Marxist.

“Social justice movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo owe something of an unspoken debt to Marx through their unapologetic targeting of the ‘eternal truths’ of our age,” Barker wrote. “Such movements recognize, as did Marx, that the ideas that rule every society are those of its ruling class and that overturning those ideas is fundamental to true revolutionary progress.”

This is an interesting admission that these movements are essentially “cultural Marxism,” a phrase that the left so often stridently claims is a figment of conservative imaginations.

Given the profound failures of and misery created by communism in the past, we probably shouldn’t be too hopeful about the success of its modern iterations.

Unfortunately, many young people don’t know about the depths of these past failures, or have a skewed idea of what communism means in practice.

We should all worry about the consequences of historical ignorance.

At least Marx could conceivably say that “real communism hasn’t been tried yet.”

His modern proponents don’t have an excuse.

After nearly two centuries of experimentation with Marxist ideas, communism has failed to produce a brotherhood of man or a classless society in which everyone worked in blissful harmony.

Instead, it has produced societies notorious for their cruelty, dysfunction, and violence. It has led to the estimated death toll of just under 100 million people in the last century.

One only has to look at the Korean Peninsula to see the astounding difference of a society under communist tyranny and freedom.


As historian Sean McMeekin wrote in his book, “The Russian Revolution”:

Today’s Western socialists, dreaming of a world where private property and inequality are outlawed, where rational economic development is planned by far-seeing intellectuals, should be careful what they wish for … they may just get it.

Communism offers nothing to humanity but suffering and hopelessness.

This is not to say that life under communism was all about starvation and murderous purges.

Even at its least malignant, living under communism’s inevitable system of enforced conformity and equality where decisions are only the purview of government authorities and bureaucratic managers is hardly a system of human flourishing.

This is more akin to living a lifetime stuck in the DMV.

Marx was wrong, hopelessly wrong. His ideas have been tried, tested, and spectacularly failed.

It’s time to leave his legacy on the ash heap of history.

From - The Daily Signal - by Jarrett Stepman

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2 years ago

Quote from Jason Barker taken from the article:

“Social justice movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo … recognize, as did Marx, that the ideas that rule every society are those of its ruling class and that overturning those ideas is fundamental to true revolutionary progress”

Such a statement is ironic in that once such movements come to be the dominant influence in society they then become the “ruling class”. So, by that thinking, their ideas would then need to be overturned to effect progress. Thus, the same statement that they use to gain power also can be used to justify their undoing.

Such rhetoric sounds enticing and motivating to those caught up in moment by a revolution, but it is really just circular reasoning that is untenable as a basis for a philosophy or world view, as such reasoning is ultimately inconsistent and self-destructive.

Pete from St Pete
2 years ago

The spirit of Walter Duranty lives on! Duranty was the New York Times journalist for the Times Back in the 1920s & 30s who was their only reporter in all of Russia. He was so enamored of communism that he purposely overlooked the intentional starvation of up to 10 million Ukrainians who refused to participate in Stalin’s plans to make all farmers join collective farms by commandeering their crops. As a result Stalin ruined the most productive wheat farms in the whole Soviet Union for many years to come. It has become a policy of the Times not to report things that do not agree with their preconceived agenda for “social Justice”. Witness the way they continue to downplay or ignore Trump’s successes.

Mary Sergiacomi
2 years ago

Funny really, when Russian communism fell, it never really went away! They only changed the name to Socialism….which sounds a bit more humane. However, Socialism/Communism has never served the masses and the elites still live in their Ivory towers enjoying their lives while the servile masses continue to struggle against the inequities. Ha!!!

2 years ago


2 years ago

He is correct, “true communism” has never been tried. George Soros and the rest of the wealthy marxist elite would use their own funds to correct all of life’s unfairness that affects the poor and not require me to pay taxes until their wealth has been reduced to my level. Instead, they use totalitarian statist principles to further their own power and wealth. Name one marxist, communist, socialist, statist “leader” who has not enriched himself due to his omnipotence.

2 years ago

Only one thing wrong with socialism and communism: You can’t go back to the old ways. I urge, no I IMPLORE anyone who embraces these two forms of government, RUN, do not walk to the nearest airport and move to a country that has communism or socialism as their form of government. If it is so damn bad here, just move your little butt to somewhere else. I will help pay your way. On condition: This will be a one way ticket!

Thomas Haj
2 years ago

The Times title should have been; “Karl Marx, you were left when the right won”.

2 years ago

Maybe those spoiled left leaning socialists, Dems, Media, bureaucrats, journalists, celebrities, resisters, climate alarmists, entertainers and politicos
Should permanently move without their accumulated capitalistic assets to one of those Marxist socialist utopias
And live like a typical average citizen
Good luck

2 years ago

Without capitalism, which makes some people wealthy based on what they accomplish, there could have never been the ECONOMIC ENGINES that produce millions of jobs and a higher standard of living for all. There would have never been Apple, Boeing, Thomas Edison inventions, Tesla Motors, and on and on. Capitalism NATURALLY rewards those who attempt and succeed in producing new ideas that changed the world and those who improve on those ideas and successes. We ALL have that opportunity in America under a capitalistic society coupled with democracy. Capitalism is NOT a dirty word but rather the one economic law that can never be broken, Faster, BETTER, cheaper ALWAYS WINS! Don’t believer it? Consider, COSTCO, Walmart, Amazon, and on and on. That’s where people shop. They voted with their money. Socialist/Communist/Fascist countries don’t get to vote, they just have to do as they are told and have no other choice to vote for.

George Rivera Jr
2 years ago

Phoney NWO “movements” artificially funded in order to mobilize useful idiots like BLM and #metoo aside, the main thrust to defeat criticizm of Big Government failures is that It Didn’t Go Far Enough. What? Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, Stalin’s Slaughter of the Innocents and Hitler’s Ovens were too tame? Idiots, all. Those pushing Communist thought and NWO tactics do so only to enrich themselves through war, strife and conflict. No other reason.

Thomas Haj
2 years ago

So true! Communism is VERY good to those at the top of that system.

2 years ago

What blindness!

2 years ago

Ayn Rand was right.

2 years ago

The two Koreas are a stark contrast to the difference between the two ideologies. Communism in the North: dark, starving, raging lunacy, and at war with its neighbors. In the South: health competition, free market capitalism, growth, freedom and a positive future for its people. And the left is too blind to see.

Elton Yancey
2 years ago
Reply to  Dennis THOMAS

How on earth can anyone living in South Korea think Marx was right? Maybe he’s a North Korean spy.

joseph Kiesznoski
2 years ago

The article nailed it 100%.

Rev. R.S. Helms
2 years ago

This is a great piece on Marxism, which Socialism has adopted, and liberalism has become. Democrats evolved into a total liberalism after FDR’s United Nations. I just had to repost this to Bob’s Opinion, because it is my studied opinion that the left and RINO Establishment Republicans are a real danger to the Constitution and freedom of the United States.

2 years ago

When Nixon finally got China to open their markets to Capitalism it made them the richest country on earth and raised the standard of living of hundreds of millions of the Chinese people to a level they had never known. The lines for food and all other things in Russia disappeared after Reagan defeated their Communist Party. Putin has been trying to restore that “ruling class” but along the way he has accrued $40 BILLION dollars in personal wealth! “Absolute authority corrupts absolutely.” Hypocrisy at its finest.

REMEMBER THIS; all of the “…isms” are the same with one exception, Capitalism. Communism (which is NOT a political philosophy). Socialism, Fascism are all platforms for dictators to create poverty for all while the “ruling class” becomes the wealthy class. So why is Capitalism the exception? Since the beginning of time the “law of supply and demand” is the one “natural law” that will provide all that is needed for all people IF allowed to operate without twisted government intervention. It boils down to producing all things “faster, BETTER, cheaper”. The Dems have never understood that and never will because they are simplistic socialist plotters. They own the schools and own the news medias so they spread their poison with impunity. As the “domestic enemy of America” they are killing our country, from within and in less than 100 years from now, their socialism/communism/fascism will kill them as well.

Thomas Haj
2 years ago
Reply to  Wingleader

That’s why I keep posting that we have to take back the media from the lying left. With the increased transparency that simple action would generate, schools (and all other systems) would have to change for the better.

James J Baehr
2 years ago

The Progressives and Leftists are Communists and Socialists. We need to call them as they are. They are enemies of the state. The Democrats in this country are Communists and/or Socialists and it time we boot them out and regain our Country. We need to start with our schools and colleges. The Communists have taken them over and are now indoctrinating our kids into believing that Communism and Socialism are the desired way of life. The media today is nothing more than propaganda outlet for the American Communists.

2 years ago

that was not the point of the article..and if you read it, then you would not be ranting about the NY Time promoting Communism. The point was that Marx called it correct in stating “capitalism is driven by a deeply divisive class struggle in which the ruling-class minority appropriates the surplus labor of the working-class majority as profit “….not that he had the correct solution for all the greed-driven, self aggrandized life styles that are achieved by trod-ding on the poor…AND the middle class…AND the upper middle class….
The point is that people in this country are FED UP with being force fed the “trickle down” economic model that makes sense to no one but the arrogant 1%ers who are hoping that the rest of us will be drawn off the subject by big, evil words like Communism. Capitalism only works well for the 1%ers…..the rest of us serve at their whim…we have even been brainwashed into treating them like royalty….(see entertainment tonight….and Kardashian article…or red carpet bs show).
I don’t blame the below commenter, he just took the bate…like he has been mentored to do….and is only doing his part to keep the main consensus opinion in the country distracted. We waste our time reacting to headlines and big evil words, because we simply don’t think that we need to read more than two paragraphs of anything …… it seems to run along a similar track as voting…we simply cannot be bothered to exercise our rights to affect change through the vote…why? you tell me! There sure seems to enough voices out there bellyaching about how things are unfair and how something needs to be done….while voting turnout stays at an embarrassingly low percentage.
This country, at best…is a Republic…we are NOT a democracy….our elected officials do NOT vote our voices….there are many hot button issues that clearly have support by a majority of the country and yet our elected representatives insist on voting in the interest of the biggest payday….We are governed by an elite few who continue to hope that you, the voter, will keep being passive and lazy and allow them to bid their will upon society for THEIR benefit.
The whole point of the article that is referenced was that capitalism leads to the few controlling the lives and the livelihood of the many…..which sounds suspiciously like a dictatorship….or a collective dictatorship…..neither of which support the directives of a democracy or government by the people, for the people….(all of the people).

Carol L. Baril
2 years ago
Reply to  sam`

You may want to read the article again! The article was disputing everything about Marx that the left props up! Yes we are a republic but we haven’t functioned in a “free market” system for a long time. Corruption in government is why our “free market” isn’t working! When Government and Corporations got in bed together way back in the Wilson days, we have been going down this corrupt road! Taxes and regulations have been used to keep all of us in line! Want to end this, we have to use the vote but that’s where things get iffy because so many think the government is their friend since the indocrination of socialism is so prevelent in our society!

2 years ago
Reply to  sam`

You need to go back to school
Maybe Hillsdale
And take better history and economics courses
And maybe spend some time living as an average citizen in some of those utopian communist countries around the globe
Try Venezuela it was an up and coming place before the despotic socialists took over.
Be sure to take a good supply of toiletries
The general population in the USA has a higher standard of living because of our freedoms and economic opportunities

2 years ago
Reply to  sam`

I can only pray that you are not in a position to influence our youth.

Paul W
2 years ago

Leftism=Marxism…period. Not just in this country, but globally. The days of the “blue-dog” democrat in this country are long gone. If you’re still a democrat, but don’t have Marxist ideology, you really need to rethink your political affiliation. Your party has left you.

2 years ago

I’m so sick and tired of all this communism bs being talked about. I imagine we all grew up in the 50s and 60s and we experienced the china reds and the russian great 30 and 40 and 50 yr plans that fell through their a$$ Oh ya collectively that is. Get it? Collectively. I can’t wrap my mind around who could be so ignorant as to buy into that bs? Heck russia and china don’t really buy into this. Just the stupid democrats, and thats what i don’t get. I guess it’s gotta be the young people. I think the millennials are going to be a real problem for the US. IT couldnt possibly be the old democrats. I mean in the old days democrats hated communist. Think JFK. What happened?? Does anybody remember when republicans used to be democrats and democrats use to be republican? True, they switched political views. I lost sight of this until recently. It really is true. So here’s the thing: don’t let yourself buy into this nonsense. Communism only succeeds in poor countries, where people are dumb as a box of rocks. Think back to where communism has succeeded. Oh wait, where is that anyway? Don’t let the media suck you in, there ain’t nothing going on here. Ya got a nasty old man banging on a pot, making a fool out of himself. (Sanders) thats it. Give yourself a break, communism will never gain a foothold in our country. Look, my wife makes a lot of $$ and
I aint gonna share that with no body. So free college, repreaition (sp), no borders, all this is bs. Every once in a while things get crazy, but we get it back.

2 years ago
Reply to  SARGE

Sarge, Remember when Khrushchev took his shoe off at the UN and started pounding it on the tabletop yelling “We will bury you!”? … As a teenager I laughed, we all knew they could never defeat us militarily. But that was not the plan. Instead we have been infiltrated from within. All our young are being taught “Democratic Socialism” by teachers Elementary school and up through college. Our young people have been thoroughly indoctrinated into Socialism/Communism to where they think that “Everyone should be treated equally the same!” Why else would these young people be singing the praises of outright Communist, err, Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders who just happened to celebrate his honeymoon in that great honeymoon capital of the world … Moscow! Our young people have ALL bought into the “Everyone should be treated equally!” bull crap. I “debated” with a young “black” man recently who was complaining that because of Racism, HE didn’t have the same opportunities that “White” people had and that each business should be required to hire equal numbers of all sects of peoples. It shouldn’t matter that “intelligence” should be the greatest factor in determining job opportunities. No amount of arguing was going to change his mind. So, I took a different approach. I said, you know, I think I might start to agree with you. Best abilities shouldn’t matter in hiring employees. Let’s start with the NBA, I said. Each team has 12 players on the roster right? So each team should be required to have 3 Blacks, 3 Whites, 3 Hispanics and 3 Asians, irregardless of their “basketball skills”. They should ALL be treated the same. In fact, ALL SPORTS should be represented by equal numbers of genetic backgrounds. He looked at me like I was nuts! Turned and walked away, but I think he got the message!

2 years ago
Reply to  SARGE

Hi Sarge-
How’ve you been?
I’ll keep it short…
But Russia and China DO buy into this! As long as the state owns as much as they do, the individual citizens will never enjoy the freedoms that come with ownership and self-determination.
We have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by the public school system, more now than when you and I were growing up. You can see it if you sat in a classroom and looked for the bias, the outright favoritism given to those students who placate the teachers/professors by paralleling their positions on anything from Trump to climate change.
The socialist bent is pervasive, if not always readily obvious. Educators want to assume the role of raising our children TO CONFORM to a certain mold and to follow. I remember attending a conference in my son’s school, where the next year’s curriculum was being decided. There must have been half a dozen other people there–administrator, counselor, teacher, department head, principal, the ex… They were all coming up with ways to defend their choices for the math class they wanted him to take. I let them drone on for a while, and then said, “My son is a visual thinker. I want him signed up for Geometry.” After they scraped their jaws off the table, one of them offered, “Well, okay, we’ll put that to the ‘community’ and see what we come up with.” COMMUNITY!!?? I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, and responded, calmly, “Community..!?”, half scowling, half incredulous. I concluded, “Geometry it is, then.” From prohibiting bake sales and lunchboxes from home, to rewriting history books, to inflicting “new math” on us (which failed, or is it still around?), to NOT TEACHING KIDS HOW TO THINK LOGICALLY, the schools and their unions are doing their best to raise little democrats, i.e., socialists.
It’s all about the commune, groupthink, and working with “the team”. No more individuality (except in tattoos. Hmm..Is that why some seek outrageous personal touches—to be distinguishable from the hordes? No, nothing against tattoos), fewer leaders. We have become a feeble nation, lacking confidence in our choices, fearful of what someone might say, perfectly content to rely on the government to decide everything for us, and have them foot the bill. The swamp deepens because we ALLOWED it to do so.
Until Donald Trump arrived on the scene. A breath of fresh air! Less regulation means more individual responsibility, more choice. How scary to think that, if Hillary and her co-felon, the DNC, hadn’t fixed it so that Bernie was no longer a contender, we came this close to being “nudged” just a little closer to Socialism, capital S.
I know you’ve commented on this subject before, Sarge. And you say it’s not there. But I beg to differ. It’s in the schools, in public transportation that can’t manage to pay for itself, in HOA’s that tell you which shade of beige your front door can be painted, in the politicians that seek to take our money and spend it they way they see fit because so many of them think we’re so stupid we can’t figure that out for ourselves. The libs HATE us having more of our own money in our pockets. If government has all the money, we end up with no freedom, a socialist’s Utopia.
You said that Communism succeeds only in poor countries. I disagree. It doesn’t succeed, except for the well-fed leaders. I wonder how many of “the people” are satisfied with the hand they’ve drawn? I wonder if you have a small place in your heart that could show empathy rather than enmity to all those unfortunate millions, who suffer without freedom?

Ivan Berry
2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Pheeww, if that was short…..? Kim, had you said short and sweet you would have at least met one of those intentions. Well done.
Here’s hoping your comments have done some good, but I fear Sarge is just too set in his ways to see the reality untill it smacks him in the face. Duck. Where? Smack. Too late.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Hi Ivan-
That short bit is a joke I share with my brother, who doesn’t read this, by the way. I emailed him in response to a political question. It was a simple question, but it required a loooonnnnnng answer. And, of course, it started, “I’ll keep it short.” I believe he did vote for Donald Trump, so it was worth the effort.
And if you’re reading this, Sarge, I hope you’ll respond to our question, “Why aren’t we getting through to you yet?”

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