The 1619 Project Conveniently Overlooks Racist Past Of The Democratic Party


Democrats who advanced a bill in June to remove statues of white supremacists from the U.S. Capitol ignored a central fact about those figures: All of them had been icons of their party, from Andrew Jackson’s adamantly pro-slavery vice president, John C. Calhoun, to North Carolina Gov. Charles B. Aycock, an architect of the white-supremacist campaign of 1898 that ushered in the era of Jim Crow.

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5 months ago

They don’t remember George Wallace…Or Robert Byrd…selective memory…

5 months ago

All these people do is call you exactly what they exactly are a bunch of races they want to push that down American people’s throat and then act like it’s your fault so they can get their agenda

5 months ago

Yes destroy history and you are bound to repeat it. Remember in school when you failed to study for a test and either scored low or even failed the test, hopefully you learned from this and studied the next time.

j g
5 months ago
Reply to  JJolly

Exactly you’re right all they’re doing is dumb and down the school kids dumb and down to school so they can get their agenda so when this kid grows up to be a teenager they’re going to be a lazy ass fart and does not want to work and thanks everybody owes them something

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