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The Democratic Megadonor and The Rising Crime Rate

AMAC Exclusive

George Soros

In recent months, Democrats have waged a public crusade against the supposed malign influence of so-called “dark money” groups in American elections. Democrats like Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse have made a career grandstanding on the issue, alleging that Republican politicians receive huge sums of money from shadowy organizations hell-bent on increasing the power of their ultra-rich anonymous donors. Now, however, politicians like Whitehouse have been exposed for their own involvement in dark money schemes, and even the liberal media admit that Democrats accept far more funding than Republicans from dark money groups. But of all the Democrat megadonors fueling the progressive push to remake America, perhaps none has been more effective than billionaire George Soros and his stealth campaign to radicalize the American justice system.

According to recent financial disclosures highlighted by Sean Kennedy, President of the organization Virginia for Safe Communities, Soros, a Hungarian-born former hedge fund manager, has directly or indirectly funded dozens of far-left candidates in local district attorney (DA) elections across the country, largely through various Political Action Committees (PACs) and super PACs. While Soros funding Democrat candidates is nothing new, his specific targeting of DA races has been shockingly effective and deeply detrimental to public safety.

Historically, district attorney elections have been low-dollar, locally focused efforts. However, in 2016 Soros personally invested more in local DA races than almost any other major donor spent on the entire 2016 presidential election cycle. The injection of nearly a million dollars into some of these races by Soros and his allies all but assured victory for his preferred candidates.

As a result of Soros’s efforts, roughly seventy-five of the candidates he funded are currently in office, meaning that dozens of influential local politicians throughout the country owe at least some degree of allegiance to one billionaire donor. While there are 2,500 district attorneys nationwide, Soros selected attorneys running primarily in urban and suburban areas. As a result, the DA’s he supported have jurisdiction over more than fifty million Americans. Additionally, the districts these attorneys oversee have a disproportionately high number of criminal cases filed in them, meaning that this relatively small group of prosecutors wields an outsized influence on the direction of the American justice system.

With their newfound collective power, Soros prosecutors have effectively uprooted and radicalized the American justice system, in many cases allowing dangerous criminals back onto the street. While a police officer may arrest an individual for a crime, it is up to the state and local attorney’s office to decide whether or not to actually prosecute that individual. Should a prosecutor refuse to bring charges or offer an extremely lenient plea deal to the accused, a judge has no choice but to accept it. Only in the most extraordinary of cases can a judge refuse such a deal. The shocking unwillingness of Soros-funded DA’s to prosecute even heinous crimes like sex abuse has led judges to issue such stinging rebukes as telling victims “your government has failed you.”

Many of these DA’s have also refused to implement cash bail, refused to detain criminals accused of violent crimes, and even provided the public a list of crimes they will not prosecute, essentially inviting criminal activity. Included on the “approved crimes” list are things like larceny, vandalism, and breaking and entering occupied homes. Additionally, some Soros prosecutors have dismissed as many as half of all cases brought to their office. As a result, a record number of lawyers serving under Soros DA’s are resigning in protest.

New lax sentencing in some of the nation’s largest cities perhaps also explains the “unprecedented” spike in murders and other crimes seen throughout the country. Predictably, many Soros DA’s are now facing recall efforts by groups like Virginia For Safe Communities, which AMAC Newsline has previously reported on.

However, while removing Soros-backed DA’s is a good first step toward restoring public safety, simply ousting the existing cadre of radical prosecutors may only be a temporary solution to a much deeper problem. Soros shows no signs of relenting in the use of his vast wealth to attempt to transform America, and he is hardly alone. Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss had quietly donated $208 million from 2016 to 2020 to help Democrats retake Congress and the White House, even as they baselessly accused Republicans of colluding with Russian businesses.

In the case of both Wyss and Soros, donations were channeled through a series of opaque organizations in order to bypass campaign finance laws and obscure the original source of the funds. Soros, for example, is part of a network of progressive billionaires who together created the Democracy Alliance. This network of progressive boosters secretly funds candidates who promote policy structured around “social justice” and “critical race” issues. While this group’s dark money funding scheme is the exact type of operation that most Democrats rail against, members have defended the operation by simply stating “we’re the good guys.” In other words, big money in politics is ok as long as it’s supporting Democratic candidates and policies.

Even as Democrats continue to publicly voice opposition dark money in politics, their actions have made plain that they intend only to root out and expose Republican donors for the sole purpose of public shaming and harassment, leaving their own vast anonymous funding network untouched. As a result, progressive-minded billionaires like Soros have been free to quietly infiltrate the political infrastructure of towns and cities across the United States without fear of reprisal, attempting to radicalize American society from inside government institutions. While Republicans may celebrate if they retake Congress next year and the White House in 2024, they would be remiss to ignore the creeping influence of billionaire activists in their own backyard, lest their constituents suffer at the hands of local authorities who have no interest in enforcing the law.

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[…] the progressive push to remake America, left-wing activists and ultra-wealthy liberal elites have quietly worked to install radical candidates in local prosecutor offices throughout the country. Under the guise of […]

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago

George Soros is the cash cow of dark money the Democrats utilized to steal the 2020 election, but Soro’s deplorable behavior has been with us long before 2020 got here…There is a clear & concise reason why Soros is no longer allowed in ( 6 ) other nations, including his country of origin, Hungary, where is father was a NAZI collaborator against his own people, the Jews. His son George as a young boy ran errands for the NAZI cause too…
George Soros more so than others was particularly successful in getting millions of dollars into the key district attorney’s offices in our major metro cities with high rates of crime, in particular by people of color…It was all part of a deeper plan to create a false narrative of racial disparities across the nations primarily Democrat run cities & it has worked, hence the creation of BLM from the Ferguson effect back in 2014, with ANTIFA entering the scene, creating chaos in anything they touched, basically burning our nation down with the Democrats remaining SILENT throughout…
Meanwhile the Soro’s affiliates are pumping dark money into the local DA’s offices to keep these Marxist thugs, both BLM & ANTIFA on the streets to continue on with their bloody violence against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their anti-America beliefs…
How or why George Soros is still allowed to operate in America is beyond any logical understanding for me to fathom. The man is pure EVIL & nothing good will ever come of this man…
Bill on the Hill…

3 months ago

Who can answer me what for he did it?

Sara J Grosso
2 months ago
Reply to  vehf277


3 months ago

We Patriots knock ourselves out fund-raising, rallying, calling, e-mailing, et. al. while this poor excuse for a human being can turn all our efforts to naught with one big check. Take the money out of politics and render those like him, impotent.

3 months ago

I truly don’t understand WHY Soros finances these people. What does he get? From his point of view, WHY would he want criminals out on the streets? he might be a jack ass, but he’s gotta be a smart guy. Other than “satan”, can anyone tell me his motives?

Sara J Grosso
2 months ago
Reply to  Befuddled

He wants our wonderful freedom loving country to be a socialist country. This is why they are tearing hell out of our country. So it goes down and they can come in with their socialist government. Where THEY will rule and make all the money off We The People. Which is another reason for allowing all the illegal aliens…people who will work for practically nothing and go “yes sir” when told what to do. Communism at its best.

3 months ago

I do not understand why our Goverment has allowed People like this trash to become a citizen of our country. Gorge Soros lost his citizenship in Hungary, because, of His attempt to radicalize their Government. Now the USA Government seemed to think He would be good for our Country. This way our RADICAL’S in our government,can work around the law that blocks the use of the “CIA”. People like Georgie Boy, with his Billions will be able to accomplish, what our Radicals can’t. It goes to show you just how crooked our Government has become.

I am not very happy with some of the People we have supposedly representing us have forgotten the oath they took. When you comment on your word,and don’t full fill YOU NEED TO TURN IN YOUR RESIGNATION!!!!! Myself I took that same oath 55 YRS. ago and I will feel that’s what obligated to do until death. We have a great country and People that look at the freedoms we have are jealous. That is why we are having a problem with our borders.

True, this country has things that need to be worled,but none of us are perfect. If you think this country is SOOOO BAAAADDDD,maybe you need to go checkout few other country’s where People are leaving to come here.

3 months ago

Soros has been banned from six countries including the one where he was born. As soon as the GOP gets control of the house and Senate they should move to get him deported. The problem with that is what country in their right mind would take him?

3 months ago

Satan’s henchman

Rob Edwards
3 months ago

George Soros and many like him are pawns of Satan. They worship the almighty dollar and use it to destroy people. Mr. Soros does not think for himself – the devil does that for him. Mr. Soros is a very evil man who has no compassion. Unless George Soros and men like him seek Jesus Christ for eternal salvation the only keeping them from hell every second is the mere arbitrary will and patience of an angry God. <><

Sheree Lewis
3 months ago

I am an AMAC member, what can be done about Soros and Wyss and the democracy alliance. What if anything are Republicans doing to fight this?

3 months ago

George Soros should be Deported as a Demestic Terrorist

3 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Soros owns Progressive Insurance. Don’t buy insurance of any kind from Progressive. Fair enough!

3 months ago

Thank you for publishing this. It seems most major news outlets will NOT talk about Soros. He is an evil man.

Tim Thompson
3 months ago

Well it’s obvious his efforts to weaken and destroy our Justice system has been very effective, blue cities AG’s have stopped prosecuting most serious crime that carries serious penalties under old sanctioned Court Justice. Now they simply don’t prosecute, let them out of jail without any bail and go back on the street to commit more crime. Unfortunately America has changed drastically, like the Marine Cornel who is sitting in jail because he spoke up about the Afghanistan retreat Biden and his incompetent generals did where these generals and Biden should be held accountable they aren’t. but he is WTF. Soros was a Nazi and the world court I believe still want’s him for crimes he’s committed. Let’s see he pays for the turmoil he’s created.

Constant de Calonne
3 months ago


3 months ago

I’d have to say Yes!

Charles Nolan
3 months ago

There is a war between good and evil, and the manipulating evil Soros is one of the enemies greatest resources. I pray that God snuff out this tool of the Devil along with those who collaborate with him.

3 months ago


3 months ago

Hey diddle, diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.

3 months ago

Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.

3 months ago

And there it is again, AMAC….that notation “awaiting for approval”…..I have asked you before what this is about….and your response is less than satisfactory…there is no profanity, no pornography, no threat of bodily harm, no attacks on persons…..yet my comment is “awaiting for approval”…..have you now become like Facebook?

Brianna Sloup
3 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

We apologize for this inconvenience and we are working on the issue now.

Alyssa Burke(@aburkeamac-us)
3 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

We regret that your comment was inadvertently held for moderation. We are experiencing technical difficulties and are working on resolve them as soon as possible. Thank You for your patience.

3 months ago

Now here is the guy we all need to be concerned about. Of all the people who are working behind the scene, under the table, and across international lines, Soros is this man. I feel it would be worthy to do an expose’ of this man. His history, his background, his many holdings worldwide, just to get a hint at what makes him tick. He is a THREAT beyond all threats…..a manipulator. A true puppeteer. Right up there with the whole list of evil villians that Bond faced …only he is not a man playing a role like some hollywood actor….he is real. I feel he should be investigated, deeply….the only problem is by whom?
Our justice system is already deep in his hand. As are many in the world. Our political system is being swept away by his financial capacity to buy people, offices, positions and power bases he can control. Never mind the FBI, DOJ, Interpol, or anyone else…..he is all but untouchable. But someone, somehow has to reveal him for what he is….an enemy of this republic, and a world chess player, with partners who are our enemies.

Just Bryan
3 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

Look for the 60 Minutes interview with Soros. I can’t believe anyone could be as evil as he is, and always has been. His entire life has been about his own gain and his enjoyment of hurting others in the process.

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