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The Collapse of the Narratives is Danger and Opportunity

AMAC Exclusive – By David P. Deavel


An old Yiddish proverb says, “The truth never dies but lives a miserable life.” We who have been designated “conspiracy theorists” or purveyors of “misinformation” or “disinformation” over the last few years by tech companies, the media, and even government know what that means. Even now big tech platforms are using Orwellian-sounding “Trust & Safety” teams to censor materials and deplatform individuals who dare to tell truths and ask questions that pose a danger to the power of corporations and political figures whose power depends on concealing or deforming those truths.   

Right now we are drinking champagne out of our tinfoil hats. We always knew that misinformation was a term that only partially concealed its meaning: information they want us to miss.

The narratives enforced by the media/DNC/tech industrial complex over the last few years are all collapsing as facts that were denied or hidden have started to become impossible to deny. This moment poses an unmistakable danger but also an opportunity.

What are these narratives? The most important one is that those media and big tech companies were simply “private corporations” who were making decisions about what they could allow on their platforms. How dare you, the line went, say you favor economic freedom when you don’t want to allow social media or entertainment corporations to decide what to allow people to post or upload? 

That line sounded good for those who didn’t think about it. It always ignored the obvious objection that social media platforms were supposed to be shielded from legal scrutiny and lawsuits precisely because they are not publishers but simply platforms for free political speech. Nobody objected to censorship of child porn, solicitation of human trafficking, or the organization of violent activities. But the discussion of the truth about topics relating to COVID or the corruption in Joe Biden’s family or other conversations pertinent to our national life were—and still are on many platforms—treated as severely or more severely than actual abuses. The most important revelations of the Twitter Files were that the priorities were not being set  not by some independent private company that is not subject to the First Amendment. Instead, agents of the United States government were putting pressure on the company to censor certain points of view. And we know these claims aren’t simply part of the fabled Vast Right Wing Conspiracy because the ones who broke open this story were left-wing journalists such as Bari Weiss, Matt Taibbi, and Michael Schellenberger.

And censor they did—and still do on many of them—views deemed to be conspiracy theories. 1) The revelations about Hunter Biden’s laptop. 2) That COVID might have come not from a wet market but a lab—most likely one that had funding from the U. S. arranged by one Dr. Anthony Fauci. 3) That community masking had no effect on respiratory diseases. 4) That not only might the mRNA COVID vaccines be less efficacious than advertised but that they might have more serious side-effects as risks. 5) That the events of January 6 might both have been exaggerated and that they might have had participation and perhaps provocation by both radical leftists and even federal agents.

Yet all those “conspiracy theories” might better be called “spoiler alerts.” “Mainstream” news agencies have belatedly admitted that Hunter’s laptop was…Hunter’s laptop. Oh, and by the way, that means that there might be something to the information on it indicating that Hunter’s business had a lot to do with influence peddling. So too with all the rest. An investigation by the FBI and an office of the Energy Department responsible for regulating laboratories has concluded that the lab leak theory is most likely correct. An investigation of all the studies on masking and COVID by the prestigious Cochrane Institute concludes that masking had no effect—a conclusion that matched all the known science before the summer of 2020, by the way. And acknowledgments of the underperformance of the mRNA vaccines keep proceeding apace—along with admissions of the risks for reactions such as myocarditis for younger people.

But the most spectacular narrative to collapse has been that of a January 6, 2020, “insurrection.” Again, those who have followed the reporting of journalists such as American Greatness’s Julie Kelly will not be surprised to find out that what was reported on these events was drastically one-sided. But because of Kevin McCarthy’s release of thousands of hours of surveillance footage to Tucker Carlson, many more people are now realizing they’ve been had. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, said to have been killed during the day, was actually walking around unharmed during the time he had been said to have been harmed. “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Shansberg—supposedly a ringleader of this “insurrection”—seems to have had multiple police officers escorting him around the Capitol to take pictures from suspiciously well-placed photographers. Video of him denouncing violence and calling for peaceful protest is now available. And more footage keeps emerging of Trump supporters trying to stop those who were doing damage to the Capitol or acting violently—some of them dressed in the black bloc of Antifa. Yet though Shansberg was sentenced to four years in prison, Ray Epps has not been arrested despite footage of him inciting violence. 

There is something rotten here. There is great danger when politicians and corporations are trapped in their own lies. Will they unleash further the power of state and big business on conservative Americans? The grossly lawless treatment of the hundreds of people convicted of “parading” and other such non-insurrection offenses on January 6 shows that a false narrative will be propped up by legal force. The treatment of dissenters from the narratives about COVID and vaccines have lost jobs and businesses with little hope of reparations for their treatment that was merely based on The Science and not actual science. Without justice for them, the prospects of tyranny based on “public health” returning increase.

If there is danger, however, there is also opportunity. We tinfoil hatters are drinking champagne because we believe that though the truth lives a miserable life, it will ultimately prevail. “One word of truth,” the great Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “outweighs the whole world.” We don’t see complete triumph right now, but we do see a collapse in ratings for propaganda outlets such as CNN. We do see more and more left and center-left journalists admitting the truth about many of the topics in question and more. Many, like Bari Weiss, have abandoned those old institutions such as the New York Times in order to set up real reporting on platforms such as Substack.

The danger of the collapse of the narratives is a crackdown. The opportunity is that it looks like a collapse of many corrupt systems and the birth of new ones. We should indeed celebrate and await expectantly the final collapse. We should also point others to those heroic figures of the right, but also the center and even, sometimes, the old left, who have been exposing the lies, often at great cost to themselves. Not all heroes wear capes—some of them are depicted wearing tinfoil hats.

David P. Deavel teaches at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, and is a Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative.   

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2 months ago

Does AMAC & members agree that Tucker Carlson tapes are of a peaceful bunch of sightseers at Capitol.? Ask The Capitol police on duty that day & see if they agree & you could also ask any of the members of Congress who were present that day. And , you can always ask Trump & Pence what they went thru that day.

2 months ago

David Deavel is writer of this article: and he actually believes the WHITEWASH job that Tucker Carlson did with Jan 6th tapes. And then Elon Musk (who most people think is very smart) stated the next day to let off all of the protestors in jail for Jan 6th riot actions. And Trump tweeted the next day pretty much the same thing about people arrested & charged for Jan 6 crimes. Cannot believe that anybody with any common sense & decency cannot see what Carlson/McCarthy are trying to get us to believe. Carlson is an insult to my intelligence & this little Whitewash job on tapes will certainly increase the total of RINOs in America.

Beagle boy
2 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Interesting take. You were careful not to mention the Government Agents acting in an Undercover capacity to incite violence (Ray Epps) or that only one person actually died from violence that day and she was an unarmed Veteran killed by a Cop that was in no way being mortally threatened by her. You also steered clear of making any comments about the “Fact” there were no deadly weapons found on any of the Citizens. You know, things like guns, ball bats, 5000 watt lasers, Molotov Cocktails, fireworks or even matches. The common items found on many of the Peaceful Rioters that killed innocent people, Cops and Emergency workers and burned down Portland, Seattle, Ferguson and many other cities.

Your argument is invalid because you refused to use the same scrutiny for Antifa that you used for the angry citizens at the Capital that day.

Gabe Hanzeli
2 months ago

yup we need the republicans to start issuing impeachments against each FBI and doj employee. every judge involved needs to be impeached and asked to retire. the republicans need to keep pushing as hard as they can.

they need to tell biden you our not getting new taxes and your not getting your budget until the FBI and DOJ has been cut for 75%.

2 months ago

This trickle has the potential to become a flood if dem robots begin to question…..even a little. If you have them in your orbit you must be very careful because their programming includes tripwires that set off a cascade of discordant emotions. However, as my fav author, Solzenitsyn says, a bit of truth can start a chain reaction. The trick is to ascertain where doubt might be quietly forming. Maybe its the deaths of so many young healthy people. Maybe its the sense that windmills and fairy dust cant begin to power this country. Tread lightly, but the reward might be the salvation of this country.

George Washington's Admirer
2 months ago

Television was never invented for our entertainment and or viewing enjoyment. As this very excellent article states: ” There is something rotten here.” It is so rotten in fact; that it has been going on since television was first invented. Imagine opening a Tupperware container that has been in your refrigerator since 1952? Television was STATE SPONSORED PROPAGANDA from the GET-GO! Many Shows got ‘divine approval’ from government institutions. One good show such as: ‘The FBI’ with the excellent actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was approved stem to stern by the government. Even movies such as: ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ with James Stewart playing George Bailey is riddled with propaganda lines. (If one wants to feel good about the collapse of the banking system; just watch this movie.) This movie brings back to life the great banking collapse of 1929. How apt and appropriate for the current scenario. So, in essence both movies and television; have the great potential to lull the masses to sleep for periods of time. However, the public is just beginning to wake from this lullaby to reality; (whilst some persistently are in a coma or just snoring.) God Bless These United States of America!

2 months ago

the romans referred to this as “bread and circuses”. the intent was to keep “the people” distracted while they went about destroying the empire for their own personal gain.

2 months ago

When PNN wants your opinion, they will give it to you…that was then, this is now, and narratives keep collapsing left and right. Naomi Wolf, I think it was, just issued a broad apology to the republicans in re: 6 jan/covid/etc. Turns out, the online public isn’t so stupid or gullible after all…

2 months ago
Reply to  bert33

Dam right
We the People – who didn’t vax, never believed 2020 or 2022 elections were real, prepped food and water, have generators; you get the picture- are in better shape than most. AND we’re working to rectify everything by 2024.

2 months ago

Yes, it is great that eyes are being opened, however the opportunity you mentioned “the collapse of many corrupt systems and the birth of new ones” is not an opportunity but a concern about the birth of new corrupt systems to fill in the void. How much more tyrannical and how much more corrupt and dangerous?!?

Michael limmer
2 months ago

Most people are aware of these facts but they keep voting in the same people that are doing harm to this country Government can’t be trusted to Always themselves

2 months ago

I love your article.????
I pray all that satan has in his darkness will come out into the light and the sheepels blinders will fall off.

Megan Davis
2 months ago

Spot on! Many sources are trying to tell the truth. Check out the Epoch Times, alternative media that told the truth from the beginning. Keep up the good work…there is indeed something rotten here!

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