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The Invisible President

AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman

President Joe Biden spent most of the 2020 presidential campaign in the basement of his Delaware home — out of sight and sound. While an unorthodox strategy, it worked well in the toxic political atmosphere of that cycle in which the pandemic dominated the discourse. Biden was visibly old and unsteady, and the incumbent president was all too controversially visible and under attack by a hostile establishment media determined to aid and abet his defeat at the polls.

On taking office in January 2021, Mr. Biden inevitably had to become more visible. But a combination of unpopular policy actions and statements, and his less-than-dynamic appearances, caused his approval ratings to sink rapidly until recently his positives fell into the mid-30s. He and his administration became a major stumbling block to the Democratic Party’s prospects in the upcoming 2022 national midterm elections.

Following a highly visible but unproductive recent visit to the Middle East, President Biden tested positive for COVID-19 and was understandably isolated in the White House. After recuperating, he had a recurrence of the virus attributed to the medication he received. Now recovered, he has been seldom seen or heard except through his press secretary and various spokespersons who have communicated presidential actions and statements.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s poll numbers have inched up from the mid-30s to the low 40s— although his negatives have more or less remained above 55%. This circumstance cannot have been lost on those around the president, nor its clear implication that the less Joe Biden is seen and heard, the better he is regarded by the public — and the less damage he does to Democrats in their midterm election campaign.

Thus, the invisible candidate became the invisible president.

Interestingly, the one poll which has recently shown Biden’s net favorable poll negatives in only single digits has been the Rasmussen Poll which in 2016, 2018, and 2020 — along with the Trafalgar Poll — was among the very few who got it right. Both Rasmussen and Trafalgar use unorthodox polling methods, often denigrated by the polling establishment, but which have been notably more accurate than most of the establishment polls which until lately minimized Biden’s negatives routinely.

A very recent development was the apparent decision by many Democratic leaders and strategists to jettison the prospect of Mr. Biden seeking a second term. Suddenly, negative articles and polls on Biden appeared in the Democrats’ media venues, and it was widely reported that many Democrats thought it inevitable that the president would not run again.

The dilemma now for those Democratic strategists, however, is not to give the public the impression that President Biden’s approval or standing is so restored that he is encouraged to run for a second term. On the other hand, believing they are surging, they are expected to send their sitting president to campaign for Democratic candidates in close races.

Risking his recent bump up in the polls, the White House announced that Mr. Biden would begin a national mid-term campaign tour in Maryland. Wearing aviator sunglasses, the President tried out a “top gun” image to counteract his chronic image of being too old and unsteady.

Putting President Biden out on the campaign trail, making speeches, and appearing on TV, also renews the risk of further nationalizing the mid-term elections — which, because of the current economic and other domestic problems, likely helps Republican candidates.

So far, it should be noted that the GOP has not put forward a legislative plan as they did with “The Contract with America” in 1994, which was then very successful in enabling GOP candidates to win a historic election with a national wave.

As many observers have recently said, a forecasted red voter tsunami is not inevitable in November, especially if the Republicans fail to inspire and encourage their own voter base, independents, and dissatisfied Democrats to show up at the polls.

Democrats seem to be unintentionally helping by neglecting the Texas border, cutting off energy resources, raising taxes and government spending, increasing the national debt, and raiding a former president’s home — and now putting their own “invisible” president back on display.

But all their media horses and all their polling men won’t put Democratic majorities back together again if Republicans do what is necessary to bring their wave in from the political sea.

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Harry Burchell
1 month ago

I’m surprised that no one sees Hillary running for president by speaking against Biden’s mis steps and apparent failures. It’s as though he was put in office with his failures to work as a springboard to ensure her nomination and subsequent election to the White House. The logic goes, if Biden is the worst ever, maybe disenchanted conservatives will be enticed to be suicidal enough to shoot themselves in the head at the voting both…

2 months ago

This is an extremely important issue and involves several complicated elements. I certainly don’t have all the answers but will share what I feel are some critical points. 1) There are a number of Republican leaders who are a part of the DC establishment, AKA “the swamp”, that will not speak up for fear of being cast out. 2) Hugh numbers of citizens are very disturbed, even angry, but are not inclined to speak out publicly because they know it will only result in their being called every despicable name in the book. 3) The media downplays and under reports the publics negative feelings about Biden and the left because it would magnify his/their failings. I can only hope the silent citizens are in reality the majority and will vote in Hugh numbers this fall.

Michael Quinn
3 months ago

Anyone remember Al Franken’s senate victory in Minnesota in 2008? He lost by 2,000 votes, but after weeks of recounts and challenges, won the seat from Ron Coleman by 312 votes. The Democrap machine will be lawyered up for every close race, and they have been fine tuning since 2020. Do not be surprised if, after weeks of recounts, the ‘Franken Factor’ will yield more than enough squishy Republicans willing to concede by January. Republicans have a solid history of snatching “defeat from the jaws of victory”. All of this Red Wave talk makes me cringe. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Democraps behind it to make conservatives complacent.

Marie Langley
3 months ago

Let’s hope that the American people don’t fall for this media blitz to buy more votes like he did with the forgiveness of student debt. I would pray that Americans are not that stupid and will see right through this smoke screen. After all, Biden is a career politician and knows how to deceive.
Republicans need to come out in record numbers in November to defeat this corruption!!!!!!

Donald Christian
3 months ago
Reply to  Marie Langley

and elected republicans need to grow a set and DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE US, Also, fill the jails with treasonous scum to be shot !

3 months ago

Republican candidates need to get out and campaign and tell voters why they should be voted for. They cannot just rely on Donald Trump’s endorsement. Personally, I would vote for a monkey before voting Democrap.

Allan E Brem
3 months ago

Susan Rice in the WH doing Basah Adaba’s bidding.

Myrna Wade
3 months ago

Denigrating Republicans as destructive law breakers is an effort to shame us. It is amazing that this line is coming out as the election banner for the democrats. Especially ironic when he has just attempted to forgive some student debt without authority.

3 months ago

Personally, I’m okay with biden being “invisible”. Keep him out of sight, keep him in the cellar! We don’t need him. IMHO

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!
[email protected] LET’S GO BRANDON!

3 months ago

kamala is also a ghost

3 months ago

dems live on verbal/physical misdirection. with more than two years to the 2024 general election expect them to get brandon in there for 2024 to 2028 if the mid-terms turn out more positive than we want. MAKE SURE TO VOTE FOR AMERICA IN TWO MONTHS OR YOU MAY NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.

Marta Alvarez
3 months ago

In one of many interviews, President Trump warned us about the Dems being inept to handle our economy and what not, but with a characteristic that Republicans lack: Unity. He said something like: They unite around any issue that favors them against us. Sadly, the conservatives are fighting among themselves and can get united. Our Congressmen seem to be lukewarm at best. I don’t see them campaigning as one voice on issues that plague us today, like the economy and the threat of Communism. Even sadder is the fact that Communism is already here; people don’t even realize that they have fallen for it, miserably. People have failed to realize the obvious: The Democratic Party has a Communist faction that has very cleverly taken over the Party. If only people new a bit about history, they would have caught up on the sinister turn to the left that the Obama Administration took by flirting with Cub and the Colombian narco Communist guerrilla, FARC. Now, we have a President that sadly resembles Fidel Castro who in his last years was a shadow of a human being, but they ‘pasted him together’ to keep his image of a strong leader. This is night mare, really.

3 months ago

The Republican party is faltering under the leadership of Mitch McConnell. Get rid of him and the rest of the Rino’s, until then we will continue to loose our beloved USA to CCP Progressives.

3 months ago

The American Mafia aka the Democrats Party is actually way more dangerous than the Italian mafia, since they control the American military, the most powerful army in the world.

I am truly sad to watch the rapid shameful deterioration of The United States. I am fighting a question, which is, where is WE THE PEOPLE? where are you????????? What are you waiting for? This current administration is not ONLY dangerous to the Americans, but to the entire world.

The most confusing issue is, we had a true America lover, very smart and extremely hard-working man President Dnald J Trump who proved with actual deeds his God’s giving talents to be the best president ever, considering the different circumstances. He did NOT lose the last election it was stolen from him by the criminal Democrats party.

As I keep saying, such amazing achievements proved, at least to me, that those many miraculous achievements must be provided to him by our Lord God Jesus. The question arises ‘why then God allowed the loss of the 2020 election? My answer is simple, God wanted to show those naive Americans who voted for the incompetent Biden the huge difference so our president Trump would have a sweeping 2024 success.

Marta Alvarez
3 months ago
Reply to  ronyvo

I agree with you, but remember that there is no emotion more powerful that hatred. Our people have been slowly but surely ‘dis educated’. When you have a nation of uneducated people, you manipulate their emotions, which is exactly what the Dem/Communists did then and now. Keeping the attention focused on President Trump is what is making them so successful. People have become so radicalized that they forget about poverty, hunger, everything that affects them. What is important is to take President Trump out of the picture. I dare say that some GOP people want that too, so they don’t mind siding with the Dem/Communists to the detriment of the country. It was proven in the past elections. Sad, sad, sad.

2 months ago
Reply to  Marta Alvarez

I don’t think it’s so much that people are uneducated or miseducated. We have so many “college educated” people that really have no clue. It isn’t that they are uneducated so much as they’ve been indoctrinated throughout the years. It also doesn’t help when you have a corrupted media, including social media. Then there are always a few who believe in whatever misinformation and lies they are being fed by some pretty evil and conniving people! I’m writing my comment here on 9/11, 21 years after 2997 innocent people were murdered by some pretty evil people. Maybe people should think about how that felt and unite against these evil and corrupted politicians, social media gurus, Hollywood and celebrity activists. It’s a different kind of terrorism we’re talking about, but the same result if Americans don’t stand up and fight for our freedoms.

3 months ago

joebama,the marxist democrat party and swamp politicians have only one target with their 87,000 IRS agents- small businesses!!
There has been tremendous growth if independent business in Our Country, and these are the enemies of the politicians because they can’t control them or introduce their ridiculous wokeism on these hard workers!!
Don’t believe the marxist democrat party lies, independent business owners ate who they seek to destroy next!

David Millikan
3 months ago

First IRS STASI audit must be DICTATOR Beijing biden and family.
Next, Hillary Clinton, SWAMP QUEEN pelosi, and Communist harris including their families.
Guarantee that you will find all kinds of evidence. Just watch News reels and follow money trail to see how fast they are given up.

Jim D.
3 months ago

I can only hope that the Republicans are holding back right now and saving all their money and energy for attack in the final stretch leading up to the midterms. They have plenty of ammo thanks to the Democraps!

Larry W.
3 months ago
Reply to  Jim D.

The Republicans need to hammer home the fact that the last 2 years have been a disaster and our country can not stand another 2 years of this lunacy with democrat party control.

3 months ago
Reply to  Jim D.

I pray that Republicans have a well thought out specific list of the marxist democrat party’s destruction of America, AND specific action they WILL take once elected.
No more bs,rhetoric or failed promises, be like President Trump, DO WHAT YOU PROMISE.
Also the priority MUST be America and not witch hunt politics like the lying democrats have practiced for two years.
If evidence is there, procescute ,no more CREATED garbage, wasting taxpayers money and time!

3 months ago

Is obama running the country? Because biden sure isn’t.

anna hubert
3 months ago

He serves the purpose when that is finished que sera?

Lois DB
3 months ago

Have come to conclusion we are now living in OZ and the curtain will
be able to see who is behind the curtain, We will then be living in 1984.
No memories or privacy!

tom B
3 months ago

I can only hope the R’s get their heads out of their arses and go on the attack with all the negatives the D’s have created. maybe they are holding back ads until mid Sept. Our country is at real risk of losing itself to the Progressives. R Reagan said we are only one generation away from losing our freedom. he was a brilliant man.

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