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The Democrats Are Whitewashing Leftist Violence


How many businesses burned shops during protests were destroyed Minneapolis Protest and Riots Fueled by the Death of George Floyd Under Police

It took only one week for the legacy media to go from gaslighting the nation about leftist violence to begging Joe Biden to distance himself from it.

“Joe Biden condemns violence in Portland and challenges President Trump to do the same” reads a ridiculous CNN headline about the presidential nominee’s speech in Pennsylvania yesterday.

The trouble with Biden’s contention, and the thrust of the CNN article, is that the former vice president blamed Donald Trump, “white nationalists” and “white supremacists,” not Antifa or Black Lives Matter, which have perpetrated most of the carnage we see in American cities. I’m sorry, it’s leftists who are chanting “death to America” in Oakland, not MAGA-hatted shock troops.

Moreover, Trump and Republicans have been condemning violence for months. They were pilloried for it. It wasn’t that long ago that Senator Tom Cotton wrote an op-ed in the New York Times suggesting Trump send National Guard troops to quell riots. The entire condemnation of Cotton was predicated on the notion that he wanted to deploy the military to crush peaceful “protesters.”

Perhaps the reality of the situation escaped the attention of many media figures who for months were diligently downplaying the existence of the looting, rioting, arson, statue-toppling, and murder. Perhaps these reporters and pundits fooled themselves into believing that Marxist Antifa “protesters” were really akin to the G.I.s landing in Normandy to stop the Nazis.

For months, we’ve been hearing the juvenile assertion that the country’s protests were “mostly peaceful.” Only this past Sunday, CNN’s Chris Cillizza was still tweeting that “Trump’s efforts to label what is happening in major cities as ‘riots’ speaks at least somewhat to his desperation,” despite the fact that much of downtown Kenosha had already been burned down by leftist agitators who had gathered from around the country.

You may remember New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof penned a reported piece titled, “Help Me Find Trump’s ‘Anarchists’ in Portland,” wherein he notes that the “president has his politically driven narrative. And then there’s reality.”

I guess he found them now.

Kristof’s first column, like so many others, assumed that Trump was exaggerating the political violence for partisan reasons. When Trump sent National Guard troops to quell the “protesters” who were attempting to firebomb the federal courthouse building, the entire Democratic Party’s media complex mobilized to perpetuate the myth that the presence of troops had triggered the violence itself, and that peaceful protesters were being snatched off the streets by fascistic stormtroopers who had occupied the city. In the vivid imagination of many contemporary Democrats, Portland in 2020 was just like Chile in 1973.

Let’s be honest: Every day is like Chile 1973 for such Democrats. There have been so many ginned-up moral panics over the past four years that they simply dissipate into the ether. Reminder: The National Guard hysteria — “Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun,” for example, warned Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times — happened right before the “fascists are snatching our mailboxes!” hysteria.

“As right-wing groups increasingly move to confront protesters in U.S. cities, demonstrators are assessing how to keep themselves safe,” says the same New York Times today. By the time this is all over, rioters will be remembered as the true victims.

Democrats thought they could somehow take advantage of radical protests to help them win 2020. It has backfired. Once distaste for the violence began showing up in polling, and once Republicans could circumvent media coverage during their convention and focus on David Dorn and other victims of leftist violence, the Democratic Party and their allies switched the narrative.

Today, the dangerously unserious House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff blames Trump and, who else, the Russians for “willfully fanning the flames of this violence.” Joy Reid, recently given a primetime show on one of the country’s major news networks, claimed that the riots were false flag operations perpetrated by “armed white nationalists” deployed as a nationwide strategy to help reelect Trump.

Just yesterday, NBC News reported that “Trump praises right-wing supporters, rails against protesters after unrest in Portland.” In many ways, the story is prototypical of Trump Age journalism.

The reporter, Allan Smith, describes the shooting of an unarmed Trump fan thus: “a man was shot and killed in confrontations between Black Lives Matter protesters.” In the very same piece, the reporter describes Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who claims he shot two rioters in self-defense, as a person who “was accused of having opened fire Tuesday during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two people.”

For NBC News, in one shooting there was a vague “confrontation” where the presence of pro-Trump activists “contributed to violent clashes,” and in the other a man “opened fire” on “demonstrators . . . protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake.”

Not long ago Biden’s campaign staff was bragging about their donations to a group that paid the bail fees for Minneapolis rioters. And veep pick Kamala Harris was promoting these groups as well. Today? “Fires are burning, and we have a president who fans the flames,” says Biden. I wonder if reporters will track down any of those “protesters” Biden’s staff bailed out to see what they’ve gotten themselves into.

In any event, Biden promises that once Trump is gone peace will again prevail.  “Americans weren’t getting murdered every week in political violence when Barack Obama was president,” another CNN commentator says. “This American carnage began in Donald Trump’s America. He is dividing the country and inciting a civil war for his own cynical political purposes.”

Let’s set aside the fact that virtually every police shooting that’s sparked riots and violence in the past four years has occurred in cities run by Democratic mayors and often progressive city councils. Trump does not run the Minneapolis or Kenosha police departments. Wasn’t Obama president during the riots in MilwaukeeBaltimoreOakland, and Ferguson? Wasn’t it Obama who was president when five Dallas police officers were murdered by a Black Lives Matter activist?

When a few hundred Nazis rioted in Charlottesville, the very soul of the country was at stake. When far leftists are behind mass unrest across the nation for months, causing billions in damage and destroying thousands of lives — most of them in minority communities — it’s still Republicans who are at fault.

Of course Biden doesn’t want cities to burn. But Democrats have spent years stoking conspiratorial and paranoid fantasies among their gullible activists. Every traditional political setback Democrats experience — a tax cut or Federalist Society–approved judge’s confirmation — is treated like a dire attack on the foundations of “democracy.” The constant and cynical delegitimizations of American institutions and our elections have convinced a bunch of people that their voice has been stolen. And once the hysteria devolved into violence, it caught up to Democrats in the polls. Now they’re just attempting to whitewash history.

Reprinted with Permission from - National Review by - David Harsanyi

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2 years ago

Of course Dems are whitewashing violence. They have been using violence as a political tool since the 1860s. Its part of their use of hatred and racism to keep minorities in line.

The OLD Warhorse
2 years ago

It used to be that the “mainstream media” (ABC, NBC, CBS and later, CNN) was the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. Those days are gone. Now, the Democrat Party has become the political wing of the Leftist or Progressive (actually Socialist or Communist) Media. Have no doubt folks, Slow Joe and Chameleon Kamala will react to almost anything stated by any of the Trump-hating talking heads on CNN. There is nobody in elected office today or seeking elected office today in the Democrat party who is actually “in charge” or in a “leadership position”. Some think that AOC and “The Squad” or old Bernie are pulling the strings behind the scenes. NOT SO!!! It’s the New York Times (and their repeater stations, the LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, etc.), CNN and MSNBC and the others to a lesser degree that are driving the Dems to do what they are doing. They hate the President, they lie about him, they misquote him at every opportunity, they have created the agenda for the Dems and all the little politicians just follow along blindly. Will it end after the election? Hell no!!! If Biden somehow wins, it will only get worse and I fear our country will suffer a severe decline. If Trump wins, their heads will explode! BUT, IF the Republicans gain control of the House, increase their majority in the Senate, and the President wins, there is a chance, just a chance that we can undo much of the damage done over the past half-century or more. There’s a lot of damage to undo and it will take a lot of guts to do it.

2 years ago

Sad to say but democraps believe the media doesn’t lies. They won’t look at anything that reports the facts not narratives. One of my democrap friend seriously believes we are telling g !ie’s about taxes, riots, socialism, health care, etc. They are absolutely brain washed! You can’t reason anything with them. Truly sad they believe all the other news except Fox! Just plain corrupt!

Stanley Sparks
2 years ago

I have not seen a peaceful “protest” yet, they use bats to break glass out of cars and businesses.They throw molotov cocktails,rocks and bricks. Then shoot commercial grade firework at people and building. Karl Marx would love these guys.

Carol Nickel
2 years ago

The left is so out of touch with reality and so used to their lies they have totally lost it and do not ever see the absurdity of what they are doing. I lived in CA, NV and recently in WA state and I saw with my own eyes the total destruction and what is taking place in what used to be in my estimation the cream of the crop of beautiful states on the west coast. I will tolerate NO MORE LIES from these useful idiots and have restarted my calling their offices whether they are a moronic mayor, governor or a member of congress. I am so aware of what the media is trying to do to this country and you are so correct that they are along with antifa and blm the enemy from within. They are nothing more than marxist and communist fronts and I keep saying follow the money! I no longer believe any of what I hear from these idiots. If you vote for biden/harris then we will live as I lived under the new great leader putin of the soviet union. I have seen with my OWN eyes what socialism and communism does to people! And at the age of 80 I will never live under that type of rule. I have one question for the press: “How did pelosi know to have her masks made in such a vast amount that she can wear a different matching mask for each of her outfits?” “And how did she blame everyone else “I was a setup?” for her going into san francisco and having her hair done?” Those type of “humans?” will never make me afraid or fear them. They are cowards and I can only pray that God will change their hearts.

2 years ago

What happened to Real Americans, nobody living in this Great Country should tolerate violence, destruction of property,looting and fires. The LIES of democrats,the media and the distortions of what Our President has done for everyone should be ENOUGH to fully support four more years.
Shocking that anyone will accept anything less!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, find an alternative to Public Education.  It destroys individual thinking!!  Charter and Parochial Schools can be OK but Home Education is best although it may require lifestyle changes.  EACH OF US MUST CHOOSE!  “IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN…”

Bill Brown
2 years ago

Become a Counter-Revolutionary!  Demand Authority ENFORCE OUR LAWS!!  Stand-up for America!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

We must restore law and order!  It must start with making OUR Government Accountable to the People!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

Demand Antifa and all Marxist Groups be prosecuted!!  Take-back OUR Country!!!  Stand-up for America!!!!  Remove Every Democrat!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

The Democrats are Communists!!  The RINO’s are also Communists!!  The Republican Party as a whole is useless!!  We need a new Political Party – The Freedom Party founded from FreedomWorks.org!!  Stand-up for America!!  Make the TRUMP Movement grow – Freedom NOW!!!!!

2 years ago

It should be clear to the average voter Biden and his media denizens are lying. Notice I said “should be”. The only way we’ll know this is after the election. Let’s hope our citizens…or at least a majority of them…see through the media and their campaign to elect Biden, and vote accordingly, or if Trump so offends their sensibilities, to not vote.

2 years ago

Stock brokers are contacting their mega clients ( I’m note one) and informing them that they are recommending a reduction of shares in
the recent high-flyers and the establishment of stop-loss figures in others. The market is already making plans for a Biden win if it
occurs. I ( and they) pray it dosen’t.

2 years ago

The dems are telling us that if they are elected they will allow a communist revolution without resistance. Low income families will
move in to large homes owned by those of means ( see Dr Zhivago), All historical statues will be removed, our national archives will be
destroyed, all enterprise will be taken over by the “state”, innovation will be frowned upon, medical care will be limited to a once-per-year
visit, and all means of income production will be discouraged. I’ll bet that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and the ultra-wealthy have
already moved at least 50% ( or more) or their wealth out of this country and have several residences in other nations. Costa Rica for me.
Enjoy the election. See ya.

Rick J.
2 years ago

The left is going to push the issue until civil war is the only option. I wonder if they know what they are really asking for?

Ginger Lymbery
2 years ago

Follow the money…..who is paying these people to riot and burn? When you find out who that person is, then stick them will the bill to rebuild all of the destruction that their “employees” have done….maybe they won’t be so rich after they have to cough up billions of dollars for repair construction.

Lincoln Sorensen
2 years ago

Soros owns the media and his money keeps CNN and the other alphabet soups in business, Do you think their anemic viewerhip can keep them solvent? Not likely. The outrageous salaries of these lying imbeciles comes from somewhere other than the few sponsors they have left.

2 years ago

Just want you to know that the leader of people who do evil acts, lying, stealing, murder, etc. is Satan. Yes, he does exist. He wants people to think he doesn’t, and that makes it easier for him to lead more astray. God is good. Our country could be turned around if more people would come to Him and obey His ways. Start with the 10 commandments. He who has the power to create a universe by simply saying “Be”, can fix anything that is wrong. He has promised to do just that some day, and it seems like it’s coming soon. He will take care of those who seek Him and His ways. He loves everyone, but will judge those who don’t want Him. Think about it. As long as you are alive, you can make that decision. After that, it’s too late. Believe me, He will bless your life if you want Him.

Dino Deplorable
2 years ago

Send the idiot biden and and his idiot bunch in with water guns and then the rioting will stop,HA,HA,HA,HA.

Jeanette Fenton
2 years ago

yellow journalism at its worst!

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