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The Current Border Crisis: Where is the Media?


In May 2021, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported that over 180,000 people had tried to illegally enter the U.S. at the U.S.-Mexico border, the largest single-month tally of illegal crossings in the southwest in recent history. May’s monthly total comes on the heels of over 500,000 crossings in the first four months of Joe Biden’s presidency. To most political observers, this didn’t come as a surprise. Joe Biden’s open-borders policy was well known, especially beyond our borders. So, where is the media in all of this?

The Biden Administration continues to be treated with kid gloves by a complacent mainstream media that is going to great lengths to help the White House manage the public relations disaster that is, in reality, a humanitarian crisis sparked by the very administration that is now neglecting to deal with the problem. 

Take, for example, NBC Nightly News anchor Lestor Holt’s June 7, 2021 interview with Vice President Kamala Harris in Guatemala on the mass central American migration to the U.S.-Mexico border. In what should have the most tee-ball of interviews for the Vice President, she came off confused and defensive. When asked about it by Holt and her and Biden’s refusal to visit the border, Haris said, “We’ve been to the border.” Holt pressed her, “You haven’t been to the border,” he said. “And I haven’t been to Europe, Harris quipped. Vice President Harris would eventually visit the U.S.-Mexico border two weeks later following repeated calls from the right and the left.

“Somebody needs to listen to our local communities. With all due respect, just coming and doing a staged visit is not enough,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) told MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ last month. “We’ve got to enforce the law, and part of the laws that we have is deport the people that don’t have a right to be here in the United States. It’s just plain and simple,” Cuellar said.

Missing from the mainstream media’s narrative are a few key perspectives. First, Republicans had rightly sounded the alarm of an impending border crisis should Joe Biden win the presidency. When Biden announced his reversals of President Trump’s immigration policies, or intentions thereof, all throughout the campaign and even after border crossings significantly upticked in February, the MSM ignored the fact that Biden had rushed his executive actions and other immigration policies without first assessing the situation and making an informed decision.

Second, the signs of the humanitarian disaster on America’s southern border began to reveal themselves in February and were clear in March. So why did it take until June for NBC news and outlets other than Fox News to cover the border crisis? 

To be fair, Fox News has done an excellent job to provide accurate reporting of the Biden border crisis as well as the Democrats’ intransigence. 

Whether intentional or not, Americans will be the judge. It is not without a sense of irony that liberals regard conservatives these days as unwitting, brainwashed, or unafraid to ask questions. We face it all the time. Yet when conservatives show skepticism of the mainstream media’s narrative, liberals dismiss it as an attack on the press when the reality is liberals want Americans to display skepticism only where they say you should. That’s not free speech or free press. 

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1 year ago

The solution to the border problem. Let them in and give them jobs working in the crop fields where most Americans will not work. Then deduct from their wages 50% federal income tax and 25% state income tax. They would not be eligible for any American benefits and their children born here would not be automatic American citizens. Make it difficult for them to stay here and they may realize that their home country is a better option.

1 year ago

His open border policy is about getting more Democrat voters — he doesn’t care what harm it’s doing to the country.

John K
1 year ago

Illegals are being processed just like citizens of New Orleans during the hurricanes. They are bused, flown, or brought by rail to various reception points in Tennnessee. From there they taken to nearby facilities where they are housed until the media and politicians forget about them. Then they are quietly released into society.

Dan Miles
1 year ago

We not only have fake news, now we have a fake president….

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan Miles

And a fake VP, AG, FBI Director, Cabinet, etc., etc. Basically the entire top tier of the Executive Branch of our federal government.

Judy Fuchs
1 year ago

Maybe it would help to understand media’s silence if the public knew who owns the media’s so we know who the media’s are loyal to evidently it isn’t to our country.

CCP operatives
1 year ago

The wicked mainstream media is not covering it because they want to destroy America. I haven’t watched them in years. Trump was exactly right about them. WICKED!!!

1 year ago

I think it’s time for conservative news media start displaying a “count box” on the bottom right of their screen, much like the MSM did with their Covid fear offensive. Display counts of illegal aliens apprehended to date, “got aways”, pounds of drugs confiscated, criminals/terrorists apprehended, illegals who’ve died, and any other running totals we can think of. These should be constantly updating based on the pace at which they are occurring, much like that national debt counter does.
And if we can possibly figure out how many are shipped by Biden’s admin into each state, display those stats as well.
The display box should be titled something like “Biden/Harris Human Trafficking Statistics”. We’ve got to start sticking this in their faces every minute.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  FedUp

FedUp… I believe you are on to something here… The current administration is literally getting a FREE ride with respect to a National Southern Border Crisis & a National Security Risk of their making at our southern border…Yes, a daily count should be maintained with respect to the illegal immigrants from all over the world now pouring into our nation by the millions…The REAL numbers are NOT being reported as Trump clearly stated this at his 1st with more to come rallies in Lorraine County, Ohio…As already noted by FedUp, the list is a long list & it should be updated on a daily basis for ALL to see, including state by state arrivals of immigrants being flown all across this nation now on a 24/7 basis. We are approaching close to 200,000 immigrants a month alone crossing the border illegally, this does NOT include the ones ICE & Border Patrol miss because they are needed elsewhere dealing with the cartel smugglers & baby sitting the abandoned children…
This is 100% on the FAUX potus & his witless VP in Washington, DC & I pray these EVIL people & all those associated with them are REMOVED henceforth by any & all means necessary through military action, NOW…
Bill on the Hill…

Shawn Franklin
1 year ago

Where is the media?? Where do you think? Sweeping it under the rug until a Republican steps up to claim responsibility!

1 year ago

This article is useless. Most people on our side of the aisle have been well aware for quite some time that the mainstream media has ZERO interest in report any real news. Those that still watch or read the mainstream media are effectively brainwashed zombies fixated on simply parroting the Democrat talking points they hear on a daily basis. They would immediate discard this article as either “racist” (what they apply to anything NOT in lock-step with Democrats) or right wing propaganda. If a news item doesn’t aid the narrative of the Democrat party or casts a bad light on decisions being made or members of the Democrat party, then the story either gets buried or ignored. The mainstream media functions solely as the official and open propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Period.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

In addition to ZERO coverage on the border crisis, why is there NO mention of the US plane loads of immigrants being loaded up in Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador, then flown to the Texas border for processing, then bused & flown around the nation…
Add it all up on a 24/7 basis & I say ” Houston, we have a problem “…:~(
Bill on the Hill…

1 year ago

You noticed that too huh? Sloppy or lazy journalism. Just an article thrown together as someone was heading out the door for a three day weekend.

Jocie Taylor
1 year ago

Why can we not hold the media accountable when they lie cheat and steal why don’t they go to jail the same as anybody else

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