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The Fledgling U.S. Space Force is Off to an Impressive, if Not Mysterious Start, says AMAC

space force startWASHINGTON, DC – Off they go beyond “the wild blue yonder” — the men and women of the U.S. Space Force, the newest branch of the American armed forces.

The U.S.S.F. officially began its mission on December 20, 2019.  The new branch of service is the successor to the U.S. Air Force Space Command, which was established in 1982.  It is tasked with protecting “U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force.”  But, there’s much more to it than that, according to the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC].

Rebecca Weber, AMAC’s CEO, notes that beyond the military aspects of the Space Force, there are life enhancing benefits to be had.  It’s an aspect that is clearly reflected in the message in its first recruitment effort —  a 30-second video with this compelling narration:

“Some people look to the stars and ask, ‘what if?’  Our job is to have an answer.  We have to imagine what would be imagined… plan for what’s possible while it’s still impossible.  Maybe you weren’t put here just to ask the questions; maybe you were put here to be the answer.  Maybe your purpose on this planet isn’t on this planet.”

The Space Force recruitment video may sound somewhat mysterious, says Weber.  “If it is, it certainly is not as mysterious as what seems to be the Space Force’s first spaceship: the X-37B spaceplane– the ‘world’s only reusable space vehicle.’  Last month the unmanned rocket ship blasted off on its sixth mission.  The last time it spread its wings it stayed in orbit for an impressive 780 days– more than two years — and safely returned to earth on October 27, 2019.  How long its newest voyage will last is anybody’s guess.”

The message from space command is that what we do in space improves our capabilities here on earth not just as they pertain to military endeavors.  We’ve had these capabilities since the Cold War era, providing peace time and war time aid, according to the U.S.S.F..  It’s Website notes that our abilities in space assisted in such military operations in the aftermath of 9/11 and in Desert Storm.  It also offers the means of placing new scientific research satellites in orbit and aiding agencies such as NASA and the Naval Research Laboratory [NRL] conduct experiments with the potential to enrich life on earth.  There is speculation, for example, the NRL may be prepared to test ways to “capture” solar energy and send it back down to our planet.

AMAC’s Weber adds that “the potential benefits to life on earth that this endeavor provides are as limitless as space itself.  Consider the health and medical achievements that we’ve developed in space — such medical miracles such as implantable heart monitors, cancer therapies and treatment procedures and much more.  And then there are the practical, non-medical advancements such as efficient solar panels, enhanced computer capabilities, new technologies and, of course, new job opportunities.”

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Bob Gonerman
2 years ago

“Space” is fiction! There is the Earth and there is Heaven. Can’t believe Trump allowed himself to be fooled by secular humanists into exploring something that Scripture proves doesn’t exist. He’s in bed with Souross and 5G and chemtrales, sad to say.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Gonerman

Hahaha no space is fact haven’t you seen the Star Wars…

LOL all these other sheaple believing in nonsense! Scripture has it!

Martha Cable
2 years ago

Why do people still think that traveling through space is a rocket ship? We already have anti gravity technology, reverse engineered from crashed ETs. They are hiding it from us. The government only lies. The community, Paradise, CA was destroyed by blue beam laser technology, they were a conservative community. They tried to say it was the power grid. So how did the cars on the road get incinerated and nothing around them was burnt? Close encounters of the Fifth kind is a documentary everyone should watch before the deep state murders us all. Why do we need to carry violence into outer space? And why are they trying to poison us with 5G? Some say its bad, some say it won’t hurt you, so where the in the hell does the truth lie?

2 years ago

I read an article several months ago that made the case that the Space Force wasn’t properly focused. Wish I could find that article because I agreed with what the author had to say. We’d better not waste our efforts on more bureaucratic nonsense and get serious on the military aspect of this Force. NASA can work on solar power, etc if it so desires but we had better come to terms with defending ourselves and our assets in space!

John K P
2 years ago

We are destined for “space”; always have been! The ONLY limits we have are those we place on ourselves! Some will remain and others will go forth into the future that awaits our destiny! The “infinite universe” and our imagination are the “key” to unlocking who we are, what we are and what we will become!

2 years ago

I believe God gave us everything here on Earth that he created. We know so very little about the deep jungles and oceans that are right here before us. Why are we not exploring these areas. There is so much to learn right here in our own backyard.

2 years ago

The Space Force is a budget-sucking rathole with no clear mission. One of the President’s more foolish ideas. It’s nothing more than NASA in military uniforms, so now we have two “space forces,” one in uniform, one not, and both hugely expensive doing the same thing.

2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

I agree, even if the launch was planned, this iwas exactly the wrong time to spend the $$ and energy to proceed.

2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

I agree….I think we have enough to concentrate on getting our earthly home stabilized. Besides, I don’t think God is going to be agreeable to earthlings taking control of space and
snooping around and tampering with things in space that don’t belong to us. God placed mankind on earth and it would behoove mankind to quit poking around in areas of creation that they do not own.

2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. First in space, make set the rules. We do not want China to rule, we rule because we are a good people.
Knock off the pessimism. Dream and dream BIG!

2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

There are plenty of budget-sucking ratholes in the federal and state governments. We would do well to complain more loudly about them. The Space Force is intended to help keep Americans safe from our earthly enemies and to keep the United States first in technology. I think it will be a considerable asset to the USA and to the world.

2 years ago

If you can dream it, if you can think it, you can do it. It is our destiny. That being said we must always watch our 6 o’clock position…..there is a dragon there waiting to take us out.

2 years ago

The article talk’s about the NRL wanting to capture Solar rays and then send them down to earth…The Bible in Revelations says there will be beams of light coming from the heavens with great destructive power. I’ve always thought we militarized space back in the eighties, but if we did not we sure as heck are planning on doing so. I think we’ve made that evident with the new military branch Space Force. I also believe if we haven’t, we should because of the Chinese and their total disregard of international law, human rights, stealing intellectual property and military secrets…and let’s not forget their desire to replace us as the world’s only super power.

2 years ago
Reply to  Steven

Have you ever heard of solar power satellites? It’s a concept in which satellites with huge solar panels collect sunlight and beam it down to power stations in the form of microwaves. The microwave energy is then converted and transmitted through the grid to power cities. This is an old idea with mentions in science fiction stories but there’s serious engineering behind it.

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