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Ginger has the proper attitude. Commendable!

Yet illegals can claim “dependents” under the dependent child tax credit, that don’t even live in this country! It’s unbelievable that 1. they can claim any tax benefit, 2. they are not audited. Yet, the year after my 17 year old son passed away, I was audited and had to prove that he was my dependent! Did you know that illegals are given “temporary TINs” and that you don’t have to claim income to claim the dependent child tax credit?

I tried that last year and they turned me down too; but I included Congress in that head count.

I tried that last year and they turned me down but I included all of Congress along with the illegals.

As of last week the ILLEGAL aliens can come over and get full health care coverage also. I do not have any healthcare coverage and neither does my husband. We were born in this country, what in heaven’s name is going on with our government?

Did you know next year on your tax return the IRS will penalize you for not having health insurance coverage?

I SHOULD be able to claim welfare receipients, they get a free ride while I work my self to death! I was a single mom and when my kids were little I put myself through college. I got food stamps and healthcare for my kids but I also worked part time. I totally see it as a system to HELP people like myself but not as a steady diet!!

Me, too. & I didn’t get a special “child credit” & my ex only paid support when he felt like it, which was less than 10% of the time, back in the ’60 s, ’70 s & no live-in-boyfriend, although child services encouraged me to. I just wasn’t raised that way, & neither were they. One son (democrat like his daddy) kids seem to think welfare babies is ok.

Why can’t I claim them? They get more of my money than I do!