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The Biden Family Laptop Mess


The laptop computer, owned, used, and populated by the son of President Biden – seized by the FBI in 2019, its contents suppressed by the FBI and Twitter in 2020 – is not important because of crimes, for which there is ample evidence, committed by the President’s son. It is important because of evidence on the computer that implicates the current president, Joe Biden, in public corruption.

What public corruption? What evidence? What should happen? These are the key questions – not whether and for what crimes the son, who is in trouble, should be confronted with. 

Question one: Let’s start with “what public corruption” is. To knowingly facilitate violation of federal law, such as to knowingly transport, facilitate, or participate in procurement of illegitimate foreign contracts, or act as a foreign lobbyist while in public office, is a crime. 

To benefit directly or indirectly, including enrichment of a family member, from such activities is public corruption. To be part of a scheme to sell political influence or to know such a crime is occurring and thus be complicit, is a crime. 

To benefit directly from acts involved in the selling of political influence to a person, company, or country, is a crime. To act in a way consistent with expectations of someone who gave a bribe or gratuity to the officer-holder or family is a crime. To deny having knowledge or cover them up is a crime.

In truth, the definition of public corruption is broad and statutes supporting one or all of the foregoing definitions of privately indictable and publicly impeachable activity.

Question two: What evidence exists that Joe Biden knew of, participated or was complicit in, acted consistent with, or was a beneficiary of – or any relative was a beneficiary of – such sale of influence?

The answer is found in the public record and information on a computer belonging to President Biden’s son, much known in early 2020, suppressed by leading social media, apparently at the FBI’s suggestion.

While the record is dense, there is more information daily, some hard to ignore facts implicating President Biden. For example, President Biden was Obama’s Vice President (VP) from 2009 to 2017, during which time he sought and received permission to be “point man” for Ukraine. 

In 2013 and 2014, VP Biden flew his son on Air Force Two to Ukraine – and China. On these trips, the VP’s son secured lucrative private contracts, transparently at odds with his experience, suggesting that something other than expertise was being bought.

In both cases, the strong implication, confirmed by the son’s computer, is that the purchasing companies – in China’s case government-affiliated – sought and got access to the sitting VP. 

In the case of Ukraine, current events notwithstanding, the VP further travelled to Kiev in 2015 and delivered an ultimatum not to investigate a company from which his son was profiting and on whose board the son sat – or Ukraine would be denied a “billion dollars” in US aid.

Remarkably, the VP gave a speech thereafter in which his ability to get results was questioned. He responded: “I looked at them [Ukraine] and said ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money … Well, son of a b*tch, he got fired.”

The public record reveals, and incoming Congress will authenticate, this conversation occurred when the Ukrainian government had “specific plans” to investigate the VP’s son.

Evidence on the computer indicates Ukrainian officials not only wanted access to the VP, but the same party paying the VP’s son thanked the son for a meeting with the VP, which the VP later denied occurring. 

The VP also denied ever discussing these issues with the son who travelled with him and benefited from it, later pressuring Ukraine.

Before moving on, as evidence mounts implicating Joe Biden, the real question is: Given the foregoing criminal provisions and public facts, how does Joe Biden avoid a serious inquiry?

Look now to China. What the Biden family did fits the model used in Ukraine. The VP took his son to China in 2013, introduced him to top officials at companies who paid the son for what seems access or influence. The Biden family, and perhaps the VP himself, benefited.

The evidence of public corruption, direct and circumstantial, is considerable. So, the final question: What can be done? Why has all this been suppressed and not properly discussed by journalists, the Justice Department, FBI, Congress, even state prosecutors until now?

The answer: Republicans were boxed out, not given access to the computer’s contents in 2020, leaked contents questioned, denied, minimized, suppressed by social media and media outlets, both on their own and apparently at FBI direction as “misinformation.”

The implications are many. The computer’s contents appear – and did from the start – to be factual, authentic, hard to dismiss, and objectively damning. A grand jury empaneled to examine the president’s son has completed work – now, why is there no deep inquiry of Joe Biden?

The President’s AG, who himself might be asked in a major inquiry why he has both done and not done many things, appears indifferent at best, focused on Biden’s predecessor and scurrilous side issues like investigating parents and anti-abortion educators as terrorists.

In all events, the time is coming when “truth will out,” and as Twitter disgorges new information and Republican oversight committees prepare, expect a lot to come out. The White House, Justice Department, and FBI are in for some hard questioning.

Bottom line: What has happened is deeply disturbing and looks increasingly like serious public corruption. Late breaking revelations only confirm what many felt was already clear. This is not about the president’s son or that he is objectively a participant in depraved behaviors. The real issue is his father and the public corruption that the son’s computer – with public record – seem to confirm. This whole inquiry is serious – better called “Joe Biden’s Laptop Mess.”

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15 days ago

hunter biden should be in jail right now and his cellmate should be his father the crook known as joe the thief along with his brothers// my hope is the radical democrats who actually think this ok wake up and vote for trump// the world will be a better place if biden is removed from office today//

Ben Ray
3 months ago

We have seen FB CEO on Joe Rogan tell us the FBI had a role in suppressing and covering up the Biden laptop scandal. Elon Musk has now provided a tremendous amount of information proving the same and even some evidence that not only the FBI but the White House influenced the free speech, Laptop investigation and therefore our elections.
Why should we not think this was (and is) also being done with many other news and Social Media companies? Why not Google, NYT, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, AOL…?

3 months ago

There’ll be a hearing but every response is going to be, “I can’t comment on any possible or ongoing discussions”.

3 months ago

I will nominate Trump for sainthood and use the current administration as the justification. I

3 months ago

This should be totally unacceptable to the American people, younger generations are without moral disgust at such personal enrichment…how does one get so rich on a public servant pay? Until we clean this mess up, both sides of the aisle are enticed to do what’s best for them and not the people they represent!!!

Robin W Boyd
3 months ago

There’s so much documentation supporting corruption by Biden in his promoting Hunter Biden that it is scary how little is being done about it. It seems the main reason the U.S. supports Ukraine is because of deals made with the Bidens.

GOP Establishment
3 months ago

I’m way more concerned about what I pay for gas and food.

3 months ago

Great ! So what do we do about it ?

3 months ago

Even people on this site are going after President Trump, demanding apologies, and that he drop out, without any mention of Real Corruption! January 6 was a demonstration, Not an insurrection! The Biden, Obama, and Clinton Crime Syndicates are Real Corruption!

3 months ago

And nothing will happen, nothing will be done.

GOP Establishment
3 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Run a moderate establishment republican candidate who might actually win next time.

L Pool
3 months ago

Which would change nothing as apparently many republicans are just as corrupt as the bidens.

3 months ago

Hey we just re-installed a democratic Senate and with embarrassingly few votes put the Repubs in charge of the House. So why are we complaining ? If we really had a problem with this Hunter -to -Joe “alleged” scheme we would have wiped out the dims in Nov. We, as a nation of voters, are a lot of talk and no action.

3 months ago

Both Hunter and daddy Biden should be in GITMO.

3 months ago

Why isn’t anything being done about this corruption?

3 months ago

There needs to be a cleansing in the White House and the FBI. From the President , thru the Democratic Party and the FBI. They all need to be jailed if found corrupt. The head of the FBI and all involved in the hiding of information about the Hunter Biden laptop need to be prosecuted. They are there to protect the nation and the people. I served for 30 years in the military and we took an oath to ” Support and Defend the Constitution Of the United States ” and if I am not incorrect that applies to the President, VP, Congressman, Senators , FBI and the CIA. So why has no-one filed Federal Charges against those that are obviously breaking the law is my question. Is it not a felony to knowingly with hold evidence when a crime has been committed? If this were a Republican President and his family the FBI would be raiding his house to try to find evidence against him as they have done President Trump. No Man or Woman should be above the law no matter what position of power, wealth or position in the Government. All Government Officials should be held to a higher standard of the law for they were elected to support and defend the people , nation , and Constitution of the United States.

3 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

We’ll said Jeff

3 months ago
Reply to  Jeff

You write “So why has no-one filed Federal Charges against those that are obviously breaking the law is my question. Is it not a felony to knowingly with hold evidence when a crime has been committed?”

Honest answer: The DOJ’s leadership is as compromised and corrupt as that of the FBI. Most federal departments and agencies are controlled by like-minded Democrat supporters. So NO ONE in the DOJ is going to issue arrest warrants for ANY high level Democrat or anyone aiding in the supression of evidence related to a Democrat committing a crime. Sorry, but that is where we are at at this point in the federal government. The lower level employees of these departments and agencies may indeed want to do their jobs honestly and fairly, but they can’t act on anything without approval of senior management in those departments and agencies.

You are correct, if this were a high level Republican doing any of this and they had an incriminating laptop loaded with all sorts of evidence of criminal activities, the DOJ and the FBI would have taken the subjects involed into custody over 2 years ago. The trial would have already been completed and the people found guilty would either by on their way to prison or already there. Unfortunately, we have a two tiered justice system in this country at this point. High level Democrats are pretty much untouchable. Republicans on the other hand can be framed for almost anything without any actual crimes being committed. We live in interesting times.

3 months ago

“The White House, Justice Department, and FBI are in for some hard questioning.” So what?! The MSM and social media will ignore it and bury it and nothing will come of it!
The only way to “fix” all of this is to cut off the head of the snake. That would be the WEF and everyone associated with same.

3 months ago

My question is, How many treasonous acts does this man ( in the white house ) have to do to wake people UP enough to stop him from putting this country in a situation that either will take decades or heaven forbid even worse, War, to get us out of what this Evil, Ignorant, Incompetent FOOL got us into.

3 months ago

re corruption: enriching a family member, where is an indictment of the clintons who made Chelsea a millionaire. and how about obamas who made their daughters millionaires. sheesh!

Jim D.
3 months ago

I remember seeing the video in Kiev in 2015 of Biden committing a MAJOR quid-pro-quo by making billions of US Foreign military aid contingent upon the firing of the prosecutor investigating the company which his son worked for. I thought to myself at the time; how could he be so stupid as to do this on video for the world to see? Not only that, but he seemed to take pride in, and brag about it as well! At a time when the Democrats were accusing Trump of things like quid-pro-quo, how the hell can people not see this??? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait until January 3rd, 2023, to get the answer to that one! Biden is so obviously and totally corrupted at this point; he is simply a Jenga-tower waiting for the next piece to be removed! I can’t wait to see him topple along with all of his enablers. 50 years of corruption -time for term limits!

Carl E Nell
3 months ago

The “Big Guy” is going down in 2023. So let it be written, so let it be done!

Nobody’s Business
3 months ago

The reason nothing will ever happen is most congressman , both Democrats and Republicans are receiving money from Ukraine ,Russia , and China. Anyone thinking Congress is helping the American people are very naive. Congressmen are only thinking of themselves and not our country!

3 months ago

Sad but true

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