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The Impeachment Drama is Becoming a Bad B-Movie

impeachmentUntil the House presents impeachment articles to the Senate, high theater will attach itself to the topic – but that does not mean Americans will be gripped by it. The Democrats who voted for impeachment articles are likely to find it harder to defend their actions as time passes. An increasingly disinterested, unconvinced, incredulous American public is tired of being played, tired of the B-movie.

Whether House Democrats are awaiting federal rulings to permit more hearings, clandestinely collecting information for more articles, lobbying Senate Republicans to vote for impeachment, or wanting to hold weak articles for a Democrat-controlled Senate in 2021, time is not on their side.

Here’s why.  The longer the impeachment debacle continues – particularly at a dangerous time in world affairs and national security, and with a roaring US economy – the sillier, more contrived, and more unpardonably partisan the endeavor looks.

If the Democratic leadership’s goal is to hold more hearings, three factors should give them pause.  First, the longer House hearings go, the more abjectly partisan they look.  Second, as the hearings progressed, polls increasingly showed moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans, and independents tipping against impeachment.  Finally, having more Democrat-selected witnesses only makes Senate Republicans more likely to subpoena devastating witnesses – including Congressman Schiff and the two Bidens.

Time is also against the Democrats, because the Department of Justice has a criminal investigation in full swing.  That investigation may dramatically alter underlying facts surrounding the initial Russia collusion probe.  That would undermine the abuse and “obstruction of Congress” articles, since anyone has a right to resist an unjust probe.  If charges end up being brought against Obama administration officials, not to mention either Biden, all bets are off.  White House defenses proliferate, and impeachment becomes an empty vessel.

Third, time is not on Democrats’ side if they hope to flip the Senate in the 2020 election, re-pass articles of impeachment, and whip a conviction.  If Democrats’ hands are full now, imagine trying to shoehorn a second impeachment – after a second Trump win.  The nation – or much of it, anyway – would revolt.  The shine would be off the apple, revealing partisanship so obvious that some Democrats might realign with the Republicans.

Consider one more fact.  The longer Democrats play partisan games with this seldom-used provision of the Constitution, the more centrist Democrats will fall away, making Democratic chances of regaining control of the Senate more unlikely.

The B-movie just drags on.  Americans are sick of this adolescent behavior from Congress, even if they think the president imperfect.  They are increasingly embarrassed at the loss of seriousness and the playacting in the breach.  Americans are not stupid – they see it all: trained lawyers acting like political patsies, self-aggrandizing lawyers and witnesses, all on the taxpayers’ nickel.

Now, as the world turns, President Trump is wrestling real life-and-death issues – on foreign policy, national security and pending economic questions.  In the end, as many surmised months ago, this impeachment gambit is proving one of the Democrats’ worst choices in generations.

House Democrats may have had stardom in their eyes, but the lights are dimming – and Americans are tired of this ill-conceived, badly scripted and poorly acted B-movie.  America seems to be past the drama’s apex, past the tipping point, past the moment when most Americans were paying attention, let alone interested in a contrived, self-serving controversy.

Here’s the kicker.  Heartland America is smarter, faster and more instinctively on cue, in tune and engaged than Washington – and certainly more so than Washington thinks.  In this case, many moderate Republicans, Democrats, and independents saw this coming.  They saw the error of all-consuming politics, hate-based partisanship, hoopla and myopia.  They may not walk marble steps or relax in lofty offices, and they may not have brass doorplates, corner offices or a big budget for hearings, but they know what is real.  They are over impeachment, even if House Democrats are still banking on it.  Best move – get on with governing.  Give up the B-movie.

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Eric Farthing

I have only one small quarrel with this article. Congress’ behavior (especially the Democrats) is not adolescent. It is childish, like a 3-year-old’s temper tantrum, screaming “MINE” at the top of their lungs while fighting over a toy.

John Karkalis

You are overly generous in allowing the impeachment charade a “B” rating. Too bad our alphabet doesn’t extend beyond “Z”.
I am tiring of repeating myself whenever I say that the impeachment “affair ” will be only a distant echo by November 2020.
Avoid the rush. Order your tickets now for Mr Trump’s 2nd inauguration.

Scott Berg

To be honest with you I’m ready to give anybody the benefit of the doubt but at this point the Democratic party seems to be only interested in themselves and the hell with the rest of US🇺🇸


The filthy Democrats think the longer they draw this out that it’ll affect the re-election of President Trump.



Pelosi and the dems need to stop being politicians and start being statesman. They are horrible examples of what is wrong with our government. They are out to get Trump in any way they can. I wonder if they have looked at their 401K returns for last year? Oh that’s right it really doesn’t matter Pelosi lives in a nine million dollar house.

Patriot Will

The Democratic leaders are “like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off.” Literally, they are accomplishing nothing for the American people. More and more informed Americans are totally disgusted with the shameful antics of the lefties. Only the ignorant and/or partisan voters are actually pleased with the horrible behaviors exhibited by the socialists and communists in the Democratic Party.
It’s looking like Donald Trump will be a two term president.

Paul W

Excellent article, Mr. Charles. Well stated.

Stephen Russell

Have No timeline day 1 for Impeachment, None, make 1 get estd End these BS games in DC.
Dems holding US hostage to Their Impeachment dreams.


The liberal democrats think that the American people are all a big bunch of stupid idiots and the ones that vote for liberals are idiots, but the rest of us have some grey matter upstairs and don`t allow democrats nor the fake news media to do our thinking for us.

Brenda Blunt

The adult toddlers now need to move out of the way. Perhaps moving to another country where they will lose everything!!

Pete from St Pete

I thought Nancy Pelosi said they didn’t have time to do it the right way (through the courts) because it was so important to stop Trump it had to be done immediately. Now she is holding it up for no reason. I think the old harridan has lost some of her marbles. She is the living personification of what is happening to what was one of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Francisco her home base.



William Ferguson

Bravo, well stated! The thoughts of millions of Americans stand behind your words.

Francis Elliott

This is an accurate analysis of the current impeachment fiasco which the left would do well to read and heed.. The world is watching to see of our freedoms survive a concerted effort by those who look with disdain on freedom and a democratic government.


The Senate should read what congress has done then dismiss all charges and stop their farce and if possible tell the congress and the dnc they are to pay back every dime they have waisted of taxpayers money with interest, and stop their childish behavior and get to work to make America Great Again

Melody Ireland

Thank God people aren’t stupid. The three year hissy fit that Trump got elected is getting so tiresome. Are they stupid? They have finally showed their hands that they are more interested in power and status than they are in running this country and rejoicing about the strong economy, low unemployment rates and the fact that this country is thriving.

Roger Johnson

Great summary of the Democrat’s impeachment debacle!

Barbara Ervin

Anyone who has any sense knows these people began planning this fiasco the night of the election. As soon as it became obvious that Hillary would, once again. be occupying our WH they got to work. It’s pitiful that we have people running this country who are so self serving, uncaring and childish! Hopefully come this November most nitwits will be gone! Think very, very hard before you vote in November folks, Our country, as we know it, is at stake.

Frank Kowal

You are right , this impeachment process has been likened to a one-star B moviel

Steve and Betty Almasy

Very good 👍