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The Democratic Party’s Platform is an Assault on American Workers and Small Businesses

democraticIn the recently released 2020 Democratic Platform, the party led by Joe Biden has made clear their intent to crack down on workforce flexibility and the small businesses that make up the backbone of the American economy. Ranging from a drastic minimum wage hike, to overturning state Right to Work laws, repealing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and devastating small businesses and the independent contracting industry, a Biden presidency would promise to assail nearly all worker rights as we know them.

Among the first promises made by Democrats would be instituting a $15 per hour federal minimum wage. This would have a significant impact on lower income Americans who would be put out of work. In 2016, the Heritage Foundation concluded that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 would leave 7 million Americans out of a job, and the loss would be felt most in low cost-of-living areas. Fast food companies and grocery stores have already begun replacing workers with self-serve kiosks and check-out lines to cope with higher costs in cities and states that have mandated higher wages. As business across the country are struggling to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing business to lay off even more workers due to increased labor costs will prolong any economic recovery.

Beyond arbitrarily mandating a national wage standard, the Democratic Platform goes further in harming workers through the central provision of passing the “Protecting the Right to Organize” (PRO) Act in Congress. The bill would effectively invalidate state right-to-work laws, and open the door for the forced unionization of millions of American workers.

Right to Work laws have been a major driving factor for private sector employment growth in the states that have passed the laws to protect worker freedom. In 2015, National Economic Research Associates published a report showing that states with Right to Work laws had private sector employment growth of 27% compared to 15% in states without them. If the PRO Act were to be signed into law, returning overseas manufacturing jobs to the United States would be rendered far more difficult with the forced nationalization of mandatory unionization that has a proven effect on employment growth. Compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected businesses of all sizes, a Biden presidency would punish workers and employers with slower income growth and decreased manufacturing output across the country.

The Democrat Platform’s anti-worker provisions continue by violating the privacy of workers by eliminating the secret ballot in union elections. This Big Labor bailout would force employers to provide unions with contact information of their workers without the consent of these worker. These protections were put into place to avoid coerced unionization that can come as a result of harassment and intimidation by union thugs.

Ultimately, the two most damaging provisions of the PRO Act are the criminalization of independent contracting and codifying the joint employer standard. Through the PRO Act, the independent contracting industry that generates income for over 13 million Americans and comprises 8.5% of the national GDP would be dismantled. With a codified joint employer standard, 44% of private sector employees would be affected and cost more than $33 million a year for the franchise business sector.

Finally, the most egregious part of the Democratic Platform is their call to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which would ultimately increase taxes for Americans at every tax bracket. American families earning a median income of $73,000 would be hit with a $2,000 annual tax hike, while single parent households making $41,000 would see a $1,300 tax hike. For 22 million Americans families that utilize the child tax credit, their deduction would decrease from $2000 to $1000, a $1,000 annual tax hike per child on every parent.

The effects of the TCJA were not limited to individuals, with small businesses seeing massive benefits in the wake of its passage as well. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have long tried to conceal their agenda as impacting only “big businesses, ignoring the fact that 99.7% of businesses are small business and employ nearly 50% of the American labor force. Nearly all of these businesses are impacted by the Democratic Party’s anti-growth economic agenda.

Biden explicitly lied when he claimed, “Taxes on small businesses won’t go up.” By repealing the TCJA he would eliminate the 20% small business deduction, increase the marginal income tax for all small businesses, and increase the corporate tax rate to 28%. Over 30 million entities in the United States that utilize the small-business deduction, and nearly 85% of all corporations have fewer than 20 employees.

The Republican-passed TCJA was a significant contributing factor that led to the phenomenal success of the American economy before the impact of Covid-19. That included a 50-year low unemployment rate, with record low rates for African-Americans, Latinos, and other key groups. Cost-savings provided by the TCJA allowed small businesses to better deploy capital, with direct effects on their employees. Some of those benefits included 26% of businesses increasing employee compensation and 16% hiring additional employees, according to a 2018 survey from by the National Federation of Independent Business. Many of those success stories can be found here.

The 850 recent deregulatory actions undertaken by the Trump Administration since Covid-19 struck the nation have also been key in helping the American economy stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. Medical deregulation was vital in fighting the pandemic by allowing out-of-state healthcare professionals to provide service across state lines, cutting the red tape on PPE and ventilator production, and eliminating the defective CDC testing services by allowing private testing centers. The Biden campaign has not taken a position on whether he would make these important deregulatory actions permanent or repeal them if elected.

The Democratic Party Platform’s anti-worker provisions that explicitly call for raising taxes, increasing regulations, and destroying small businesses are a near guarantee that the millions of working-class Americans will continue to suffer even after the worst of the pandemic resides. The Platform of the party led by Joe Biden should concern independent contractors, freelancers, families, businesses, and entrepreneurs of all stripes.

Reprinted with Permission from - Americans for Tax Reform by - Pavle Djokic

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1 month ago

Biden and the democrats are out to destroy the American worker and this nation. We do not need unions, they only make cost go up and no American should have to belong to a union in order to work anywhere.
All Americans should vote Republican to save this great nation from destruction.

1 month ago

All the more reason to be as informed as possible before voting on November 3rd. The MSM will do everything in their power to support Biden and cover up the Democratic platform. Social media is no better with their censorship of the conservative view point. Fortunately their is still AMAC and Newsmax to bring us unbiased fact. Let’s get these viewpoints out there.

Paul W
1 month ago

This is just another example of the contempt that the leftist dnc has for America, particularly Middle-America.They loathe “fly-over country” citizens. Nothing on the dnc platform is a positive for “regular” Americans. Absolutely NOTHING.

Lawrence Greenberg
1 month ago

For those who aren’t paying attention, I have news for you: The Democrat Party’s platform is an assault on this nation, its values, its citizens, and its continued existence as a free nation of independent citizens. Remember that when you go into that voting booth; make the wrong decision, and you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Destroying individual working rights, increasing taxes, and artificially raising minimum wages — how people who want to work can vote for such a platform — is total insanity. Biden and his fellow comrades are cruel, power-hungry thugs who deserve to be treated with contempt, suspicion, and anger.

1 month ago

Why President Trump should be re-elected to help the recovery is so well articulated in this article. How can this message be repeated every day so that most American voters hear it at least once? Make sure Sean Hannity has the script. He is the one who realizes that a simple approach and repeating over and over is the way to win.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Dems been anti labor day 1 save for Govt Unions & teachers Unions vs other Unions.
Since teachers wont teach lets Defund Teachers Unions & use monies for schools A-Z.
Defund AFL CIO??
Rebrand AFL CIO?
Only Govt Unions make out, see CA State

Larry W
1 month ago

Obama promised to build the middle class. He did the opposite, and it’s clear that Biden isn’t going to learn from Obama’s mistakes. Remember all the millions that Obama put on food stamps? The fact that up to 7 million small business jobs could be lost they don’t care, they’ll just send everyone that’s unemployed a check and food stamps and raise taxes on everyone else that is still working. that’s their answer to everything, take more of your hard earned money and tell you to shut up. In the old days they would be called “Bandits” !

Phil Hammersley
1 month ago

Did the DIMMwits delete GOD again like they did several years ago? Deleted Him, then had a phony vote to undo the deletion.
DIMMs support lying, anarchy, theft (by “law”), abortion, etc.–all from THEIR father Lucifer.

1 month ago

Here in Progressively Communist Democratic California, our Communist Governor has eliminated independent contractors which destroys a multitude of small businesses. Expect the National Party Platform to do the same as the Party continues to cater to Big Business.

1 month ago

The only thing Democrats want is power and control! They want as many Americans as possible to be dependent on THEM so they can continue to acquire conformity for their power grab! Once you become dependent on government for your survival, it’s hard to vote for anyone else! The left won’t stop until EVERYONE in this country is a ward of the State, kisses the backsides of politicians for your livelihood and conforms to their ideology as their God! If you disagree with any of this, the left will one day exterminate you after you fail their re-education camps! That’s… Read more »

1 month ago

“Among the first promises made by Democrats would be instituting a $15 per hour federal minimum wage. This would have a significant impact on lower income Americans who would be put out of work.” Besides that, retirees have incomes that are more likely to be fixed, or semi-fixed. In other words most company pension plans don’t change the monthly benefit after the initial retirement. Social Security does have a cost of living adjustment, but it never seems to be sufficient to match inflation because the formula the government uses is all wrong. At this time, interest on savings is almost… Read more »

1 month ago

Thanks for bringing these so called “Democrats” anti American/Socialist/Marxist ideas to the front.

1 month ago

Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter. She deleted it, but not before it was shared over 20,000 times:
“It’s vital that Governors maintain restrictions on businesses until after the November elections because economic recovery will help Trump get re-elected. A few business closures or job losses is a small price to pay to be free from his Presidency. #KeepUsClosed.”
See how much she cares for her constituents?! Hopefully, HER job loss will be the first.

1 month ago

Bottom line: The agenda of Biden, Democrat party, and ALL the members of the CABAL and deep state have been exposed, i.e., take the power and run with it to destroy America and its people as we know it and impose policies that will turn us into another Venezuela or worse, socialism turns into communism, China et al can’t wait. I just hope and pray that legal citizens of this country will have strength, wisdom, perseverance and courage to band together and decide in November that Donald Trump is the one person who can stop them and have been since… Read more »

Ed J
1 month ago

The DNC’s platform only goes to confirm that the Demsheviks are all Charter Members of the “180º Club” (i.e., whatever position they espouse or embrace, the exact OPPOSITE is usually the optimal choice or course of action that should be taken). And Biden is the titular Pied Piper leader of this “parade” (er, I mean “CHARADE”)!

Josephine pooley
1 month ago

We just have to vote the Dems out! Let Biden go to his rest home!

Press ONE for English
1 month ago

Problem: People are having a tough time getting by on reduced (or eliminated) incomes due to the effects of the virus bug. This reduced income, coupled with unrestrained and profligate spending (and waste), is resulting in lower revenues and a resulting cash crunch for government. Democrat solution: Let’s raise taxes! That tells you all you need to know about this brain dead bunch. Trump is managing to hold the line on a national level but in radical left wing states and locales, they are already planning how to raise taxes on the stupid populace fortunate to have any income left.… Read more »

Morty Tupperman
1 month ago

Now, now, now…let’s be fair. The Democrats never finished “fundamentally transforming” America. They don’t need ALL the unions – they have the Teacher’s Union on their side and they have America by the short hairs…

1 month ago

Anybody who tries to think about the Democrat policies and how they will affect the country needs to understand one key concept. Democrats are not about making America better. They’re policies and actions are 100% about obtaining/holding power. They don’t want to lead you, they want to control you. They will say anything and do anything to obtain power and they will say and do anything to hold that power. If you look at everyone of their platforms and policies in this light, everything they propose and all of their actions actually makes sense. For example: In general, they have… Read more »

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