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The Latest Democratic Meltdown: Parental Rights

AMAC Exclusive by: Tammy Bruce

Every day there seems to be some special meltdown of the Democrats. Having spent some time as an organizer for the left, I can tell you all of their efforts are spent on thinking of new ways with which to manipulate and cancel all of us into oblivion. Plain and simple: they do not mean well.

The latest drama comes courtesy of a common-sense Florida bill ensuring parental rights regarding their 5 to 7-year-old children in schools. While needing to pass legislation stating the obvious does seem strange, but the Democrat and leftist hyperbolic reaction confirms how necessary it is.

Gay, Inc., as I call the organized left masquerading as gay civil rights activists, has declared this simple defense of parental rights and children’s safety as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is a lie. Fox News reports:

“The bill, officially named Parental Rights in Education, states, ‘Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.'”

And even more threatening to the left’s agenda, “The legislation additionally requires schools to inform parents if there is a change in the student’s services or monitoring related to the student’s mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being… and requires parent approval before children from kindergarten through third grade participate in a ‘well-being questionnaire or health screening’ and that parents have the option to opt their children out across all age groups,” reported Fox. 

In other words, it forbids sexualized instruction for 5 to 7 year-olds and requires parental involvement and consent in events and situations beyond the normal curriculum. This transcends partisan politics, protects children from strangers talking to them about sex, and affirms parental rights and control over their children.

The left has, for decades, worked to destroy that special and natural family relationship. This bill is so threatening as it exposes the agenda and serves as a template to stop that egregious and unacceptable attempt to destroy that legal fact and human necessity.

At no point does the bill single out gay people or homosexuality. Yet the gay political establishment, for some reason, has constructed a completely false narrative, a hoax, if you will, making it all about an attack on gay people.

It’s ironic, considering the gay civil rights movement in this country relied, in part, on Americans’ decency and empathy, leading to an understanding that gay men and lesbians are responsible citizens, good neighbors, best friends, and loving family members.

As we know, the Democrats and their enablers may claim to represent certain constituencies but somehow manage to make everyone’s lives worse. Whenever they can reverse social success, they’ll do it. That also means trying to destroy the progress we’ve made on so many issues by obsessing on keeping us suspicious and estranged from each other, no matter the issue. It’s beyond time we take a stand against the Democrats and the left using our children as pawns in their little political games.

Christina Pushaw, Press Secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, responded to a question from USA Today about ‘experts’ saying the bill is anti-gay and that she is somehow a homophobe because she expressed how this legislation would protect children from sexual predators. She shared on Twitter her answer, “If these historians assumed I meant LGBTQ people when I referenced “groomers,” that says more about the historians than it does about me. Why would these experts wrongly assume that all child predators are all LGBTQ? The fact is that groomers can be of any sexual orientation; many are straight. It’s completely inappropriate for adults—of any sexual orientation or gender identity—to instruct 4-9 year-olds about sexuality and gender theory in school… This should not be controversial. Just let kids be kids.”


A few weeks ago, I wrote about the ongoing effort by Democrats and the left to use the public school system to erase parental rights. This came to light when California moved to allow minor children to consent to the COVID-19 vaccinations on their own, not only without their parent’s permission but with the outrageous requirement that parents not be informed by the school system about what their children were doing.

California has been steadily eroding parental rights for over 20 years on everything ranging from abortion to birth control and medical care for sexual violence. Many other states are following suit. I contend the most threatening aspect of the Florida bill is the reinforcement of parental rights in their children’s lives at school and the requirement for parental consent regarding their children’s activities and instruction. The left is loathe to admit this, so their fallback will always be accusations of racism, sexism, or homophobia. Or all 3 is possible!

Marxists understand in order to take control of this country; you have to destroy its culture and systems. The American family is the strength of this nation and provides hope for the future of the world. And that is unacceptable to the ogres on the left.

American parents have been radicalized throughout these two COVID years. They learned what was happening in school rooms. They saw an outrageous “Critical Race Theory” curriculum and were stunned by assertions that parents had no rights. The school boards of this country found that attitude would not stand.

Leftist and establishment operatives know the Florida bill could and should be a template for this entire nation. The slandering of everyone involved in an effort to frighten other states out of this effort to protect children and to reinforce parental rights.

American parents have already been called terrorists. Conservatives and classical liberals who refuse to conform have already been labeled as bigots or racists in the last few years by an increasingly desperate left-wing of American politics. But don’t be fooled or frightened. The Democrats have such contempt for us they think we will throw our children into their political volcano simply to avoid being bullied. Those days, if they ever existed, are over.

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Stephen Lykins
5 months ago

ALL types of sexual education should require parental consent and, with the possible exception of lessons about inappropriate touching, NO sexual education lessons should be given to ANY student before they reach at least 10-12 years of age. PERIOD!

5 months ago

I was graduated with a degree in elementary education in 1974.
Please note that was 48 years ago.
I student taught the spring semester of 1974. In 1973, I attended a course known as “Professional Practicum.” During this course, supposedly, budding teachers were to learn professionalism.
In the 2nd half of the course, we were told that WE as teachers were the experts on children, not their parents. Then we were told to do everything possible to discourage parental involvement in schools. Use the parents, we were told, as fundraisers, chaperones for field trips, helping hands at children’s holiday parties, helpers at events like school plays, athleltic contests with other schools or for field days, but not in the classroom when instruction was going on. Of course, being the loudmouth who spoke up when others stayed silent, I asked how we, at the time 99% of us 21 – 23 years old, could be experts on anything – esp children who had lived being loved since their parents knew they were coming, and had stayed up with them through sicknesses, injuries, bad days, and more, and knew how their child learned best. Most of the class was nodding in agreement, some muttering that they hadn’t thought of that. I said that I knew there were bad parents, but those were the ones who never showed up anyway.
I was snarled at by the teacher to learn my true place or fail the course and be expelled. The entire class was stunned. The prof. poked his finger at them and said,”Don’t get any ideas or the same thing will happen to you.” Most of us had loans and grants, scholarships, work-study, or other programs that meant expulsion would trigger a demand for the immediate return of that semester’s non-loan aid, and that the entire amount of the loan would come due immediately. We gave them the answers they wanted, but I doubt those of us lucky enough to get a full time job ever obeyed that commie prof. (there was a teacher shortage when I started and a glut when I was graduated). ,
Now, this crap surrounds daycare kids…unless you find either a private religious daycare or a family day care. Preschools are even full of it. DeSantis’s bill doesn’t go far enough. Some of my favorite conservative hosts on YouTube, Rumble, etc., have shown Tiktok videos of young teachers, piercings everywhere in some cases, teachers sitting with 5 and 6 year olds, discussing pronouns, gender idiocy like not having to pick a gender at all, or “coming out” wirh their sexuality and/or gender – and, of course, pronouns – to their kids in class. In most cases these are LITTLE kids, 2nd grade was the highest grade I’ve seen. I won’t install Tiktok to find out, because of the Chinese government spyware on it. Those guys who do have it installed use a separate cheap phone for that.
Brandon Tatum, Black Conservative Patriot, Black Conservative Perspective, Sydney Watson, Anthony Brian Logan, have all featured something of this at least once. I know Jericho Green has talked about it. There is alsoa. reans and a lesbian conservative – well, more Libertarian, really – both of whom say that they are doing this to children too young and it wil scar them.
DeSantis needs to e
spread this bill to forbid tje same things in daycares, preschools, and increase the age to 10. Even 10 is too early, but at least by then kids will bave picked up some of this talk and have questions about it that they can ask at home and in school.


Casey C Matt
5 months ago

What is a VERY common opinion sane Americans believe when it comes to pedophiles or to people who just “groom” children toward a deviant lifestyle? It runs along the lines of “the only good pedophile is a dead pedophile”. Perhaps its time to just room temperature these sick perverts who seem intent on brainwashing our precious children. Just………..indeed, “make em dead”.

5 months ago

Remember Saul Alinsky’s’Rules for Radicals”? He is admired by both Ob(s)ama and Hitlery. He suggests take over religion, health, economy, firearms and finally start to train the kids in their theory. You can then have full control and completely take over the country. This book was published in 1971. What do we see the Demoncrats doing previously as well as right now? Hmmmmmm. Time to take back control!!!

Homer Howell
5 months ago

People who throw disparaging comments at people who they disagree with are to be ignored. Do not reply to them because it gives them a platform to spout their hatered . ignor them, laugh at them but do not engage them in conversation. This too shall pass.

Judy K.
5 months ago

Ogres is good, but I prefer Demon Spawn. All of the breaking down of American values and the family has been going on for nearly 60 years. What I have learned, if we give in even a little to the demands of deviant minded people, they’re NEVER NEVER satisfied with what ever they get that leans their way….which we know are the ways of the Devil. The Church, (as Christians), is also just as much at fault for how we got to where we are; allowing heretics and false doctrines to take hold. God taught us that ‘the LOVE of money is the root of all evil and the way in which many wolves in sheeps clothing have chosen.
I believe God’s warnings we’ve been given we’ve ignored in turning from the path we’re on. Whether it’s weather related disasters or earthquakes or diseases. 9/11, I feel was about the last straw for a warning.
Now our government has been totally corrupted by the ungodly. We’re in very very deep trouble, and not just trouble, spiritual trouble.
I really don’t know if our country will not only wake up enough, but fight against this enemy within. Other peoples in their countries are standing and fighting like, Canadians, the Israelis, the citizens of Russia, and the Ukrainians, whose lives right now absolutely depend on it. But Americans? There are too many uneducated and ignorant fools in this country, and I have also been guilty of being complacent. That can be more dangerous to ourselves than we think.
I pray God will hear our pleas to grant us His Wisdom to restore US back to Him. ‘With God, all things are possible.’

Smili'in Jack
5 months ago

It started many years ago with the “new math” curriculum where parents were not able to help their kids with homework. Looks like that was intentional to separate them from their kids who had to rely on the teachers and no one else. Math is math and 2×10=20 so what’s difference how you got there. The answer will always have to be the same. This was the first sinister play in the education take over movement and now we can see why.

anna hubert
5 months ago
Reply to  Smili'in Jack

the bigest threat to totalitarian state is the family must be destroyed at any cost

5 months ago

Ogres yes. But most nice people dont see that yet. They’re still hypnotized into remaining charitable towards the hard left. The proof: most parents don’t seriously consider home schooling in its various iterations….yet. The left is at war with the created order of things. Note the sneer on their faces when they say the words ‘nuclear family’.

5 months ago

Excellent and thanks. This battle against parental rights has been going on for over 50 years. Glad to see Florida making some progress in this battle 4 parents rights in the classroom.

Jake the snake
5 months ago

No one who has ever had children should ever be voting democrat

5 months ago

All part of the plan friends…….the radicals of every persuasion have been working hard to transform this great land……people better wake up and be aware of what is going on before time runs out……before it is too late……ask the people in Germany in the 30s……they woke up too late…..the people in Venezuela…..the people of Cuba…….as for folks in California……well….they by and large are a particular breed…consider what happened to the recall movement recently……WAKE UP AMERICA

Mercedes Franchella
5 months ago

No one will corrupt and spew garbage into my grandsons head, God help those who try!!! I will be involved in every aspect of his education ????????????

5 months ago

Well done Mercedes……well done Tammy……well said to both

Christina Jenny
5 months ago

Great Article Tammy!

5 months ago

Agree, good article

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