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The Deadly Consequences of ‘Defund the Police’

AMAC Exclusive – by Aaron Kliegman


Following George Floyd’s death in May 2020, the woke left made the police its Public Enemy Number 1. Chaos ensued in America’s cities — as did a historic spike in murders nationwide. Now, we are learning just how bad this crime wave was (and is). The FBI reported late last month that homicides in the U.S. rose by 29.4 percent in 2020 from 2019, the largest single-year increase since the federal government began compiling national crime statistics in the 1960s. That means there were a staggering 4,901 more murder victims than the previous year.

Beyond homicide, assaults increased by 12 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, and violent crime overall jumped by 5.6 percent — the first increase in violent crime in four years. The FBI data came from nearly 16,000 law enforcement agencies who are on the front lines of this crime wave.

While some of the figures are shocking, they shouldn’t be surprising. In fact, these results were predictable: less policing means more violent crime. This was obvious to most Americans, but not to those on the left leading the movement to defund and demonize the police. Or, alternatively, they knew and didn’t care. Either way, the idea is delusional and, as we saw last year, deadly.

Recall how the killing of Floyd triggered nationwide protests against racism and police brutality. “Defund the police” became a rallying cry at these demonstrations, which quickly devolved into riots.

Left-wing radical groups, including Antifa and many members of the Black Lives Matter movement, dominated the protests, turning them into chaotic mobs bent on arson, looting, and rioting. Spurred by woke rage, they destroyed cars, burned buildings, and attacked innocent people.

The anti-police rage also proved deadly for America’s law enforcement officers. Last September, for example, a gunman opened fire on two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies who were sitting in their patrol car. Both officers were badly wounded and rushed to the hospital, where protesters blocked the emergency entrances and exits, yelling, “we hope they die.” Fortunately, the officers survived, despite the best efforts of the woke mob.

“Mostly peaceful protesters,” as the media dubbed those in the streets, also attacked police officers in New York City, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, liberal politicians and media commentators further demonized the police in public, portraying law enforcement in this country as brutal and racist. These voices should’ve tried to calm tensions, defending the police as a crucial institution and the vast majority of officers who sacrifice much and put themselves at great risk to protect and serve their communities. They could’ve also recognized there is only a very small number of bad officers who must be identified and removed through common sense reforms that don’t diminish the ability of police departments to do their job and keep our lives and property safe. Recognizing where some reforms may be needed and also respecting police officers for what they do are not mutually exclusive ideas.

Instead, too many left-wing leaders effectively incited the rioters, giving them justification to target law enforcement.

Kamala Harris, for example, infamously announced her support for an organization that bails out criminals in Minneapolis as rioters took to the streets in the wake of Floyd’s death.

“If you’re able to, chip in now to the [Minnesota Freedom Fund] to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” she tweeted last June. Those “protestors” who Harris helped free then went on to fuel a wave of violence unlike anything in the city’s history.

Around the same time, Harris warned that the mayhem devastating America’s cities — mayhem that led to $2 billion in insurance claims — would continue, encouraging the “mostly peaceful protesters” to keep up the good work.

“This is a movement, I’m telling you,” Harris declared in an interview. “They’re not going to stop. And everyone beware, because they’re not going to stop. They’re not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not going to stop after Election Day. And that should be — everyone should take note of that, on both levels, that they’re not going to let up, and they should not, and we should not.”

Amid the chaos, several Democratic-run cities slashed their police budgets. Minneapolis tried to disband its police department altogether. New York City slashed its police budget by $1 billion. Seattle, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and several others also cut funding for officers.

At the same time, so-called progressive mayors in these cities prevented their police departments from maintaining any semblance of order. From Portland to New York, Democratic leaders ordered law enforcement to stand down or use a “light touch” in the name of racial justice. In so doing, they endangered the police officers on the ground and the peaceful citizens caught in the crosshairs of the violent rioters.

At the same time, progressive prosecutors in cities across America demanded leniency, refusing to prosecute crimes — even felonies — not deemed “significant,” and in some cases actually eliminated bail for criminals.

Add up all these factors, and it’s not hard to understand why murders and other violent crime surged last year. There were other factors, of course, but to deny the link between weak prosecution and less policing on one hand and more violent crime on the other is to deny logic and common sense.

Democrats claimed these policies were necessary to address systemic racism in law enforcement and the criminal justice system more broadly. But the tragic irony is that minorities were hurt more than any other group by the resulting violence. According to the FBI’s new data, minority communities suffered disproportionately from last year’s spike in crime. More often than not, it was minority communities and businesses in inner cities who bore the brunt of the attacks.

Perhaps 2021 will be different – although the murder statistics in America’s largest cities and the alarming rise in juvenile crime suggest that the ripple effects from last year’s crime wave may be felt for some time. But the left’s anti-police hostility isn’t quite as raw and visible now as it was last summer, and that alone is a positive development. Regardless, 2020 is an irrefutable example that the consequences of going soft on crime and demonizing police are deadly – both for individual citizens and for the well-being of a society as a whole.

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Enuf Said
1 year ago

Better there than HERE!!

1 year ago

And now she is residing in our White House pretending to be the Vice President. A vote that the majority of living, honest American voters did not make happen. All part of the communist plan for a utopian nation. How’s that working for you all?

Dave Willis
1 year ago

I am always amused by well meaning, but naïve columnists who make statements like, “less policing means more violent crime. This was obvious to most Americans, but not to those on the left leading the movement to defund and demonize the police. Or, alternatively, they knew and didn’t care. Either way, the idea is delusional and, as we saw last year, deadly.” It isn’t that libertards are oblivious to the outcome, or that they don’t care. This is exactly the end result of all this falderal for which they were shooting. Their total intention is to destroy America as we know it, so they can further inflict their communistic, absolute, Big Brother type control over the proletariat. To iterate, there is nothing obtuse or indifferent about it. It is a well defined and executed modus operandus, designed to accomplish absolute control. People need to wake up to that fact.

Andrew Porter
1 year ago

Logic and common sense — two things that are sorely needed to rightly govern a populace — were in and remain in absentia among the supposedly “woke” Left. Their “‘ideals” are a nightmare for everyone but them.

1 year ago

Why would anyone vote for democrats?

Enuf Said
1 year ago
Reply to  Tikvah

Ask a fool that has, that question!!

1 year ago

America’s stupid left in charge. Defending the Police one of many steps leading to Communism.

1 year ago

The ones involved in this movement are bought and paid for by our government…just needed a group of American haters…with a sense of entitlement…BLUE LIVES ALSO MATTERS…

1 year ago
Reply to  Raes

All lives matter. Including unborn children. Almighty God is watching. Vengeance is coming

1 year ago

Considering the movements to defund the police, the lack of District/State’s Attorneys to prosecute offenders and the Courts releasing criminals without bail, will there be a rise in vigilantism?

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

Lord! I hope so!????

Henry Carney
1 year ago

Sad but true. First time that I’ve felt useless in our country. The fact that a city would even consider doing without police is implausible. The pushing by the radical left continues. Biden blatantly ignoring a decision by the Supreme Court? Why does the court exist if our own President just blows them off?
And dictating the vaccine door to door? Warning companies that they will be fined if their employees aren’t
vaccinated? Where is he going to find the laws to support this? He doesn’t have to he can do what he wants regardless.
I’d love to know what exactly he has done for the people of the USA those who elected him!!!!!
And now he wants the FBI to go after parents complaining to the school boards about education. They are now described as Domestic Terrorists.
And what about our oil independence? Trump’s idea so screw it regardless of consequences.
I’m in my 70’s and wonder what the hell he’s going to screw up over the next 3 years? I don’t want to leave this earth with our country torn up
by socialist ideas leading to communism. Hope to be gone before that happens.

Chris D
1 year ago
Reply to  Henry Carney

That’s how I know the right is doomed. You guys don’t even know the difference between a socialist and a communist, ideologies which disagree on basically everything except that private property should be owned by the government, things which neither the right or the left wants. But sure, you call them Nazis and they call you Nazis all night and day long and nothing ever changes until one of you decides that to heck with it, civil war starts today.

Enuf Said
1 year ago
Reply to  Henry Carney

Well, why don’t you stick around, and DO something like–arm yourself and get your CWP, attend school board meetings and voice your displeasure with ANYTHING that the left pushes, volunteer for poll watcher positions, protest when possible, educate your children and grandchildren about how the Democraps are destroying our country, let your congressional; members that support the l;eft know that you will vote against them in upcoming elections and lastly–do something beside just MOAN, GROAN, and COMPLAIN!!

1 year ago

Yes, we get what we tolerate. Who voted for the democrats??????????

Chris D
1 year ago
Reply to  BAE

Better question is why didn’t enough Republicans vote? More than enough are registered to have been able to defeat the left. No one can make a deal with the devil and expect good to come from it. Whether it’s god-emperor of mankind wannabe Trump or Beijing dementia Joe. The right failed, and now it’s time for the left to fail. This is what happens when everyone anyone disagrees with becomes their hated enemy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chris D

I shouldn’t have to explain to you what happened to the votes in 2020. If you can’t pull your head out of where it’s located long enough to see what’s happening in this country, then keep doing what you’re going. Someday very soon you’ll have no choice. So keep your head up there and kiss a free nation goodbye

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 year ago

We on the Right know that the ultimate goal of Defund the Police is to allow this rogue government to implement Martial Law AND a National Police Force that will OBEY them without question and disregard the Constitution. They WANT violent chaos and are deliberately PUSHING non-violent Patriots to the very edge of human tolerance, to make US look like the aggressors when we finally cut loose upon them. If they can’t kill us with vaccines, they will resort to mowing us down with the very weapons they claim to despise, and blame US for any bloodshed. They will simply say, “See? We TOLD you the Right Wingers were dangerous!” They will promise protection and fulfillment of every need for those who fall into line and OBEY. In other words, they will create the One World Order they have craved for generations.
The majority of the police we have today, will stand WITH the Right against the tyranny, and the Left knows this. So they will do all they can to eliminate organized Law Enforcement NOW. Do they not understand that these police officers do not need a uniform and badge to take a stand? Chaos is no longer “coming”, it is HERE. America is on Life Support, and the Left is yanking on the plug.

1 year ago

Well JJ, finally someone else who can see right through the bs

1 year ago

When DemoncRats RULE (they don’t govern) lawlessness is grossly tempted by the criminal types and Law Enforcement types are disparaged … unless they cowtow to the DemomcRats. In modern times if there are no law enforcements specialists (cops) there is little to deter criminal activity. IT IS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR TO ME THAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUBTLY SUPPORTS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY UNLESS IT DIRECTLY ADVERSELY HURT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. And I might reflect that I’m virtually certain the Republicans did NOT engage in rigging the last POTUS election.

Jesse Tiede
1 year ago

Well, it’s sad, but a fact, none-the-less, that a handful of “Bad Characters” have made everything bad for everybody else! It’s an even sadder fact that the Democrat Party started this crap back in the ’60s, when they set the Nation on this path! It’s been said that “Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!” This is so true, that all you have to do, is look at “Politics and Politicians” to see it! Look at the laws that allow “Authorities” to not only take your land thru “Eminent Domain”, but can also literally take (STEAL?) your personal property, like nice cars, for instance (I’m talking about YOU, Detroit!), just on a whim! And, this is done at times, without any PROBABLE CAUSE, directly in the face of any Constitutional protection and guarantees! Any doubts about the veracity of what I’m saying can quickly be erased by spending a little bit of time on Youtube! And, PARTY doesn’t matter, as the problem is exacerbated by BOTH PARTIES! That the Police have officers who feel the need to push the limits, even to the point that they BREAK the Law, speaks to Training and Experience! You can take a natural bully, and give them authorized Power, and you have a real problem! Even a “Good Officer” can make mistakes that get escalated! BUT(!!!!!), IF “Minorites, who commit the overwhelming number of criminal acts, had a stable Family Life, a problem that can be attributed to BOTH PARENTS(!), we might see less of this! DON’T DO THE CRIME, IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME! (BTW- “White” people spend WAY MORE time incarcerated than Minorities!) But, when a woman literally spreads her legs for any thing that has trousers and a penis, and does NOT take ANY PRECAUTIONS, especially when you have Government funded and protected butchers who not only murder the unborn, but then sell off parts and pieces of the body, like ghouls in a horror movie, you have to expect that there will be those just waiting in line to take advantage of others! And so-called “Men” who are more interested in how many illegitimate babies they can bring into the world, then the “System” that is in place is BROKEN, and needs to be fixed! BUT, it doesn’t make any sense to expect ANY IMPROVEMENT when you leave those “Fixes” in the hands of those who made the problem in the first place! We absolutely need to flush the commode we have been put into, and elect people who will actually do the work, no matter how hard it is, and will do what is necessary, no matter how politically ugly it gets! We need to figure out how we want to live, what laws we want in place, and who we want, doing what we want! If there are those who don’t want this, let them live somewhere else! I understand there is a lot of room in Mexico, Afghanistan, and Haiti right now! Give these people a rifle, and a ride over there! WIN-WIN! Yeah, I know I’m stomping on a lot of toes by writing this, but, it’s just MY PERSONAL OPINION which, according to the First Amendment, I still have a right to say! Don’t like what I say here? Then YOU are the problem…

1 year ago

More and more democrat failure.
This clown show has been wrong on EVERYTHING!!!
We can’t allow them to put ANYMORE garbage on the backs of Citizens or cause more destruction to Our Country.
These bozos need to go NOW!
EXPOSE their lies, refuse to accept their failed policies,mandates or economic disasters.
FIRST contact ALL representatives and DEMAND they defeat the multi- trillion dollar fiasco their calling infrastructure!!!
It’s nothing but PORK and POLITICAL PAYOFFS to their corrupt donors,unions and political pals.
NO,NO,NO, anyone voting for this is a traitor,liar and deserves removal.

1 year ago

American left wants chaos, this along with struggling economy makes people more obedient and turning to government for “help”.

1 year ago

Protestors need to stop & think: Even if you are peaceful, it only takes a few of the violent protestors to drag you down to their level or watch while you get shot or killed. If protest is large, do not go is my advice.

1 year ago

Defund the police is not good for the honest citizens that follow the law, but does benefit the criminal that seems to think breaking the law & hurting others is their rights of freedom.

Todd Wagner
1 year ago

It’s part of the big scheme Bumbling Braindead Beijing Biden and his gang of Marxists want to eliminate all state powers and federalize everything.

1 year ago

The socialist Liberal Left have become adept at creating a problem, Murder is up 30% over last year, by vilifying (defund) the police, no bond release for criminals, early release for prisoners no regard for law and order (turning a blind eye to illegal immigration), Then saying “LOOK AT THE PROBLEM” we have a solution…..obviously….more gun control, more government intervention, blah, blah blah. They are insidious and relentless and into it for the long term. and they have done an amazing job of indoctrinating our youth while we watched dancing with the stars and playing with our phones.

1 year ago

The protest have subsided for now, but just wait until some future President who doesn’t fit the Marxist profile is elected. It will be chaos once again.

1 year ago
Reply to  shelton

I don’t know where you people are coming from, calling these riots protests is an insult to anyone’s intelligence, including yours. How about calling it the Kamel toe, mattress back harris insurrection

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