The Art of Trump’s Mexico Deal

Art Deal Mexico Trump tariffs illegal immigrantsThe master dealmaker strikes again—despite relentless abuse from his critics, President Trump has successfully used the promise of tariffs to persuade Mexico to help us combat illegal immigration.

When the President announced his intention to implement a 5 percent tariff on Mexican imports, his political opponents worked overtime to discredit the strategy, arguing that it would never lead to a meaningful deal between the two countries.

“The President’s threat is not rooted in wise trade policy but has more to do with bad immigration policy on his part,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Yet again, the President is sowing chaos over the border instead of delivering solutions for American workers and for American consumers.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren also attacked President Trump’s tariff threat, arguing that his “random dart throwing ain’t helping anybody.”

But it turned out that Donald Trump’s “darts” weren’t so random, after all—in fact, he hit the bullseye. Before the tariffs even took effect, his administration reached a new immigration deal with Mexico that will significantly curtail the flow of illegal migrants into the United States.

“I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico,” he tweeted. “The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended.”

In order to avoid the tariffs, Mexico agreed to deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to secure its own southern border and prevent caravans from crossing its territory to reach the United States. In addition, the agreement expands the “Migrant Protection Protocols” that allows asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their applications are processed by American judges. Finally, Mexico has agreed to work on solutions to the human smuggling trade at the heart of the border crisis.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Donald Trump’s detractors have underestimated him.

When the President imposed strategic counter-tariffs on China, skeptics argued that his trade policy would cause irreversible damage to the U.S. economy while failing to slow China’s menacing economic rise. Instead, the U.S. economy is performing better than it has in decades, while China’s economy is stagnating.

When President Trump first took office, many so-called experts also thought that North Korea would never be willing to negotiate denuclearization, and some even warned that the world was on the brink of nuclear war. Today, however, we are closer than ever to reaching a meaningful agreement with Pyongyang, which has dramatically toned down its provocations in response to Donald Trump’s outreach.

What the Democrats and the mainstream media fail to understand is that their unyielding pessimism only proves the President’s point—the political establishment in Washington isn’t capable of defending American interests, because establishment figures aren’t willing to consider new approaches when the old strategies fail.

President Trump’s new agreement with Mexico is merely the latest demonstration of the deal-making prowess that Americans expected when they sent him to the White House.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Jason D. Meister

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Robert J. White
1 year ago


1 year ago

Keep going, Mr President, and Godspeed!
History will judge your administration, and it will judge the demonrats, too, and media and academia can’t change fact, only try to lie about it in their leftist indoctrinations of the weak minded. Are we tired of winning yet? Heck no, but we’re darn sick and tired of the leftists’ dishonest and corrupt obstructionism.

Charles R Cozzens
1 year ago

Common sense works again,,,are you tired of winning yet? TRUMP Train 2020!

Rick J.
1 year ago

At last a President who has tried to do what he promised. Just imagine what could be accomplished if the
rhino republicans and “dimocrats” would work with him. Onward 2020.

1 year ago

Go Trump! Many thanks for your smart strategy.

Jay Goldstein
1 year ago

On behalf of my beloved country, the U.S.A, my apologies to the President and his family for the very unwarranted abuse directed toward them by ignorant people and/or people without integrity. Mr. President, you are doing a wonderful job. I am sorry that over half of Congress and many federal judges are making your job more difficult.

1 year ago

I trust Trump Pelosi and the rest of her ilk (DemonCraps} should go back where they came from and quit accepting the taxoayer’s money while they sit on their hands and do nothing for the security of our Nation. Mama said hate is a wasted emotionbecause it kills your Soul and destroys your mind and has no effect on the individual you hate.

1 year ago

I wouldn’t doubt T let the authorities down there know that if they dont fix this he could end remittances. Ive never been to cancun, but i have spent nearly a month traveling the back roads. Mexico is a primitive country kept afloat in lg part by cash sent home by illegals working under the table here. These southern socialist countries also squeek by owing to fair weather. This fact is rarely mentioned re cuba. Its 85 degrees there all yr. No heating bills, snow removal, salt damaged roadways etc allow them survival, barely. Hopefully, in Ts second term, illegals… Read more »

General Patton
1 year ago

Crazy Nancy is one clueless dangerous woman.

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

Great job President Trump; American interest first.

George Hitchens
1 year ago


Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

President Trump does know what he is doing; however, those against him will not allow progress as they want to control Americans and NOT protect them and allow America grow!

Sharron Anderson
1 year ago

God bless the President and Vice President And their Families. I don’t know how they cope with the Constant uphill battles. And Yet, he keeps on being Successful and Keeping his Campaign promises. Here’s a person who doesn’t Need to be in politics for money and yet he puts up with the constant aggravation the Idiot, Un-AMERICAN Democrats give him daily. More Power to You and All who help you and believe in what you’re trying to do for Our Country.

Paul Revere
1 year ago

The pushback from the America-Last Demonocrats 😈 is expected. What troubles me far more is the pushback from prominent members of the Republican Party. To quote the cartoon character, Pogo, “We have seen the enemy and it is us!” I keep thinking about term limits. What else can save us and our Republic from the self-serving scoundrels on both sides of the fence? God Bless America! 🇺🇸

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

& our other weapon: reduce Tourism alone, No $$$$ from tourists, cost local jobs etc.
Remedy Mexico.
Next tool Pres Trump can use.
Imagine Puerta Vallerta & Cancun as “ghost towns” since No US tourists.
Unless EU tourists fill the void, Canada.

1 year ago

I agree the Demoncraps are useless. They take taxpayer money as their due while sittig on their handsands doing nothing for our Nation or citizens. I TRUST TRUMP to do his best for all of us. Mama said Hate is a deadly emotion used byweak people. It destroys your mind and kills your soul with little or no effect on the individual it is aimed at because Hate is a choice not a solution.

1 year ago

Thank God for a President with wisdom and courage. Congress, you need to get in the ball game. You need to do better than Pelosi and Shumer [ two mental wimps} for leaders. Mitch, baby, show us some spine!

1 year ago

Our President is the new MR. T!

Mary Blaylock
1 year ago

The Democrats obviously don’t have the ability to make good deals with foreign leaders that will protect the interests of the American economy. They are a real failure at this ability and get really upset when President Trump manages to do this. They just don’t have the foresight or ability to put forth productive policy. They find all kinds of excuses not to follow through on making good policies with Foreign leaders. Mary

1 year ago

With President Trump 100% Congress is useless. and the Dems are nothing but obstructionist. still hell bent on Russia hoax. No interest in working with him for the betterment of the County. Stop voting for anyone on the left, local or otherwise. These are dangerous people. Power is their only incentive.

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