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The Impeachment Drama is Becoming a Bad B-Movie

impeachmentUntil the House presents impeachment articles to the Senate, high theater will attach itself to the topic – but that does not mean Americans will be gripped by it. The Democrats who voted for impeachment articles are likely to find it harder to defend their actions as time passes. An increasingly disinterested, unconvinced, incredulous American public is tired of being played, tired of the B-movie.

Whether House Democrats are awaiting federal rulings to permit more hearings, clandestinely collecting information for more articles, lobbying Senate Republicans to vote for impeachment, or wanting to hold weak articles for a Democrat-controlled Senate in 2021, time is not on their side.

Here’s why.  The longer the impeachment debacle continues – particularly at a dangerous time in world affairs and national security, and with a roaring US economy – the sillier, more contrived, and more unpardonably partisan the endeavor looks.

If the Democratic leadership’s goal is to hold more hearings, three factors should give them pause.  First, the longer House hearings go, the more abjectly partisan they look.  Second, as the hearings progressed, polls increasingly showed moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans, and independents tipping against impeachment.  Finally, having more Democrat-selected witnesses only makes Senate Republicans more likely to subpoena devastating witnesses – including Congressman Schiff and the two Bidens.

Time is also against the Democrats, because the Department of Justice has a criminal investigation in full swing.  That investigation may dramatically alter underlying facts surrounding the initial Russia collusion probe.  That would undermine the abuse and “obstruction of Congress” articles, since anyone has a right to resist an unjust probe.  If charges end up being brought against Obama administration officials, not to mention either Biden, all bets are off.  White House defenses proliferate, and impeachment becomes an empty vessel.

Third, time is not on Democrats’ side if they hope to flip the Senate in the 2020 election, re-pass articles of impeachment, and whip a conviction.  If Democrats’ hands are full now, imagine trying to shoehorn a second impeachment – after a second Trump win.  The nation – or much of it, anyway – would revolt.  The shine would be off the apple, revealing partisanship so obvious that some Democrats might realign with the Republicans.

Consider one more fact.  The longer Democrats play partisan games with this seldom-used provision of the Constitution, the more centrist Democrats will fall away, making Democratic chances of regaining control of the Senate more unlikely.

The B-movie just drags on.  Americans are sick of this adolescent behavior from Congress, even if they think the president imperfect.  They are increasingly embarrassed at the loss of seriousness and the playacting in the breach.  Americans are not stupid – they see it all: trained lawyers acting like political patsies, self-aggrandizing lawyers and witnesses, all on the taxpayers’ nickel.

Now, as the world turns, President Trump is wrestling real life-and-death issues – on foreign policy, national security and pending economic questions.  In the end, as many surmised months ago, this impeachment gambit is proving one of the Democrats’ worst choices in generations.

House Democrats may have had stardom in their eyes, but the lights are dimming – and Americans are tired of this ill-conceived, badly scripted and poorly acted B-movie.  America seems to be past the drama’s apex, past the tipping point, past the moment when most Americans were paying attention, let alone interested in a contrived, self-serving controversy.

Here’s the kicker.  Heartland America is smarter, faster and more instinctively on cue, in tune and engaged than Washington – and certainly more so than Washington thinks.  In this case, many moderate Republicans, Democrats, and independents saw this coming.  They saw the error of all-consuming politics, hate-based partisanship, hoopla and myopia.  They may not walk marble steps or relax in lofty offices, and they may not have brass doorplates, corner offices or a big budget for hearings, but they know what is real.  They are over impeachment, even if House Democrats are still banking on it.  Best move – get on with governing.  Give up the B-movie.

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Paul Plasters
3 years ago

Mr. And mrs congress,pay attention to the words of advice here we are reconsidering who to vote for come next election.

Rexford O Ames
3 years ago

I couldn’t for the love of me what the end game was for the so called: Impeachment process used by the Democrat Party. Should the Democrat Party gain, once again, of the House by 2021. They will have effectively interfered with the Powers of Office of the President. Especially, should it come that Mr. Trump be re-elected. When in power, cover all the basis you can to maintain control of before, during and after an election cycle! The Dem’s do this well. They have the blueprint’s in place after maintaining control of 13 States. Hey, If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it. They are doing that process with the Federal Government. They have managed the so called Deep State, That means, they have placed, into the many government branches, they’re agents, to achieve the outcome they are after. You can’t fire them! They rotate so much that one would have great difficulty in identifying who did what and when. What a system! Heck, 99 % of all the politicians in government, walk away from their office and become, the lobbyists who because of their knowledge of the system, is a great way to get it (?) done, what one wants done, isn’t it?
Subsequently: SOCIALISM becomes more and more the norm.

3 years ago

Can someone explain why Republicans aren’t out protesting ?

3 years ago

The term “lobbying Senate Republicans” should be changed to “comprising Senate Repubs” into voting for this idiotic farce. It will happen.

3 years ago

The Dem-rats should have gone for just a Censure.. It would have been less partisan for our country, and may have had an actual chance of passing…

Steven King
3 years ago

Reading this article brings me back to thinking about all the good things that happened since President Trump was elected. Yes, many of the Democrats have been bad actors. Yes, our tax dollars have been wasted. Yes, many of the Democrats have and are hoping that our economy will tank. Yes, many of the Democrats want to tell us what we want and need. Yes, many of the Democrats want to have more control of us, making us a socialist society.
Now the good things. First and foremost, President Trump has kept a very positive attitude. Unemployment is the lowest it has been in almost forever. For the most part, everyone who wants to work, has a job. The markets are thriving and yes the state of the markets affect almost everyone. Overall, businesses are growing. Our cost for energy has stabilized. People are leaving the welfare assistance lines. Our trade disadvantage with many countries is being leveled in our favor.
Like President Reagan, President Trump has made us proud to be Americans. His “America First” attitude should be embraced by all. Those who cannot see the good that has been done can stay on their pity party.
This coming election is extremely important as to the direction our great republic takes. It is important for all of us to get out and vote. It is important to make sure that all of our like minded legally registered to vote fellow Americans get out and vote. This in mind, talk up the good that has happened. Be positive. Don’t get stuck dwelling on the impeachment or all the other negative things that the Democrats have put us through. But don’t forget them either. Just don’t be like of the other side of the aisle.

3 years ago

Hmmmm B rating is a bit high for this continuing drama. This cloak and dagger (I.e. in the basement, doors locked, shades pulled, bright lights in the faces of witnesses), needs to come to an end. The democrats have wasted enough time and money doing everything BUT the job they were elected to do. This whole thing was free press for their grandstanding and giving speeches, for the upcoming elections. In their minds, and rightly so, it’s the only chance they had in the 2020 election. They took the chance, and have failed miserably. Now let’s move along and get the peoples business done. They don’t have a prayer against President Trump now, so suck it up and get on with the job you were elected to do. It might save a few of your seats in Congress if you could at least pretend that you know what you were actually elected to do. I am really disgusted with this whole thing. Terrible nightly television. GO TRUMP 2020.

3 years ago

A bad B movie was what it was at it’s inception and has only gone down hill! Rules of due process ignored. No foundation or proof or testimony to back any of the allegations. When when kangaroos all sat down all they really had were fingers all point at their own people. This whole thing has been nothing less than a total sxxx show!

3 years ago

The best thing about the Democrats impeachment scam is that they have exposed themselves as the conniving scam artists that they truly are (they also did this in the Kavanaugh hearings.) We are more than aware that they are willing to lie, chest and steal, or worse, to gain their objectives.

t the foBetsy
3 years ago

Forget elections and all the other silly talk–what does the rest of the world see and hear? How does all this look to those determined to destroy us and our allies? If everyone is so worried about world War III, why make us look stupid and un-together to them? We need for our President to be credible and able to negotiate with other leaders without being thought of as a dope and about to be thrown out of office!
Really People—Lets come together and Stand United against those who scream “Death To America”!

3 years ago

I believe that the “elites” who believe that they know what is good for us greatly underestimate the deplorables. The deplorables must vote and get the toilet flushing on the career politicians. I have read that these folks are not politicians but rather “rhetoricians.” Look up some of the synonyms for that description.

3 years ago

We need to remember these democrats and the republicans,that are wasting money and time.when it comes time for re election.its time to clean house.when i look back,
its scary how are goverment has been filled with peaple that hate,the greatest country in the world.We are not perfect ,but we are a christian nation. We need to get new conservative legislators .Its time for Real Change.

Ed J
3 years ago

Let’s hope the Democrats continue to wear their Hair Shirts of Culpable Stupidity. The longer they do this, the better for the nation since more Americans are increasingly waking up and coming to understand the gravity of the “black arts” the Dems have been engaging in as they perpetrate their delusions on the American people. Eventually, in the fullness of time, only those folks who are a few fries short of a Happy Meal will continue to embrace and support impeachment as having any substance. What I would like the Senate to do is to find President Trump “factually innocent” and not just “not guilty.” A not guilty verdict simply means there was not enough evidence to convict. A finding of factual innocence is a declaration that the individual did nothing wrong and was not involved with anything that was wrong.

Jean Pizzoferrato
3 years ago
Reply to  Ed J

I’m with you Ed. Love your idea.

3 years ago

Word is out that the Democrats are now starting impeachment papers against Vice President Pence… Excuse me, Pence could never be anything but loyal and American, and a believer. I think the Democrat Liberals think that if they can get rid of Trump and Pence then guess who is next in line for President!!! Yes, it is the Speaker of the House; Madam (madman ahem… woman) Nancy Pelosi. Why else would she now be so willing to impeach for no reason. The liberals are lining up their ducks and they think they can do it~!

I truly feel bad for President Trump to have to endure this while working hard to MAGA. Only a tough, determined man like President Trump could take the liberals on!! Americans, no matter what side of the isle they are on, are not stupid…But it seems the Democrats in Congress and those running for Demo President are lunatics!!!

Keep praying America and lets show the Socialists that Americans are free and always will be… no matter who George Sorros and Obama (now residing in D.C. ) try to orchestrate an impeachment and take over against. Their plans for America look a lot like the former Poland and Russia. They want full world control and America ruins it by saving many immigrants through our free elections.

Let us landslide Donald Trump into office in 2020 and begin looking for another American Savior for the following elections. Americans stay on your toes and keep watch over our free nation. Jake

Ed J
3 years ago
Reply to  jake

If the Demsheviks continue with impeachment down the line, sooner or later they will have no one else left but the White House janitor to impeach. Gee whiz! Would the janitor have to torn over his mop to Piglosi after being impeached? While the mop is not a broom, I’m sure Piglosi could easily use it like the witch she is to “ride” out of town one night (probably would wait until Halloween for this blessed event in order to garner the greatest notoriety in the media). (Sorry, mop. No disrespect meant to you should Piglosi abuse you in any way.)

Jean Pizzoferrato
3 years ago
Reply to  jake

I know who I want for President in 2024. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. The people love him and he has accomplished almost everything he said he would do when he was running for Governor last year. His work ethic reminds me of our President’s work ethic. I live in Ohio, but I have heard so many good things about him.

3 years ago

It is becoming obvious that the real movers and shakers pulling Schumer and Pelosi’s strings are realizing the base stupidity and ignorance of their antics. And the likely result will be nothing short of embarrassing and of course a decreased bank account.

3 years ago

If you hate The United States of America, vote for Democrats.

3 years ago

To me this is nothing but a waste of people’s time, money and health but demcrats dont care as long as they can “GET TRUMP”
They started this a long time ago, it’s time to put up or shut up.

Mary houchens
3 years ago

You asked for a reply. Well here goes. In 2016 I got a divorce from a very cruel person. He left me penny less. I got a job to live. I am now 72 years old. Out of work because I have had 3 surgeries since 14 the of October. I might have cancer. I have no money. I keep getting messages for money for Trump’s America. Which I have non to send. My son is supporting me.nothing would change my mind about not voting for trump, but that is all I can do now. But if Trump can get the IRS off my back I would shout his name from the tallest building I could find here in Texas. No money to travel to tallest building anywhere else.

Mary Houchens 1947/9/21

Daniel Kopetski
3 years ago

Seems to me that as long as the Dems hold the papers Trump is not impeached so what’s the rush. Let the idiots shoot themselves in the foot.

Shuttle Guy
3 years ago

I have always felt she’s held back knowing who the GOP will call. And the first two will be the whistle blower and Schiff. Game Over! The Dem’s are in a bad way if they want to call witness’s!

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