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The Biden Administration’s Dangerous Incompetence

AMAC Exclusive – By Tammy Bruce

the biden administration

Every single person, leader, and president has bad days, and everyone can make bad decisions and mistakes. Leaders especially often speak about the importance and value of learning from your mistakes and changing your trajectory.

But learning and changing is clearly not on the agenda for the dangerously incompetent Biden administration. They must like what it is they’re doing to us because they certainly aren’t breaking a sweat to stop the madness.

The New York Post highlighted this week the abject absurdity within which we are currently living with a cover featuring Biden on top of a runaway trainwreck. Their headlines? “Gas hits brutal $6 a gallon.” “Border crisis gets worse.” “Ministry of Truth collapses.” “Market drops 1164, worse day in 2 years.” “Baby formula disaster.”

Biden and the Democrats can’t get anything right. Heck, even a broken clock is right twice a day. How is it that after so many disasters, they learn nothing? Part of the problem is that they remain obsessed with revenge against Trump and the American people.

Consider White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s response when asked about the volatility of the stock market and its downward spiral as inflation continues to rise. “Nothing has changed on how we see the stock market. That’s not something we keep an eye on every day, so I’m not gonna comment on that from here.”

Think about that. The Biden administration doesn’t consider the stock market serious enough to watch what’s happening to it. Yet Americans have to watch it with IRAs and 401-K’s and even state local pension funds tied to the performance of the market, they know it affects their future. Seeing your retirement or savings account evaporate changes everything. Seniors often rely on dividends in their retirement years to pay the bills. Wall Street is Main Street so no wonder the rage filled, leftist-controlled Biden presidency doesn’t ‘keep an eye on it,’ they loathe both places.

The gas crisis continues unabated as Biden continues to do nothing to re-start our domestic oil and gas production which he took great glee in smothering to death his first day in office. You’d think they’d recognize that monumental mistake and reverse it, but no. It’s all “Putin’s fault” or our fault for not owning electric cars.

Our heading toward the cliff is so obvious to some that one Washington state gas station is anticipating $10 a gallon for gas. The Post-Millennial reports, “Gas stations across the U.S. are running out of fuel, and in anticipation of an increase in gas prices, gas stations in the state of Washington are reportedly reprogramming pumps to include double-digit numbers in ‘price per gallon’ as the current trend could put prices over $10.00.”

The Biden administration’s creation of a “Disinformation Board” (appropriately exposed as a ‘Ministry of Truth’ by critics) as a political cudgel didn’t work out so well. It has been “paused” and the crank Democratic operative tapped to lead it has resigned. Their reason? They complained that misinformation from “outside forces” (i.e. condemnation and rejection by the American people) did too much damage. Oh…So they were stopped by what they said they existed to stop. Yes, that’s America you hear laughing out loud.

And then there is the most immoral and appalling unforced error of them all—the baby formula crisis. We’ve all heard the reasons—a formula recall, the FDA shuttering a plant this year, and the supply chain crisis became a perfect storm. But the real disaster was the Biden gang repeatedly telling us they could do nothing, and so they did nothing. Then, Press Secretary Jen Psaki mocked the fact that Americans were looking to the Biden administration for a solution. “I don’t believe there’s a national stockpile of baby formula” she quipped. Ha ha ha.

Meanwhile, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got into the act and ridiculed people putting pressure on the Biden administration to do something. On CBS’ Face the Nation when asked about the administration’s lackadaisical response, he scolded, “Let’s be very clear. This is a capitalist country. The government does not make baby formula, nor should it. Companies make formula.” In other words, it’s big bad capitalism that did this.

After their go-to plan of mocking, ridiculing, scolding, and passing the buck failed, Biden finally took action. On Wednesday he invoked the Defense Production Act, something which many have been imploring him to do for months. He also announced, “Operation Fly Formula” (what?!), which will utilize Defense Department aircraft to fly baby formula from overseas into the country.

For months we have been told that the Biden administration could do nothing about the crisis and castigated for suggesting otherwise. Now here they are doing something about it. These steps could have been taken months ago, so why weren’t they?

In the meantime, “Two young children in Tennessee, who have special nutritional needs, have been hospitalized after their families were unable to gain access to the baby formula they require amid the supply shortage in America,” reported Fox Business. “Doctors were able to find a new solution for the toddler, who was admitted to the hospital last week and was discharged Tuesday, the rep confirmed. The preschooler, who was admitted in April, is in stable condition.”

But don’t be fooled, the Democrats are focused on some projects—pro-choice riots in the summer over Roe vs. Wade is their big midterm election surprise, and as Jen Psaki noted, the White House is “encouraging” related demonstrations meant to intimidate and frighten Supreme Court justices at their homes. See? They can get something done when they want to.

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Marcia Southerland
28 days ago

My husband’s relatives signed the Constitution. My relatives were in the Revolutionary War & fought for us to be free. I had relatives on both sides of the Civil War, but this is the worse that I have ever thought it could be. President Carter was a Democrat but nothing like we see today. The Democratic Party is the same from day one & they haven’t changed their practices. Now your in Congress to get rich, they don’t think the common man or woman are worth saving. Martha Stewart went to jail for Inside Trading. A lot of Democrats have done the same thing, as Nancy Pelosi did inside trading, how many others did the same thing. Hillary’s man got off free as it was held in D.C. the most crooked part of the American History I have ever seen. If the American People don’t vote & change the America we know will not exist.

Ronald H Dunkle
1 month ago

I’ve figured out how to tell when the Democrats are lying, their lips are moving!!

Sharon Rennhack
1 month ago

Biden is just a puppet; the puppet master is SOROS!

23 days ago

Although Soros has his fingers in many positions across America, he is not alone! He was the one that orchestrated the Obama error of CHANGE FOR AMERICA, and he has not let up on his destructive OPEN SOCIETY AGENDA ACROSS THE GLOBE. He has made his billions from capitalism, but more important than ever he earned his reputation on currency destruction. If he succeeds in the destruction of the dollar, imagine the impact on global markets and world order. Bill Gates has entered the field in the cause to make the WHO the global communist take over of our health industry. He supports the new mandate to Put China in charge of our world health organization, and we pay for it. Same thing for energy, do you think China gives a damn about world global warming, yet the American people will pay the world for their use of Carbon Fuels, and yet there is absolutely no confirmed process to this carbon global warming. Perhaps maybe science should look at our sun, and solar flares and the sun as the main contributor with global warming. Yet scientist that challenge the communist party initiative are stripped of funding, or outright crushed by this administration. EVER WONDER HOW WE HAD MASSIVE HEAT WAVES BEFORE RECORDS EVER EXISTED AND AUTOMOBILES WERE IN PRODUCTION? Nature has a way to make changes on its own, yet we have some pre-teenage girl in a small country scolding us on Global warming when she does not even hold a degree in any science field. Guess that teacher brain washed her before she could get a masters in any field. THE BIBLE SAYS THAT WHAT IS UP WILL BE DOWN, WHAT IS GOOD WILL BE BAD, AND EVERY THING WILL BE FLIPPED IN SOCIETY DURING TIMES OF SATIN’S GREAT WAR.

1 month ago

We must do EVERYTHING TO PROTECT THE NOVEMBER ELECTION. You know their evil knows no bounds and they cannot stand to loose. We are now experiencing the realities from what they did to President Trumps election. VERY SCARY – they must be stopped, they are destroying America on purpose.

1 month ago

It’s all in the plan of the ONE WORLD ORDER ! ! This is all intentional in their plan to destroy America ! !

1 month ago

It’s not incompetence, Obama/Biden are destroying America on purpose with the aid of the wicked media and big tech and the public schools and other public, federal entities. They gave the baby formulas to the illegals. Illegals don’t have to get the phony vax which is killing and will kill people who have taken it in the near future. Muslims and federal employees don’t have to get the vax because guess what the vast majority will vote democrat. All of this pertains to stealing the elections for these wicked democrats!!!

1 month ago

Hi There IDIOT Oblammite!!!!!

1 month ago

So now they are telling “demonstrators??” to take unquestionably illegal actions harassing supreme court justice’s at their home’s? The only negative action I have seen taken against a top DemoncRAT over this is the Archbishop of San Francisco cutting Pweeylousy off from Catholic Sacraments over her actions in support fo demonstractions! Of course this Archbishop has known about Pweeylousy’s radical Communist political views and actions for YEARS giving the old witch the impression the Church supported these radicals!??

Ken Westenkirchner
1 month ago

God help us. Amen. Hang on folks. The midterm elections will b here in 6 months. The madness in government will soon b minimized. Two years later the remainder of the idiots will be removed.

1 month ago

From your lips to God’s ears. I pray you’re right. It’s scary having Satan’s spawn controlling the country.

Sean Richman
1 month ago

The democRATS are vindictive and hate AMERICA and her patriots because we destroy their agenda that is about wealth and power,FOR THEM ONLY,to hell with AMERICANS.

1 month ago

The Constitution means nothing if we as a nation do not enforce it. It is time for us to join together and take back control of our nation before these Marxist completely destroy it.

1 month ago

What’s really telling us that Joe Biden actually thinks he’s doing well-a sign that he is not mentally competent to lead anything, let alone the federal government.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ron

If you check I think you also will find O’Biden has ALWAYS been like this! A STUPID MORON who is so egotistical he could give Barry Obama a run at the Egoistitical title!
And speaking Of Oblammer,,, Didn’t he endorse O”Biden for president? And then when he started screwing everyting up Oblammer made the statement “never underestimate Joe’s talent for Fu**king things up!” ?????? That says a LOT to me!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Ron

He is nothing but a disgusting anti-american disgusting fool that has never done anything right in 40 years on our tax payers payroll ! ! A complete waste of our money. Now just an empty suit being used by the evil Devilcraps, probably led by that Anti-America Obummer ! TERM LIMITS MUST BE VOTED IN. The SCUM that get wealthy after evil money buys their elections need to be kicked out ASAP! ! ! Where are our Warriors? Where is our Representatives? Where is the American backbone? Why are our RIGHTS and DECENCY not being protected? Why have the evilcraps succeeded in so much damage to America ? Are they all RINOS in the Republican Party ! ! !

Ed J
1 month ago

Yep! Halfheimers (50% of Alzheimers) Joe (who forgets where he is half the time, and the other half, forgets what to say) is still rabidly embracing the Libtard motto: “We will snatch DEFEAT out of the jaws of Victory!” This is also known as the “King Midas in Reverse” syndrome, i.e., everything he touches turns to sh*t! For Bidense, MAGA means “Make America Grovel Always!”

1 month ago
Reply to  Ed J

Don’t forget Joey’s FIRST motto “if it ain’t broke I can fix that!!!!!”

Theresa Coughlin
1 month ago

Didn’t think it was possible to elect a worse president than Jimmy Carter but American actually managed it.

1 month ago

BECAUSE THEY STOLE THE ELECTION….and are STILL trying to do that.. Each of us must stay vigil in YOUR state, please!

1 month ago

How long until the the Strategic Oil Reserves are completely depleted? Gas prices are still rising and we’re on the verge of WW3.If we go to war with no oil; we are doomed.

Marie L.
1 month ago

So sick of all this. Biden is a very evil man who cares nothing about the American people. The only thing he cares about is power. Can’t wait for him & Kamala to go away.

1 month ago

Not to worry, Hunter’s business deals are rolling on and the Biden family is well of and set for several generations to come. Oh, and the stock market is racist, an instrument of wealth speculation on the backs of the slaves and the paper is owned mostly by whites and semities. Just check critical race 1619 projects to verify. Remember to be a staunch Democrat next election to get more of the same. You cant vote for Republicans and conservatives because your parents and grandparents never did.

1 month ago

When is everybody going stop just talking about the treasonous stuff this treasonous government is doing and realize they are doing exactly what they want to do!!! That is destroy this country so they can rule for ever!!! Just ask Venezuela how it will go if this group isn’t stopped immediately!!! You know what they do to those who commit treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop talking about it and do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Lynn

You are correct – the DemoncRATs are doing EXACTLY what OBAMA wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art Barkley
1 month ago

We could only wish it were “incompetence”. We passed that benchmark months ago. No, this is a well coordinated movement masquerading as a good intentioned administration. Joe Biden is nothing more than a puppet for people to criticize and throw darts at. The damage done already is horrific, but imagine the extent of the damage if we didn’t have a Constitution a few safeguards, and some men of integrity who are brave enough to speak out and stand against the anti-God ideologies. The framers of the Constitution knew that it would only work for a “moral” people. Evil men will always find loopholes to not do what is right. Praise God He is absolutely sovereign and He will use all that His enemies do to accomplish His purposes, and to bring many lost to Himself. In a nutshell, He wins, they lose!

1 month ago
Reply to  Art Barkley

Well said. This is not “incompetence.” It is a well thought out, well planned effort to destroy the middle class and transform America into a Marxist police state.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sovereign

Planned by closet Islamic terrorist Barry Oblammer!!!!! But not just any police state – A STATE RULED UNDER ISLAMIST SHARIA!!!!!!!!!!!! Which must allow UNNATURAL marriages, and TONS of lying. But wait… haven’t some top Islamic scholars said they are allowed to do ANYTHING to accomplish a goal to further Islam? So long as they are working to empower Islam?

Mario Capparuccini
1 month ago
Reply to  Art Barkley

Well said. May God Almighty pour out His Spirit upon the hearts of our people, leading many to Christ.

David Millikan
1 month ago

AMERICA needs to get off their butts and FIGHT BACK cause the BIG BAD WOLF IS NOT ONLY AT YOUR DOOR, BUT INSIDE.
Just look at what’s happening in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA right now.
It speaks Volumes.

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